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Chapter 1: 'First Date'

Arthur Pendragon didn't do casual sex or one night stands, nor did he sleep with someone on a first date; this wasn't a rule he had consciously made, but it was one he lived by. Not that he had many first dates; and very few of those became second dates. He just wasn't interested. He supposed really that when he did get talked out on a date it was normally to keep his best friend and step sister Morgana happy, to stop her banging on that he was left on the shelf at the tender age of 29. She seemed to think that because they had found love with Edwin and was blissfully happy, everyone else should be the same. Maybe one day someone would come along who was Arthur's match, but until then, well – Arthur liked his shelf just fine.

Of course, rules are made to be broken, self imposed rules even more so. Which might explain how Arthur now found himself pounding furiously into a man he had only met a few hours earlier. Those few hours actually only equalling less than two and he wasn't even slightly drunk.


Arthur was wondering how he had let himself get talked into this situation. It wasn't as if he hadn't got anything better to do with his time, yet here he was about to embark upon a new term at The Camelot Foundation, preparing himself for six months of being an English teacher to a load of, most likely, over privileged ungrateful teenagers. Bloody Morgana and her scheming; somehow she'd had Arthur actually offering his services for the job.

At least he had a few days to settle into his temporary accommodation and to explore the area before the term started. He was to be staying for the whole duration of his time in Lynmouth nearby at The Avalon Hotel because the staff quarters at the school were currently undergoing a complete renovation. Apparently most of the faculty lived reasonably locally and did not require live in accommodation; and only one other member of staff currently resided at the hotel as well, a Science teacher Arthur had yet to meet but whom Morgana claimed was 'slightly unorthodox and brilliant' and whom Arthur 'would love'.

It was dark as he pulled up outside the hotel and removed his crash helmet. Arthur could not fail to be impressed by the imposing facade; it was a red bricked ivy covered Victorian structure with sweeping driveway and an air of extravagance. Slinging his backpack over his shoulder once the bike was secured he made his way into the reception and wasn't disappointed; upon finding he would be staying in a hotel for some months he had expected the faded charm of a typical budget seaside guest house, but there was nothing faded or budget about The Avalon Hotel. The reception was large, warm and welcoming, with plush velvet sofas scattered around in blues and reds, oak panelling covering the lower halves of the walls with a simple cream and gold wallpaper above. The whole place screamed 'money' and Arthur couldn't help but wonder how much this was going to cost his employer.

He approached the reception desk and smiled at the red head behind the desk, making sure he read her name tag –'Rowena' - seeing as he was going to be here for a while he ought to make an effort to be friendly. "Arthur Pendragon checking in," he said pleasantly.

Rowena smiled and tapped her keyboard to find the booking, "Ah yes, Mr Pendragon...mmm...all inclusive," she pursed her lips in concentration as she printed off a guest information fsheet and slid it over the counter to Arthur with a coquettish look from beneath her eyelashes, placing Xs next to three boxes and asking Arthur to sign before handing over a key card. "Room 18. It's through the double doors behind you, left down the corridor and into the courtyard; it's the room at the end. Do need any help with your luggage?"

Arthur held up his backpack, "I think I can manage," he joked. "I've some stuff coming by courier in the next day or so." He only brought the bare essentials with him on the bike, preferring speed over practicality.

"Very well, enjoy your stay Mr Pendragon," Arthur had to smother a frown as she took the liberty of looking him up and down appreciatively, taking in the biker boots, snug fitting dark blue denims and leather jacket. He swallowed, never fond of being appraised like he was on the menu, and ran a tired hand through his messy golden hair.

"Thank you." Arthur turned around and headed towards his room, the place he would be calling home for the next few months, and hoped it wasn't a shoebox. Opening the doors to the courtyard Arthur was again impressed; it was a pretty space with an ornate fountain in the centre and tables and chairs to sit at, with fairy lights strung from the four trees situated at a diagonals which gave the place a faerie tale glow. It seemed that the courtyard was an extension of the bar area, where guests could sit and enjoy a drink on a summers evening.

Only two guest rooms led off here; Arthur guessed that the rest were in the upper floors of the hotel. Perhaps a room leading off the courtyard was harder to let; hence it being allocated to him? He would bet money on the adjacent room belonging to the mysterious science teacher.

Locating the door to room 18 Arthur slid the key card into the slot and let himself into. The room was something of a Tardis; the narrow entrance hall branching off into a decent sized bathroom with marble surfaces, a roll top bath and a walk in shower; then the bedroom itself was huge. A king sized four poster bed; a large desk, dressing table with an ornate mirror above it, a sofa and an armchair, a coffee table, built in wardrobes and a 42" plasma TV. Patio doors behind the sofa led out onto a perfectly mowed lawn, with a panoramic view of the town and the bay beyond it. Perhaps this wasn't the cheap room after all?

Throwing his backpack on the sofa, Arthur threw himself back on the bed and childishly enjoyed the bounce as he sank into the soft duvet. Mmm, he could be comfortable here... He closed his eyes and for a few minutes let himself drift into the pleasurable half sleep only possible at this time of the day.

He was woken a few minutes later by a loud knocking on the door. Bleary eyed and grumbling he made his way to answer the summons and found a young man of about 20 or so standing there clutching what looked like the keys to his motorbike. "You left these in reception," he stated, holding them up for Arthur to take.

"Come in, come in," muttered Arthur taking the keys, thinking he had better locate his wallet and tip the boy. He padded back to the bedroom and began to rummage through his jacket.

The visitor followed, eying Arthur curiously. "Are you going to tip me?" he laughed, and Arthur stopped his rummaging and looked at him in surprise, as he did so something kicked in his gut; the first pang of attraction. He tried to squish it down. He studied the young man then; having been half asleep when he had opened the door and not at his most observant. What was he...an emo, or goth maybe...Arthur was slightly out of touch with popular culture. The boy had black shaggy hair that fell forward over dark blue eyes and seemed to be wearing eyeliner; his lashes were thick and...Oh fuck another kick in Arthur's gut.

"Er, well I was going to, if I could find my wallet," replied Arthur, trying not to check out the rest of the vision before him; for this young man had turned from an annoying interruption into a vision in a matter of seconds. He took in the tall slender form, clad in tight grey jeans and a skinny red t-shirt that said, 'Steck Bratwurst in Dein Sauerkraut'. Arthur's lips twitched.

"There's no need; I don't work here," said the kissable pink lips that Arthur had just become fixated with.

Arthur supposed he should have guessed this young man was not on staff; it was unlikely that the employees were allowed to walk around with such suggestive slogans on their clothing.

"Oh," he ground out. "You're a guest?"

"Kind of," he held out his hand. "Merlin."

Arthur dropped his jacket and took Merlin's hand in his, and immediately wished he hadn't as something akin to an electric shock bolted up his arm and then, as if he hadn't been uncomfortable enough already, straight to his cock. What – The - Fuck? He managed to retain his ability to speak to croak out, "Arthur."

"Reception are run off their feet with a sudden influx of guests for tomorrow's conference. Rowena asked me if I could drop these in on my way past," he licked his lips nervously, perhaps noticing the sudden tension in the room and Arthur spotted he had a tongue ring which did not help the tight trousers problem Arthur was going to be suffering from any moment now. "I, er, I'd better go anyhow. I'll see you around?"

Arthur didn't know why – well he did but he wasn't about to admit it to himself - but he didn't want Merlin to leave. "Where can a bloke get something to eat around here?" he asked in order to delay his departure.

"The hotel restaurant is pretty good," he looked at his watch and frowned. "You could get room service...or there's the Dragon Cafe down the road, its open late. I can show you if you like?"

Arthur did like, very much. He didn't pause to question the wiseness of this decision; he just knew he didn't want to let this rather scrumptious young man out of his sight just yet. "Sure. You ready now?"


Arthur grabbed his jacket, found his wallet was in the inside pocket and followed his new acquaintance outside. Merlin headed across the courtyard and through what looked like an old coach entry. Arthur kept up with his fast pace with ease and the two of them were soon in deep conversation about the history of the town, and the myths and legends of the area.

"You know a lot about this place," Arthur complimented.

"History is my thing," smiled Merlin.

Thankfully, normal conversation cooled his trouser problem, and he was able to converse like a sane person. Merlin was clearly a very intelligent man; part of Arthur had hoped he'd be a moron as it would be easier to dampen this new attraction if he were.

They walked down the long driveway before Merlin diverted to the left, still enthusing historical facts, through an opening in the hedge which turned out to lead to some old steep steps. When they reached the bottom they met a small iron bridge that crossed the River Lyn and there before them was Cafe Dragon.

Cafe Dragon was closed. The sign indicated that they had shut early due to a staff shortage. Merlin sighed and shot Arthur an apologetic look.

"I guess its room service after all," Arthur joked limply, not wanting to go back to his empty hotel room.

"Or fish and chips back at the hotel?" suggested Merlin with a grin nodding in the direction of the high street. "The chippy down there is just about still open."

They walked down to the chippy and were lucky enough to get the last portion before they shut for the night, before turning back on themselves and heading back to the hotel and up the steps to the driveway.

"There's a bench in the garden that looks out over the bay," said Merlin. "No one ever goes there, I don't think anyone knows about it, but the view is great even in the dark; shall we eat there?"

Arthur nodded and followed Merlin back through the courtyard and through another entrance on the opposite side that Arthur hadn't noticed before, leading him past the lake and through some trees. The bench was secluded and there was not a soul in sight. They munched the chips in companionable silence, the gap between them closing with every mouthful.

"I could get used to this," mused Arthur, referring to more than just the scenery and the balmy breeze. He was already half in love with the man beside him, which was ridiculous considering it couldn't really be more than an hour since they had met, he didn't know anything about him and more to the point; Arthur did not do this – whatever 'this' was, Arthur did not do it...

Too many people had burnt him in the past, attracted to the Pendragon name and fortune, and although Arthur had distanced himself from that somewhat, he was suspicious of the motives of anyone who tried to get close to him. Merlin didn't know anything about his family name or who his father was. Not yet.

He could feel the burn of Merlin staring at him and found he liked it, a lot. This was getting ridiculous. "Do I have something on my face?" he joked, without looking at him and fixing his attention on the distant lights of a passing ship.

"Ketchup," Merlin replied and Arthur turned to him in horror; he hadn't thought there would be something actually on his face. Merlin smirked and wiped away the offending smear with his thumb, and two sets of blue eyes clashed and stilled.

That was it; before Arthur even realised what was happening, his mouth crashed onto Merlin's – or had Merlin kissed him? – either way, the chip wrappers fell to the floor and the wood of the bench groaned beneath them as the two kissed almost violently, exploring each other's mouths with their tongues, hands caressing necks, teeth nipping lips and collar bones. Arthur felt intoxicated, the scent of Merlin was driving him wild and he had to have more. He slid an exploratory hand under Merlin's t-shirt, traced his hip bones and worked his way higher, finding a nipple to pinch... Moments later Merlin straddled his lap, grinding his cock against Arthur's. Fucking. Hell.

Arthur had rules about this kind of thing, but right now he didn't know where the rule book was and quite frankly he didn't care; he wanted Merlin with a fire in his belly that was burning out of control. He didn't do this kind of thing; he'd only just met Merlin...but then Merlin was undoing his zip and freeing his erection, and Arthur didn't care about rules or units of time, he only cared that Merlin's hand was gripping his cock and stroking it... Arthur groaned and pulled Merlin in for another kiss.

"You do realise we're in a public place..?" Arthur managed after a few minutes when he came up for air.

"Don't care..." Merlin muttered as he slid off Arthur's lap and created a place for himself to kneel between his legs. He stroked Arthur's cock reverently and flicked his gaze up to meet Arthur's lust filled orbs; with a cheeky smile he flicked his tongue over the head.

Arthur's hands found their way into Merlin's hair as he bit back a moan. Merlin began exploring every millimetre with his wicked tongue, the piercing adding an extra kick to the delight Arthur was experiencing under his ministrations. He could so easily have come after just a couple of minutes but he wanted more, he wanted to taste Merlin...he yanked him to his feet and made light work of his zip, sliding his jeans and boxers down and freeing his cock, and from his sitting position enveloping it in his mouth with a satisfied groan, cupping Merlin's arse cheeks as he encompassed the entire length slowly.

Merlin's hands were on Arthur's shoulders, sliding around and curling into his hair at the back of his neck sending shivers down Arthur's spine. "Fuck Arthur..." breathed Merlin as Arthur curled a finger around the base of his cock and concentrated his attention on the head. "Mmnnnng."

Arthur took Merlin deeper in response, and was surprised when he took a step back and pulled out of Arthur's mouth with a faint pop. He looked at Merlin with confusion and found a wicked grin playing on his pink lips. He yanked up his jeans, and for a moment Arthur panicked that he was leaving but instead he shoved his hand in the back pocket and pulled out a small tin which he proceeded to waggle in front of Arthur. "My lip balm," he smirked as Arthur realised it was a small tin of Vaseline.

The twinkle in Merlin's eye as he prised off the lid nearly had Arthur coming; just the promise of what that little tin meant... Merlin offered the tin to Arthur, who scooped out a small amount and placed the tin onto the bench beside them as Merlin shimmied out of his jeans without breaking eye contact. "Are you sure?" asked Arthur hoarsely and Merlin nodded. Arthur broke eye contact and scanned the area; still no people, but this was risky. "We could get caught." If they got caught Arthur would lost his job before he started; yet this was not incentive enough to stop what they had begun.

"We won't. Just do it already."

Arthur didn't argue; he took his Vaseline covered fingers and began to prepare Merlin, loving it as the younger man gasped and groaned as he stretched him, turning him around so his bottom was aligned with his face, Arthur planted kisses around the area he was paying most attention to, triumphant when Merlin pushed back against his questing digits and said, "Fuck me - now."

Not having thought this far ahead, Arthur briefly pondered options...it was a semi public place even if it was deserted... He shrugged out of his jacket and twisted so that he was straddling the bench, one leg easily able to fit between the seat and the slats. His cock stood proudly to attention as he shimmied his own jeans lower and grabbed the Vaseline to coat it with. Eyes on Merlin he quickly lubed his member, and biting his lip he motioned for Merlin to straddle him.

So...this was how Arthur Pendragon found himself pounding into a man he had only just met, in a public place, and not caring a jot for the consequences. He couldn't recall ever wanting anyone so much; needing to be inside them, to feel himself tightly encased within them. He had never believed in love at first sight, but as he broke his lips away from Merlin's and held his gaze as they moved together in a frenzied quest for their mutual goal he thought maybe that had only been because it had never happened to him before. Merlin bobbed himself up and down, up and down, up and down the length on Arthur's shaft as Arthur thrust upwards to meet him, his hand stroking Merlin towards completion, both of them suppressing the cries that naturally wanted to break free as they neared orgasm, still only vaguely aware of where they were.

Merlin broke free of the chains that bound him as his orgasm hit him; chanting Arthur's name in a wild frenzy as he lost control, throwing his head back as his come coated both his as Arthur's t-shirts. Arthur stilled then, groaning Merlin's name roughly before releasing himself into him. Together they slumped sideways, still entangled, and rested against the back of the bench. Arthur could only hear his heartbeat slowing down and Merlin's heavy breathing... He wrapped his arms around Merlin and nuzzled his neck.

"I've never...with...a stranger before," whispered Merlin pushing Arthur backwards so that he could look into his eyes. He looked worried, as if it had just occurred to him that maybe Arthur did this all the time.

"Neither have I," he replied honestly, unable to tear his gaze away. He leant in and kissed him before saying, "Will you come back to my room with me?"

"I shouldn't," Merlin said ruefully and began to disentangle himself from Arthur to sort out his clothing. "But I will."

Arthur straightened himself up and the two of them walked hand in hand back to his room. Once there they stripped, turned out the light and wordlessly climbed into the bed, Arthur pulling Merlin against him with strong arms.

So what – he had broken his no sex on the first date rule; and technically this had not been a date so could it really have been broken? As for the one night stand rule; Arthur had no intention of letting this be a one off. He pulled Merlin closer and listened as the younger man fell asleep; only then did it occur to him that he hadn't asked Merlin how long he was staying at The Avalon Hotel for...bollocks.

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