"Gee, it sure is dark in here." Silver admitted as he could barely see anything at all, due to the underground path being completely pitch black.

"Well of course it's dark! You can barely see anything at all!" Vector snapped, clinging onto Silver so that neither would lose each other.

"Geeze, Vector, you don't have to be so rude..."

"I'm sorry I snapped at you, Silver, but we have to keep close to each other, or who knows what might happen down here."

"Hey... Vector, that just hit me."

"What is it, Silver?"

"Did you bring a light?"


"Hmm... well, this is a downer. Maybe someone will lend us his."

"...IF we persuade him..."

"Are we really quoting from CD-I? Really?"

"The truth hurts, don't it?"

"I should have figured. Come on, Vector, we have to be pretty close- AHHHH!!!"

"Silver!? SILVER!!!"

Vector ran to Silver's aid, grabbing the Albino hedgehog's left hand as he pulled him up. There was a dim lantern nearby, illuminating the entire area that Vector and Silver got themselves into. It was apparent that the two were at a cliff.

"Well, I guess now is a good time to head back up," Vector suggested as he climbed up a nearby ladder, with Silver following closely.

The two managed to exit the underground, and the two emerged on another green grassy mountain, one that overlooked the meadows towards the east, south, and west. Silver and Vector looked at each other, grinned, and gave each other a high five as they took in the fresh breath of air.

"Well, it looks like all is well, and that we can resume our hiking trip," Vector stated as he pounded his chest, pointing up at the sun, "And what do you know, it's gotten a bit cooler, too!"

"What a relief," Silver admitted as he wiped his forehead. "I would have been baked if I waited any longer."

The two humanoid animals laughed as they looked at each other, prompting one more high five, as the ground then shook again, causing Vector and Silver to hold onto each other.

"Just what is up with this crazy day!?" Silver shouted, gasping in horror as the Buzz Bombers returned, along with the Batbrains and Moto Bugs.

Vector growled, adjusting his headphones firmly as he got into a fighting pose. "I let them get to me with ease. I'm not going to let that happen again!" He looked at Silver. "Come on, Silver! You can't possibly lose to a bunch of friggin' robots!"

Silver dropped his jaw, taking several seconds to think. However, he was quick to react as Vector ran over to the robots, beating the ever loving pulp out of them. Silver shook his left fist, still pondering what to do.

"Do I help, or do I just sit back? Oh, I can't decide!" Silver growled as he slapped himself, snapping out of his senses. He grinned, getting into a fighting pose as he shouted with determination, "No! I can't lose! I won't lose!" He screamed a war cry as he ran towards the Buzz Bombers, using his psychic powers to blow them to bits. "All right, here it goes!"

Vector continued pounding the Moto Bugs and Batbrains with his powerful fists, using his tail to severe the Buzz Bombers. Vector laughed victoriously as he ripped out the electrical cords that ran rampant within the mechanical bodies, using them to tangle the other robots. He turned around and felt happy, seeing Silver kicking the robots all around. The two continued their struggle together, winning a strong battle against the robots, who seemed to have spawned endlessly. Several Buzz Bombers shot lasers at Silver and Vector, but Silver deflected them with his psychic powers, kicking up dust to make it hard for the Buzz Bombers to see. Vector then picked up a fainted Moto Burg and chucked it at the squad of Buzz Bombers, causing them to explode in a great fashion.

Vector cheered as he gave a thumbs up, but the Batbrains were ramming him in the back, causing him to fall flat on his body. He moaned, opening his eyes to the Moto Bugs picking at his face. He screamed in anger, punching away the Moto Bugs as he grabbed the Batbrains, stuffed them into his jaw, and crunched down on them, spitting the mechanical remains out. Several Crabmeat snuck out from underground, pinching Silver on the butt. Silver yelped, stumbling back as he tumbled a bit down the grassy mountain. Vector saw this, but as he tried going to Silver for aid, he tripped, one of the Moto Bugs purposely doing so. Vector growled, and he picked up the Moto Bug, ramming its body into the Crabmeats as he rushed towards Silver. Silver moaned, having received some injury on his knee, but being all right enough to continue fighting. Vector helped Silver back up, and the two of them looked at each other, smiling.

"How about we make this more interesting?' Vector asked as he gave a thumbs up.

Silver nodded, cracking his knuckles together. "You bet. Let's make some fireworks fly!"

The two of them ran towards the horde of robots, breaking them with sheer force as they continued running uphill. The two had placed their backpacks on the top of the mountain, making it easier for Vector and Silver to deal with combat. Vector then picked up his combat and began swinging it around, knocking the robots into pieces with complete ease as Silver popped out a slingshot, firing several pebbles. After five minutes of pure non stop brawling, the last of the robots, a lone Crabmeat, was destroyed with a punch to the face by Vector, and this, Vector and Silver have successfully won their challenging match.

"Silver, we did it!" Vector complimented as he jumped up for joy, spinning around as he posed heroically. "That was the best beat down I've ever been involved since fifteen years ago! I've never felt so alive!"

Silver nodded in agreement as he also jumped for joy. "Yeah! Those robots didn't have any idea of what was coming to them!"

Vector laughed, patting Silver on the back as the two picked up their backpacks and started heading westward, heading down the grassy mountain, "Well, Silver, now that we have taken care of trouble, we can finally continue our hiking for the rest of the day in peace!"

Silver nodded, wrapping his right arm around Vector as he replied, "Yeah! Today sure was a great day for a brawl. A nice relaxing walk is just what we need from this hectic insanity!"

Both Vector and Silver laughed joyfully as they skipped down the mountain, resuming their regular walking as they headed through the thick jungle that lied at the base of the mountain, heading westward as the clear blue sky transformed into a magnificent yellow-orange sunset.