"You sent out your save the dates?" Liv asked rather annoyed

Emma smiled, "Well of course I did" she replied simply

Liv sighed, "But we haven't decided yet"

Emma shrugged, "I'm getting married that day no matter what"

Liv laughed, "Only way you can do that is to marry me"

Emma looked at her and shrugged, "Okay" she replied easily

Liv looked at her best friend completely shocked, "Really?"

Emma laughed, "We want to get married that day, at the Plaza and we want to see each other marry, so why not?"

Liv grinned, "Of course and we did it as kids but this time we get to do it for real"

Emma smiled and leant in kissing her softly on the cheek and inching towards her lips

Liv kissed her back deeply

They would both get married on the day of their choice and in the place of their choice, with their best friends present.