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Chapter 8


Drizzt woke up in the early morn along with his fellow drow. His back was sore, but he couldn't discern why. He put it from his mind as he got up. It was time to continue their journey back, and he wasn't about to show the new weakness to his fellow drow. He would investigate it when he was secured behind his locked bedroom door. Away from the prying eyes at school and home.

Home... Drizzt mentally scowled. Menzoberranzan was no longer home to Drizzt.

The things that had happened just the other night, opened Drizzt's blue eyes wide. He didn't think he could stay there anymore, the dark elf knew he needed to leave. However, he wouldn't go alone. Drizzt's hand touched the pouch where Guenwhyvar's statue lay. He would need to bring Guen along.

Her "master" was not worthy of owning the means of her entering this realm. Yorus misused her – often. She was being made into a tool of murder, but Drizzt knew that was not her purpose. She was a hunter like him, her eyes gleamed with her spirit. Guen should be free to seek out her prey, to naturally give chase and, if it be her will, to kill what she catches. To be sent out in cold blooded killing, it was murdering the fire in her eyes and insulted what the panther was.

Drizzt could not bare to see that happen. He was making plans to get her away from Yorus, but nothing was coming to his mind. He wasn't sure how he could get away without pursuit following right after.

He grimaced as he traveled. He might have to leave as soon as he got back to the city. He would pack up and go before he met with Yorus. His teacher wouldn't know until it was too late. Drizzt had been ordered to return the item to Yorus at his next lesson.

A reward of sorts from his master, if they returned back successfully.

Removing his hand from the pouch, Drizzt's eyes started to scan his surroundings along with the others. Creatures could attack at any time.


Yorus smiled as the time for Drizzt to return drew closer. Having noticed Drizzt's growing fascination with his artifact, he had decided on a course of action that would not fail him. Nor would he be blamed for it.

Guenwhyvar had been given to Drizzt with one order in mind. When they returned to Menzoberranzan and she was summoned, the cat would kill the summoner.

Drizzt would of course defend himself, and he would die with his weapons in hand. Everyone that saw Drizzt with the cat knew that he liked to mock fight with it. They would just assume the cat had gone too far and that the foolish drow had bitten off more than he could chew.

Yorus smirked with satisfaction at his plan.

It was a creature of magic, it would obey this command whether or not Yorus had the artifact. An order was an order, no matter who its current master was.

Yorus had nothing to worry about.


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