She smiled at him, as they danced under the moonlight,

Her beauty glimmering in the midnight sun,

His face showing no emotion as she pulled him towards the beach, playfully licking her lips as he followed.

He shook his head as he stood on the golden sand, her smile suddenly fading away,

Her smile replaced by pain,

Her face full of hurt her eyes full of tears.

"Te amo," she whispered pulling him closer,

He pushed her away as she repeated "Te amo,"

Slapping her hand as she reached for him, he turned away, not returning her feelings.

"Te amo," she repeated once again, her voice a desperate whine.

She's scarred to breath, he has no choice, he takes her hand,

Kissing her once more before leaving,

Left her standing in the water, not breathing, her heart broken once more.

"Te amo, I wish somebody could tell me what she said." He looks up to the moonlight as he walked away,

"Don't it mean 'I love you', I think it means 'I love you', Don't it mean 'I love you'?"