Remember Me?

Seeing you reminds me of the golden days of my lifetime. Yet, everyone lived in fear of black magic. I never understood why.

Back then, I actually felt normal and I was accepted – sort of. Witches would be sent to death, although most of these "witches" were powerless and, therefore, innocent. As long as I hid my magic, I would be accepted.

When I first moved to your kingdom, I used magic in secret to learn all I needed to know. At that moment, I saw that the king was not truly ruling the kingdom, although the public thought he was. The one with the brains behind the magnificent statue was his golden-clad daughter, famous for long ebony hair and empathy, infamous for refusing marriage. Knowing this, I tried to work in the court. That was difficult because women generally held no power, but I managed. I was to be your maid.

For awhile, my life was perfect; I felt normal for once and you became my best friend, my golden-clad princess. One day, though, you fell terminally ill. I was desperate to save you, so I tried to cure you, risking my identity as a witch. I made sure no one was there, and I chanted my spell of healing as you slept. As I spoke the last phrase, I heard a shriek. Your nurse saw me use magic. I knew it would be a matter of time before I would be condemned, so I ran out of the castle and hid in a nearby barn, my new home. My golden days were over.

A week later, you and your knights found me. Your dark eyes, formerly filled with sisterly love, were cold and showed pure hatred. You barked at the knights to execute me then and there. Realizing that we were no longer friends, I blatantly used magic on your knights, instantly killing them. As you ran for back-up, I cursed the kingdom. Crops would be diseased or pulled up prematurely. The animals would all die. I specifically created Black Death for this wretched kingdom. No one even had a chance for survival.

Oblivious to my curse, your father came after me and tried to murder me himself. I effortlessly beheaded him. His blood turned my violet eyes crimson. I wore his cloak and used his shrunken head as a clasp to remind me how quickly you betrayed me. I ran to find you; I needed revenge.

As I searched for you, I murdered everyone in my way: old, young, healthy, sick, it didn't matter. When I found you, you seemed afraid, yet I still saw your hatred. I tried to kill you, but… memories flooded my mind. I remembered our meeting. I remembered how we celebrated holidays. I remembered helping you devise strategies during wars. I needed revenge, but I just couldn't kill you. Even though you loathed me with a passion, I still thought of you as my friend. So I decided to punish– and help- you. I stole your voice and put you to sleep in your bed. Then I sealed you and your bed away in a mine. To make sure you wouldn't starve if you woke up, I left you a wooden sign. I am hungry. Please bring curry rice. Then, satisfied, I went home.

Years passed, and absolutely no one survived my curse. You never left my mind. I thought of you as I turned your father's head into a skull to get rid of his foul smell. I gave myself the name "Witch Princess" because we used to be best friends. I created a hut very similar to the one you gave me when I started to work for you. Life slowly returned to the land you used to rule. Eventually, Forget-Me-Not Valley formed and flourished.

You stand before me now as you had always stood: proud, confidant. Your new husband is watching us closely. I can tell from the look in your eye that you're confused. I have one question for you, Keira, me adversary, my friend: Do you remember me?