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Chapter fifteen

Laugh and woe

"We're back," Penelope called in a sing song voice as they cleared the woods. "And something sure smells delicious," she commented taking a deep breath of the barbequed scented air while slowly strolling up long side Derek.

Inconspicuously Penelope laid a hand on his waist sliding downwards inch by inch feeling the taut muscles under her fingers making her want to purr at the feeling.

"Why thank you baby girl," Morgan said flashing a sexy half grin and wink having to turn just enough to hide the fact that her touch was having a growing effect on him. "You want a bite?"

Penelope flashed him an impish smile before leaning up on her tips toes to run her blunt teeth against the exposed skin of his neck. She felt him shiver as a totally feminine smile graced her lips which pressed flat across the heated flesh.

"Humm just as I expected," Penelope purred into his ear.

"And that…" Morgan had to clear his throat and readjusted his stance to hide the growing bugle between his legs before finishing his question. "What did you expect?"

Their eyes met while everything and everyone around them disappeared. Heat flared to life in both their eyes while Penelope slowly licked her lips and answered. "That you'd be the best tasting chocolate I'd ever have or want."

A low growl rumbled from Derek's throat partly irritated that they had so many spectators and partly aroused without a damn thing he could do about it. "Your killing me woman, you know that right?"

"Oh what a way to go," Penelope swooned dramatically resting her head on Derek's well-muscled chest feeling the tendons ripple under her cheek. "Death by chocolate God, humm I can already taste it."

Hotch cleared his throat trying in futile attempt to gain the pairs attention. "You two need a cold shower."

"You can give it a rest Hotch," Kate said rolling her dark eyes heaven ward as if asking for help. "We'd have to turn the hose on them just so they'd break apart."

"Then by all means," Hotch tossed back a glimmer of mischief in his russet colored eyes. "I'll get the hose."

"Don't even think about it boss man and get my hair all wet I think not Sherlock," Penelope voiced having heard everything they said. "Besides what does it hurt if I can't keep my hands off my boy toy here?"

"And on that note, I'm heading in to see what there's to eat. Away from the mushy shit," Emily gouged flashing Penelope a fake gaging look.

"Don't eat too much Em we're starting lunch soon," Derek yelled after her trying in vain to recover a bit of composure and respect.

"Then hurry up some of us are hungry ya know," Emily shot back walking backward. "If you'd stop messin' around so much lunch would be done by now."

"Emily has a point you two. I mean really it's getting pretty thick out here," Kate tossed out. "Pretty soon we're gonna need waders to wade through all the gooey mush floating around."

Penelope stuck her tongue out childishly. "Don't hate woman just cause you're not getting your own scrumptious piece of man candy. Ya got to work a little harder for what you want. You know shake what mama gave ya."

"That's only because I don't want the cavities to go with the heart burn," Kate countered smugly starting towards the house herself. Hyper aware of the fact that Hotch's eyes were watching her every move making the imp in her want to show him just what kind of moves she had, but her better judgment won out.

All his senses went on red alert the moment she cleared the woods. The sun kissing her tanned shoulders highlighting the black tendrils of her hair turning them almost blue, making tearing his eyes away a bit difficult. And when she spoke the light accent he picked up sent a flutter of heat rolling through his veins. All the more so when she started towards the house, gracing him with the sight of her shapely hips and derrière taunting him with every step she took away. He wanted nothing more than to call her back, so that they could talk, as Rossi's words came back into his mind. She would be good catch, but not for him as he'd added. Aaron had Jack to think about after all. Finally Hotch tore his eyes away when she stopped to answer Penelope's parting shot.

"And where do you think your heading young lady?" Penelope demanded one hand firmly placed on her hip while the other kept drawing small tight circles over Derek's lower back and ass.

"If you must know mother," Kate returned sarcasm dripping from her voice as she mirrored Penelope's pose except she shook her finger at the red head. "I have to pee unless you want to change my diaper."

Aaron damn near swallowed his tongue at her answer as Derek let out a gruff laugh and poor Reid stood clueless, eyes blinking trying to figure their words out, his back to the women and only Hotch could see his expression.

"That's just icky Katie dear you should so get punished for that," Penelope mock scolded. "And I happen to know just the thing or should I say person for the job."

"Sorry love I don't swing that way I'm strictly dickly and I always will be thank you very much. Now if you'll excuse me." And with that Kate walked off missing the peels of laugher that came from Penelope who had turned into Derek's shoulder to keep herself up right.

Oh Kate knew there would be pay back for that little comment, yet she couldn't care less. She just hoped… no. She wouldn't go down that road she never cared what other people thought of her and she wouldn't start now.

Reid, whose back had been towards the antics the whole time turned, a perplexed look in his coffee colored eyes. "I don't get it?"

"What's that kid?' Morgan said trying to keep a straight face. He knew what question would come next and yet he wouldn't stop Reid from asking.

"What she means by being strictly dickly?" Reid asked innocently.

"Oh dear God I think I walked in at the wrong time," came Rossi's deep voice exasperation flowing with every syllable. "And frankly I don't give a damn," he finished shaking his head and walking passed Morgan and Garcia both of which were rolling with laughter hanging on to each other to keep standing.

"Ok Scarlett we know tomorrows another day," Penelope called after him not being able to stop herself.

Hotch just shook his head fighting to keep the smile and laughter from bubbling over, but with Rossi's comment and Penelope's retort, Hotch burst out laughing holding onto the barbeque pits steel ledge to keep from falling over himself.

A perplexed Reid just looked on not understand where the reference came from or why it was so funny. Pop culture once again eluding his comprehension. With a shrug of his lean shoulders he took off towards the house.

"Since you're heading that way Reid grab the hot dogs and hamburger patties for lunch," Hotch yelled once he got himself under control enough to be able to speak without laughing. Though the image of Rossi's face still brought a few chuckles to his lips.


Clearing the woods she heard laughter floating on the air, yet felt nothing joyous. Her thoughts clouded with the past few months and the turmoil which wrought her soul. Never one to burden her friends she would always handle everything herself it's what kept her going, kept her from feeling like a heel. Therefore with a few quick steps JJ made it to the side gate and through hoping that no one had seen her. But one had.

Slowly her feet took her around the mansion taking in the beauty with which Rossi had decorated. She felt the vibration before the tone even sounded signaling a text message was received. Knowing that it could only be one person, JJ stuck her head inside the bedroom she and Henry would be using for the weekend to see her sleeping prince curled into a tight ball face partially buried in his pillow. A soft smile flittered across her face, but the minute her eyes settled on the cell in her hand it flipped downward as anger boiled in her blood.

When Henry coming home

Simple right? Strait forward of course. That's how he'd been the last few months no quick little I love you texts, no more leaving a single red rose on the night stand, no late night dinners discussing their jobs equally. Then finding his good suit shirt with lip stick on the collar a harsh red that she would never wear and things all started to fit.

With one button pushed JJ started to walk away from the doorway of her loaned room so as not to wake her sleeping child. Her treading feet making no noise on the cream colored carpet, as she wandered towards the back of the grand house to Rossi's master bedroom. Yet her eyes didn't take in the décor not when all she had to listen to was the ringing of the phone and her thoughts. Just when she would've hung up knowing the voice mail would pick up any second, Will's thick New Orleans accented voice answered.

"Lo Cheri," he drawled knowing full well who was on the other end.

"You know damn well when we're coming home," JJ hissed into the receiver taking quick look around to see if anyone had returned to the house.

"Afternoon to you to JJ," Will haughtily returned. "No how's your day going"

"Will," she drug out his name exasperation filling the one syllable word.

"I've moved my stuff out Jennifer," Will said dropping another bomb shell into her already messed up life, mind and heart.

The wind knocked from her lungs, JJ rested back against the door jam leading to God knows where, but held her up when her noddle legs wanted to slip from under her.

"So that's it then?"

She could hear the expulsion of air from his end of the phone, could imagine him running a hand through his dark brown hair.

"What do you want me to say JJ? We've tried…," Will paused collecting his thoughts wishing he wasn't such a coward to do this over the phone. "I can't keep doing this anymore its killing us both. Your just not there, not in this relationship with me mentally or emotionally it's not fair."

JJ shook her head, preparing a volley of hurt right back at him. "We've tried hu? I don't recall you sleeping with another woman as trying William."

Will remained speechless. "Didn't think I'd know about that one? I just wonder how many women have there been Will? When did you start fucking around on me getting you cake and ice cream to? I hope you enjoyed it, no matter of fact I hope it gave you indigestion."

"JJ I didn't…"

"Ha don't pull that one on me I may not be a profiler but even I know what another woman's lipstick on the collar of your best dress shirt, her perfume and underwear in your pants pocket mean. I can read the signs and see with my own eyes," JJ raged back feeling the intense need to hit something but reframed.

"What was I supposed to do JJ you were never home and when you were it was always Henry never me. I was lonely."

"So that's your excuse," JJ shook her head knowing he couldn't see it, while running a shaky hand through her blonde hair. "You blame me and Henry? When you never wanted to do a damn thing together as a family, didn't want to take time away from your own life one that you didn't share with me. "

"No that's not it. You're not being fair here JJ."

"Fair you want to talk about being fair when that's what your implying Will. That it's me and not you," she sneered. "You know what I'm glad you leaving this way cause I would've shot your sorry ass if I'd been there. Have a nice life Will," and she hung up feeling tears sting the back of her eyes.

Slowly she retraced her steps back towards her loaned room for one last quick check on Henry, who was still fast asleep. JJ watched him pain lancing through her heart knowing he would grow up without a father cause she knew without a doubt that Will, even as hard as he tried, would never stay long in his life a few months maybe a year at best. She ached for them both, feeling that she'd lost her one chance at happiness. A slight shake of her head, JJ walked away towards the kitchen hearing someone rummaging around.

What she didn't know was the fact that someone had overheard her half of the conversation. The implications of what he heard, his own knowledge of relationships had his blood boiling in anger. He'd never felt the need to deal with problems using fisticuffs not when he had a perfectly good team of lawyers to do the job for him. But right now he would give his right arm to have Will LaMontagne in the same room with him for just five minutes.


Bright afternoon sunlight bathed the huge kitchen in light yellow rays warming the room even with the slight fall breeze flowing through the huge open windows.

"Jayje everything ok?" Emily questioned seeing her friend round the corner thinking it'd be Rossi instead. She could see the barely suppressed emotions behind JJ's light blue eyes, the tears that she was holding in.

"Right as rain Em," JJ answered dismissing her question with a wave of her tiny hand. "So what are you looking for?"

"Food," she answered opening the fridge to stick her head inside.

"What I don't get is how you stay so thin and eat so much at the same time," a deep voice questioned entering the kitchen from the back swinging door.

"Simple," Emily answered sticking her head inside the fridge and pulled out a carton of blackberries.

"Don't leave us hanging by a thread Emily," David gouged roughly still a bit angry by what he'd over heard.

"High Metabolism," Reid offered stepping through the other swinging door having come from the dining room.

"Yeah Reid you put a new meaning to the word vague," Rossi exclaimed rolling his eyes while leaning against the dark red and green streaked granite counter.

"Seriously a high metabolism would allow a person to eat whatever they wanted and not gain an ounce of weight," Reid explained in a matter of fact tone he used when dealing out facts. "While to some it would be a blessing, but to others a curse because it would take high amounts of calories to maintain a healthy body weight."

"Thank you Encyclopedia Britannica for that interesting fact," Emily commented dryly popping another berry into her mouth.

"What?" Spencer asked with a shrug of his thin shoulders. "Just stating the facts ma'am," he said an underlying tone of teasing in his voice.

"Fact's, statistics, is that all there is up there in that big brain of yours? Is that all you think about?" Emily challenged stepping forward to rest her elbows on the center island.

Reid looked lost for a second not sure how to answer or why she was asking such questions. He didn't understand what she wanted out of him. Sure they were friends hell he may have even entertain the notion, for they had a few similar hobbies and likes, once a long time ago that they could be more, but that died and he'd chosen someone else and so had she. Yet that didn't stop him from wondering… though he pushed those thoughts aside to focus on the present and not some fantasy that would never happen.

Spencer nodded solemnly. "When you have no life to live outside your job and a few hobbies, Emily you learn that you keep those things that comfort you close and in your mind's eye."

"Spence," JJ started unsure where solemn Reid came from. This was a new part for her, one she'd never seen in her friend before.

"I'm fine JJ," he answered then looked towards Rossi. "When you return to the back yard, Hotch wants the hamburger patties and hot dogs." Reid turned to go back the way he came, but stopped and asked over his shoulder, "You wouldn't mind if I explored your house would you Rossi?"

Tightness squeezed his chest when coffee colored eyes met his dark orbs and an emotion flashed across those eyes one that David understood, loneliness. "Of course Reid no part is off limits in fact I have a vast library towards the back of the house beside the master bedroom."

Reid nodded. "Thanks."

Before anyone could utter a word Spencer had pushed passed the white swinging door.

"Interesting," Emily muttered under her breath. She wasn't sure what sparked his comment or the fact that he looked like a lost puppy kicked to the curb, but she would find out come hell or high water. She would break his walls down and figure out the puzzle that he'd became. She had to and Emily Prentiss didn't give up not by a long shot and not when it meant a lot to her and Spencer Reid had came to mean a hell of a lot to her and maybe even a bit more.