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Title: Crash!
Pairings: Random/Soundwave.
Picture Base: Oh, Oh, Fire Truck! & Cute Things WIPs.
Warnings: Slash, near death experience.
Summary: Soundwave discovers the trouble with finding things in the road…

The sight Soundwave had witnessed almost blew him away. That crazy little jack-o-lantern faced cat had wandered into the street for the fifth time the big Akita had seen him and this time had nearly been run over by a car. His arms had stretched up to try and stop the vehicle from hitting him or something, his little toy truck creating a metallic screech as one of the tires crushed it.

Soundwave had to hold back laughter as Random Blitzwing (yes, that was that cat's name, as far as the Akita could tell) opened his eyes and fell backwards, unconscious from the shock. And that crazy little smile was still on his face.

However, when the human inside the car started the vehicle up again, Soundwave bolted into the street, slipped his head under Random's middle and moved onto the sidewalk with the still out of it feline on his scruff like a mink collar.

On the sidewalk, Soundwave sat on his haunches and carefully set Random on the ground, sniffing his frame curiously to pass the time. Had he ever tried this while the grey, purple and black runt was awake, Soundwave always had the fear of getting bitten and receiving rabies. Him being asleep made the Deceptidog feel a little better.

Soundwave's scent sensors travelled up and down the feline, taking everything in. It was practically fabulous, Random's coat had so many traces of other followers of Megatron, but also the Autocats and Autodogs. Odd, one would think Random's brothers would keep him away from the enemy, but who was the red visored dog to judge?

"Ooh, zhat's nice…"

Soundwave ceased his actions as Random's perky voice met his ears and the cat's body writhed around on the cement. Big red eyes opened to look directly at the large dog he'd seen around the neighborhood when Random had expected to see either Icy or Hothead. He tilted his head, but didn't move much more than that after making a note in the back of his mind that he hadn't been hit by that car and was still outside.

"Question: Are you alright?" Soundwave asked, his monotone voice and speech pattern amusing to Random, the feline grinning even wider and moving a paw up to tap on the Akita's snout in a playful manner.

"Yah, iz all good Big Doggy! Wanna play?" The youngest Blitzwing asked sweetly, planting a lick on Soundwave's snout, causing the large dog's pelt to ripple pleasantly in surprise.

"…Answer: I suppose."

Title: A Crying Game.
Pairings: Prowl/Lockdown, Swindle/Sunstorm, mentions of Omega/Ratchet.
Picture Base: Egg Drop.
Warnings: Slash, slight innuendo, mentions of violence.
Summary: Two strays are realizing the cons of playing tricks on the oldest cat in the neighborhood…

Teeth carefully pulled out already loose tuffs of hair as Lockdown grumbled, still in slight pain. Not too far away, in another patch of sun and just as sore, Swindle was receiving the exact same treatment. He, however, was using Sunstorm for grooming instead of Prowl. Lockdown really loved his mate, but he did not want to deal with the scolding.

"See," The Siamese spoke once more, pulling on some fur that wasn't actually loose, Lockdown growling in response, "This is what you get for messing with Ratchet. Hopefully you know better now."

"Yeah," Swindle shouted towards the two darker mates sarcastically, "Never mess with an old timer who's friends with a mountain lion."

"Look on the bright side," Sunstorm spoke, "At least he only beat you up and didn't, you know, eat you."

Both trouble makers groaned in perfect unison. Much as they hated to admit it, Sunstorm had a point. When it came to Ratchet, Omega Supreme tended to be very protective and they were lucky the older cat had been around to stop the giant from simply gripping their heads, shaking them and snapping their necks like a meal of pheasants. All he had down was bat them around and drop them in the duck pond.

Title: Under the Influence.
Pairings: Lugnut/Wreck-Gar.
Picture Base: Lovefools.
Warnings: Slash, super fluff.
Summary: Maybe it's a good thing Lugnut's too soft to commit homicide…


The large and intimidating bulldog had no time to react as a small and rank smelling kitten attached itself to his face. Wreck-Gar, of course. The mostly orange kitten didn't notice the heat pooling in Lugnut's face as the he bent down to allow the smaller animal a seat on the ground, still licking the dog's face adoringly.

"Hello Wreck-Gar, how have you been?"

Wreck-Gar's tail wagged more like he was a puppy instead of a kitten as many words left his mouth that Lugnut tried to keep up with, "Good! I found a really good smelling stuffed mouse in the trash yesterday, and saw Prowl and Lockdown wrestling in their house again, and two days ago I saw Shockwave and Longarm playing tag with Bumblebee and Sari gave me another bath! I also saw your big kitty boss with Optimus in the junkyard in that really awesome leathery car snuggling together, and Blackarachnia wandering down town with Mr. Sentinel! Oh, and I brought the mouse! Here, here, here you go!"

The dog tilted his head backwards to avoid the smell of the red, torn up catnip mouse Wreck-Gar presented to him, but also to cover up the very pronounced blush forming across his face. There were so many things in what Wreck-Gar had just told him that sounded so bad. Useful, when it came to Blackarachnia, Shockwave, but everything else in there was just… Hopefully, the kitten hadn't told anyone else. Megatron wasn't one to kill little ones, but Shockwave may do so if pushed hard enough and Lugnut liked having Wreck-Gar around. He was cute and innocent and liked the massive mutt.

Title: Wild and Docile.
Pairings: slight Rodimus/Jazz.
Picture Base: Must Love Dogs Sketches.
Warnings: Fluff, slash.
Summary: Jazz finds a friend that doesn't have nine lives and is just his size…

Jazz bounded around the small park with a new bone in his mouth. His drool covered it completely, but it made it just a little more tasty and easy to gnaw on. Now, a place to hide the thing…

The little music lover started sniffing around a set of thick rose bushes, nose creeping into the roots and leaves, some of the roses dropping their petals on his head and sticking to his visor. This would be the perfect place to hide his treat!

Looking around to make sure he was alone, the small dog carefully twisted in between some tiny branches and found a soft patch of dirt to start in on.

"Oh, this is gonna be awesome! I'll come back after dinner and by then this should be crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside-"


The little mailbox sized dog twirled around so quickly that he felt dizzy but he still was alert as he came snout to snout with a red fox. A skinny red fox with big blue eyes.

"H-Hello! Um," Jazz stuttered, quickly hiding his bone under his rump, "If this is your home, I was just about to leave."

"No, you go ahead and hide that bone of yours," The fox spoke sweetly if not a little shy, "I won't take it. I was just wondering who was in here. Bye."

Before Jazz could think and before the fox could leave entirely, the puppy bounded out in front of him with bone in his jaws. One end was being held between his teeth while the other was offered up to the now very curious fox invitingly, "Ya wanna play? My name's Jazz, what's yours?"

Tilted his head curiously at the dog's actions but not willing to pass up a chance to taste that succulent bone, the fox happily grabbed the other end and replied, "Rodimus. Nice to meet you."

Title: Heat.
Pairings: Lugnut/Shockwave.
Picture Base: LugShock.
Warnings: Quick, inter-species, slash, smex.
Summary: Bitterest of rivals can sometimes become the best partners…

Lugnut paced the junkyard, mouth drooling and an unpleasant feeling growing even more painful in his lower regions. His heat cycle was now at its height and he'd decided to go as deep into the junkyard as he could to distance himself from Megatron. Just in case the Deceptidog decided to assault the bobcat. That would end badly in so many ways that Lugnut didn't want to take any chances if he could possibly help it.

He growled and whined lowly again, lying down on his stomach to give himself a bath. He might as well put his own drool to some good use while he was out here.

"Oh, Primus," An always arrogantly aristocratic voice spoke from above his head, "That horrendous smell is coming from you?"

The large dog growled and looked up into Shockwave's always menacing single red eye, the ragged eared feline sitting atop a pile of broken and dented car doors, looking at the dog with his usual dose of disdain. This was not something that Lugnut wanted to deal with at the moment. He gave a threatening growl, but didn't move much more than to move his head onto the ground as another shot of pain coursed through his midsection, ears going limp in resignation to the fact the stupid, fragging cat would be here until he was done teasing him.

"Lord Megatron has been wondering where you've wandered off to," Shockwave continued, jumping off of the pile of scrap metal to sort of stalk around the mutt, single eye looking Lugnut up and down almost curiously and near perversely, "I was personally convinced that you had been hit by a bus somewhere downtown. But, no, you're right here trying to prevent yourself from possibly raping our leader."

"Yes, that's right," Lugnut groaned, teeth grinding when the cat starting sniffing his backside and an inch or so above his little nub of a tail. The purple and green dog would not bite Shockwave, he would just wait for the little slagger to leave him alone before- Whoa, what was that?

Shockwave's paws were rubbing up and down Lugnut's lower back, claws kneading into the skin only lightly and his head rubbing his cheeks against the dog's fur in the first act of affection Shockwave had ever bestowed upon Lugnut, "You know, for a fleabag, you're scent seems quite pleasant at the moment. Perhaps I could help you to prevent yourself from attacking our leader?"

Lugnut's head perked up a little as he felt the cat's meager bulk settle atop his rear. This didn't make even a little sense, but he wasn't about to stop it as the intense feeling in him was starting to build up under Shockwave's ministrations, but in the most awesome of ways, "R-Really?"

"Mm-hm," Shockwave purred, hips rocking into Lugnut and enjoying the needy moans and whimpers coming from the dog. The lithe feline continued his act, connecting with Lugnut and giving his own thick cry as he thrust hard into the dog, Lugnut resisting the urge to lift himself and thereby causing the smaller mammal to disconnect with him. It felt wonderful, despite the fact that Shockwave's claws were causing Lugnut to bleed, the pain making the pleasure all the more vibrant as both of them gave a simultaneous cry in release.

Shockwave collapsed atop Lugnut, but the dog was quick, despite drowsiness setting in, and turned to clutch the egotistical furball by the scruff and put him between his front legs. Shockwave blinked his single eye at the dog, but didn't resist when Lugnut started lathing him with his soft tongue, bathing him almost lovingly and making Shockwave purr.

Title: Captivated.
Pairings: Megatron/Optimus.
Picture Base: Megadoodles1.
Warnings: Blood, slash, violence.
Summary: Optimus can't walk home with a broken leg…

Optimus wobbled carefully, if not painfully, along one of the alleys too far away from his home to be good. He hadn't been expecting to run into Shockwave and now he was paying for it. His hind leg was torn up very badly and he could feel it throb with every step he tried to take.

Thunder sounded off in the distance and Optimus couldn't help the curse that left his mouth in an angry hiss. Now he'd be stuck in the rain for Primus knew how long, in pain and with his luck, attacked by the junkyard king himself!

Deciding to take shelter, Optimus limped further down the alley and peeked under the fence that covered up the junkyard from the sights of humans. It was far enough away from where the bobcat usually slept that the little Autocat had little chance of being caught, so he slowly slid under the hole and bit back a pained gasp when his injured leg bumped the wood and left some blood on it.

Like a rogue field mouse, the blue and red cat scurried around the stray tall grass and rusting piles of metal and over to a small, front smashed in, acid green car with a broken window in the driver's side and leather covered seats. The Prime went through the window just before the rain began to pour and sniffed around a little. Under the seats were stray fast-food wrappers, shredded carpeting and other cats' hair.

Optimus felt the fur stand on the back of his neck at the smell of the hairs. They wreaked of Megatron and that practically made the Prime jump out of the window on instinct, only stopping himself because a crack of lightning shot through the sky and he suddenly found that he could tolerate the hairs of his enemy.

"Rain, rain, go away," Optimus quoted of Sari, limping up into the back seat and started to try and clean the dirt from the wounds of his leg. He certainly didn't want them to get infected and send him straight to that cold handed, not-too-gentle veterinarian.

"Well, what do we have here?"

The blue and red Prime's claws clutched the leather beneath him as the voice of the biggest threat to Autocat kind sounded off from the broken window.

Megatron slithered through the window in that predatory way he always did when seeing Optimus and gave a wicked grin at the look on the smaller feline's face. His massive grey and red form was relaxed when he settled onto the leather seat with Optimus trying appear calm and collected despite how much pain and fear was radiating off of him in waves.

"Get into a fight, little Autocat? You look worse than I've ever seen you," The bobcat said.

"I… I'll leave. I'm sorry to have trespassed. I won't bother you again," Optimus replied, ears flicking back as another clap of thunder sounded off. He would have to brave the rain if he wanted to live a little longer.

Before Optimus could move, Megatron's paw landed on the cat's back and gripped onto his side, "Don't be silly. One of my lieutenants obviously did a number on you and if you go out there you'll end up dead. Stay here and I'll clean you up."


Megatron released an amused purr and pulled Optimus to his own furry chest, gentle for once, "I'm a little cold and I've always found you attractive and brave, so you're perfect to spend the night with. Hold still."

Shock ran through Optimus' whole frame, but he didn't say anything. Megatron was already lathing the Autocat's leg and stomach affectionately, once in a while using his teeth to pull some bloodied fur from the leg. Optimus had never imagined that the bobcat would be so tender voluntarily, and to him of all cats. The Prime didn't even see himself as attractive and he wasn't in heat so this was strange, but pleasant in its own way. A throaty moan worked its way up Optimus' throat, encouraging Megatron to give a small lick to Optimus' lips. The Prime's eyes widened involuntarily and he looked up in to Megatron's red eyes questioningly.

Megatron didn't say anything, he just went back to licking Optimus, now cleaning the little cat's neck and chest. Most times, Optimus was cautious about letting anyone, let alone his enemy, lap at his jugular, but he didn't flinch this time, "Thank you for this. I'll leave when it stops raining if you'd like."

"No," Megatron sighed, "I like you right here. I'll take you home tomorrow morning, Optimus."

Big blue eyes widened again at the use of his name, and the Autocat decided to be spontaneous. He leaned up, just enough to reach Megatron's face and gave a sweet lick to the bobcat's lips. It was nice and Megatron didn't taste like anyone Optimus knew personally. All good.

Title: To the Rescue.
Pairings: slight Bumblebee/Jettwins.
Picture Base: Cute Things WIPs.
Warnings: Slash, fluff, mild violence.
Summary: Babies of any species need friends when they're old enough…

"Brother!" Jetstorm cried out in a drawn out whine, tiny paws trying to keep up with his lightly colored brother as Jetfire scurried up the fence to the large park the twins' parents had them sleeping near for the last week, "We're not supposed to be here by ourselves! Dad says it is not safe!"

"If we were listening to everything Dad and Momma said, we wouldn't be doing anything fun," Jetfire snorted, waiting for his brother to jump with him from the top of the fence. When they got down to the soft, grassy ground, they both slowly crept through the green. The place was new and filled with so many fabulous smells. Jetstorm, despite himself, found himself enjoying the place.

Suddenly, two small bodies came rolling out from behind one of the many floral bushes. Two kittens, fighting together, one yellow and black with blue eyes, and one green and black with purple eyes, hissing and spitting and pulling at each other's fur. Jetfire and Jetstorm looked on in shock at the display, neither of the kittens seeming to notice the little twins.

"That's not how you do it Wasp," A voice called, Cliffjumper, a red and black cat from a few blocks over coming out of the same bush, though much more calmly, "You're supposed to hold onto his scruff and dig your claws into the ground to get some traction."

Cliffjumper noticed the twins, absently sitting next to them as Wasp did as instructed, grinding his teeth into Bumblebee's scruff and claws pulling up pieces of grass and dirt. Bumblebee gave a hiss and tried twice as hard to fight back, Jetstorm wincing and Jetfire looking at Cliffjumper to see if the older cat would stop this.

When Cliffjumper made no move to help the yellow kitten, Jetfire took the matter into his own paws and charged forward, tackling Wasp.

Wasp had no time to react as Jetfire bit at his ears and started pulling out chunks of his fur in a display of aggression the green kitten hadn't thought possible of one so young. Wasp actually let go of Bumblebee and went completely limp in a show of submission to the small orange male.

Jetfire let up the assault and stood before the older male with his ears flat over his head. Jetstorm had scurried over to Bumblebee and was giving the yellow kitten a little lick on the cheek to show he was friendly. Their dad's always said it was good to do if you really wanted to make friends.

"Are you being okay?" The blue kitten asked.

"I… Yes, thank you," Bumblebee answered, nose bumping against Jetstorm as Jetfire sent Wasp running through the bushes he'd crashed through. Cliffjumper gave the little ones a side-long look and soon followed, but at a much slower pace, knowing full well that if the smaller cats attacked him, they'd be in for a lot of hurt.