Legolas and Limwen took a long walk around the keep after Haldir's burial. Legolas explained what Gandalf had meant when he talked about Sauron and gave her comfort after a long stressful day, showering her with warm embraces and kisses on her forehead and cheeks. Limwen savored every minute of it for tomorrow they would have to ride to Fangorn forest to retrieve the hobbits Merry and Pippin. Fangorn was very close to Isengard and they had no idea how dangerous it would be or what would happen.

Nothing was set in stone and it frightened Limwen. But with her new friends by her side she knew they would survive. She believed that they were fighting for something worth fighting for. A year ago she wouldn't have believed that she would have fought in a battle and would be caught up in a war. But she was here now and she was glad of it. She had conquered her fears and found love in the process.

"For now this is all that matters." She thought as they watched the sun set over the mountains.

To Be Continued . . .