Snowy days are love

by Stray-chan

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Little Eike played with the snow on the ground. And really, there was loads of it. So much that he actually tried to build another version of himself.

That did not quite work as he thought it would and the Snow-Eike actually looked more like some kind of banana with a carrot somewhere in the middle.

Disappointed with his work, he sat down and pouted.

„I'll never be able to build something with snow", he sighed and looked around.

Yeah, there, not so far away sat Homunculus, reading the newspaper with what Eike suspected to be completely bored eyes that said something along the lines of „stupid and unnecessary".

He was used to that.

While Homunculus tried to respect mankind more (honestly, he did. No lie) and started reading and looking at the things that it produced, it seemed that all things he somehow found were more of a waste of his time.

And just because he had much more of it than most do, that did not mean it lost it's worth to him.

Noticing that his „uncle" was distracted, Eike made a little ball with the snow of his very special master piece, smirking.

Slowly he tiptoed to him and-!

„Eike. Please put that down."

„... Aww... But..."

„No buts."


Eike threw the ball against a tree.

„What did that tree do to you?"


Homunculus sighed. Raising a child was not something he had ever thought of before meeting that boy.

„Next time, I would appreciate it if you just dropped it."


„Come", the dark haired one said, taking the hand of the child in front of him. How much he had grown by now... And he was just five... No wonder he would be bigger than him later.

„Where are we going?", came the question from the little green-eyed kid.

„... We're getting some hot chocolate."


'Time runs by fast and even I cannot stop it. It really is a shame.

I'll just have to make most of it.'

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