Kingdom Hearts' isn't mine. This is Yaoi and a slightly disturbing content, not to mention a lil bit OOC...



Sora knew, perfectly understood that the two boys like him. That they were strongly infatuated with him.

Roxas and Riku. Two hot boys that want, no, needed him. Well, who wouldn't. Sora was a child of natural beauty, with his luscious brown locks that defied gravity yet still soft as a feather, his blue eyes that enchanted others to the brunet, glossy pink lips and his light-brown skin that just makes Roxas and Riku want to slide their hands on it, just to feel that porcelain skin.

Some were jealous of him because of seducing the two hottest eye-candies of the world -according to the girls. But Sora doesn't care about what they think. They could scream at him if they want, he wouldn't even notice, because his two admirers would take care of that.

"But..But! He's just a boy!" Kairi protested as soon as she saw said admirers standing besides Sora. They had heard the girl screaming at the brunet at his locker.

"Yeah and we know that, Kairi." Riku responded, his eyes narrowed.

"And we still liked him." Roxas said as an after-thought, his eyes narrowed too, looking at the girl with an ice cold glare.

"...B-but..." Kairi faltered at their icy gazes and ran, crying.

Seeing the girl ran from his object of affection, Roxas' eyes softened as he turned to the brunet, who kept silent the whole time.

Sora was still looking at the direction Kairi went with a triumphant grin, before smiling at the two boys, his lovely blue eyes now helding a loving look.

"Thank you." His sweet voice was like music to their ears. He kissed Riku's cheek then at Roxas', as a sign of gratitude.

"Oh yeah, Mr. Valentine said we're partners at the science project so..umm..see you!" Sora told Roxas, a blush on his cute face, afterwards he ran towards his next class.

Sora looked back and saw Riku glaring at Roxas, who inturn smirked at Riku; the truce during the confrontation with Kairi long forgotten.

Sora giggled at that, they were so easy to fool.

"You are so evil, Sora." Sora turned around and saw Namine, his twin sister. Sora giggled again.

"Oh..and you're not?" the brunet inquired, teasingly.

"At least I don't drive two kind boys to insanity." They were siblings so, of course only Namine would know what's going on in her older twin's head, 'cause their thoughts are pretty much the same.

"Yeah. You only do it to sweet Axel." Axel's another eye-candy but, unfortunately to the rest of the girl population, he has only eyes for the gold-haired, blue-eyed Namine.

"What can I say..You're better than me, bro." Namine shrugged and Sora giggled at the rare compliment from his twin. "And come on, we're going to be late for class."

They were like this since a long time ago. It all started with just a fun game of who-will-have-many-admirers and then it went to make-said-admirers-crazy-for-you. While Namine's target is Axel, Sora's target is Roxas, and then came Riku. Sora would found amusement in watching the two rival eachother, it was wonderful to know someone is crazy for you. They didn't even suspected that the sweet, innocent Sora they liked is throughly just an adorable devil in disguise.



Just a another Oneshot that's been laying around in my files. I tried picturing Sora as evil for once, and this was the product. If you don't like it, it's okay. You can just forget about this, if you want... :D