Chapter 6

"Ken Ichijouji... Is the Digimon Kaiser..." Hikari muttered as she heard Naruto's words. "Are you sure?" Naruto nods.

"Positive, I've been sure of it just before you gained your digimental, but I didn't want to say anything without confirming it. They've been studying Ken's system, his actions, and have now got full proof of his digital world goings on... There's also some background that I'll look into later. Hikari-chan, for now, let's not say anything. If anything, time will come when he's revealed." Hikari nods slowly.

"Too think someone like him," Hikari muttered looking at the picture. "Would be capable of doing the things he's done." Naruto nods in agreement.


And it did, after the football match, Ken Ichijouji thought up a plan to teach Daisuke a lesson for the tackle that would have been Ken's final goal of the slaughter of a match.

But luckily, everyone was able to aid Daisuke in time before the digimon Kaiser was able to put an end to Daisuke, and during Daisuke's confrontation against the Kaiser, Ken's identity was revealed when Daisuke spotted the wound he had inflicted on the real world Ken.

Ken escaped before Naruto could get to him.

But Ken had his own plans now, one of them being to never return to the real world and stay in the world he plans to rule. He'd show those who came to his world and could walk about it while doing as they pleased. And he'd make sure that he would finally put an end to the troublesome figure known as Naruto with his plans. He won't be beaten by that guy forever.


"I've heard Ichijouji Ken-kun has been missing since Sunday." Koushiro stated as he spoke with the group in the computer room after finding out information on Ken's disappearance.

"They said they didn't know he was gone until yesterday." Hikari answered as Iori added that it was now Tuesday. Koushiro pondered, it's been two day's now. "I hope Naruto-kun's had something to go by." Hikari spoke as Koushiro turned the PC on and brought up the map. The vast amount of white area was now pitch black.

"The black area has expanded!" Takeru stammered as Koushiro studied the area. It looked like Ken has been in the digital world the whole time, and looks like Ken's planning to stay and increase the number of dark towers... It seemed that maybe, Ken would never be going home then? If he's this determined to take control.

They weren't going to sit about as Koushiro stepped aside and the group raised their D-3 (Digital, detect, discover.) "Digital gate, open!" Miyako yelled out in usual style. "Chosen children, let's roll!"

Once arriving in one of the hottest, possible, places in the digital world. Hikari contacted Naruto to inform him of their location to meet them.

"It's hot..." Miyako breathed out as they looked about as Daisuke pondered aloud where they were. But, while they were there, they were unaware that Ken knew they had arrived while they were searching for him. The lava pits round the small group bubbled and several Meramon jumped from the fiery pits.

As they spotted the dark rings Daisuke decided to take charge. "Leave it to me!" He called out. "Let's go! Digimental up!"

"V-mon! Armour shinka! Burning courage, Fladramon." The Meramon attacked as the group evaded while Fladramon took them head on. "Knuckle fire!" The attack's countered and did no harm to the digimon.

"Knuckle fire didn't work..." Daisuke growled, why did it just fizzle out against them.

"Fire attacks might not work..." Hikari muttered, seeing as it was fire against fire. Hawkmon glanced to Miyako, looks like Fladramon will need help.

"Miyako-san!" Miyako glanced over and nods and calls out for her digimental. "Hawkmon, armour shinka! Wings of love, Holsmon!" The four legged bird got above the fire digimon and let loose the tempest wing attack, but its wind based style only increased the fire of the Meramon.

"It's no good!" Miyako called out to Holsmon. "It's making the flames larger!" The digimon stopped as the group tried to figure out something.

"Suiton!" Hikari's ear twitched to the call as her face lit up. "Teppoudama!" Hikari watched as large bursts of water shot by and struck the Meramon which finally had an effect. Naruto landed ahead of the group as the Meramon growled from behind the steam and Naruto smirked.

"Naruto!" Hikari called as he got into stance.

"Got here as fast as I could..." Daisuke merely looked on annoyed; he wanted nothing to do with Naruto at this current point.

"Fladramon, keep at it!" The armour digimon rushed forward and Naruto frowned slightly before putting his hand to the ground and summoning an earth staff.

"Right behind you..." Naruto spoke following.

"Let's back then up, Takeru-kun, Iori-kun!" Hikari called. Takeru and Iori nod before all called out together. "Digimental up!"

"Pattamon/ Tailmon/ Armadimon, armour shinka! Soaring hope Pegasmon/ light of smiles Nefertimon/ steel knowledge Digmon!"

"Big crack!" Digmon called as it dug its drills into the ground and broke the area away. The group watched as the Meramon fell back into the lava and many thought that might be rid of them, only for them to come back again from the fiery pit and make their way at the group.

"Red sun!" Holsmon called as glowing rings struck two Meramon and stopped them. Pegasmon's wings spread out and gained a pitch black aura in them.

"Shooting star!" As the attack struck the Meramon, as Nefertimon backed the horse like digimon up with Curse of queen. Meanwhile, Naruto found this odd, normally, no matter what; those strange males would turn up every time. Yet, nothing? Something wasn't right here and that troubled Naruto. A sudden chill made Naruto look up and his eyes fell on the white bone looking digimon.

"That's...!" Takeru stammered as Naruto turned to the dirt-blond male. "Skullgreymon!" Naruto noticed fear appear. "We have to get out of here..." Naruto looked forward as the ultimate level digimon touched ground level. The armour digimon stood no chance as they took the ultimate on. Each armour digimon was hit so hard they returned to their original form.

'This is bad...' Instantly, multiple Naruto's appeared everywhere round the group. "Get them all out of here!" Naruto called as he, himself, took to the sky.

"Naruto!" Hikari called as she was quickly grabbed by a clone.

"Forgive me Hikari, but Skullgreymon is clearly too dangerous for you guy's to stay around." The clone spoke as each one of the group were yelling to the clones to release them. "I am the only one to be able to fight on a level like Skullgreymon."

"Skullgreymon is not the same kind of ultimate level digimon!" Takeru called as he was slung over the blonds shoulder like many of the others. "You can't handle this kind." Naruto glanced over.

"Maybe, but you guys would only be in danger if you stay about... Encase something happens..." The clones glanced back. "It's the first time fighting a digimon of such size on my own; I always had kyuubi when I was back fighting Mugendramon. That's why I got you out of there... So if something goes wrong..."

Back at the battle field, Naruto was weaving in and around the swings of Skullgreymon. "Come on ugly!" Naruto dodged as he taunted the digimon. "Rizegreymon can swing faster than you!"

'Rizegreymon?' Ken questioned as he watched on amused as Naruto messed about with the ultimate. Ken smirked as he looked on; time to test out his improved soldiers. With a snap of his fingers the Airdramon that were downed by Skullgreymons escape, shrunk down in size and took on their new forms. The three blue-clad males glanced to one another before looking to Naruto. Airdramon's wings burst from their backs and they took off at Naruto and Skullgreymon.

"Come on! Like this!" Naruto called giving a hard kick to the chest. The ultimate was knocked off its feet and backwards. Naruto smirked only to sense an attack and turned and caught the hand with a rasengan. Naruto tensed as he turned and looked on as two move attacked. With a pull, Naruto turned and threw the male at the one above him while he kicked out at the other. The lower clad male ducked and clenched his fist. Naruto blocked the punch to the head, but found that something wasn't right as the hand opened and Naruto's eye widen as he was blinded by a bright light. Naruto's eyes widen before they snapped shut on instinct from the light. "Argh!" With a kick, Naruto moved back as he found his vision blinded by the light. He couldn't do a thing! A kick struck his gut and Naruto tried to swing out but his arms were locked by an attack from behind as the male gripped tight while another gripped Naruto's legs.

"We've got you..." Naruto gasped as he was choked. Skullgreymon growled, the flea that was bugging it was about to go boom...

"Ground zero..." The missile on the back flew off the digimon and dropped down as the Kaiser moved away to a safe distance. Naruto may not have been able to see it, but his form was engulfed in the devastating blast...

The group watched as a bright light shone and exploded from where Naruto was. Before Hikari could even mutter a word about her worry... Every one of the clones went up in smoke, causing the group to tumble from their held locations. Daisuke sat up confused. "What just happened? Why did they all vanish?" Hikari was up instantly and rushed past and stopped as she looked on at the smoke in the distance. She didn't glance back as she took off back to Naruto.

"Hikari!" Tailmon called following, then Takeru and Pattamon followed behind


Ken chuckled as he looked at the wasteland from the attack. "No way could he have survived that..." Ken smirked as he saw Naruto's form in the dirt of the pit as his form smoked from the attack. The young blond male twitched and Ken frowned. 'This guy is something else... He's beyond that of a digimon, no wonder it was said he could handle the level of a mega digimon. Skullgreymon's blast would need to have been stronger...' The ultimate digimon stood looking on at Naruto as the Meramon littered about took form of the clad soldiers. "You three... Finish him... I want his data removed from this world!" The three slowly walked up as they're hands gained an electrical surge. It had taken some time, but Ken was able to form some kind of attack strength to handle this troubling foe.

Naruto found his body ached all over, he couldn't move an inch, and he hadn't felt pain like this since Piemon... Naruto heard footsteps, was this it? The roar of Skullgreymon drew Naruto's thoughts. "Ground zero..." Naruto braced himself, but heard the missile go away, what was going on?

The missile struck the dark tower as the three males stood about Naruto, with their arms up. But the shockwave shattered their forms and they became Meramon once more, freed from control. The Kaiser growled, he was about to finish this... Guess he had hoped to soon with this Skullgreymon... The ultimate level digimon lost the remaining energy and reverted to Agumon. "No matter... I'll try again..." Ken muttered as the Airdramon picked up Agumon. "Rizegreymon... I'll look into this..."

Naruto slowly sat up as he wanted to know what was going on, as he opened his eyes he spotted agumon being taken away. "A-agumon... Damn it, Ken..." Naruto grunted as he tried to stand, only to fall flat on his front. His body needed time to recover. "Damn... You..." Naruto muttered as he passed out on the dirt slope. 'Not another oneā€¦'


"Naruto!" Hikari called as got closer to the quiet battle zone. What was with that second blast? Where were the Skullgreymon and the Airdramon? But where was Naruto most of all? Hikari took deep breaths as she came to a stop and looked over the cupped waste land sphere. "Naruto! Naruto-kun where are you?" Hikari called as she jumped down the slope and made her way down with haste. "Naruto?" Hikari muttered as she glanced about. She closed her eyes as the dirt was blown into her face. "Where are you...?" Hikari muttered again as she walked walking along. Her foot caught something and she tripped and landed flat on the floor.

"Hikari!" Tailmon called from the top of the slop. "You okay?" The digimon called as it looked down to Hikari. Hikari slowly stood and dusted herself off.

"I'm fine! I just tripped on..." Hikari stopped as she looked down to what she could have tripped on. It looked like, a foot? "What's..." Hikari muttered nervously as she dusted the dirt off. It twitched and Hikari's eye widen as she quickly dug into the dirt. "No..." Hikari muttered as she removed the dirt. As she did, blond hair began to appear. "Naruto..." Hikari muttered as she looked up. "Tailmon! It's Naruto, hurry! Get the others!" Hikari called out and Tailmon took off back to the others. "Naruto-kun, please be okay..." Hikari muttered as she pulled Naruto out from the dirt. His form looked worse for wear, his clothing in tatters. "Naruto..." Hikari hugged the young male close to her as the other turned up and quickly hurried down to her position.


Thanks to the digimon in the town nearby, they'd been able to tend to Naruto and let him rest. Hikari wanted to stay, but knew that she'd need to sort something's out first before hand and asked Tailmon to stay and watch Naruto while she left. The small cat digimon watched Naruto sleep as his body recovered from the force of Skullgreymons attack. "..." Tailmon wanted to say something, but found it couldn't form the right way to say it. What could the digimon say to the young male that was resting under its watch?

The door opened and Tailmon turned to see Hikari and Taichi. Hikari had a bag with her, which contained clothing as she walked in. Taichi walked up sat down by the young male, his gaze was firm and serious. "Idiot... You shouldn't have stayed to fight." Taichi muttered. Hikari set the bag down as she looked at her brother. "Why did you think you could have handled this alone? How did you make such an error?" Hikari glanced down. "How are you supposed to keep your word if you're getting yourself into this kind of state?" Taichi sighed out a growl. "Idiot... You idiot Naruto!" Taichi called out.

"Onii-chan..." Hikari muttered as she turned her gaze to Naruto. It almost felt like three years ago, back then with Naruto. Hikari looked down. "Onii-chan... There's, something I need to say..." Hikari muttered as Taichi glanced to her. Hikari took a breath. "You see..." Taichi glanced down.

"I know Hikari..." Hikari looked up surprised, did he? "I know about you and Naruto..." Hikari looked on as Taichi noticed her questioning look. "Call it, brother's intuition." As the girl glanced down, Taichi sighed again. "Naruto..." Hikari glanced back across to the sleeping ninja. "What happened to cause such an incident?" Naruto's eyes clenched tight before opening slightly.

"Those..." Taichi looked up as Hikari's eyes lit up in relief as the strained voice of Naruto reached their ears. The young male grunted as he tried to sit up. "Damn soldiers of Kens..." Hikari moved round Taichi to stop Naruto from getting up. "I'm fine..." Hikari looked on worried as Naruto looked at the bandages. "I'll heal myself up soon enough." But Hikari was far from convinced he was okay.

"Naruto," Taichi spoke as he stood. "What happened out there? How could you have let yourself get hit?" Naruto looked down as he scowled.

"He'd messed with them again, this time; they could fly and use techniques I don't... I didn't expect to be blinded by something that seemed like a flash grenade going off in my face. I didn't see Skullgreymon's attack till it hit me." Naruto muttered as he stared down defeated. "Taichi-san... Skullgreymon..." Taichi nods.

"We know, Koushiro told me it was Agumon." Naruto looked up at that. "The area Agumon covered, was blacked out... I could only put two and two together with what happened..." Naruto looked down and growled and thumped the bed.

"First he take's kyuubi... Now he's using Agumon..." Naruto growled as his body was shaking in anger as he clenched his fists. "I'm still no closer to that damn fox... What kind of friend am I if I can't even save one that has been with me from the day I was born?" Hikari frowned.

"We'll find him... Don't worry Naruto-kun..." Naruto let out a breath as he turned to move.

"Stay where you are Naruto," Taichi spoke seriously. "You're not going anywhere." Naruto was about to speak. "Recover, right now you're in no state." Taichi was silent as he turned to the window. "Listen," Naruto glanced over. "I've had some time to think on this, tomorrow, after class. I will be coming with only you and Hikari in search of Agumon. I don't want to put the others in danger should it repeat itself like it happened to you." Naruto looked down and glanced away before he noticed something.

"What happened to most of my clothing?" Naruto asked curiously.

"Um... Well," Hikari muttered as she glanced aside. "Most was damaged to a large extent. Only the trousers really remained." Hikari finished as she brushed the right side of her hair back. Hikari glanced to the bag. "I brought some of your clothes. The wings were gone but the wrist guards remained." Naruto nods as he lay back.

"Thanks... Least I'll be clothed when I fight again." Hikari nods as but smiled. Taichi sighed as he moved to the door.

"We'll be heading home for the night. Rest up Naruto and we'll see you in the morning." Naruto nods slowly as Hikari gave Naruto a quick hug and walked to the door.

"Tailmon, could you watch Naruto-kun for me?" Tailmon nods to Hikari's question. Hikari smiled and glanced to Naruto before closing the door. She glanced to her brother who was walking off with his shoulder slouched. Taichi was really down right now, and as was Naruto, saddened by the thoughts of his own missing partner. Hikari had to do her best now to keep them happy. "Onii-chan!" Hikari called as she ran up alongside the male. Taichi glanced over as Hikari smiled.

"Race you to the gate... If you lose I'll tell everyone how you lost to me!" Taichi stopped a second before his eyes widen. No... Not that loss...

"You better not Hikari!" Taichi yelled as he gave chase.


Upon the new sun, Naruto was out of bed and preparing. "I may not have my battle suit..." Naruto muttered as he got changed into his orange outfit. "But," Naruto pulled on the wrist guards. "I can still fight... I just have to strike that dark ring." Naruto smiled as he pulled out the headband. "Hikari-chan..." Naruto pulled the band tight as he walked to the door.

"Where are you going Naruto?" Tailmon asked as the x-ninja glanced over to the small cat digimon.

"Training, I need to get myself ready to fight..." Naruto looked forward as Tailmon noticed the serious look. 'If we find Agumon... We might find Kyuubi... I'm not about to let this chance, slip by...' Naruto walked out and Tailmon followed the young male to the gate of the small village.

Naruto looked up and then to the land before him as he started stretching. Tailmon watched curiously as Naruto finished and stood straight before he looked up to the sky once more. 'If I can't fly, I must make up for that loss...' Naruto looked forward. "Tailmon," Naruto called. "Climb on my back..." Tailmon did so and Naruto took a breath. "Hold on!" Naruto called taking off.


Taichi stood waiting in the computer room with Koushiro busy on the computer. Iori was here, but there was no sign of the other 4. The sudden approaching footsteps drew Taichi's attention up as the three of four entered the door way. "You're late..."

"Gomen, Onii-chan..." Hikari spoke up as Daisuke moved forward.

"Taichi-senpai, you have it all wrong." Daisuke spoke to try clear the problem. "It's not Hikari-chan's fault, Okada and the guys started playing hockey with the brooms, so..." Takeru nods from behind the two before he continued on from Daisuke.

"Yeah, and the teacher yelled at us too."

"Who this Okada?" Taichi questioned and Daisuke quickly answered.

"Ah, he's part of the same cleaning crew..." Hikari noticed Taichi annoyance at the time being wasted by this.

"It's okay, Daisuke-kun." Hikari spoke up. "It's my fault too for not stopping them..." Daisuke glanced over to Hikari.


"Really, it's okay. Thanks." Daisuke gave a short nod as Takeru glanced to Taichi having noticed one other still wasn't here.

"By the way, where's Miyako-san?"

"That's okay," Taichi spoke as he decided to get underway. "You guys can explain when she gets here." Hikari stepped forward while Daisuke looked at the two other males. "Now, for the time being, Hikari and I will be going to look for Agumon."

"What..." Takeru spoke up as Daisuke moved forward.

"How come Taichi-senpai? Is it because of Naruto, it was his fault that happened to himself. You can't say we can't go because of that." Taichi closed his eyes to think.

"It's dangerous, got it Daisuke. Right now it's just going to be the three of us. I know that's more risky on us also. But I don't want to put you all in danger, got it." Taichi noticed the saddened gaze by Daisuke. "Look, it's only for the time being. Should we require it, we'll contact for help. But for now, wait for our call." Daisuke and Takeru nod.

"Are you sure that you'll be okay, Taichi-san?" Koushiro asked as Hikari and Taichi walked up. The older Yagami nods.

"Don't worry. We'll be fine... Hikari." The male glanced to Hikari and she nods and held up her digivice.

"Digital gate open." The gate unlocked and the pair was gone. Returning to the barren fire pit near where Naruto was defeated. Taichi glanced about.

"We'll wait for Naruto, I told him of where we'd come from." Hikari nods and both stood waiting for several minutes.

"Hikari!" Hikari turned to the call as she saw Tailmon and Naruto. The small cat digimon was on Naruto's back.

"Hey Hikari-chan, Taichi-san!" Naruto called running to a stop. Tailmon jumped down and ran up to its companion. "Sorry I'm late; I was out farther than I thought. So it took a bit longer to get here." Taichi nods.

"That's okay... Tentomon's been and gone to look for information. We'll get going ourselves now." Naruto nods and followed the pair in toe as they went in search of their missing companion.

But meanwhile, Ken was busy trying to do something himself as he watched Skullgreymon thrash about. 'Rizegreymon... What is Rizegreymon?' Ken pondered as he found no data on this digimon. He'd already begun to figure out something with his dark rings. But he couldn't go on till he knew if there was away to get this Rizegreymon? Was it stronger than Metalgreymon? "Maybe..." Ken stood and the small green worm like digimon looked on.

"Ken-chan?" Ken didn't respond as he passed and digimon followed. "Where you going Ken-chan?"

"You," Ken spoke looking back. "Stay here..." Ken then walked off as the small worm like digimon looked down sadly, it missed the old, kind Ken. The digimon turned and looked back to the computer screens. Ken was going to the one place it didn't know the location of. The location of the imprisoned Kudamon.


Ken had returned after some time and with a confident smirk and was busy getting everything ready.

"Here..." Ken muttered as he typed away as Skullgreymon continued to cause chaos in its chamber. "Here also... Yes, this will work there... My evil spiral will work; just need time to design specific to this Agumon... Heh..." Ken smirked as he continued his work and didn't bother now to watch the dino digimon. He'd got what he needed.

"This will finally put an end to our game, Naruto... The perfect ultimate, Rizegreymon..." While Ken continued at his work, Wormmon left the area and freed Agumon from the dark ring. Ken didn't need Agumon, he could test his new dark spiral on Wormmon. For that reason, Wormmon needed to get Agumon out of there to try convincing Ken to use it on Wormmon.


"So that's Locomotown..." Naruto muttered as the group of 4 stood on the ridge having received the needed information to Ken's location. "Agumon, hang on we're coming... And if you're there... You too, Kudamon..." Naruto muttered as the group increased their pace to Locomotown.

'Wait for me, Agumon...' Taichi mused to himself as he ran. 'I'll rescue you for sure!'

While the group where getting close, Ken's smirk increased, he'd finished it, with the dark spiral's power increased to control an ultimate, and it removes the need of the dark towers... And now with this final adjustment to Agumon's spiral. He was ready to finally put an end to this game with that troublesome blond fighter. "Now... Time to test it..." Ken mused as he turned the screen back to his captive digimon, only to find it was gone, how?


"Should we split up and search?" Naruto asked as he looked at the two Yagami's. Taichi crossed his arms and pondered. "I'll use the shadow clone technique, so that if something does happen with you guy's. I'll know instantly and I'll be on the way." Taichi nods.

"Very well..." The sound of a train horn caught the group's attention and they all glanced about for the source. The train shot out the tunnel and passed the group, only for them to spot a small yellow figure. "Agumon!" Taichi called surprised. "Agumon!" The small dino looked up at the call.

"Taichi?" The digimon glanced back and looked across as it hit the brakes on the train while Tailmon diverted the train to a stop point where it crashed into the barrier before stopping.

"Are you alright, Agumon?" Taichi called running up with Naruto and Hikari. Agumon jumped from the train as it looked at its older companion.

"Taichi? Is it really you, Taichi?" Taichi caught his friend and held his small digital friend.

"Of course it's me! I'm so glad you're okay!" With a hug to the reptile, which flinched from the pain it had suffered before hand, Taichi lowered his friend slightly and looked on worried. "Sorry, are you hurt?"

"Don't worry, I'm fine." Naruto glanced about as Hikari walked up.

"Onii-chan, we should get away..." Taichi glanced over as he put Agumon down. "Before the digimon Kaiser comes again." Naruto glanced about.

"While I agree Hikari-chan..." Naruto spoke up. "I could be almost to finding Kyuubi, this could be my chance. Agumon, did you see him anywhere?" Agumon shook its head.

"I only awoke to find myself free of the ring. I didn't see anything of Kudamon anywhere..." Naruto growled.

"Naruto." Taichi spoke and got the young males attention. "Let's get Agumon out of here first, and make a plan after. We'll deal with what he's done as soon as Agumon's safe." Naruto's form slumped as Hikari looked at Naruto with a sad smile.

"Don't worry Naruto-kun," Hikari spoke as she put a hand on Naruto's shoulder. "We'll find kyuubi."

"I'm so close... Yet, I'm still so far right now..." Hikari took Naruto's hand and he followed slowly in toe with the group as Taichi got Agumon onto his back.


"How did it escape?" Ken growled, how did Agumon get away? The small worm digimon scurried up seeing Ken's trouble.

"What's wrong Ken-chan?" But it was the answer it knew was coming as Ken mentioned Agumon's escape and pondered how it got the ring off. "Hey, Ken-chan!" Ken turned to the digimon annoyed. "Forget about Agumon! Use me for your experiments on evolution!" Wormmon moved forward in hopes it could convince Ken. "I'll evolve, evolve and fight for you, Ken-chan! So use me..." Ken's eyes narrowed as he understood now.

"It was you who let it escape!" Wormmon tried to convince Ken again, Wormmon was Ken's partner, if there was any need to experiment on evolution, it should be on his partner. But Ken chuckled as Wormmon tried to convince Ken. "What kind of splendid digimon would you evolve into?" Ken taunted as Wormmon moved back while Ken gaze was held on at the small digimon. "And you're my partner?" Ken questioned before chuckling. "No chance." The Kaiser stood straight with a confident smirk. "How could the Digimon Kaiser have a partner like you?" Wormmon called out to try reason with its friend. But it received a harsh kick that sent the small worm digimon bouncing along the floor. "From now on, calling me 'Ken-chan' is unacceptable." Ken stated having had enough of the digimon calling him by his name in such a term. "My name is Digimon Kaiser."

"I'm sorry Ken..." Wormmon stopped as it realised it what about to do, what its friend didn't want. "I mean Digimon Kaiser-sama..." It hurt Wormmon that Ken was going so far from his old self, the kind self Ken once was. "So please... I..." Wormmon tried again, but Kaiser wasn't about to listen as he held up his weapon to shut the insect digimon up.

At that moment, the alarm went off and the screen showing the group walking through the town flashed to life. Ken turned and smirked; guess he didn't need to search now. "Its friends came to rescue it... I won't let that happen." Kaiser's smirk increased to a grin, time to test his new spiral. As he moved to leave, he glanced back to Wormmon. "You got lucky."

"Ken-chan!" Wormmon called out only to be shut up as the whip snapped at the ground just before it as a warning, and Wormmon could only look down sadly.