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Chapter one

The idea

"Simple really," Penelope gushed taking another bite of her chicken salad, eyes trailing towards the entrance way every few seconds keeping a watchful eye for the rest of their team.

"Yea on what planet would that ever be simple to accomplish PG? I mean come on the men we work with really we have about as much chance moving Mount Rushmore as getting them to agree to pose in a calendar. What gives anyway?" Emily exclaimed exasperated just a fraction by her enthusiasm.

"It's for a really good cause, besides I kinda told Kate, thattheguyswoulddoit," she finished in a rush a deep pink blush staining her cheeks.

JJ damn near spit out her drink of tea, "You did what?" she groaned shaking her head in wonder of the blonde turned red head sitting across from her. "Have you lost your ever loving mind?"

"No," Penelope squeaked, ducking her head in shame, salvaging her dignity and rising her chin just a fraction, "Melanie boosted that she could get four of the hottest cop's in town to pose for the calendar I couldn't let her just pass us up. We do have some self-respect to preserve."

"Not when all four of our men get done with us," Emily replied with a shake of her raven head, "I mean come on Pen do you really think Hotch or Rossi would approve of this little stunt, and Reid the poor genius," however a grin lit her features, "would be blushing and sprouting static's the whole time. The only one who'd remotely be comfortable with the photo shoot would be Morgan. Most likely grinning the whole damn time to."

"Not true Em, Rossi has some experience in front of the camera," JJ offered, chewing thoughtfully on a piece of whole wheat bread.

"That I most certainly am, JJ," came Rossi's deep voiced response. All three ladies looked up to see said agent grinning down at them. "So what were you ladies talking about or is it a military secret?"

"I was wondering sir, if you'd be interested in posing for a calendar, I a friend of mine is doing it for a fundraiser to support the widows and children of parents caught in the line of duty. Kate has done a few of these types of things before and has a good eye. It'd really just be helping…" Penelope trailed off, seeing David raise a hand.

"Who else would be posing for said calendar?" Rossi asked a gleam in his dark brown eyes.

"Uh I think she said, there'd be two local Leos, three fire fighters, a couple of Marines and by sheer luck a few boys from the CIA. She's got four slots left to fill," Penelope answered flicking each off her well manicured fingers.

"Sounds interesting," he drawled out the last word eye brows arched in mischief, "I'll do it."

Emily damn near choked on her tune salad and had to make a quick grab for her tea, JJ just sputtered in shock, while Penelope grinning hugely confidence flowing through her veins.

"Thank you sir," she said flashing him her best smile.

"No prob, just tell me when and where you need me," he answered winking at JJ before walking off a definite swagger in his step.

"One down three to go," Penelope exclaimed fist pumping in the air.

Both JJ and Emily looked slightly in awe of there friend, "Hotch wont do it. I'd bet a day's wages that he wouldn't," Emily exclaimed, slapping her hand against the well used linoleum table.

"Well see," Penelope snickered finished up her lunch smile still firmly in place.

Twenty minutes later, all three women sauntered into the bull pen, Penelope breaking away from the pack and heading up to Hotch's office.

She knocked and waited for the "Come in."

"Sir," she asked embolden by Rossi's expectants.

"What can I do for you Garcia?" he asked lifting his head from the stack of files in front of him.

"I have a favor to ask."

Eyebrows peeked in curiosity he sat back in his dark leather high back chair, "What kind of favor?"

"Well you see," she began taking the seat in front of his desk hands in her lap twisting them with nerves, "a friend of mine has this calendar she needs subjects for and she asked if I knew any men willing to help."

"So you offered our help," he proved a sly grin catching the corner of his lips.

"In a manner of speaking, yes sir," she nodded a tinny bit of fear rearing its ugly head.

"What kind of calendar will this be?"

"For the local widows and children of parents caught in the line of duty a worth cause if you ask me, sir."

Shaking his head slightly he try's to hid the grin, "One thing Penelope," he watched her nod, "call me Hotch if this is something you want me to do."

Eyes brighten behind pink, with black dotted frames, "Really, so you'll do it?"

"For such a worthy cause, yes," she went to stand, "one other thing though," she nodded again, "see if Jack could be in what ever pose your friend has planned."

"Of course that was my idea all along, you see si, Hotch, Kate asked me to help organize the whole thing she figured I'd have the better connections between the two of us," she was rambling and she knew it when a genuine smile lit Hotch's features.

"If that's all," he nodded towards his stack of papers.

"Oh," she exclaimed rising from her seat, "of course I'll send you the particulars when they come in, and Hotch," he looked up at her, and she locked eyes with him sincerity in her dark glaze, "thank you for helping."

"Wasn't even a tough choice Pen," Hotch answered with a wave of his hand.

Penelope practically skipped out of Hotch's office a bright all consuming smile lighting her face, "You better pay up Prentiss cause you owe me," she sing songed by passing the stunned dark haired beauty.

"No way," she exclaimed following Penelope towards her office.

"Yes way, and Jacker's was the deal breaker, glad I though of that one," she tossed back silent laughter bubbling up.

"You're joking right?" JJ asked incredulity.

"No joke sugar plum I'm two for two, so far and I'm sure my sweet boy genius will say yes before the days over with as well."

"And Morgan?" Emily tossed in knowing that the man in question was a bit of a sore spot.

Turning baleful brown eyes towards Emily, "I'll ask the lout."

"Be civil when you do," JJ advised walking away still unsure how she managed to convince two of the most stubborn men she'd ever known to pose for a calendar.

She waited till lunch time rolled around before making her way back out into the bull pen seeing Reid sitting at his desk hard at work pouring over the multiply files stacked willy nilly.

"Reid?" she questioned coming to stand beside his desk.

He looked up, spying the chocolate cake she hand in her hands. "Is there something you need help with Garcia?"

"As a matter of fact boy genius there is," she responded a gleam of mischief in her dark brown eyes.

He waited for her to answer, growing impatient with every passing second, "And that would be?"

Penelope rolled her eyes, "A favor."

"What favor?" he asked weary of her just a fraction.

"There's this calendar I need bodies for," Penelope began, but she choose poor words to start with and she knew that when his eyes widen. "Not dead bodies sweetie, live ones, your body to be exact."

"Oh," he squeaked watching her set the moist cake down beside his arm.

"Yes, Kate and I would love for you to pose for the charity calendar supporting a good cause. It would help raise money for families of the loved ones, who've lost someone."

"And you think I'd be good for this calendar?" he asked skeptically.

"Yes very good in fact," Penelope answered watching Spencer blush.

"I… I don't know… I mean statistically speaking most of these types of calendars' involving half naked men draped over women or posing in odd ways. I don't know if I'd be comfortable…"

"Of course you'd be pudding pop, Kate assures me everyone will be keeping there clothes on unless that's the type of pose your going for. I'd never put you in that kind of predicament," Penelope exclaimed shocked that he'd think such a thing.

"Well then," he grinned up at her, "is that cake for me?"

She grinned back, "If you say yes."


"You'll do the calendar?" she asked suspiciously eyebrows raised.

"I'll do the calendar," he resigned reaching for the piece of decadent chocolate cake.

She grinned, three for three. By four that afternoon Penelope had both Emily and JJ eating crow. Now she just had one last man to ask. Stealing her spine she knocked on the door.

"Come," came his deeply sexy voice.

"I have a question for you Morgan?" Penelope stated stepping into the room, locking her knees, so they wouldn't wobble.

They hadn't been alone with each in over six months she's refused to be, so close to him after everything that had happened.

"What can I do for you baby girl," he asked, his smooth voice washing over her like velvet.

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