I don't believe in love at first sight

Summary: Five years after Hikaru met Haruhi, his opinion of her had radically changed. She had gone from being that nerdy little gay guy who bought them coffee, to being the girl he couldn't live without.

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Hikaru's point of view

I don't believe in love at first sight.

A fan girl asked me if I did once, with hopeful eyes the size of saucers, and I couldn't help immediately shooting down her romantic dreams with a cynical snort of 'hell no. It's the stupidest thing I've ever heard of'. When her face instantly fell in tragic disappointment, I was forced to quickly scrabble around and splutter:

"Oh, but! I -I really don't know. I simply don't remember when I saw my love for the first time, do I Kaoru?"

It was a pretty pathetic comeback, but fan girls can easily ignore obvious signs of reality and will go for anything as long as it's remotely linked to their little fantasies. You should have seen the way her face lit up when Kaoru looked round and gave a little uke-ish giggle of agreement - she looked like a Christmas tree. Still, as she dissolved into mad squeals of moe, I found myself thinking back to her question and thinking ruthlessly:


It's my belief that 'love at first sight' is a stupid notion and doesn't exist in the slightest.

I hold this view for one very valid reason.

The first time I met the girl I would love until forever, my Haruhi, I thought she was a scruffy, ugly, deprived, poor, nerdy, unfashionable, reserved, ignorant, hopeless, weird, untidy, geekazoid-type gay guy with no chance in hell of ever making a solid impression at Ouran, apart from being the guy we all boss around and feel sorry for.

One year later, I was hopelessly and utterly in love with her.

So, I guessing you can see where I'm coming from with the whole 'love at first sight' issue.

I mean, seriously. Who falls in love with just a look? Or just for looks? How shallow is that? Love is, unless I'm horribly mistaken, something that takes time and events to bud and start to develop. Can it really be called love if you don't know the general picture of who you're loving? Their strengths and weaknesses, glories and downfalls, dreams and fears?

Can you truly love a painting if you only see one tiny corner of it?

No, of course you can't.

At least, that's what I think. Other people, such as our resident romantic idiot Tamaki, would completely disagree. But yeah, I don't really care what they think.

No offence.

The first time I met her, I thought she was a total nerd and could only ever mount up to being a plaything.

One year after I met her, I was completely in love with her and was blind to any other girl.

Two years after I met her, I was on blissful cloud nine as I could finally call her my girlfriend.

And five years after I met her, I had a shocking but very real empathy.

I couldn't live without her.

I loved her and would continue to do so until the day I died. I never wanted to be with anyone else for my entire life and would never be happy unless I could hold her in my arms in ten years time and still call her mine. I wanted her forever.

The idea came to me so suddenly, so beautifully, that it instantly tumbled out of my mouth and straight into the ears of the person sitting next to me, who had such a strong hold on my heart.

"Marry me."

They turned round, startled, and then, after a long pause… snorted in laughter.

"Sorry Hika," Kaoru grinned, winking teasingly, "I'm kind of taken. So are you, as a matter of fact."

"Not you." I scowled, rolling my eyes when he pretended to be offended.

We were on our way back from the studio to our version of a student flat - a top-designer penthouse - and were casually lolling around in the back seat of our Rolls Royce when I'd made my sudden announcement. We were both wearing designer suits, with a few personal touches to make them a bit more Hitachiin-like - random coloured scarves, three too many layers, and a severe lack in top buttons.

Kaoru was fixing me with an amused look as I quickly elaborated, slightly flustered at repeating my intention but needing my twin's opinion on it anyway.

If there's one thing I've learned from life, it's this: never do anything without Kaoru's advice.

It will fail.

"I mean Haruhi. I… I want to ask her to marry me."

The moment I'd let it out of my mouth, Kaoru's face split into the hugest, toothiest grin I'd ever seen in my life - and I'd seen some pretty toothy grins. His eyes twinkled as if our birthday had just come 9 months early, with extra presents just for the youngest.

"Aww, really Hika?" He chuckled happily. "That's awesome. Congratulations and all that."

I blinked at him in anticipation for a few seconds, waiting for a bit more support than just 'Congratulations and all that'. I mean, seriously, marriage is like… like… like marriage. I needed the reassurance of my all-knowing twin here!

"You think… you think it's a good idea?" I prompted, the restless uncertainty clear in my voice; why try to hide it when Kaoru would know it's there anyway?

His golden eyes and teasing grin suddenly softened with fondness and warmth; I was left with a very reassuring, very Kaoru-like smile.

"Hikaru, I've been waiting for you to say that for a whole year." He paused to laugh at my bewildered look. "You sure like to take your time. I'd wait until next year to actually get married, but I'm all for you two being engaged. In fact," he beamed, "I don't think anything would make Haruhi happier."

There was the all-knowing reassurance I'd been waiting for.

I couldn't help but grin goofily back at him, a mad feeling of mounting nerves and excitement building up in my chest as if my very heart was expanding to the size of football as I thought about the immensity of what I wanted. I tried it out a few times in my head:

Mr and Mrs Hitachiin.

Haruhi Hitachiin.

H. Hitachiin and H. Hitachiin.

The H family.

We'd have to call any kids something like Hiroko or Hanna, just so they'd fit the 'H' trend…



I blinked madly as Kaoru suddenly began clicking his fingers in my face, looking - for once - impatient at my sudden lapse in awareness. I stared blankly at him as he rolled his eyes dramatically, prodding my forehead with his finger.

"Focus." He scolded, as if I was some daydreaming pre-schooler. "I just asked how you're going to propose to Haruhi."


I blinked.


How should I propose? It's hard to do anything romantic with Haruhi at the best of times, and isn't romance what a proposal should be all about? She wouldn't want anything over the top and would just laugh at any grand lovey-dovey gesture… but at the same time, she wouldn't want it to be an insignificant stay-at-home sort of moment either.

Kaoru noticed my look of horrified puzzlement and wrinkled his nose in understanding; Haruhi was difficult to impress.

Not because she had high standards. But because high standards didn't impress her. In fact, they kind of did the opposite.

I say again: crap.

Kaoru settled back in his seat and propped his head up with a fist, frowning thoughtfully as he watched me struggle. Finally, he said: "A restaurant is out. A humble girl like Haruhi would just get irritated at being at some expensive restaurant, especially if there was loads of strangers watching when you proposed. So I guess we have to cross out a public place as well."

He said 'we'. Kaoru's going to help me.

Sometimes, I really love my brother.

I quickly spoke up too, as I was the one who really should be coming up with the place. "Haruhi gets too sick to travel somewhere if it's just for a day, so we can't go anywhere."

You see, once I took (kidnapped) Haruhi to go on her first week-long holiday abroad to Cyprus with me and Kaoru. A few hundred miles and an upturned lunch later however, we discovered one tiny little problem: Haruhi gets travel sick.

Which is just typical.

"Maybe when we have a cherry-blossom party? Though I doubt you want to wait that long---"

"Hell no. Maybe watching a sunset…?"

"Nah. Too corny."



We… weren't really getting anywhere.

I frowned irritably; this was obviously really important. Haruhi was the girl I loved and wanted to marry, so I needed to find somewhere really amazing to propose to her. I quickly snatched a piece of paper from my bag and began scribbling down the quota to clear my mind, brow furrowed in concentration (Kaoru laughed).

Somewhere local.

Somewhere private.

Somewhere cheap.

Somewhere special.

Somewhere familiar.

Somewhere she hasn't been to before.

Somewhere seasonal.

Somewhere awesome.

Kaoru leaned on my shoulder and together we gave the list a stern look, crossing out possible places in our minds as we looked down each requirement. We could think of plenty of places that we couldn't go to, but so far we were coming up with a blank for possible 'yes-let's-go-there!' destinations.

… Crap.

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