Vector And Silver's Hiking Adventure

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: I like Vector and Silver so much, I use them nearly all the time in my games. Come to think of, they make great characters to write, so what they hey, I figured. Enjoy, ladies and gentlemen!

Disclaimer: Vector The Crocodile and Silver The Hedgehog belong to SEGA.

Vector The Crocodile and Silver The Hedgehog were both taking a nice hike towards the mountain. The pair of humanoid animals were heading westward of Station Square, leaving behind their friends and Pizza Hut as the two were to enjoy a full day of nature.

"Nothing beats being out here in the wide open wild, 'eh Silver?" Vector laughed as he ribbed Silver, holding on to the light straps that were attached to his blue backpack.

Silver, who was carrying a black backpack with yellow stripes, nodded in agreement as he smiled. "Yeah... I'm glad that the world is a peace with itself. That, and finally, it's nice to be out of the kitchen."

"But you're not a woman!" Vector teased as he and Silver both laughed, wrapping their arms around each other as they started heading uphill. The nice spring breeze accompanied the nice, green grassy mountain, of which was dotted with beautiful patches of blooming flowers, from the standard pink lillies to the breathtaking dandelions.

"This was a really good call, Vector. After all, I've never really been exposed to this side of nature," Silver complimented as he explained, doing several hand motions for no reason whatsoever, "When I first arrived here, I was completely taken away. After all, my original home was a complete disaster. Fire everywhere, barely anything that moves..."

Vector nodded, understanding what trouble Silver went through. "It's all right, Silver. That's all in the past now, and besides!" He rubbed Silver in the back as he grinned, his front sharp teeth revealing themselves, "You fit much better here than you did there!"

Silver's eyes began to be filled with tears, sniffling out of happiness. "Oh, Vector... that was the nicest thing anyone said to me..."

Vector chuckled, looking up at the clear blue sky, the sun shining brightly down on them. "Oh Silver, I always had a good feeling about you. After all, remember when you first came to Pizza Hut?"

Silver stopped for a brief moment to remember it. He snapped his fingers as he gasped. "Oh yeah... that's when I basically met everyone..." He chuckled, stretching his arms out as he retracted, "At the very least, I learned how to make good pizzas."

"And good garlic nuts, too," Vector added as he was just so happening to be munching on said snacks, "These things are delicious! What's your secret to them, anyway?"

Silver rolled his eyes as he laughed. "Believe me, Vector, you wouldn't want to believe it one bit."

"Come on, be honest," Vector pleaded, as he and Silver managed to reach the top of the grassy mountain. They were now approximately one hundred and fifty one feet above the earth, looking down eastward to see the trail they took. Vector grinned as he placed his hands on his hips. "What a perfect view! Wouldn't you agree, Silver?"

Silver nodded as he observed the area very closely. "You bet, Vector! The nice spring breeze, then clear blue sky, the birds singing..." He sighed as he clasped his hands together, closing his eyes. "Isn't it beautiful?"

Vector gave Silver a thumbs up. "As it is written, Silver mah boi, this peace is what all true warriors strive for!" He then placed down his blue backpack, opening it up, searching for several stuff in it. "And while we're here, let's make a temporary pit stop."

Silver nodded in agreement as he also took off his backpack. "Boy, you said it, Vector!" He got several things out of his bag, mostly mechanical objects. He then took out an old silver-colored Nintendo DS, turning it on, to see that it had nothing in it. "Hmph. Looks like I forgot to bring games again."

Vector merely laughed as he rolled on the smooth grass. "Worry not, Silver! We're simply here to enjoy beauty at its finest, remember?"

Silver nodded in agreement, smiling as he placed away the DS back into his bag. "You're right, Vector! I shouldn't worry about such a stupid thing in a peaceful time like this!" He then rolled next to Vector, sighing as he wrapped his elbows around his head, looking up as white puffy clouds appeared in the clear blue sky. "Today is such a perfect day, wouldn't you say, Vector?"

Vector nodded in agreement. "Yeah. There's nothing that can ruin such a good day!"

Silver smiled, and he then noticed some shapes in the cloud, pointing at them. "Look, Vector! And airplane!"

Vector smirked, glancing over to Silver, who was on the right side of him. "Ahh, but I bet you can't find the computer room!" He pointed at a cloud that was southward, which was shaped like a small squared room with a computer in it.

Silver's eyes widened as he glanced back at Vector. "How did you manage to figure that one out so quick, Vector?"

Vector chuckled, closing his eyes as he shrugged. "Life works in many mysterious ways, Silver. You just have to take what it gives you and go with it."

Silver smiled, nodding in agreement as he returned to looking up at the white puffy clouds. "Sigh... you're right, Vector. I shouldn't have doubted you." He managed to spot a train, a boat, and a pizza, all of which made things interesting. "Hey Vector, how 'bout I make both of us pizza? For lunch?"

Vector got up, staring at Silver with a grin across his broad face. "Pizza for lunch? Are you sure you don't want something else?"

Silver also got up, rubbing the back of his head with his right hand. "Well, burgers are so common these days, and frankly I cannot stand chili dogs, so I figured..." He sheepishly smiled as he shrugged, "Why not pizzas? After all, it's only fitting!"

Vector continued staring at Silver, and he laughed, patting Silver on the back. "Silver, you have made quite a good point." He stood up and pulled several things out of his blue backpack, including a pizza oven, which somehow conveniently fit inside the backpack, "It's only fitting, and hey! We rarely even eat our own pizzas!"

"That's the spirit, Vector!" Silver commented as he got out some rough dough, flattening it out to make it all spread.