Title: Petformers Drabbles: TFA.
Disclaimer: I own nothing of the Transformers series, that belongs to Hasbro/Takara. I also don't own Petformers, those belong to Peanutchan, the awesome party who drew the wonderful pictures I based these drabbles on.

Summary: Drabbles border-lining on one-shots, based on the wonderful, awesome, talented Peanutchan's art featuring TFA characters in the forms of animals. Go look at them, you will love them, they're on DeviantArt!

Title: Magnolia.
Pairings: Bulkhead/Slipstream.
Picture Base: Nobody Likes Me Best & We Scream.
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Attempted rape, violence, innuendo.
Summary: Starscream's sister gets attacked…

Loud and obviously enraged yowls echoed through the alleyways as Slipstream tried in vain to find some way of escape from the wretched fleabags that had caught her scent. She sped along the wall of a brick building, leaping from one trash bin to the next as Mixmaster kept up with her pace and Scrapper nipped at her tail.

"Go away, you mongrels!" The sleek yet angry Abyssinian female cried, bounding onto a full dumpster at the end of the alley, a stone wall blocking her way of any possible escape.

"Hey, don't be like that," Mixmaster laughed, standing on his hind legs to get a better look at the pissed, but gorgeous feline now backed against the wall and spitting at the taller dog as he tried to jump onto the dumpster, "We could all have a fun time. What do you say?"

Just Slipstream's luck that she suddenly becomes attractive to dogs after she goes into heat. The shame, the humiliation, the dogs both uttering harassments her way! Could it really get any worse?

"If you don't come down," Scrapper panted, "Then I'm bringing you down. Here kitty, kitty, kitty."

…Obviously it can.

Slipstream pressed even further into the stone and hissed, the canine grinning as his upper body gripped the side of the trash container to carry out his threat. She didn't want to be a pair of fleabags' play thing when she was in this condition! What if they got her pregnant?! Her brothers would never let her live it down and it would hurt giving life to offspring so large! It might even kill her…

Scrapper's teeth nipped at her front paws and she almost cried out again, but a very thick growl sounded out above from the stone wall. All three of them looked up to see a very, very large green cat, almost as big as Megatron, snarling down at the two canines threateningly.

"What do you two think you're doing?" The green mammoth asked, jumping from the wall and onto the dumpster, just in front of Scrapper's face. His body shielded Slipstream from sight and his stance spoke of protection despite the fact that Slipstream had only met him once. If she recalled correctly, she'd been on a window sill and dropped a flower pot on his head. It had broken the glass, but he'd come out of the dirt and dead plant fine.

"Uh, hey Bulkhead," Scrapper greeted almost hesitantly, Mixmaster scuttling behind the much taller dog's legs, "We were just having a little fun with the pretty girl."

Bulkhead's ears flattened and he spat at the two, all of his fur standing on end and making him look twice his actual size, "She certainly doesn't look like she's having fun!" At this, he leapt off of the dumpster and swiped at the two.

They both backed up immediately and when Bulkhead advanced, Mixmaster yipped and both the construction canines took off back the way they had come, Scrapper accidentally knocking over a smaller trash bin and leaping right over it. They had been in fights with the green cat before and were not looking forward to having chunks of skin missing for a skanky female Abyssinian.

When they were gone for sure, Bulkhead turned back towards Slipstream, head tilted cutely despite him having all the appearances of a ferocious beast only seconds ago, "Are you okay?"

Slipstream hesitated, but leapt off the disposal unit and next to Bulkhead, sniffing his face and tail twitching only lightly, "Yes, they didn't do much but make me winded and drool on my tail."

Bulkhead nodded and gave her a sniff as well, knowing in an instant that she was in heat, but not liking the look she gave when he perked up. It was just as well, really. She was obviously related to Starscream and he knew better than to hope for too much from pretty girls.

"That's good. Were you headed anywhere before they chased you down this way? I could accompany you to your destination if you'd like," He suggested, walking a little forward to show he was non-threatening to her and her present state. He remembered her from months ago and didn't have much interest on getting on her bad side.

Slipstream wasn't used to such valor directed her way and gave the massive tomcat a little lick at the side of the face. The adrenaline had finally worn off and she was tired, didn't think she could escape anymore suitors that came her way and was very ready to go home, "Yes. That would be good."

Title: Analyze.
Pairings: Bulkhead/Slipstream.
Picture Base: Slipped.
Rating: PG (for safety)
Warnings: Innuendo.
Summary: Three trouble makers witness something very weird…

"I can't believe this," Swindle scoffed, leaning over the very irritated Lockdown to get a better look as the sexy as All Get Out Slipstream rubbed against the great idiot of the neighborhood on their way to her home with her brothers, "She finally goes into heat, has her pick of anyone in the state and goes after that impotent moron. It's a real shame."

"Hey!" Bumblebee spoke up from the front of Lockdown, tail swishing and ears folded, "He is not a moron, he's just a nice guy! …What's "impotent" mean?"

"Nothing!" Lockdown answered, hooked paw smashing against Swindle's face to keep any words from spilling out of the purple and tan merchant's trenchant mouth. Prowl would kill the mongrel if the yellow kitten came home saying that word out of the blue!

Title: Thunder Roll.
Pairings: Bulkhead/Slipstream, one-sided Megatron/Slipstream.
Picture Base: Petformers Doodles2.
Rating: PG-15.
Warnings: Violence, innuendo, cursing.
Summary: Slipstream attracts the attentions of her brother's "friends"…

Standing at the very end of a thick tree branch, Slipstream continued to hiss and spit at Megatron, Starscream and the rest of her brothers trying to talk the bobcat out of his decision, but failing miserably. The tyrant of a feral cat was ignoring them completely, solely focused on Slipstream's lust-inducing scent. It had been a long time since he'd been with a female, but this one was something special. She was gorgeous in body and much more clever than her brothers. Perfect for carrying his kittens.

"Come down here right now," The leader of all Decepticats and Deceptidogs ordered, "This will be easier if you'd just co-operate."

"Piss off!" Slipstream hissed furiously, batting at the bobcat's grey paws and trying to back up further, despite the edge of the bough bending under her weight. She would very soon either fall off and hurt herself before running for it or fall down, hurt herself and get pinned down by Lugnut and Shockwave so their alpha could have his way with her.

"Megatron," Starscream tried again, moving behind the much larger cat and rubbing his head against his grey haunches respectfully. Or as respectfully as Starscream could get, "My sister isn't big enough to accommodate your needs. Why not let her go?"

"Silence, Starscream," Megatron hissed, turning just enough to cuff the Abyssinian across the face. Starscream gave a yowl at the harsh treatment, but did as ordered, Skywarp rushing over to lick his big brother's blood away.

Slipstream moved back again as Megatron gripped the tree and started to climb, sharp claws leaving trails in the bark. A sinister grin was working its way across his face as the only Seeker feline with yellow eyes ran out of space to back away on. Either she'd jump now and risk getting caught, or she'd stay where she was and hope Megatron fell down.

Just as the grey, black and red bobcat's paw rested on her trembling paw, a green streak bowled into Megatron's bulk and sent the feral cat rolling painfully off the tree. He gave out a little cry as he rolled from the tree and over into more of the junkyard's trash, some of it sharp metal and digging into his side.

When Slipstream took her sight off the now snarling bobcat, she took notice of her savior, standing at the tree's base and yelling for her to make a run for it. Bulkhead!

"Run Slipstream! Quickly, now, before he gets up!" Bulkhead ordered, leaning back on his haunches to make up the height difference as Lugnut started growling at him. Shockwave and some of her brothers did the same, but considering Bulkhead was so large, they'd let Lugnut do the dirty work.

Slipstream wasn't going to argue with Bulkhead and did what he said. She leapt from the bough that nearly touched the ground and bolted off for Bulkhead's home. He'd said that she was welcome there any time she wanted and what better time to go then when Megatron wanted to get her knocked up?

Title: Curiosity.
Pairings: Bulkhead/Slipstream.
Rating: PG-13
Warning: Mentions of violence, fluff.
Summary: Slipstream wants to find out a few things.

The female Abyssinian was getting very nervous. Bulkhead had said that she could stay in his yard and not be bothered by his fellow Autocats, but Bumblebee hadn't left her alone and the large green tomcat was still at the vet. She'd felt horrible when he'd come home looking like he'd gone through a wood chipper and lived, offered to leave for all the trouble she'd caused, but he'd insisted she stay.

It didn't make sense. The big lug treated her like a queen, saved her life twice and yet, seemed completely uninterested in mating with her. She'd never once been in this kind of situation before. Maybe she should ask one of the other Autocats what his problem was…

"Erm, Prowl, was it?"

The resident Siamese cat turned from cleaning himself on the deck to look in the direction of the female Abyssinian. She looked kind of nervous and kept looking around at the slightest noise, but kept her focus on Prowl.

"Yes, it is. What is it, Slipstream?"

"I was wondering," She spoke shyly, "Do you know why Bulkhead isn't interested in me, but still keeps saving my skin?"

Prowl flicked his tail and tilted his head at the female, "Keeps? You mean he's done it more than once?"

She nodded. At least he was speaking with her and hadn't chased her off for simply talking to him like Ratchet had just earlier that day, or Optimus when she'd tried to talk to Bumblebee. She was really afraid that nobody would help her out with this.

Prowl blinked and then went back to cleaning himself, his tongue sliding over his already pretty clean coat to make it even shinier, "Oh, I'm sure he is interested in you, but he's… well, he's shy. He doesn't believe himself to be appealing to anyone and is afraid that being anymore friendly towards you will cause you to leave. That beating he got from Megatron and his cronies should be enough proof of that."

The Abyssinian thought about that. Perhaps the Siamese had a point. Bulkhead did seem overly self-conscious and didn't like to go near other cats when he or they were in heat, except her. However, unlike Megatron and other creatures she could mention, he never tried to force himself on her and gave her plenty of space. All in all, he was probably the sweetest mammal she'd ever met.

And Prowl said Bulkhead liked her… Hmm.

Title: Welcome Home.
Pairings: Bulkhead/Slipstream.
Rating: R.
Warnings: Fluff, innuendo, quick.
Summary: Bulkhead comes home from the vet.

When Sari brought Bulkhead home the others had been ecstatic. That is, until they saw the cast on his right front leg, the eye-patch and the bandages wrapped around his stomach. He smiled, though and simply lied down as the others gave him a sniff and asked how he was. He'd answered their inquiries with ease and hadn't seemed to mind when Bumblebee put both his paws on the cast to gain some leverage to lick the behemoth's chin.

When he got too tired to stand and talk, he gave them each a little nod and went into the room Sari usually kept them in when one of them went into heat. For the time being it was empty and he wouldn't be bothered as he took a little nap.

He limped over to the soft downy bed Prowl had used not a month ago during his heat cycle and happily snuggled into the warm. He didn't let it show to the others, but he still had bruising that made even the smallest movement ache and it was nice to be alone for a moment.

His good eye closed and his breathing thinned, giving him all the appearances of one that was completely asleep. So, when a lithe figure slipped through the crack in the window, he woke up a little, but didn't move. He was too comfortable and it was probably just Longarm coming to see Bumblebee, so why open his eyes and ruin his comfort?


Okay, he hadn't expected Slipstream. Not wanting to be rude to a lady, the injured tomcat opened his one good eye to let the Abyssinian know he was aware of her presence and tried not to flinch when he saw the look on her face at the sight of him.

"Oh, Bulkhead," Slipstream practically cried, starting to lick his face, ears and neck, "I'm so sorry about what happened. You shouldn't have gone through that for the likes of me."

"Don't be silly," Bulkhead spoke, enjoying the feel of the smaller cat's tongue lathing him when he hadn't had a proper bath since he went to the vets, "A pretty girl like you shouldn't be treated like that. Megatron didn't deserve you, anyway. Not like that."

Slipstream felt her face pool with heat at the large cat's words, but she ignored it and kept licking him. When she got to the part between his shoulders she was unprepared for the heavy purr that escaped his lips. She was even less prepared when Bulkhead licked her cheek in a sign of gratitude and started licking the rest of her face and her ears. He was gentle and careful not to seem too forward in his movements.

The Seeker female started to purr as well when Bulkhead reached her own sensitive spot, the crook of her neck where she had a very thick vein.

"B-Bulkhead," Slipstream stuttered, paws holding the sides of his head as he continued to lick her sensitive spot, enjoying the little moans coming from her, "You're supposed to let me make you feel good, not the other way around."

Bulkhead chuckled, moving on to licking her belly as her upper body rested on his forehead to reach his own soft spot, both of them purring thickly at the feeling, "Oh, I don't mind doing this."

She didn't even bother to answer as she clutched his scruff with her teeth, his tongue wandering way down south, but not too down south. It kind of frustrated her that he was being so careful towards her. She'd always been one to act on her feelings and now she had someone to act on them with.

"Oh, that feels nice," Slipstream cooed, moving her hips up a bit more so maybe he'd act on pure instinct and not have to make her give consent. Sadly, she only felt his entire face grow hot and his tongue continue on her stomach and occasionally swiping over her nipples. It made her shudder, but it wasn't enough.

She gave a small groan and scuttled off of his head to look him in the eye so she could say what she had to without losing her nerve. She'd been thinking about it since he'd gone to the vet and now she'd made her choice. She just hoped he'd agree to it.

"Bulkhead, I know you're shy and don't think much of yourself, but I was wondering if you'd like to be my mate?"

The large green cat's eye widened fantastically and he practically bolted up when her words seemed to echo in his head. This couldn't be right, she was the most beautiful feline anywhere and she wanted to be his mate? It was like a dream come true, which usually meant it was too good to be true.

"Are you serious?" Bulkhead asked as he bowed his head so he was eye to eyes with her, "You want me to be your mate? Why?"

Slipstream smiled and sidled up to his chest, his fur tickling her face and a scent that was all his infiltrating her senses, "Because you're good to me. Because you saved my life from two sets of scumbags. Because you're the greatest tomcat in the world and I'm in love with you. That's why."

Bulkhead wasn't sure what to say. Looking at her, being near her, made him feel invincible and loved. What else could he possibly want?

"Yeah. I love you and would be honored to be your mate."

Title: Success!
Pairings: Bulkhead/Slipstream.
Rating: R
Warning: Sticky, quick.
Summary: Sari doesn't know Bulkhead has a guest when she locks him up in heat.

Three weeks after coming home from the vet and Bulkhead had finally gotten the Primus awful medical coverings off. His ribs didn't hurt as much, he could see through both eyes and he could happily move freely around everywhere without the weight of the cast slowing him down.

And, wouldn't you know, he had to be put in solitary because it was time for his heat cycle.

Usually, he'd be okay with this. During previous cycles he'd never had anyone interested in him, all running away because they thought he was either too stupid or descended from bobcats. He'd been good and stayed silent for the week and a half in the warm, soft, well furnished, food stocked room. But now? Now he just wanted to see Slipstream and it was making him crazy. He chewed on the catnip mice, eaten all of his food, tried to pry the window open and it was only his first hour on the inside.

He sighed and tilted until his back hit the ground and he was staring at the ceiling and trying not to growl. He couldn't remember feeling this anxious before. Usually he got a dull ache from below, but it subsided quickly, it didn't throb and cause him to moan in slight pain.

"My, my, my," A familiar, feminine voice spoke from the closet, causing him to spin around and face what he deemed to be the most gorgeous creature in the world, "I didn't think you ever got like this. Miss me?"

Bulkhead stood up and bounded over to Slipstream, his always strong and thick purr vibrating through her back as he rubbed his head against her in greeting. She purred back, licking his face, tongue sliding across his lips to incite a deep kiss. He licked back and they rolled to the ground, her sleek body atop his and a sly, sexy grin on her face. He knew that grin, it was the same one she gave him when she asked him to be her mate. It caused a small tremor down his throbbing body.

"What would you say to making kittens?" The female asked, consciously rubbing her front paws against his chest and lightly nipping his neck.

"I'd love that," He replied, nipping her own neck and back legs giving little kicks when her paws contacted with his thighs.

Slipstream gave Bulkhead another deep kiss and rolled off of him. She then laid her stomach on the floor and lifted her rump into the air, tail swaying seductively for his eyes alone, "Well, then come and get it, sweet thing."

That was quite possibly the most romantic thing anyone had ever said to him and he didn't waste a second to comply. He stumbled up from his lying down position and gently mounted Slipstream. Well, as much as he could. His size made it possible for him to stand without clutching her haunches and he only used one to help steady her as he lightly clutched her scruff and began rocking against her.

Slipstream only sighed and gave little moans when Bulkhead and she connected. He didn't know it, but he was the first cat who ever treated her this gently, this wonderfully. It really made her feel special and not just like the town tramp. She knew she'd made the right choice.

From outside the sealed room, their cries could be heard faintly and they would later be glad that they had decided to do this closer to midnight when Sari was asleep and her father was too busy to notice any noises.

Title: What's Another Word for Expecting?
Pairings: Bulkhead/Slipstream, mentions of Skywarp/Blurr.
Rating: PG.
Warning: Innuendo, mentions of slash, preg.
Summary: Skywarp, Starscream and Thundercracker see their sister in a whole different way.

At first Skywarp couldn't believe what he was seeing at had to resist the urge to call pathetically for TC and Screamer. But, then he closed his eyes, rubbed them and opened them to see the exact same sight. His older sister was living and grooming herself in the Autocats' yard! She was much cleaner and healthier than he'd ever seen her before, but it was most definitely her, right down to aqua and mauve wings.

He gave a call down the alley to his brothers and quickly jumped the fence, paws making scraping sounds against the metal and causing Slipstream to turn her head, but not move from her comfortable curled up position. Her ears gave obvious signs that she was nervous that her youngest brother was in her new yard but she didn't bother to start yelling. Starscream and Thundercracker probably weren't far behind and she didn't want them attracting Sari's attention.

"Sister! Where have you been? We thought Megatron had killed you or something," The littlest of the Seeker cats said, rubbing his face against Slipstream and giving her a sniff. She had to say she appreciated that, Skywarp was always the most sensitive of their family and had always made it clear when he worried about them. Which was, like, all the time.

She gave Skywarp a small, comforting nuzzle as their older brothers jumped the fence and scurried over to them. Starscream watched the door of the human house, smelling the Autocats fresh in the air and didn't want to be caught by all of them. Thundercracker just held his head high, as usual, and settled behind Skywarp, "Slipstream, you worried this pipsqueak," He looked pointedly at the purple patched coward, "Half to death. What are you doing here in the Autoscum enclosure?"

"Hello to you, too, dear brothers," The female Abyssinian greeted. A month or so away and TC was still the same. No surprises there.

"You didn't answer their questions, sister," Starscream finally spoke, pretty sure that for the time they were alone and none of the Autocats would come out to confront them.

Slipstream gave an annoyed hiss at the oldest Seeker cat, "I've been here, with the Autocats and my mate. I'm here because it keeps me out of Megatron and his lackeys' territory and I'm guaranteed protection and a roof over my head. You should try it."

Starscream's mouth hung open and it appeared he'd stopped listening after the words "my mate" left her mouth. As had the others. Thundercracker's eyes widened fantastically and Skywarp became a little excited. Their sister had a mate! He and his brothers had a running bet with Blurr and Swindle about when the female Abyssinian would settle down and Skywarp had won! He wondered how many fish he was going to get out of this…

"Mate?" Starscream repeated, looking suspiciously towards the house, but not because he thought anyone would come out, "Who would mate with you? Why would they even bother to settle with you, for that matter?"

Slipstream gave another hiss and got up to swipe at the older Abyssinian, unintentionally revealing her distended stomach. Starscream was so shocked at the sight that he didn't even bother moving when her paw grazed his ear, "Because I'm pregnant, you blind moron!" Thundercracker got out of the way when Starscream toppled back, but Skywarp smiled warmly at Slipstream, rubbing his head against her shoulder. It was nice to know that someone besides him had someone from the Autocats as romantic interest.

"Who's the father?" Thundercracker asked, half-heartedly rubbing against Slipstream's other shoulder.

"I am."

All three of the male Seekers turned toward the human home to look at Bulkhead. The behemoth was carrying a fish in his mouth, but it became obvious that it wasn't for him as he bounded right next to Slipstream and laid the delicious meal at her feet. He happily gave him an adorable lick across the lips, a rub under the chin with her head and started on the fish, despite the two evil glares being directed at them both by Starscream and Thundercracker. Skywarp seemed a little disturbed by the plainly obvious size difference in her sister and her mate and the thoughts swimming through his head on how she'd managed to actually get pregnant, but he at least had the decency to smile.

"An Autocat?!" Thundercracker bellowed first, followed without delay by Starscream sputtering unintelligible curses, "You got mated to an Autocat when you could have gotten mated to Megatron and someone at least nearly as dignified as myself, like Shockwave?"

"TC's right," Starscream said, regaining intelligent speech, "Even Swindle would have been a better choice than him."

Skywarp bowed his head and mouthed an 'I apologize' in Bulkhead's direction, actually ashamed of his older brothers having no manners towards the cat who had been good to their sister. Bulkhead, aside from his ears folding and his eyes closing in annoyance, was keeping his mouth shut and gave affectionate licks to Slipstream's shoulders and back.

The two more bothersome Seeker cats' disapproving speeches soon drew the attentions of two other Autocats, both coming out to see who was in their yard. Bumblebee came bounding through the door and gave a little squeak at the sight of the Starscream, the oldest Abyssinian turning absently at the sound but quickly turning back to his sister. The yellow and black kitten was a little offended at how he was written off as a threat. After Bumblebee, however, came Optimus, the bluish cat's back hair rising at the sight of Starscream and Thundercracker and giving a low hiss as warning before he charged towards them.


The older Seeker cats were about to stand and scratch at the slightly smaller male cat, but didn't get the chance as Slipstream stood between all three of them, a disapproving look crossing her features, "All of you calm down. And Starscream? Thundercracker?"

"Yes?" Both chimed, expecting her to praise them for being there to rescue her this time.

This thought proved completely wrong as the female spun and cuffed them each across the snout. Her claws weren't out, but it still left a stinging sensation and caused her brothers to give a little scream in pain. Skywarp crouched to the ground and tried to look non-threatening, despite the fact that Slipstream was never, ever interested in punishing her runt brother.

Bulkhead chose to stand back and let Slipstream handle this. She'd always said that if her brothers came looking for her this would happen and he was going to enjoy watching the older Abyssinians get their fur ripped out in tufts and Slipstream gave them a real lecture.