Revelations of Time

For the disclaimer's see chapter one!

Author's Note: Wow I haven't updated this story in like forever, but seeing as House is coming to an end *cries* I thought it makes sense for this story to come to an end too. So, hopefully I will finally get around to wrapping this up. Also it's an excuse for me to re-watch all the seasons! ;) Also, after watching the latest season, I realise that the birthmark in question wouldn't be on the back of the boy's head but I thought I'd leave it like that, because if I changed it to where it really is it would pretty creepy for House to check out lol.

Summary:Gregory House never wanted responsibility and he sure as hell never wanted a kid. That's why pretending Chase was the father would be better for all of them… That's what he was trying to convince himself anyway.

Additional Notes:Goes AU after episode: '6x8 Teamwork'.

Chapter Four

It was an unusual day at Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital, even more so than usual. That's what Remy 'Thirteen' Hadley thought anyway. It wasn't everyday that an old colleague turned up with a kid claiming it was her ex's. Although if you asked Thirteen, junior looked suspiciously like her boss, and judging from her boss' behaviour he could see the resemblance as well.

"This is like a story line from one of them tacky day time dramas," she muttered, marching into the diagnostics conference room. Her two male work mates were sat at the table engrossed in a card game. She dumped two sealed plastic bags in front of them.

"This is it."

"This is…" Taub put his cards down, picked up one of the bags and studied its contents. "An empty can of cola."

"And Fanta." Foreman poked at the other bag. "Am I missing something?"

"Nope," Thirteen took the bag from Taub and shook it to reinforce her explanation. "These cans are going to give us the answer whether House is that kid's dad or not; so are you in?"

It seemed Taub wasn't.

"Have you completely lost it? What happens when House and Cameron find out we've been conducting DNA tests? And that it was just to try and prove your crazy theory!"

"Unless one of us tells, they're not going to find out; it's not like I'm going to send these to the lab under their names. Plus how many times has House intruded in your personal life?"

"I'm in," this argument appeared to be enough for Foreman. "And so is my cash, $100 say's Chase is the father."

"A bet eh?" Thirteen smiled. "You're on, but I haven't got his DNA to test."

"Don't worry, I'll sort that out." Foreman returned her competitive smirk with his own.

"Fine, but if you're so confident you won't mind if I raise it to $200. I know House is the dad."

"You have yourself a deal."

They turned to Taub; he shifted uncomfortably in his seat before sighing in defeat, "Two hundred on neither House nor Chase being the sperm donor."

"You're on," Thirteen shook his then Foreman's hand. "This will be the easiest $400 I've ever made."


Cameron sat on the side of a hospital bed watching as Chase paced around the room, occasionally stopping to start a conversation which just ended up as sighs and looks of frustration directed at Cameron. She could tell he was angry with her, but he had every right to be. He finally stopped, arms folded.

"When you found out you was pregnant, why didn't you tell me? You could have phoned, sent an email, heck you cold have even sent a letter."

"I'm sorry, I was scared and I didn't know how you would react." She wasn't lying, just unbeknownst to Chase, conveniently leaving out the 'not wanting to face House after sleeping with him before leaving' part.

"What sort of man do you take me for?" He growled. Cameron stepped back, a scared look on her face. Chase tried to calm his tone just a bit. "I would never deny my son, because of how we left off."

"I know and I can't apologize enough." Tears began forming in Cameron's eyes. Chase tried to feel no pity. He was the one that had missed out on vital years of the child's life not her.

Chase paced around a bit more in silence before joining Cameron on the side of the bed. He offered her a tissue from his pocket. "What did you do when you left?" his tone became softer; as much as he wanted to hate her, he couldn't bare to make her cry. He knew he still loved her and always would, and thinking of their son confirmed his beliefs. Cameron smiled slightly as she took the tissue to wipe her eyes.

"After I left I went to stay with an aunt in Burbank and managed to get a job at Ronald Regan Med Centre, then shortly after I found out I was pregnant. My aunt helped me a lot, so I could still go to work."

"Any boyfriends?"

"A couple, nothing serious though. How about you? Girlfriends that is."

"Not at the moment." Chase shook his head. "Conan, he seems like a good kid."

"He is and he's smart, he knows how to wrap people around his little finger when he wants something; don't let them big blue eyes fool you." Cameron's smile grew; Chase had seen this look many a times on the face of mom's talking proudly about their children.

"Kids," Chase finally cracking a slight smile. "Does he have any hobbies? Interests? Anything like that?"

"He loves soccer and music. I was thinking about getting him piano or guitar lessons."

"I can play a bit of piano," Chase said. "I could teach him perhaps."

"Yeah, Conan would like that."

"When's your speech?"

"I have one in two days and another in a week."

"You and Conan should come over for dinner tonight," he offered. "I would like to get to know him some more."

"Sure," Cameron jumped at the chance. "What time should we come over and have you moved?"

"About seven and no, same old apartment," he said, and then added, "That we used to share."

Cameron nodded, then she looked at her watch. "I should be getting back to Conan."

Chase nodded and they left the empty patient's room, bumping into Dr Wilson as they did.

"Allison!" He said, surprised. "Good to see you."

"You too James." Cameron smiled, hugging the oncologist. They had never been that close, but they had worked together on cases on more than one occasion.

"You haven't seen House yet have you? He's stolen my iPhone and he's not in his office, doctor's lounge or the cafeteria."

"Haven't seen him since..." she quickly cut herself off, "...he's gone AWOL with my son? That's just great. I knew I shouldn't have trusted him."

"Huh?" Wilson looked confused. "Your son?"

"Our son," Chase corrected, thus unknowingly confusing the other man even more. "Five years old, brown hair, blue eyes, baggy white t-shirt and…"

"Blue shorts," Wilson finished. "Yeah I think I've met him he was by the clinic crying that he wanted his mommy, then he ran off claiming he'd found her…" he trailed off remembering something else, "Then Glenda said someone stole the jar of suckers."

"What has a jar of stupid suckers got to do with my son?" Cameron snapped, her voice sounding near frantic. "Where did he go Wilson? How upset was he? Just wait until I get my hands on House!"

"Allison," Chase said abruptly, getting her attention, he nodded at Wilson. "Let the man talk."

Wilson smiled a thank you at the blonde and said, "I think your son's okay and I think I know where he and House are hiding out. Come on." He motioned for the ex-couple to follow him. After a few steps he stopped to ask, "Do you guys really have a son or am I being Punk'd?" He glanced around as if expecting Aston Kutcher and MTV camera crew to jump out of nowhere.


There were only half a jar of suckers left in the jar when they were busted, but House didn't mind he found out what he'd needed to know. So without protest he handed the boy back to Cameron and as promised gave him the whole jar (minus the red ones as agreed) much to Cameron's dismay.

"So Cameron and Chase have a kid," Wilson mused as he walked into House's office.

"Yup." House tipped a pocketful of red suckers into his desk draw and pulled out an iPhone. "Here." He said giving the expensive gadget back.

"All you can say is 'Yup'?" Wilson asked whilst checking his phone for any external damages.

"Cameron appears after all this time with a kid claiming its Chase's, and you're not at all interested?"

"What can I say?" House shrugged sinking into his desk chair.

"One kid, two parents; it's boring."

"Fine, I'll see you later." Much to Houses relief Wilson turned to leave, but then changed his mind. "Hold up, you can't not find this interesting. It's in your nature to find this interesting."

"Great," House muttered.

"You know something," Wilson scratched his chin. "But what do you know exactly?"

House watched the oncologist walk around the room momentarily then come to a halt. "Go on then Sherlock, what do I know exactly?"

Wilson frowned, "I'm not sure yet. Something about the kid maybe? Why Cameron's kept this from Chase?"

"The boy has the same birthmark as me."

"Excuse me?"

"Are you deaf?" House snapped, "I'm the brat's father not Chase. Conan has the same birthmark as me on the back of his head just like my natural father has…"

"Not to question your sanity or anything, but aren't you forgetting an important factor in being Conan's dad is having sex with Conan's mum?"

"Wow is that the sort of logic they teach you at oncology school?" House's voice oozed with sarcasm much to Wilson's dismay. "Because that sort of knowledge could change the world."

"Try and be serious House."

"I am; we did have sex the night that she left. I went round there drunk, I think we spoke a bit then we did the deed." He paused a second, looked at Wilson then added, "And no I was not hallucinating."

Understandingly, Wilson was gob smacked. He quickly looked around the office seemingly checking that nobody was eavesdropping. "Just say you are the father, does anybody else know this?"

House subconsciously rubbed his left thigh. "Not that I know of. Cameron seems convinced it's pretty boy's. She told me that we used protection, but obviously not." The pain in his leg started rising to a six out of ten on the pain scale thus warranting meds. He poured out an ibuprofen tablet from the bottle stolen earlier with the suckers. After dry swallowing it, he decided one was not sufficient enough so took a second.

Wilson sighed, "House…" He began in his trademark 'concerned/here comes the lecture' tone of voice signalling for House to interrupt.

"Don't start," he said. "My leg hurts due to physical reasons like an infarction for example, not because of your psychological 'I'm stressed' theories."

"You just found out you have a son."

"Really? Because Chase just found out he has one as well. Maybe we can start a 'father's of Cameron's kids' group and compare notes."

"Are you going to tell Chase?" Wilson asked, choosing to ignore House's sarcasm.

House noted that true to form Wilson was getting nervous about a situation which didn't even involve him, so he decided to lay off the with the sarcasm for a bit."No. Cameron obviously wants Chase to be the father and he seems to be willing to take up that role."

"But," Wilson took a seat in the recliner in the corner of the office. "what do you want House?"

"Are you going to go all psycho-therapist on me?"


"I want," House suddenly felt vulnerable, he quickly shook it off and tried to sound nonchalant. "The kid to be happy I guess and for me not to have to pay some hefty back payment of child maintenance."

"I get that," commented Wilson. "The happy bit I mean."

House nodded absently. Rolling his over sized tennis ball across the desk hand to hand had suddenly became very interesting. "Chase is a plank, but he can do all that father son rubbish like teach Conan how to kick a football or how to ride a bike."

"And you can teach him how to rock out an electric guitar, how to get the high score on like every video game you play..."

"…How to steal candy among other things and when he's a bit older how to unhook a girls bra with one hand." House raised an eyebrow. "Actually I'm starting to see why Cameron would rather Chase be the baby daddy." Despite the meant to be joke in his words his tone sounded far from humorous. He was already fed up with this conversation.


"You can go now Dr Phil." House oicked up his tennis ball and threw it forcefully towards the younger doctor who just about managed to catch it.

"Fine," Wilson got up and dropped the ball onto the seat. "Just don't do anything stupid and do not screw this up House."

House rolled his eyes as he watch Wilson's back as he left. He was fed up with this situation now too.