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Chapter 19: 'Happy Birthday'

"I'm officially old today," groaned Merlin dramatically, stripping off his clothes and haphazardly throwing them on the chair before climbing naked onto the bed to join Arthur.

Arthur watched him with lust filled blue eyes, reclining back against the pillows, hands behind his head. "You'll always be my toy boy," he said fondly as Merlin straddled his hips and encased his hungry cock in a firm palm. "You'll always be mine."

"Can I have my birthday present now?" Merlin ran a teasing finger along the length of Arthur's cock, his weight preventing his hips from bucking upwards. "I've been a good boy haven't I?"

"I'm not sure about that Merlin; you leave your clothes lying around everywhere, you leave the lid off the toothpaste, you never take the DVD out after watching it, you -" Merlin cut him by leaning down for a kiss, grinding his erection against Arthur's. "Mmmph."

"If you won't give it to me willingly, I'll have to take it by force," Merlin threatened, and waved his hand, letting his magic do the dirty work of binding Arthur's hands to the headboard. Merlin grew more and more proficient with his magic daily. The day he learnt to use it for this particular purpose had been one they wouldn't forget in a hurry.

Arthur struggled against the constraints, "Merlin!"

Merlin grinned, licking his lips. "Come on Arthur, you're not even trying." Of course he wasn't trying, he fucking loved it when Merlin tied him up, probably more than he loved doing the same to Merlin.

The scarves tightened slightly around Arthur's wrists. Merlin ground his cock against Arthur's again, leaning down to suck on the two pink nipples that begged silently for his attention. Arthur loved it when Merlin licked his nipples; the tongue piercing sent shivers to his cock without fail. Arthur hoped Merlin never grew out of it.

"Birthday present Arthur?" said Merlin, lifting his head to lock eyes with Arthur.

Arthur felt the remaining blood rushing from his head to his cock as he gave up pretending he wasn't going to give in. "OK Merlin, fuck me hard."

It wasn't often Arthur gave up control; preferring to be the one fucking Merlin, but he wasn't adverse to taking it once in a while, and Merlin had specifically asked for this as a birthday present. Arthur found it nigh on impossible to deny Merlin anything, and he had long ago given up pretending to himself that he could.

Arthur liked it fast and hard. Merlin slid forward, walking on his knees down Arthur's body, straddling his chest, offering his cock for Arthur to coat in his own saliva. Arthur lifted his head off the pillow and took Merlin's swollen member into his mouth as far down as he could given the angle. He had no hands to assist him, Merlin thrust his cock down this throat eagerly, and Arthur hummed around it, knowing the vibrations turned Merlin to jelly.

Looking up at Merlin's face, head tipped back, eyes closed, biting down on his lip to keep his moans inside, Arthur felt a rush of love and lust that brought tears to his eyes. His Merlin. What would his life have been like if he had never met him?

Merlin rocked his hips one last time and pulled out, offering his fingers up for Arthur to moisten. "Now Merlin, I want you inside me now."

"Yes Sir," Merlin shifted back down Arthur's body, moving to kneel between his thighs, grabbing a pillow and placing it under Arthur's bottom. With his newly moistened fingers he traced a circle around Arthur's pink waiting hole, letting Arthur know what was to come, before thrusting his forefinger inside. God it burned, but Arthur loved it. He arched his hips in reaction, and Merlin quickly added a second finger and began to stretch.

Almost instantly Merlin found the right spot and any burning sensations gave way to intense pleasure. He heard the guttural moans and realised it was him. A third finger. Arthur couldn't wait any longer. "Merlin, I said now!"

Merlin fumbled for the lube and Arthur groaned at the delay; but he knew saliva alone wasn't enough.

By way of hastening Merlin along Arthur lifted his legs and draped them over Merlin's shoulders. "You're a horny bastard today aren't you?" Merlin scooted forward on his knees and lined up his newly lubed cock. Arthur writhed, trying to impale himself before Merlin had even moved, he wanted Merlin inside him, he wanted to be fucked raw. He wanted Merlin to come inside him and then lick his own come off Arthur's stomach.

Merlin slammed his cock home. "Yes!" cried Arthur. Yes, yes, yes. "God Merlin, faster."

Merlin obliged, pumping his hips in a frenzy, his cock sliding in an out of Arthur at a punishing pace. Every few thrusts he would lean down and kiss Arthur, and Arthur loved watching Merlin as he fucked him, the way his tongue pocked out between his lips to start with, like he was concentrating really hard, and then as he began to lose his control the groaning would commence, the laboured breathing and the little sighs of pleasure.

Smooth hands ran the length of his inner thighs as Merlin pushed his legs closer to his chest, and his cock was aching to be touched, and when Merlin swivelled slightly and the angle against his prostate created shocks of pleasure so intense that he forgot about his neglected cock; Merlin pounded harder, sweat dripping off his brow, and Arthur was close, so close and he absently wondered why he didn't do this with Merlin more often.

Merlin brought a hand down and fisted Arthur's cock, yanking it hard, increasing the pace of his hips and matching it with his hand, and that was it; Arthur couldn't take anymore of the build up, the pleasure was mounting too intensely for him to contain, "Merlin! Fuuuuck! Yesss!" his orgasm was ripped from him, and he was coming hard, coating his own stomach in pearly white droplets. He opened his eyes, and dazedly prepared to see his favourite visual feast; the sight of Merlin coming.

First the eyes closed, the long black lashes caressing his cheeks lovingly, and the usually ivory skin flushed from the neck upwards, his head went back, his mouth parted in a silent scream. Then the eyes would fly open and meet Arthur's and they would watch one another until every last drop had been spilt. Merlin did this now, and it was all the better for Arthur this time because he could feel Merlin coming inside him, and the warm feeling of being filled was so perfect. So fucking hot.

Merlin pulled out gently and dropped Arthur's legs back down, coming to rest at Arthur's side, his head on his shoulder. "I love you," Merlin waved a hand and the scarves released Arthur's hands. Arthur gave them a quick shake to restart his circulation and promptly wrapped his arms around Merlin.

"I love you too," Arthur rasped, still trying to get his breath back. "Happy 24th birthday Merlin."


Their intentions to get up early and explore went down the drain. They could have blamed it on the late flight they came in on but that would have been bullshit.

After a little recuperation time, Arthur proved to Merlin that he still had it where it counted, despite his 37 years, and fucked him out on the balcony, both of them loving the thrill of doing it outside in broad daylight; the balcony was well covered but the risk was still present.

Merlin had never lost his risky sex kink and Arthur was always happy to indulge him. The view from this particular balcony was spectacular. Even in daylight Las Vegas shone like a Christmas tree.

"I can't believe you brought me to Vegas for my birthday," said Merlin as they got dressed after finally showering about 4pm. "To see a bloody magic show. I bet that – whatsisname again – David whoever isn't really magic. I'll be able to tell you know; I can sense it a mile off these days."

Merlin's magic knew no bounds these days. The fact that they had flown to Vegas rather than simply teleport was because Arthur hated being the passenger, it nearly always made him vomit, so Merlin only took Arthur with him if it was an emergency. Instead they had suffered an 11 hour flight to be here, and Merlin wasn't quite sure why. Neither he nor Arthur could as much as stomach Blackpool, yet here they were in Las Vegas.

Merlin had to admit Las Vegas made Blackpool hang its head in shame. He was secretly thrilled to be somewhere so garish for a short while.

"We're only here one more night then we're moving on, you know that."

"Yes but where – why won't you tell me?"

"It's called a surprise Merlin, you usually love them."

"I do when I don't know the surprise is coming, but seeing as you've told me I can't help my natural curiosity can I?" Merlin knew he could whine all he liked, Arthur was great at keeping secrets.

"Come on," encouraged Arthur, trying to edge Merlin towards the door. "We've got a couple of hours before the show, let's go for a walk along the strip."

They wasted a couple of hours without getting more than a few hundred metres from the hotel, there was just so much to stop and gawp at. "This place is utterly bizarre," said Merlin in wonder.

"Aw, ickle Merlin's such a small town boy," Arthur mocked, squeezing Merlin's hand and pulling him closer to his side.

"Says the man who lives on a Welsh mountain."

"Well, you live there too."

"Touché." The truth was they had the place in Wales, one in London where they'd lived during term time when Merlin was at uni and another in on the shores of Lake Attersee in Austria – again, shrouded by mountains. Vegas was not really their usual thing.

"We'd better turn back, we have to get changed before the show," said Arthur looking at his watch.

"What – can't we go in our jeans?"

Arthur rolled his eyes. "No we bloody can't, this is a show with dinner; wear your new suit."

They walked back to the hotel with Merlin chuntering under his breath about charlatan magicians and monkey suits. He couldn't see why everything had to be so formal. Still, Arthur looked exceptionally hot in a suit; Merlin had always liked him in one since back in the day when Arthur had been Mr Pendragon, English teacher, but the suits he occasionally wore these days were perfectly cut to show off his broad shoulders and long legs...he would enjoy helping Arthur out of the suit after the show.

The hotel lobby was permanently teaming with patrons of all nationalities; the casino was off to the left, and the theatre area was on the right. The hotel also had a huge conference suite, a wedding chapel, a spa and gym. Merlin hoped there would be time to have a game of roulette later, and what was that game where in films the man always asked a pretty lady to kiss the dice for luck before throwing them? He wanted Arthur to kiss his dice. They couldn't be in Vegas and not have a punt.

Would he be able to play and not cheat with magic? The temptation to tip the dice in his favour with a mere thought would be a strong one. Not that he needed the money, but he did like to win.

As he donned his suit and straightened his tie, he felt too overdressed; this was a holiday. People wore jeans on holiday. Wearing a suit made him feel like he was going to work.

"How do I look?" asked Arthur when Merlin came up behind him as he stood in the front of the mirror. He was trying to get his hair to lie flat – usually a problem that Merlin suffered. He started to fuss over his suit, picking off imaginary lint.

"Arthur chill out," Merlin snaked his arms around his waist from behind and rested his chin on his shoulder. "You're all jumpy all of a sudden. Are you nervous that the big bad magician might turn you into a frog?"

"Something like that," muttered Arthur. He met Merlin's eye in the mirror. "You don't have any regrets do you – about us I mean?"

Merlin stepped back and turned Arthur to face him. "What do you mean 'regrets'?"

"You're bi, you could have normal life, marry a nice girl, have kids..."

Where was this coming from? Arthur looked at that moment as though this had been weighing him down for some time, and that squeezed Merlin's heart in an iron grip.

"You prat," he said, kissing the frown off Arthur's lips. "Why would I want any of that if it didn't come with you?"

Arthur seemed to brighten.

"I know you want kids Arthur, I've been looking at surrogacy and -"

"You have? Why didn't you say anything?"

"I wanted to be sure it was a viable option and I still don't know but it's looking good." Merlin had hoped to surprise Arthur with this solution once he had all the facts, but now seemed like a good enough time to come clean, to help settle Arthur's insecurities. He'd love to be a father too.

Merlin was about to sit Arthur down and ask him where all of this came from when Arthur looked at his watch and swore. "We're gonna be late. Are you ready?"

Merlin nodded and slipped his hand in Arthur's. The show was in the theatre downstairs, with pre show drinks in one of the bars. He gave Merlin the once over. "You look amazing in a suit."

Merlin didn't know why he blushed, there was just something in Arthur's eyes when he looked at him today; the usual love coupled with something else...something more.

Hand in hand they took the lift own to the lobby. Merlin wasn't thinking about magic shows or tanned faux magicians, his mind was on Arthur and their brief conversation; surprised that Arthur held even slight insecurities about their relationship after seven years together. Seven fanfuckingtastic years.

"We're here," Arthur stopped in front of some seriously over the top ornate double doors and turned Merlin to face him; straightening his tie with a shaking hand. "Are you ready?"

"Er – yes?" Arthur was just acting plain weird now.

Arthur pushed the door open and led Merlin through. "Arthur, are you sure you're OK you -"

Merlin crashed into Arthur's back as he halted just inside the door, taking his eyes off that little curl at the back of his neck he had been fixating on to take in the occupants of the room. Expecting a theatre bar area he was not surprised to see just that, albeit a very plushly decorated ornate Baroque style bar, but the patrons... "Mum?" Hunith was making her way over and pulling him into a fierce hug.

Over her shoulder he saw the room was full of, well, pretty much everyone he knew. "What's going on?" God he was thick. It was his birthday...this was a surprise party? Random birthday to pick but he'd never had a surprise party, and he'd had no idea this one was coming.

Why had nobody shouted 'surprise'?

"I'm so proud of you," whispered Hunith before releasing her claim on him, and was that a tear winding its way down her cheek?

The people seemed to close in and Merlin began to feel as though he was in some kind of freaky dream. He looked to Arthur, who looked like he was about to puke. He took Merlin's hand and brushed his cheek with the back of his hand; Merlin was riveted by the look in his eyes. Arthur dropped to one knee. Oh fuck; Arthur was going to propose.

Merlin's heart nearly stopped beating.


Arthur had never felt so nervous in his life. Not when he'd told his father to stick his arranged marriage, or when he'd checked the press for reviews of his first book – never.

His hands were still shaking as he knelt on one knee and looked up into Merlin's shocked blue eyes. The room was full of all the family and friends Arthur – with the assistance of Morgana and Hunith – had invited; many of whom he'd paid for. All eyes were on them, Arthur Pendragon, secret author and ex school teacher and Merlin Emrys part-time scholar of magic, part-time magic consultant to MI5 (also secret).

"Merlin," he began, his voice cracking with nerves. "I love you with all my heart – you're my soulmate - and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Would you do me the honour of marrying me?"

Please don't turn me down, please say yes.

In the moments it took for Merlin to process the request Arthur's mind was reeling; what had possessed him to do this? To invite everyone they knew to the other side of the Atlantic – to somewhere as tacky as Vegas - to humiliate himself by proposing to Merlin in front of them all. It was crazy. He was crazy.

"Of course I will." Merlin was grinning wildly and the guests erupted into enthusiastic applause, cheering and whooping, accompanied by several cries of 'awwwww'. Arthur felt himself relax almost instantly as elation took over. Merlin had said yes, he could breathe again.

Several waiters appeared with trays of champagne and chocolates and began to circulate amongst the guests. Merlin helped Arthur to his feet and pulled him in for a kiss to a chorus of further whoops and wolf whistles.

"May I have your attention please?" Uther's authoritative voice boomed over the gathering, stilling everyone without the aid of a microphone. The chatter immediately stopped and everyone turned to look at Uther. "As Merlin has had the good sense to know a good thing when he sees it, I'd like to invite everyone to make their way to the chapel for the ceremony which will commence in ten minutes."

"We're getting married in ten minutes?"

"No time like the present," grinned Arthur. "I picked the tackiest theme I could find, I hope you appreciate it." It was very tacky, but Arthur hoped Merlin would see the fun side of it.

"Are you kidding me? Getting married in Vegas is so tacky it's cool." Merlin began to bob on his heels in excitement. "I can't believe you managed to plan all this and I didn't suspect a thing until you went all paranoid earlier and even then I was nowhere near to guessing. How much of a div am I? We're in Vegas. I'm seriously impressed."

"I had help."

"And the holiday afterwards is out honeymoon? Will you tell me where -"

"Not a chance."

Arthur watched Merlin as he scanned the room and clocked who was here; people were hovering outside the chapel entrance slowly, they seemed to be waiting for the two grooms to move, but Arthur had planned it so that they would walk down the aisle together. Catching Hunith's eye he nodded and she began to herd them through.

He was so happy that everyone could make it. Arthur had paid for most of the guests to enjoy a week in Vegas on him after the wedding. He was more than touched at how supportive Uther was being, despite Merlin not being from a rich family or having the right connections. Uther had brought his new girlfriend, Merlin's mother's best mate Morgause. He shuddered a little every time he thought of that woman, but if Uther liked her then he'd make the effort to give her a chance.

Other guests included Gaius, Leon in the capacity of step-father to the groom with baby Fran who was sister of the groom, Grandpa Kil, Morgana and Alvarr and their two children, six year old Millie and four year old Harrie, Gwen and Freya with their soulmates (Merlin had given his friends tips on how to follow their gut instinct), Lance and Mordred, Valiant and his latest blonde, several of Merlin's uni mates and their other halves and a few of Arthur's old mates; and Will and his wife Louise. It had taken a while for Merlin to let Will back in his life, and they weren't close like once were after what happened, but he couldn't ignore the fact that Will hadn't really been himself.

The chapel door closed with a bang leaving Arthur and Merlin alone outside, save for a couple of waiters collecting up glasses.

They stood staring into each other's eyes, hand in hand. "Are you ready?" asked Arthur for the third time that day.

Merlin nodded, pulling Arthur in for a slow kiss. When they finally broke apart Merlin said, "Our last kiss as boyfriends."

Merlin waved a finger and the chapel door opened. They entered hand in hand. As they did so the music began and Merlin bit back a laugh, "You prat," he hissed under his breath as they walked down the aisle to John William's Imperial March to greet the registrar* - Darth Vader.

"I did promise you a magician," Arthur whispered back as they reached the front and turned to face Vader to make their vows.

The End.


Yep. I did warn it was a cheesefest. My last Merlin & Arthur got wed too. I have no imagination!

I'm really not happy with the chapter but I wrote so many different variations and binned them that I could have been here till the BBC give in to the inevitable and get them together, so I've posted this. Hopefully not too anti-climactic!

*I gather there is some controversy over same sex marriages in the US at the moment and that you probably can't get married in Las Vegas if you are two blokes (?), but fuck it, this is fiction. You can probably tell I have never been to Vegas! Also, for the life of me I can't think what the person who marries you is called in America so I've gone with registrar as is the case here in the UK and will amend if anyone tells me what you call the person!

Apologies if I offend anyone by calling Vegas tacky. I'd love to get married there if my fiancé wasn't such a stick in the mud. Merlin and Arthur are having my dream wedding here! I wouldn't care if it was tacky as long as I didn't have to wear a meringue.