This fiction was written because I think they are mean by not allowing him to have the cigs! The BIG mistakes in this movie is that some times they allow ghosts to touch but other times they don't ! Why can't he smoke then? ORIGINAL QUOTE FROM MOVIE UNDERLINED

[Looking longingly at a pack of cigarettes]
Subway Lord: Ahh what I wouldn't give for a drag! Just one drag!

Sam Wheat looked confused, "Hang on but only two seconds ago you said that we could touch and hold things when we concentrate on them, so why can't you at least hold it and try to smoke it?"

The lord grinned, "I like you kiddo" he exclaimed and bent down, concentrating on the cigarette packet and picked it up

Sam stood there watching him as he extracted a cigarette from the packaging and put it into his waiting lips, struggling a few times, he finally managed it and looked at Sam, "You got a lighter?"

Sam shook his head, and laughed "Nope, I spose you'll have to wait?"

Subway Lord, "Nah I'll just take one from one of the people from the train" he said and vanished

Sam looked where he had gone and shook his head, bloody nut