Ice Cream is love

by Stray-chan

Disclaimer: I don't own Shadow of Destiny. Konami does.

Eike sat in the Cafe Sonne, waiting for his jumbo ice cream mix with fresh strawberries and pieces of chocolate.

When the waitress finally turned up with his ice cream, Eike's green eyes glowed with happiness.

„Ice Cweam!" shrieked the blond three year old.

As soon as the food touched the red table, the infant buried his cheerfull face in sweet vanilla ice cream. The waitress cooed at him:

„Oh, what a cute little boy."

After five minutes, the ice cream was no more and little Eike licked his lips to get the rest of the ice cream into his tiny mouth. When he was finished ,the little boy began to giggle.

„I love Ice Cweam!" he shouted grinning.

Then he turned to the thin dark brown haired man on whose lap he sat. He wore a completly black attire and black sunglasses to hide his unnaturally bright ruby-like eyes.

„And I love you also, uncle Hom-chan!" the infant told him while hugging him slightly, as if the little boy knew that the person he hugged was fragile.

Even without his eyes being shown, one could see Homunculus' content expression.

„I love you too, Wolfgang."

'If I can't be with you later, I'll just have some happy memories with you.

And even though you will forget, I will not.


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