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SSA_BAU2: So,Gibbs and Abby? Guess I won about $500 J

DealWithIt55: So that's how you treat an old friend?By betting on them?

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Will_Henry08: So what did I miss?

SuperHotch: Nothing much ; Reid and Prentiss are married and Gibbs and Abby are dating

Will_Henry08:…….Prentiss and Reid are WHAT? How come I did not know?

DrGenius30: Because we did not want you to , Morgan doesn't know-neither do Tony, Ziva, Tim or Ducky.

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NoBodysHero10: What don't I know?

Prentiss_star: That Reid and I have been married for a year J

NoBodysHero10: ………………..

A/n:Cliffhanger. Sorry about the late post finals are coming up and studying is a do you want to happen next? Review and I will consider it