Well here is the third redo of this story. It was a pain but I am now thoroughly satisfied with what I've got so far (for now anyway; I know myself well enough). For those of you reading this, I would definitely recommend having read the actual series already or else some of this may not make sense, and because there are spoilers; there is also going to be more likely than not an OC Drizzt. On with the remake of my very first story.

Disclaimer: I do not own Drizzt Do'Urden, though I wish I did!



A strange sight was occurring in the Realm of the Gods. The Spider Queen had brought a pale human with dark hair into an immortal place. Somewhere no mortal should be. The human was known as Libran. He was currently chained to a bed, the frame work that of a spider. The human glared at her with all his might, having no energy to do otherwise (he exhausted himself earlier by trying to get out of his chains).

Lolth smiled in amusement at his actions. It had taken a while, but she had finally located him, again. He had been living a peaceful life as a guard. Libran had been just about to wed, before she had taken him away. The mortal was handsome for an inferior being, but sadly, not what she preferred. He was not dark of skin or slender in body, nor did he have the pointed ears of her worshipers. Still, she was not about to let him pledge himself to another.

She slowly walked towards him.

"You're not quite there yet," She whispered as she slid next to him on the bed, wanting to ravish him there and then, but his looks held her back. Even if he was Libran, he was still a human and a human was not good enough for her. Libran edged as far way as his restrictions would allow. Lolth ignored this and continued, "But you will be in a form that will suit you quite nicely and then you will be ready." Libran just continued to glare at her as he replied. "Careful Lolth, if I'm not watched carefully I just might kill myself and resurrect somewhere else."

Lolth smiled mischievously, "Silly love, that is exactly what I want." She glanced towards his left hand, drawing his gaze towards it. There, right by him, was a white spider with a black hourglass shaped spot on it's back. He sucked in a breath. A white shadow(1): a very poisonous spider that, with one bite, led to a very painful end. Moving away from it would put him closer to Lolth. He picked the lesser of two evils and stayed by the spider.

Libran could only watch as it slowly crawled onto his open hand. He made to shake it off, but Lolth quickly held his arm down; her immortal strength much greater than his.

Libran narrowed his lavender eyes suspiciously on Lolth, "If you just wanted me to die again, then why all the trouble of capturing me alive?"

"I just told you, you are not in a form that pleases me yet. You have died countless times and have already been born as most of the races, there is just one left that you haven't been in yet. I need to go through a... certain method, in order to make sure you are born as such."


Libran didn't even have to ask to know which race she wanted. In reality there were four races he had yet to be reborn as, but one of them, his original form, he would never be, thanks to his tormentor.

He was about to comment on the fact that he would never let himself be caught once he was a drow and would rather do suicide if she did, but was interrupted by a pain that shot from his left hand and went racing through his blood stream. Once the poison reached his heart the pain was spread so far throughout his body that he soon collapsed into unconsciousness, that deepened into eternal sleep; only it wouldn't be eternal, not for him.

Lolth had made sure of that.

He didn't know when it had happened, too many lives were lived between then and now, but he knew it was her fault. How he had not seen it coming he didn't know but he would get himself out of this curse, before Lolth made her final move. Imprisoning him—forever—as her mate.

Libran was soon floating in darkness, waiting to be born into his next vessel.


Lolth sighed almost lovingly at Libran's relaxed face. She caressed his pale cheek, before it slowly dissolved away. Lolth was left to look longingly after his vanishing body.

"Soon, my love, you will be mine forever." She whispered into the darkness. Feeling a tickle by her hand she looked down at the spider nuzzling her fingers. She picked up the white shadow, kissing it in thanks, before letting it scuttled away, it's job having been completed.

She looked back to the sheets that held Libran's fading body heat. She lay back down, quickly soaking it up before it was completely gone. She wanted him so much.

She craved him.

It had taken quite the amount of restraint to not ravish his body. The thought of her lovely Libran a rivvil(2) was what kept her back.

He would be her's no matter what she had to do. She was after all the Goddess of Chaos. And what better match for Chaos then the God of Balance? With these wonderful thoughts she soon relaxed into the bed, the last of her love's heat having been absorbed already.


Libran sighed as he floated in darkness looking down at his true form, only visible in spirit. He gazed at his translucent slender body and reached up to feel his pointed ears. He saw in the corner of his eye his silver hair ('Or was it black?' He thought), he has switched to so many forms he could not recall anymore what he looked like exactly, but he knew that originally he was an elf. Or to be more precise, a God of the elves.

'How did such a mess as this happen?' He thought.

He had once been with Lolth romantically before realizing that she could never understand love the way he viewed it. She didn't let go easily, but he left her soon after.

How could he have known that another of such power could do this to him? Force his immortal self into a mortal shell? He glared into the darkness, he would get out of this one way or another. He knew that after every resurrection he would not remember his true self, but that was about to change.

After some experimenting with his past few bodies he started to learn that he could control some traits or disabilities and make them appear in himself. He wasn't completely powerless.

Libran felt a tugging that started to pull him backwards. He turned to look into the darkness behind him, where the pull was originating from. His new body was almost ready for him. If this was going to work, he would have to do so now.

Libran relaxed and started to focused. Before he was pulled fully out of the darkness, his eyes opened to reveal one blue and one red, before shutting closed again. The darkness was soon replaced with a blinding light, having shut his eyes already it did not blind him as much as it use to. He felt himself grow smaller and more solid.

As he grew smaller the darkness was soon back, but this was a different darkness. He could feel the warm liquid around him, but as always his presence soon faded away, until he was no longer Libran the God, but now just another mortal child. The baby's eyes opened once more, and as his true self was locked away, the red faded out of his left eye. He was now a baby drow, with two glowing blue eyes ready to be born.

Ignorant of the one who desired him.


As soon as Libran entered the mortal world Lolth could no longer sense him. He was now a newborn mortal like all the other infants that have been given birth, recently. She wanted him right now, but he was only an infant. Lolth may be mentally twisted, but she was no pedophile. She would have to wait until he was at least 50 years of age. True it was still young in elven terms, but that was the most she could stand to wait. He would be easy to find, as all his other forms, he would have lavender eyes. A rare color in any race.

She would just wait 50 years, send her followers to look for him in her cities and that would be that. It wasn't like he could run very far in the Underdark. What would he do? Face the sun and all the other races that spurned and hated his kind? Lolth laughed at this thought, no this would not happen. Come fifty years, Libran would be hers for an eternity. The Spider Queen was almost purring.


1: my version of a black widow that lives underground. Only the hourglass is located on the back instead of the stomach (or what ever that particular area of a spider is called)

2: drow for human.