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Chapter 5


For the first time since Drizzt started, Yorus handed the figurine over to him (during other raids, it had been in the possession of a priestess). Taking it almost reverently, Drizzt kept his face as neutral as possible, as he placed it in a side pouch.

He suspected Yorus knew of his plans considering Guenhwyvar so he had to tread carefully as he held her in his possession; it would not do for Yorus to believe this was not a good idea and prevent him from borrowing her again.

Drizzt bowed in thanks and waited for permission to leave. Yorus granted him leave with a scowl on his face (probably from the temporary loss of his artifact); Drizzt had to suppress a growl at this thought. Guenhwyvar was not an artifact. She was a proud hunter and deserved to be treated as such.

Drizzt quickly left before his anger leaked out. If he was angry, then his ability to suppress Furor would weaken considerably. Yorus noticing Furor's thirsty aura was the last thing Drizzt wanted, ever.

He would be a little early, but he was already prepared for the journey, so Drizzt simply went toward the designated meeting place.

After Drizzt arrived, he decided that coming early was a very bad idea.

Besides him there was only the priestess waiting at the location. After studying her a bit, he came to realize that it was Rilla. She was the most persistent in having him join her for a night. With a few minutes at least until someone else would show up, Drizzt considered hiding and then appearing when another was there. She wouldn't humiliate herself by trying to seduce him and fail in front of others.

He turned to do just that, but by then it was too late. She had spotted him.

With a grin she beckoned him over towards her. Knowing better then to disobey a female, Drizzt resigned himself to subtly having to ward her off until they were joined by the rest of the group.

As soon as he got close enough, she almost draped herself across his side. Swiftly squeezing his arm to her chest.

Drizzt blushed at her actions, but by this time he was expecting it to happen (it wasn't the first time she used her body to entice him). "Rilla, I am honored that you wish for my company, but you know how my Matron feels about my interaction with other females. I am to be saved for a possible alliance with another house."

"And what makes you think I'm not the one you're being saved for?"

"Rilla, you are not of that house or else my Matron would have informed me and I would accept your advances gladly," Drizzt said, evading which house it was specifically. He had to be careful about this, because he was, to be frank, lying through his teeth. Malice never ordered any such thing, but it was the only thing that actually worked to prevent advances on him by the females without getting into trouble for refusing; or at least advances up to a point (Drizzt still found a priestess being too near for comfort sometimes).

Rilla sighed in dejection before releasing him (to Drizzt's relief). She stepped back a bit, but was still uncomfortably close. Her red eyes shined with lust and she kept glancing at him, even after they were joined by the rest of their patrol. Her glances were soon joined with other looks of jealousy as some of the males read the priestess' body language and where she was directing it too.

Drizzt gave a mental sigh at this. He had once been attracted to Rilla, she was appealing to the eye, after all, and her house's status wasn't too bad either, as second boy he couldn't do much better. However the female didn't pay him much attention before he started rising up in status. By then other females had already been looking in his direction. Drizzt started to realize why they did. Once Rilla joined in, he knew of her true nature.

His one sided infatuation faded with time. Drizzt just couldn't bring himself to like her anymore. She was too shallow, some of the other females were at least a bit more bearable compared to her (they didn't throw themselves at him even after they knew of his supposed situation). Rilla just kept coming because she saw him as a prize—not a person—and wanted to claim him before anyone else.

Drizzt sidestepped away from her, when her eyes moved to their patrol leader arriving. Drizzt's own gaze moved to the senior male, paying close attention to the instructions as they were given.

They would travel in certain formations depending on the terrain they would cross. Many creatures were in the Underdark, and most if not all could kill a distracted drow. Drizzt, though he fought a variety of such creatures, knew that very well.

There was another reason he paid attention.

This was to be Drizzt's first surface raid and he was eager to see that sky for real, wanting to know if it was truly beautiful like it was in his dreams.

That and he thought it was possible that he would get more of those dreams while he carried Guen in his possession.

As soon as their leader finished talking they began to travel to the surface.

He smiled along with the others once they set out, but his smile was for a very different reason.


They had made very good progress and Drizzt made it a point to keep Rilla on the opposite side of the patrol from him. She finally took the hint that Drizzt would rather face her wrath then his Matron's. She couldn't really do anything about it either. Even with the Matrons' iron grip on the gossip mill, there were still rumors running around that they were all looking for something.

Any priestess worth her drow heritage would have heard and made an effort to find out about it as much as possible. Seeing as any knowledge of that sort would lead to high standing with a Matron or, possibly, becoming a Matron.

She gave up on Drizzt easily, because she didn't want her Matron to know that instead of looking for the chosen male she was messing around with a fighter. Granted a talented male of a higher standing house, but still just a fighter, not even a first born.

Still there was something about that blue eyed male that kept attracting her attention. She considered mentioning him to her Matron, but she refrained. He just could not be the one. Rilla had done some research on the tales of old. The legend of Lolth's Mate was a popular, but varied tale. Many different versions of it were found in her search. Though there was one thing most in common among the different stories. The mate of Lolth usually had lavender eyes, whether they were born with them or Lolth made them such a color was unknown.

Drizzt's eyes, no matter how unique for a drow, were not lavender. Making him an unlikely choice. Dinin was obviously not either, his eyes were as red as any drow. Rilla glanced at Dinin, 'Though he is still handsome and a first boy, but nothing like his younger brother.'

The priestess sighed in dejection that her current infatuation wasn't the one, but also glad he wasn't. If he was she would get very high standing, but that would also mean he was off limits.

The idea that Lolth would share was as likely as Rilla falling in love with a surface elf.

But, even if he wasn't the one, he was still quite the catch and Rilla envied whoever it was that already got her hands on him. Envied her so much in fact, that when Rilla found out who she was, that female would find an early death as a mating gift.


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