Full Summary: Twilight happened and so did some of New Moon. Edward did leave her and she was a catatonic zombie. Then she started hanging out with Jacob, everything was getting better, but when he started ignoring her and then told her they couldn't be friends she was devastated. So Bella decides to leave and go back to her mother's for a year give or take to clear her head. Though she goes to Jacob the day/night before she is leaving to give it one last shot. When she does she finds out about the whole werewolf/shape shifter ability, thanks to the every so subtle Paul. Bella still chooses to leave though. That is where the story begins.

Author's Note: This is my first story, so please don't shoot me. I am giving my hand at this all. Please review and give me feedback. I would appreciate it. Thanks! Also I am going to have Bella be younger than in the book. It was her 17th birthday that Edward left her on. Works out better for the story. I also want to thank my friend for helping me with the name and sweetness4683 for all her help as well.

Disclaimer!: I do not own twilight, Stephenie Meyer does. I do however own the books, as in I have copies. I do wish I owned Jasper and Peter, Paul too! Yum! On with the story!

I was so fed up with all the shit that Jacob was saying. It wasn't his fault though, I knew it wasn't his fault. Before, when we were going riding for the first time he told me about Samuel Uley and his group. How Embry started to hang around them, dropping him and Quil like they meant nothing to him. He swore he would never do that, even though he had a feeling he was next. What a bunch of shit that was, he did. From me running in to Quil the other day he was afraid he was next and had told me, that now Jacob just as Embry did, left him out without a second glance. Instead of going back to the zombie state, like I started to do, I got pissed. This was not going to happen, no. Even if I was leaving, I wouldn't allow it. Jacob was my personal sun, my best friend and yet he just threw me away like trash, along with Quil. I wont stand for it this time!

Leaving. My plane leaves early tomorrow morning. That is what I chose to do, leave. Some may seem it's the coward's way out but it isn't. Nope, not for me. I am coming back, but I am clearing my head first. It will be good for me and right now that is who I have to look out for. Me. For once I am looking after myself. The conversation with my dad was heart reaching for me but I had to do it. He knew and agreed but it was still hard for the both of us. Just thinking about it made me remember.

Walking down stairs, I saw Charlie sitting in the recliner watching the game. Standing on the last step, shifting uncomfortably, half tempted to go back upstairs. No! I will not go back upstairs.! Setting mind with determination I walked into the living room and the game was gone, and a commercial came on. "Dad, we need to talk." I said softly. He looked up at me, took a deep breath and nodded. "Dad, I'm leaving." was all I said and I could see the panic building. "Dad, I mean for a year or maybe a few months. Not forever or by myself. I think it would do me some good. I could clear my mind of everything and come back and be I don't know at peace I guess." I muttered, shifting waiting for his answer. I saw him opening and closing his mouth before he finally cleared his throat.

"Bell.. I.. Don't…" Taking a deep breath his continued. "I know I should want you to go and a small part of me wants you too, cause it would be good for you. But you're my little girl, no matter your age. I don't,.. I just don't want to see you go. I just got you back." Charlie said, and it was one of the few times he opened up his feelings. I could feel the wetness running down my cheeks. "Dad it wont be permanent just for a little while. I'll be back before you know it." He nodded. "Oh and don't worry about food, I'll air mail some for you." I said to lighten the mood. He chuckled but it wasn't full heartedly. "Best you better go pack then." Nodding I started back up the stairs. "And Dad." He turned looking at me. "Yeah Bell." I smiled at him, " I will always be your little girl." With those words I walked back to my room and began packing some stuff.

Turning, I looked at the nightstand, my ticket sat there. Shoving it into my pocket, gathering what I needed I packed it into the truck and headed down to La Push. Pulling up to Billy's I hopped out and slammed the door. Walking up, knocking, Billy opened the door with a shocked expression. "Jacob here?" I asked my tone a bit demanding, he nodded, "but he's sleeping." I slipped past him and back towards his bed, opening the door, preparing to speak when I saw him sleeping. He looked so peaceful, I wasn't going to disturb him, though out his window I saw Sam and his group. Shutting his door I stormed out and up towards them. "What did you do to him! He didn't want this!!!!" I hollered at Sam. Why couldn't you just leave him the hell alone!" That was when either Paul or Jared started to shake. "Watch it!' Sam told the man, but he didn't listen. Right before my eyes there was a huge wolf.

Eyes widening, I turned back and ran when he roared, seeing Jacob I panicked. "Jacob, Run!!!" I yelled coming to meet him but he jumped over me and turned into a wolf himself. I saw on the ground watching the two when they growled at one another. "Jacob!" I yelled and started towards them when Sam spoke. "Jared, Embry take her to Emily's. I'll get Paul and Jacob." Sam ordered and the two walked towards me. Embry helped me up, while the other just smirked. "Guess the wolf's out of the bag." Was his grand reply. The riding and their betting were just a murmur in the background. All I could do was worry about Jake. Arriving at a house I stepped out and was told not to stare. Walking in I saw why, a beautiful women with russet skin was before me, though half her face had scars. That didn't take away from her beauty though. I looked at the boys, so not to stare, but from her beauty not scars.

"So you're the vampire girl." She said as she offered a muffin to me. Nodding I smiled. "I guess I am, so you're the wolf girl." I replied and she smiled, while we all laughed. It was nice, comfortable here. The atmosphere was relaxing and something I could get use to and enjoy. Just then the boys walked through the door. Relief washed through me, as Paul sat down. A smirk on his lips as he spoke. "Sorry." I couldn't help but grin and shake my head. "Don't worry Bella, we don't bite." Embry said as Paul turned towards me, the smirk on his face still. "Speak for yourself." Paul said showing off his pearly whites as he did, before shoving a muffin in his mouth. Jacob walked in and I launched myself at him. "You stupid stupid stupid boy! I was worried sick about you! What if he bit you or you him! Jacob!" I said, my tone was disapproving but relief was clearly there. He wrapped me up in his arms and sat down. Looking from his chest I realized they were staring. "What?!" I asked causing them all to laugh and my cheeks to burn.

The day from there was better but by nightfall it was when everything blew up again. "Jacob, come with me a moment." I saw he was about to protest. "Please." He nodded, getting up and followed me down to the beach. "I am glad that today was good, that everything was ending on a good note between us. I really am going to miss you." I whispered mostly to myself but he heard it. "Bella. Bells what do you mean by that?" Jacob said with a tone that I knew meant not to mess around to put it off even longer. "I'm leaving. I am going to go to my mom's for a bit. To clear my head and gather myself. I don't like who I am. I am still broken. I still can't say his name or even think about any of them without the pain, and misery coming back." I whispered fearing his response.

"Damn it Isabella!!!!" Jacob roared and I knew that it was bad. "I just got you back and you tell me your leaving!!! Seriously!!! What the fuck Bella!! Your not allowed to go! I forbid it! I'll help you get over him, them!!! I was helping before wasn't I!!!" He bellowed causing me to shrink back from him. 'Jake you know you were, more than you could ever imagine but even you can't heal me completely by yourself. And though we are good now, I am not going to lie to you, your words hurt me deep. I almost went back to catatonic zombie state. I need to get away form here, I swear to you it isn't forever. I promise you that. It will only be a year top! I will be back for the next school year, that I promise. Who knows, but no longer then a year. Please understand Jake, please!" I begged.

"Bella how do you expect me to be okay with this!!! Huh?! Just getting you back to find out your leaving!!! Well I am not!!! I wont let you leave! Damn it I wont!!!!" He roared and his shaking became worse. Backing up, trying to get a safe distance away so he wouldn't hit me if he phased. I knew how Sam felt about doing that to Emily and I wouldn't allow him to feel that pain and remorse. His anger finally exploded causing him to as well, a giant rustle wolf was standing before me. He gave me one last look before letting out a painful howl and took off into the woods. Collapsing onto the ground, tears running silently down my cheeks. I had no will to get up, so I just stayed there. It wasn't long though, before someone came out.

It was Sam. Kind of funny, he was the one to always find me. First in the woods, now out here. Just as if he was thinking the same thing he spoke. "Is this going to become a pattern Bella? I think Emily would get suspicious." He said and I gave a small, soft laugh. "Come on let's get you home." I nodded and stood when he swept me up. Looking at him, he just shrugged. An hour later I was home and in bed, sleep wasn't coming for me like I hoped. Looking at the clock one last time it read 11:49, I closed my eyes hoping for peace, just this once.

The day came too quickly, I though at Charlie shook me awake. "Come on Bella, don't want to be late for your plane. Gotta get up kiddo." He said and I groaned in protest, but nodded anyways. Stretching I glanced at the clock, 2:10 it read as I rolled out of bed. Half an hour later we arrived at the airport and was waiting for my plane to board. Almost magically it announced that flight 306 to Jacksonville Florida was boarding. Standing up I looked at Charlie, giving him a hug I gathered my luggage and went to the boarding area. Just as I gave the flight attendant my ticket I heard someone scream my name. Looking up I saw Jake. Just as I went to go to him they said last call. Smiling sadly as he screamed for me not to go I walked on, tears pouring down my face as I took my seat. Just before the plane took off I could have sworn I heard a wolf's howl.