Naruto couldn't believe it, konoha; the very same village before his eyes. Naruto smiled lightly as he felt the breeze of the warm summer air. His eyes looked up from his position and looked at the five stone heads. "So they finally put her head up there huh?" Naruto asked as he sighed. "Am I dreaming? Or am I really home?"

But in a moment, the village was blown away and Naruto could only find himself thrown into the debris. As it settled Naruto burst from the dirt and gasped.

"No..." Naruto muttered as his eyes watered. His home, gone before his eyes. "How..." Naruto looked down and clenched his fists. "How... How did this happen!" Naruto roared as he looked up. His vision blurred as he looked at several figures clad in black with red clouds. Tsunade lay at ones feet. Naruto growled as he felt rage. "Obaa-chan!" Naruto roared.

But the world he saw was gone, in front of Naruto was his bedroom wall, his hand reaching out, grasping for nothing. Naruto took several breaths as he put a hand to his face, a cold sweat was on his form and after what he saw, it broke the blonds heart. That couldn't be what happened after he left. It couldn't have, not his home. "Konoha... Obaa-chan... Kakashi-sensei... Sakura-chan... Please... Let that all just be a horrible dream..." Naruto muttered as he sniffed. The clock beside his bed flickered. 2 am, no way was he going back to sleep after that.

Chapter 1

Hikari sighed as she stood before Naruto's apartment door. He hadn't come in today, the first day of the year, so he hadn't even got to meet Takeru who stood behind her. They really could have used his help back in the digital world and he didn't respond to the message over the D-terminal. "Naruto-kun..." Hikari called as she tapped on the door. "Please, open up. What's wrong?" The door clicked and opened to show a gloomy Naruto. A sad smile graced his face.

"Afternoon, Hikari-chan." Naruto spoke as he opened the door and glanced to the dirt blond male. "Takeru-kun... Good to see you." Takeru gave a short nod, but he looked worried. Naruto seemed like a ghost of himself.

"Naruto-kun..." Hikari spoke as she walked up as the blond glance down. "What's wrong?" Naruto sighed. Hikari looked on sadly. "Come on... Let's have a drink and talk about it..." Naruto didn't respond, but he did move aside. This was the first time Takeru had seen Naruto's place. It hadn't changed much in the time Taichi and Hikari had come over.

"Nice place..." Takeru spoke as he walked in. "Naruto-kun," Naruto stopped and glanced back. "You okay Naruto? You don't seem like yourself."

"Just had a bad day is all... It's left me pretty shaken..." Naruto stated as he walked outside and leaned on the edge of the terrace. Hikari stood looking worried before going to make some drinks. Takeru glanced from Hikari to Naruto and walked out onto the terrace. He leaned on the edge next to the blond.

"What happened?" Naruto glance down. "It might help Naruto... Hikari seems worried; she was fine all day till we got here..." Naruto took a breath.

"I don't know how to explain it... It's something that never happened before." Takeru frowned, as he looked forward. Hikari walked up and looked at the blond worried.

"Naruto-kun..." Hikari muttered. Naruto glanced over and smiled, but it was clearly forced. "What's wrong?" Naruto glanced down. "What happened that's affected you so badly?" Naruto sighed and glanced to Takeru, who was still interested in knowing. Naruto glanced down.

"I went home..." Hikari's eyes widen slightly as Takeru looked over surprised. "But... Before my eyes the village was destroyed. Nothing left." Naruto's form shuddered. "It felt like I was there... I could feel the breeze... The ground... Yet, I awoke in my bed..." Naruto clenched his fist.

"Naruto..." Takeru spoke as he looked at his friend. Hikari put a hand on his.

"It was just a bad dream... Don't let it get to you..." Naruto frowned.

"I think..." Naruto muttered. "I think my world is trying to pull me back... It wants me to return home..." Naruto sighed. "I fear I'll leave here now... It's left me worried all day." Naruto muttered as he stood straight.

"I guess I would be worried also..." Takeru spoke. "Since you are from another world, maybe the bond with that world is still connected. After all... You can still use chakra... And... Those..." Naruto nods as he scratched at the fox ears.

"That's what I fear..." Naruto sighed. He shook his head. "But... Let's forget about that, what brings you guys here?" Naruto asked with a forced grin. "I got a message from Taichi, so..." The pair decided not to question Naruto more, and told them of what happened today in the digital world.

Three student's had gained a digivice, one person familiar to Naruto, Daisuke Motomiya and two others a girl named Miyako Inoue and a young male called Iori Kida. Each one has their own type of digivice different to theirs and Naruto's. And the new digivolution, called, armour shinka.

Naruto sighed as he sat back on the chair in the lounge. "Gomen... I should have gone..." Hikari gave a sympathetic smile.

"It's okay; you were troubled by your own problems... And everything went alright." Naruto sighed.

"I'll make sure to come next time..." Naruto smiled. "Without you guys being able to have evolving digimon. I'll aid you..." Naruto glanced aside as he gazed at nothing. "Did..." Naruto muttered as he looked down. "Did you meet him?" Hikari frowned.

"Kyuubi's hasn't been seen since the digimon Kaiser showed up... I think he's been captured." Naruto nods.

"The Kaiser is smart. Kyuubi can only digivolve with my chakra. He's not like normal digimon. So taking the ace out of our deck, means he can't have trouble... I just wish I knew where Kyuubi was... Then I could get him." Hikari smiled.

"We'll find Kyuubi-san... Don't worry." Naruto nods and stretched as he stood.

"Anyway..." Takeru spoke as he took a sip of his drink. "Everyone won't be gathering for some time... So what should we do?" Naruto smirked.

"How about you watch what Hikari-chan can do... Right?" Hikari looked up and gave a short nod.

"Hai..." With that she took off up the stairs while Naruto walked to the terrace once more. Takeru looked curious and followed Naruto.

"What's going on?" Naruto turned to Takeru and pointed to a set of stumps.

"It's easy to show than explain... Well... Maybe both, but it's better for show." Takeru just looked confused. "Fine... About over a year ago, Taichi wanted to learn hand to hand. Hikari-chan tagged along and after a while wanted ago and has been enjoying it since. She even comes more than Taichi to train." Takeru blinked.

"Oh right... How are they then?" Naruto chuckled.

"Taichi's quiet good, but Hikari-chan is better. Though, don't say a word of this, but I watched Hikari literally slam Taichi to the ground in a spar." Takeru's eyes widen a bit. "It was the funniest moment I ever witnessed, but don't tell Taichi or I'll never be able to sleep with him bugging me about telling." Takeru nods.

"I'm ready Naruto-sensei." Takeru blinked as Naruto grinned at the title and Takeru turned to his long time friend. Gone was the white and pink shirt with almost shoulder length pink gloves along with cream shorts and pink boots. Hikari was now clad in a white martial arts gi. He never expected Hikari to dress the part, but then again, it had been three years. The lining was pink with a white belt with pink buckles.

"You think that's all Takeru-kun?" Takeru glanced to Naruto confused. "Hikari-chan, show him the back." Hikari turned round showing the kanji symbol in the black hexagon. The kanji of light but below it in a smaller hexagon was the kanji of kitsune. "I thought I would use fox as my kanji title under my training. But since Hikari-chan is of light. I made light the main kanji for her gi. Taichi has courage." Takeru looked back at Naruto.

"They both have one?" Takeru asked and Naruto nods.

"I also have one..." Naruto said grinning. "I am their sensei when they come to train. Now... Step aside Takeru-kun and watch." Takeru nods, this would be interesting and moved to a safe distance as both got into a fighting stance. "Whenever you're ready, Hikari-chan." Hikari smiled as she took on a determined look.

There was a deep silence as both held their form. Hikari tensed and pushed off forward and went with the high kick first. Naruto blocked the strike to his left with his arm and turned his body side on as he brought his left leg up and kicked out. Hikari's body leaned back and Takeru was floored by the speed of their reaction as Hikari followed through with her flip and as she moved onto a hand pushed off and flipped onto her feet. Naruto was on the attack next as he let loose a flurry of punches that Hikari took as quickly as she could, but Naruto was only going just quicker than Hikari as to aid her to keep up.

The yellow-clad dirt blond could only watch as both spar with almost the same skills he'd seen in kung-fu movies. His jaw dropped when Hikari faltered and as Naruto went for another kick to the chest, Hikari placed both hands down on the blond's leg and vaulted the blond. The training to have gone through to get that much height…

But while it was amazing to watch his friends spar like that, he was also becoming aware they seemed to have forgotten he was even watching them. It wasn't till Naruto pinned Hikari, literally against the wall that he was very sure that they'd forgotten about him. "That was great guys!" Takeru spoke up causing the pair to realise he was still there. The male inwardly chuckled at the pair, did something happen?

Naruto released Hikari and straightened as both had red faces. "You're doing well, Hikari-chan." Hikari smiled with a nod.

"Arigatou, Naruto-kun." Both glanced to Takeru as he walked up.

"Not to sound like I've got it all wrong..." The male spoke as he tried to figure how to put it correctly. "But are you two..." Both glanced to each other. "You know..." Both smiled.

"Well," Hikari spoke. "You could say so."

"Really..." Takeru spoke surprised. He didn't even believe it, but to hear that. "Since when?"

"Not too long ago." Naruto answered. "But we haven't sort of said to anyone. I think Taichi-san might come at me with something heavy and metal if he knew, so it's just our little secret for now." Takeru nods as he crossed his arms, he wondered after meeting Daisuke, how he'd react. After the show he performed at the end of school. "Anyway," Naruto spoke. "Let's get cleaned up, have some food and head out... I'll whip something up." Naruto spoke as he walked. Takeru grinned, food sounded good to him. Hikari ran back upstairs while Naruto got to work.

As it got to night fall, Hikari back in her normal clothes. Takeru, who had gone from the green he wore way back, was clad in yellow and different kinds of teal with a white cap. Naruto was clad in orange jeans with a blue shirt and orange and blue sleeve-less jacket with white collar. Much like his old clothing aside from the jacket, Naruto had even gone to get himself a new headband created since losing his old one. But he still wore black trainers.

They arrived in the park and were greeted with the sight of some of the gang. Taichi stood from his spot as he looked at the young three. "Good to see you guys got here in time. Hey, Naruto, you okay?" Naruto nods.

"Just been busy is all, sorry I didn't come to help." Taichi shook his head. Aside from losing of his goggles, which he gave to Daisuke. He just looked taller in the last few years. Though now he was dressed in a green blazer and grey trousers, being in middle school and all.

"That's okay; it helped with finding out about some new things." Naruto nods as he sat atop the large steel cage ball above Jyou. The guy had changed a lot over the three years since they left the digital world. His hair was longer with new glasses, and also in a blue blazer with cream colour trousers. This being from the fact he was in a private school.

Naruto smiled, everyone about him had changed, even himself, but he had become closer to his old self that came to the digital world. So it seemed weird seeing himself, like looking at an old friend, or his mental brother who had also aged, which was somewhat weird.

Koushiro's changes, besides the clothing that matched Taichi's own, were the shorter hair, plus he was the president of the computer club. So it was more useful to access the digital world with his aid.

For Sora; gone was some of the tomboy in her image having rid of the helmet, though she was currently, like Taichi, and Koushiro still in her middle school clothing which was green blazer, white neckerchief and green skirt.

Mimi and Yamato were currently absent. Though that was due to Yamato's band and Mimi being in New York.

The group sat quietly till Yamato turned up, matching uniform to Taichi and Koushiro. He hadn't really changed much either, though he was carrying his guitar. Takeru stood was a smile as he looked at his brother. "Onii-chan!" Yamato gave a nod as he was greeted by his friends.

"Sorry I'm late." Sora hopped down from the monkey bars and turned to the male.

"It's been a while since we all got together." The group nod in agreement; it had been a long time since that day.

From there, Taichi explained all the events that happened, with Daisuke, the new digivice. The digimental, V-mon, and armour shinka.

"Armour shinka?" Yamato questioned. Taichi nods.

"Yeah. I'd never heard of it or seen it before. Agumon or the others couldn't even digivolve, yet, Daisuke could evolve V-mon with the digimental."

"To think Daisuke would be a digidestined." Naruto spoke.

"Miyako-san and Iori-kun," Takeru started. "Who live in the same building as me, have the new digivices too."

"So they're all new digidestined." Jyou mused aloud and Koushiro nods.

"So it seems."

"But," Sora spoke worried. "If that digimon Kaiser is hunting digimon, will Piyomon be okay."

"That's the thing." Naruto spoke from his spot. "I don't think they are. We all know that you guys can't digivolve past the champion state since you gave up your crests. This Kaiser must have found away to stop the point between rookie to champion." Naruto growled. "He even captured Kyuubi."

"This guy," Yamato muttered annoyed. "He prepared ahead... Kyuubi is not a normal digimon and its Naruto's chakra that allows Kyuubi to shinka. If Kyuubi is about, the guy wouldn't stand a chance." Naruto sighed.

"We'll find Kyuubi, Naruto." Taichi spoke. "He can't keep that fox hidden forever. You'll find Kyuubi and we'll show this guy what happens when he kidnaps a friend." Naruto nods.

"Yeah, we'll show him..." Naruto stated punching his left palm. "Besides, even though we don't have our higher level digimon. I can still put a digimon to shame..." Naruto stated as his hand flickered with lighting.

"That's true, with you, you're the ace in the hole with being able to do things we can't. So we'll need your help the most here Naruto." Taichi finished.

"Then let's go then," Yamato stated. "To the digital world."

"The problem with that Yamato." Koushiro spoke back. "Is that the gates closed." Yamato gave an annoyed look. "But, I will be checking tomorrow to see if it's different."

"I'll go with you." Taichi spoke. Sora, Hikari and Takeru agreed also. Sadly, Jyou couldn't with his exam and Yamato had band practice.

"I'll come, but..." Naruto spoke as he looked up. "We may have a problem." The group glanced up. "You know... These..." Naruto stated as he pointed at his ears and tail as they appeared. "My chakra flickers out when we pass to the digital world. They'll see the features instantly."

"That's right..." Hikari muttered as she remembered. When the group had left to the digital world again, for all but Naruto too release their crests. Naruto's fox features had appeared, leaving Taichi and Hikari with Naruto to explain. Hikari's face lit up just after that memory. "We'll just say it's something that happened when you come through. Like how Daisuke's clothing changed." Takeru nods.

"That might be best. Since we can't exactly find the best way to explain about Naruto." Naruto nods in agreement.

"Okay. We'll head out tomorrow then." Taichi spoke standing. "Let's get home, it's getting late." Naruto nods as he stood.

"I'll see you guy's later." The group nod as Naruto grinned and spun and vanished in the blink of an eye.

"That... Was new..." Taichi muttered as Hikari smiled at the blond's antics and headed home with her brother.


The next day came and Naruto was absent from class. But it didn't matter. Unlike before, Naruto was in another class to Hikari. Which annoyed the pair, but they didn't mind as long as they saw each other. Takeru was in Hikari's class with Daisuke. As the day ended, Koushiro was the first to the computer room, trying to see if the gate was open. "I thought so, the gates still closed..." Koushiro muttered and his eyes widen as the room to the class room opened.

"Huh? Izumi-senpai?" Koushiro turned to see Miyako and Iori.

"Sorry about slipping in. Just worried about what happened yesterday." Koushiro spoke as the pair walked up. Both were eager to go to the digital world. Koushiro glanced from them to the computer. Unless the gate opened there was no way. "Huh..." Koushiro spoke bewildered. "The gate opened."

"Hey there!" Daisuke spoke as every turned to see the teen with the other digidestined.

"Now, since we're all here." Naruto spoke. "Let's see the digivices." Daisuke smirked and showed his as the others did so. "Hm... They're different."

"Better than yours." Daisuke stated. He'd not really liked Naruto with how close he was to Hikari. Naruto shrugged and looked on calmly.

"Maybe... But right now we have a task at hand." The group nod.

"Right! Off to the digital world." Daisuke stated as Koushiro checked the computers.

"The other computers seem to be fine. It seems the gate is only open in this computer." The male stated as he stood before the computer. "But it's the first time a gate opens two days in a row."

"I'm sure you'll figure it out Koushiro... So, we all ready?" Naruto asked and everyone nods. But before they could make a move a voice spoke out behind them. An old teacher of Taichi's, but thanks to some fast thinking, Taichi was able to give the others time to act as he kept their teacher busy. "Nice work Taichi... Now..." Koushiro nods and the group held their digivices up. Hikari glanced to Naruto and noticed his wasn't holding it up.

Before she could speak, they were gone. Naruto sighed and drew out his digivice. "Let's go..." With that the screen turned white and Naruto vanished.

But he didn't show up with the group. Which left them wondering where Naruto was, or if he came at all. But they didn't stay for long as they got moving. But they were being watched by a young male in a dark blue outfit with blue cape. He smirked as he watched on through his black-yellow frame glasses. "So you've come again... Hm..." The male smirked. "Let's flush out the king. Go, Snimon!"

Back with the group, they were walking along the vast fields. Miyako and Iori's outfit had changed like Daisuke's had. It was strange why it was just them three alone. But no one really questioned it. "V-mon!" Daisuke called out. "Where are you? V-mon!"

"Daisuke!" The males face lit up as the small blue digimon ran up, with Patamon, Tailmon, Piyomon, and Tentomon just behind it. It was a happy reunion for the two older digidestined and their digimon. But while they greeted one another, they were unaware of the digimon above them as Snimon attacked.

Though they tried, the rookie digimon couldn't land a strike to the fast champion and Tailmon, with its holy ring which was lost during the kaiser's attack on the digital world. Left the attack strength of Tailmon, too rookie level. It was up to V-mon and Daisuke.

But the Kaiser wasn't about to let the games end so quickly. "I can't let you do that. Go, Drimogemon." At that call, the ground beneath Daisuke gave way as he was dragged into the earth pit. The large horn drilling seal awaited him at the base. But Daisuke was safe for now as he hung onto the rock that was sticking from the side of the dirt wall. V-mon looked on down worried. "Go, Mojyamon." The Kaiser commanded again to summon the aid of another champion digimon under his control of the dark ring.

"Hone hone boomerang!" The woolly ogre like digimon called out, as it let loose its attack and struck V-mon from behind; knocking the digimon down the hole and Daisuke dropping as he tried to save his friend.

"Daisuke!" Hikari called as the group looked on at the flying champion. "Sora-san. We need to get out of here!" Sora nods, but they were all trapped. They're rookie level digimon stood no chance against these champions.

The Kaiser chuckled with his hands laced together when his screen flickered and he leaned forward and stood. "You've come then... Good, now the games can begin. I best call my minions back for now... Save losing some pawns."

The group was about to make a run for it, when the digimon turned from them and left. The group relaxed slight, but still bewildered about what happened. "Why they stop attacking?" Takeru asked as Hikari heard something and turned round and looked up but the sun clouded her vision and it wasn't till the figure crouched on the ground that they could see.

"Hey, sorry I'm late." The group blinked as Naruto stood in a strange new out. The blond raised an eyebrow as his glasses look back at them, showing nothing but their reflection. "Oh, this?" He spoke on realising. "Yeah... Well I was meaning to explain..." Naruto stated as the group just stared. Naruto was dressed in navy blue in the jean's and long sleeve shirt. But he wore a sleeve-less white jacket over top that went to the ankles with two tails. The blond wore black reflective sun glasses and had metal shoulder pads. His wrists had metal braces. Naruto glanced about. "What happened to Daisuke?"

"The Kaiser's digimon attacked and captured Daisuke." Naruto nods at Sora in acknowledgement.

"I see... Hm..." The blond glanced about as he spoke to leave, Miyako spoke up before him.

"Matte Naruto-san... But," the blond glanced over curiously. "What's with the ear's and tail?" Naruto glanced down at the yellow tail and he grinned.

"Just something that happens when I change worlds." 'I best leave first; otherwise I'll be caught without my henge.' Miyako spoke back dub founded and before Naruto could leave, Hikari wanted to know where he was.

"Naruto-kun." Naruto turned to Hikari. "Can you stay please...? I want to know why you weren't with us." Naruto nods.

"I would Hikari-chan... I'll explain another time. With Daisuke in trouble, I would find it better to go after him." Hikari stepped forward.

"I'll go with you then." Naruto looked on before he nods. Hikari was capable of handing herself. He would have said no to the others. Hikari glanced back to the group. "We'll let you know if we find Daisuke." The group beside Takeru looked on worried as Hikari ran over with Tailmon. "Let's go..." Naruto smirked and Hikari looked worried at it. "What?" Naruto walked up and behind her as he spoke close to her ear.

"Hang on..." Hikari blinked as Naruto took her feet out and held on to her form as a white version of wargreymon's wings appeared and the blond took off just as Tailmon grabbed his ankle.

"Naruto!" Hikari called surprised as they broke the distance as she watched everyone vanish quickly. "How are you able to do this?" Naruto smirked as he glanced over.

"It's something the department has been working on." Hikari glanced back to Naruto. "Since the virus attacked and with our access back to the digital world. They'd designed a special item for me to use with when I enter the digital world. All I had to do is plug it up to the digivice and D-terminal. From there I can make a digital outline of myself and use what I want to my disposal. Hence the wargreymon wings, as flying is quiet useful. I also have omegamon's weapons..." Naruto stated as looked ahead. "It's a test run and it seems to be working fine... Hence why I was so late so I could make sure everything was set."

"Why didn't you say?" Hikari asked as Naruto grinned.

"Were would the surprise be if I did? But, I didn't expect Daisuke to get caught. Use the digivice to locate Daisuke." Hikari nods as she held up her digivice.

Not far in the desert region of the digital world. Daisuke was cuffed by the arms and legs in his unconscious state. The male stirred and looked at the vast land before him as he hung from the cliff edge. "Wh-where am I?" Daisuke questioned as he looked at his cuffed hands and legs.

"So, you're awake." Daisuke looked up to the sound and saw for the first time. The male known as the digimon Kaiser. "I didn't think capturing you would be so easy. I must thank you." Daisuke grunted as he pulled on his restraints.

"Thank me? For what? Where's V-mon? If you've done something to V-mon, I'll..." The male chuckled.

"You talk too much... You're little digimon is as you can see unharmed." At that, the wall opposite Daisuke pulled away and V-mon came from a gap in the wall, trapped like Daisuke. "Now for the reason to thank you? Simple, you make as perfect bait for the one I seek... Now, watch as I make your friend my minion."

"Like hell! When V-mon armour shinka's!" The Kaiser chuckled.

"You mean with these..." The Kaiser called as he waved the digivice and D-terminal. "Sorry, but I can't have you ruining my plans."

"Damn it! Give me back my digivice." The Kaiser chuckled. He'd heard enough and raised his arm as a black ring descended. V-mon grinned.

"You may try! But you won't make me you're slave."

"Why's that?" Kaiser asked amused.

"I've waited a long time... I've waited to meet Daisuke... So, how could I become your slave now that I've meet him?"

"V-mon..." Daisuke muttered stunned by his new friends bond to him. The Kaiser merely looked on amused ever more.

"Well, we're about to see that." As the ring descended, a white fireball stuck the ring and destroyed it. The Kaiser glanced to who would do such and a smirk graced his lips. "So you came..." Naruto, Hikari and Tailmon stood with heated glares. Naruto raised an eyebrow curiously though at his comment.

"You have me at a disadvantage. You know of me? Yet, I do not know of you." The Kaiser held his gaze as both looked at each other.

"I'm sure you already know of me as the digimon Kaiser. I know of you simply as the only human to fight on toe with a mega level digimon." Naruto stepped forward.

"Then you know that it would be wise to give up here. I will not harm you if you stop this attack on the digital world." The young male burst out laughing.

"Oh my, you really are humorous. But do you not think I've prepared for you? It was the reason I lured you out."

"To go this far... You must have planned ahead quiet well, little boy." The Kaiser sneered, but he held his cool. "Hikari, help Daisuke, I'll deal with this brat." Naruto stated as he walked forward.

"I wouldn't be so cocky... See, thanks to your little friend. I've made something rather useful." Naruto stopped and scowled.

"What have you done to the fox?" Naruto asked as Hikari stood watching. The male chuckled.

"He was a rather annoying subject to gather. Being unable to be held down by the dark rings... But, his data did make him unique and it has done well to help me prepare. As I'm aware that only you and you little friend, cannot be affected by my control spires." The Kaiser snapped his fingers and both Naruto and Hikari tensed as the three turned back to the three blue glowing circles pulsing on the ground.

Data gathered and the pair watched on as three male figures appeared. Each one clad in blue battle garb. The glasses on them stared back at the three. "The hell?" Naruto muttered.

"Say hello to my minion's. Designed for one purpose... Disposing of you... Have fun..." The Kaiser spoke as the three behind the pair shrugged their forms. Each one speaking after the other as if it were one speaking to them.

"Target acknowledged. Subject, THE ONE. Found." Naruto tensed as he eyed the three. They're speaking like that. That's creepy. "Time to. Eliminate. The target." With that the one on the left rushed forward and swung left and Naruto dodged. Then right and Naruto dodged again before the blond spun and drove a powerful kick to the figures gut and the data male flew back and along the ground. The other two remained unmoving as they watched. Hikari glanced to Naruto.

"Naruto-kun, Tailmon. Deal with the Kaiser. These guys are mine. I can handle their skill level." Naruto nods slowly, though still thought there was more and turned back to the Kaiser.

"Looks like your puppets are no good." The Kaiser chuckled.

"Please... True, their skill level is rather low... But," The male pushed on his glasses. "They're quick to evolve." At that, the right one rushed forward and swung quicker than before as Hikari ducked and dodged before getting struck and was delivered the same powerful kick to the gut and sent her flying back. Naruto turned to Hikari as she cried out and Naruto rushed to Hikari as the left one stood and rushed over. The other remained stationary.

"Hikari!" Naruto spoke as he helped her. "You okay?" Hikari flinched as she slowly got up.

"So fast..." Hikari muttered as she looked up. "Naruto!" Naruto turned as both males got close and Naruto turned to face them and found he had to move faster than before as he evaded and deflected the pair's attacks as they struck with fist and kicks before Naruto pinned the pair. He glanced to their calm faces and shrugged his form.

"Hm, faster learners..." Naruto spoke as the pair broke away and Naruto ducked a right swing and putting his right palm to the ground, delivered a high left kick. The blond turned left and pushed into a flip to evade the kick to the head as he flipped in the air. Naruto landed and moved to fight.

Tailmon faced the Kaiser. "You won't escape me... Naruto and Hikari can handle your toys." Tailmon stated as it rushed to take back the digivice. A small green worm type digimon intercepted the weak champion.

"I'll fight you instead!" But the worm digimon lost in the quick close combat and as it was knocked back, the digimon struck the Kaiser and knocked the digivice and d-terminal from the team.

"Blast!" Kaiser gasped in annoyance as Tailmon looked to the devices. If they fall down there... Tailmon made one last glance to Naruto and Hikari before ignoring the Kaiser and jumping after the digivice and terminal.

Naruto flipped back as he evaded and the two shrugged their forms. 'They learn quick...' Hikari moved beside Naruto. "Hikari-chan, leave this to me." Hikari shook her head.

"I've trained enough with you Naruto-kun. They won't catch me off again." Naruto tensed.

"The problem is here, they learn when they lose... You'd need to kill them." Hikari tensed. "Don't get involved if you don't think you can... I don't want you to get hurt." Hikari took a relaxed breath.

"I'll be fine..." Naruto nods and shuffled his form as he reached into his jacket and withdrew three kunai. Naruto passed one over in his right hand.

"Make the strike quick. Ready..." Hikari nods. Naruto took off forward.

"Target's acquired. Eliminate both. Threats." Naruto swung and the male blocked.

"You're getting on my nerves talking like that." Naruto swung again, but was dodged and the males attacked as Hikari stood watching and waiting.

"You know..." Hikari tensed. They'd forgotten... "There are three of us." Hikari turned and tried to strike. But failed as the figure grabbed her wrist tight and Hikari flinched under the grip. "You shouldn't have joined in... Little girl." With that he broke the grasp on the kunai and jumped and delivered a kick to Hikari's left shoulder. The girl yelled as she flew and struck the wall.

"Hikari!" Naruto called as he turned to her and ducked the strike, but received a punch to the gut. 'Damn it!' Naruto flew backwards and bounced and with a twirl, flipped to his feet. Naruto glared as the two stepped forward and the third took Hikari in its grasp. "You..."

"We merely seek to remove trouble. You die here..." The kunai was raised close. "No else should have to... We seek only to remove your existence. That is our purpose." Naruto growled and threw the kunai and they past the group. None moved as they took the body language that showed no threat to their forms.

"Fine..." Naruto spoke as he lowered his arms.

"Naruto-kun..." Hikari gasped.

"But let her go..." Naruto spoke as he glared at them.

"We'll let her go... Once you're dead." With that the two at the front rushed forward.

"Naruto-kun!" Hikari yelled as Naruto didn't move. The male holding Hikari merely looked on with a calm face.

"Human's are such weak fools." It almost sounded like amusement.