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Chapter 3

Even More Preparation

Gohan and Videl trained out in the Capsule Corp. yard yet again. Videl was flying more freely now, but her speed was still far less than Gohan's, though she doubted she could ever catch up to the far more experienced fighter. They had been dating for a month now and were becoming far closer than before.

Videl and Gohan sat cross-legged next to each other, they were focusing their energy, as Gohan had said, but the daughter of Hercule did not want to focus her "Ki" or whatever. The son of Goku had his eyes closed, extremely focused on his energy, Videl thought this was just too perfect. She slowly crawled toward Gohan, her face nearing her boyfriend's at almost the same speed. She nearly giggled; Gohan was too focused on his energy that he didn't sense her coming toward him. She pounced then, like a hunting cat on prey, her lips pressed against Gohan's tightly. Gohan's eyes shot open and he tumbled to the ground, Videl on top of him, kissing him passionately. For a moment he was fixed on the kissing, giving as much passion to Videl that he was getting from her, but he pulled away and shook his head.

"No," he said seriously, though his cheeks were red from a blush, "We're training now. If we don't stop goofing off I won't be able to teach you to properly manage your Ki."

"But Gohan, I've already got it down," Videl said as she took to the air, zipping around like a pro. Almost. She nearly tumbled over herself in midflight, but stopped and regained control of her flight. She looked to Gohan, a blush of embarrassment on her cheeks, but she maintained a triumphant stance.

Gohan raised an eyebrow slyly at Videl, "Oh really? If you're such a professional at flight, take a lap around the earth."

Videl's eyes widened and her shoulders slumped, "A-a lap around the earth. That will take forever! I might not even make it all the way."

"Exactly, not unless you continue training and work on focusing your Ki."

Videl huffed and crossed her arms over her chest, "Well then you do it if you're so mighty."

Before she could even start sending the raspberry at Gohan, he had taken to the sky and shot off into the horizon with brilliant, gleaming energy trailing behind him. Now her tongue hung dumbly out of her mouth, her eyes wide, surprised at the amazing speed that Gohan had just shown; he was that fast?

A minute passed when she heard a noise behind her, she slipped her tongue back in her mouth and turned to see what approached. Her jaw hit the ground. There, floating a foot away was Gohan. He hadn't broken a sweat, he didn't even look tired.

"How did you do that?" Videl managed to ask.

"Full speed, straight ahead all the way across the earth." Gohan then laughed nervously, putting an arm behind his head, scratching the back of his neck. "I had to dodge a few planes though."

Videl, who was amazed a second ago, became very angry. "I don't care Gohan! The only reason I even agreed to train with you was so I could get closer to you!"

Gohan was speechless, unsure of what to say, but training was serious to him, "I take training very seriously, if I knew you were just using it as an excuse to get closer to me then I never would have agreed to train you!"

Videl was taken aback, "You mean you care more about training than you do about me?"

Like his father, Gohan was not good at arguing, and he knew that he had erred. "Videl, I-I didn't mean it like that."

"Whatever Gohan," Videl said as she whipped about, pulling a capsule from her capsule case, "Bye Gohan, don't expect me to come back. See you at the tournament."

Gohan heard her voice crack and knew that she was crying. He hated himself at this moment. "Videl, please wait!"

She didn't hear him, or chose not to hear him as she slammed shut the door to her sky-car. The engine roared and the machine took off, and within moments it was out of sight.

Gohan stood still, staring regretfully in the direction of Videl's sky-car. The he roared, and the ground beneath his feet rumbled as his hair stood up on end, turning a brilliant gold and his iris now green. He shook his head, trying to calm himself. He got out of super saiyan state and just stood in the Capsule Corp. yard, defeated. He managed to let out a pathetic laugh; I beat Cell, but was defeated by a human girl. He glumly walked back to the building and headed straight for his room.

He snuck closer to his destination, his younger companion right behind him. The archway to the kitchen was unguarded to his estimation, though he couldn't be sure. He brushed his parted, violet hair from his blue eyes, letting a sly smirk come to his face. He turned to his little brother, his younger companion, who had equally brilliant blue eyes, yet his hair was black, though in the right lighting, a bit of dark violet could be seen. He nodded to his little brother, and the little one scurried to the entrance to the kitchen poking his head around the corner. He saw the objective on the counter, a large jar filled with the most wondrous snacks on the planet. He turned his attention back to his older brother, and gave a thumbs up.

Trunks and Goku Junior rushed into the kitchen, Junior hopping just beneath the counter, and Trunks leaping atop his shoulders. He went to grab at the jar, but a large, firm hand took hold of his arm. He turned and looked into the face of his father, Son Goku.

"Didn't mom tell you not to touch those cookies 'til after dinner?" Goku asked, wagging his finger at the boy mockingly.

"Junior, retreat!" Trunks yelled down to his little brother as he leaped from his shoulders. He hit the ground running, Goku Junior right behind him. They neared the entrance to the kitchen, but Bulma jumped in their way. Trunks yelped and dived into a skid between his mother's legs, Goku Junior following suit. Bulma whipped around and grabbed for them both, but they were able to squirm away.

"Goku!" Bulma called for her husband, but he was already in the hallway, using his super speed to appear in front of her to chase after the little ones.

Both of them screamed when they saw their father coming after them and they zipped ahead. Goku laughed, turning super saiyan to become even faster. He rushed after them, and Goku Junior turned, his blue eyes widening as he did. He poked Trunks in the back.

"Trunks! Dad is in super form now!" He warned.

"Uh oh. Looks like we gotta go super too!"

The boys erupted in yellow flames, their hair standing up on end, turning bright gold, their eyes becoming a green color. In an instant the two were out of sight.

Goku skidded to a stop, his jaw open, eyes wide. When did they learn this? He thought. He reverted to normal form and teleported.

Bulma laughed as she watched Goku rush after the kids, he was such a good father. Chi-Chi was stupid for letting such a wonderful man go. She heard a noise behind her that quickly faded, and she turned around, scanning the kitchen. She looked to the counter. The cookie jar was gone. She rolled her eyes irritably and made her way to Trunks and Goku Junior's room.

She opened the door, and sure enough there was Goku and his sons munching on some cookies. All stopped and turned their heads slowly to regard the obviously irritated Bulma. Goku reached into the jar and pulled forth a cookie, holding it out toward Bulma.

"Cookie?" he asked with a nervous smile.

Bulma couldn't help but smile, and then she laughed. Soon the other three joined in and laughed along with her. Still laughing she walked over to them, and then quickly grabbed the cookie jar from them, and the cookie out of Goku's hand. She had stopped laughing and dropped the cookie back in the jar. She looked at all of them sternly.

"You're all going to bed without dinner tonight." She said.

"Aaaaaw," The boys, and even Goku let out simultaneously.

Bulma stormed out of the room to put the cookies back on the counter.

Gohan punched the air over and over again, steadying his punches, then he leapt backward, catching himself on his hands, bending his arms then launched himself forward, twisting his body around. He brought his leg around in a sweeping, aerial roundhouse kick. He spun with his momentum and kicked out with his other leg, landing on the other foot with perfect balance, his defenses still mounted. He brought his foot back behind him, bringing his arms down to one side, cupped over the other. The kamehameha stance. He muttered the words and threw his arms forward, one atop the other, palms outward. A large blue beam of energy shot forward, but Gohan threw his arms up, mid release and the beam bended upward, heading into the sky diagonally. Gohan used his speed to fly past the kamehameha and stopped about a yard and a half in front of it. He threw his hands forward, waiting for the impact.

The beam slammed into his palms. Gohan was surprised that his own kamehameha packed so much power, and heat. He kept hold of the beam until the beam ended, becoming a moving ball of blue energy that threatened to tear the skin from his hands. His muscled tightened and he finally took control of the energy ball, immediately tossing it into the sky, straight up where it would exit the atmosphere and slowly dissipate into nothing. Gohan looked down at his hands; they were reddened from the heat of the kamehameha, but only stung him a little bit. He was proud, he had kept up his training, but he knew he still had room for improvement.

He went for another round of punches and kicks, when he noticed a skycar parked in the Capsule Corp. yard, Videl standing next to it watching him train. He grimaced a bit and blew a sigh before descending to the ground to walk toward her.

"Hey," he said unsurely as he walked toward Videl.

"Hi," she said softly. She didn't seem to be mad anymore, but Gohan couldn't be sure, girls were a mystery to him.

"Listen, Videl… I'm sorry about the other day." He smiled at her solemnly, "I'm really happy to know that you chose to train with me to get closer to me, honestly, to get close to you is all I really wanted since we first met."

Videl's eyes seem to brighten up at that, "Well, I do want to train with you too, but I figured it was also a chance to get close to you."

"Well," Gohan smiled slyly, "Here's your chance." He opened his arms wide and Videl immediately slammed against him in a tight hug. He hugged her back softly, squeezing ever so gently.

After a bit of embracing the two talked about training again and soon Gohan was teaching Videl how to fully manage her ki to fly perfectly.

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