The Girl?!

Chapter 1

Jaden's POV

Alexis, Syrus, and Hassleberry were going back to the Red Dorm after class. Syrus said "It's weird I don't see Jaden that much anymore. Did you see him?'' The other two agree then Alexis said

"You know that every time we get tests or homework back he always stuffs it in his notebook after taking a peek at it.''

Meanwhile Jaden said "It's really awesome how you help me study for tests and check my homework Jenny.'' smiling at her. Jenny said " It's okay. I don't want my boyfriend to fail.'' Then Jaden look at his watch(3:35) "O man I have to get back to the Red Dorm before the gang does.'' picking up his backpack and helping Jenny packing up her things.

Jenny kiss Jaden on his cheek and then he left. Back at the Red Dorm Alexis, Syrus ,Hassleberry ,Chazz ,Atticus and Bastion were in Syrus and Hassleberrys' room( also Jaden's room). Around 5:00 , Jaden sneaked inside his room and when he put his bag down he turn around and jump when he saw the gang staring at him. Jaden was smiling when he said "Hey guys whats up?''.

Then Alexis said " O lets see you were supposed to come two hours ago." Chazz spoke up " I took the libertary of checking your notebook.'' holding up his notebook. "Hey!'' said Jaden he was stepping forward but Syrus and Hassleberry stopped him in his tracks. Then Bastion said " We found a bunch tests and homework that have been graded with 100s or As.'' holding a stack of papers in in his hands. ''Jay Jay are you in there?" said a voice. Jaden was about to speak but Bastion covered his mouth.

Then a girl came in she was a pretty Obelisk with long brown hair she had soft brown eyes just like Jaden's. Her eyes look like they were in shock. "Hey what are you doing to my boyfriend!" she yell. She look really piss off.

Chapter 2

Jaden's POV

Alexis, Syrus, Hassleberry, Chazz, Atticus and Bastion look like they were they were about faint. "Hey guys are you okay?" ask Jaden looking worry. " WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL US YOU HAVE A GIRLFRIEND.'' scream Syrus, Hassleberry, Atticus, Chazz, and Bastion. Alexis remain quiet, then she started walking towards Jaden and start yelling in his face " Why didn't tell us?!''. To much of their surprise Jaden yell back "I knew you would react like this!" then the pretty Obelisk spoke up " Jaden you and your friends are needed in the Chancellor Sheppard's office."

"K thanks Jenny and guess what I just remember that my mom will send us a cake for our aniversy next month." said Jaden with a smile that will make you melt. " C'mon let's go." said Jaden leading the way to Chancellor Sheppard's office with Jenny at the front of the pack. They were quiet until they got to the office. Then they hear yelling "What the hell you mean we can't see our son Sheppard!" Then Jaden sigh and said "Well let's go inside and see why mom is really pissed."

. Alexis, Syrus, Hassleberry, Chazz, Atticus and Bastion was shock to know the woman they just heard was actually Jaden's mother. Then Jaden walk over the door and push it open and there they saw a woman on the screen looking rather piss.

She had long brown hair with ocean blue eyes. "Hey Mom cool it I'm here!" yelled Jaden. Then both Jaden's mom and the Chancellor turn around to see Jaden and the others at the door. "O my baby there you are you okay?" ask his mother looking relieve and worried. "I'm okay what happen?" said Jaden looking worried since he saw his mother's face.

"Jaden I need you and Jenny to come home right now. We need you to come home right please." said Jaden's mother looking she was about to cry. Jaden saw this and sigh "K mon I will come home tonight." looking sad. His mother hang up and Jaden turn around and said "Chancellor can me and Jenny go home please?".

Chapter 3

Sheppard's POV

I saw the sadness between Jaden and his mother. Then Jenny ask out of nowhere "So can we go home?" she ask me. All eyes were on me the spotlight was on me. I answered "Yes you and Jaden can go home for two weeks." Both Jenny and Jaden smiled and Jenny jumped into Jaden's arms and he start twirling her around. I smiled at this sight.

Jaden's POV

We were both so happy that Sheppard is letting us go home. "Chancellor we will leave tonight." I told him after I put Jenny down. He nod and then the gang was looking at me like they never saw me before. Before I could answer Jenny start pulling me toward the door for we could pack.

Alexis look like she was about to say something but we ran out the room before she could speak. We head toward the Slifer's Dorm for I could pack first since it won't take us long. Then we head towards the Obelisk Girl's Dorm for Jenny could pack.

I waited outside the dorm since boys are not allow to enter the girl's dorm. Then Jenny came out with a Duel Academy's backpack like me and she said "Ready?" I nod then we head toward the docks.

Before we went aboard I ask "You ready?" Jenny nod. "WELL YOU ARE NOT LEAVING WITHOUT US!!!!!!!" yell a voice. We turn around to see the person who yell was Chazz with Alexis, Syrus, Hassleberry, Atticus, and Bastion with bags too. I started to get mad "No you are staying here." Then boom! They all started to yell at me about they are coming no matter what I say. I finally had enough and yell "FINE YOU CAN COME BUT YOU HAVE TO LISTEN TO ME NO MATTER WHAT. GOT IT!?" that make everybody shut up.

They all agree and nod. I finally calm down and start walking under deck with everybody following me. I sat down and Jenny sat down next to me holding my hand smiling. Then I look up and saw all my friends looking like at me like I was crazy, and I said "what?" Then Atticus said "Jayman we didn't know you have a girlfriend." then I was about to answer but Alexis spoke before I could "Yeah how did you two meet?" "Well….."


I was walking around campus, looking for someone to duel. Then I notice a girl getting push around by some guys. "Hey leave me around!" "No give me some sugar sweetie." said the guy with the blonde hair looking like he was 35 years old. "No leave me alone you pig." I throw a rock at the guy and yell "Hey old guy pick someone your age!" He turn around looking really pissed off. We started fighting and I won. I walk toward the girl. She look around my age she was really pretty. "Thank you" she pull me into a hug and start crying "That guy wouldn't leave me alone for weeks" she cried. Then we start spending time together during the summer. Then the summer was about over and she told me that she would have to go back to Duel Academy. I was shocked because I told her that I go to Duel Academy. Then we started dating when we went into our 2nd year.

End Flashback

When I was finish everybody's jaw except Jenny was touching the ground. "You two have been dating for a whole year without anybody knowing." said Syrus. "Yup" I answered. We stay quiet till we heard a voice. "This is your Caption speaking we are docking right now."

The gang was shock to be there so early. We left the dock and got our bags. "Hey how we going to your house Jaden?" ask Alexis looking around. With that the others start looking around too. Then I and Jenny start chuckling then they look at us confused. "Hey Slacker and Slackette why are you laughing at us?" ask Chazz looking confused like Alexis. I pull out my phone and started dialing. "Who are you calling Jaden?" ask Atticus. I answer

" You'll see." looking please. I dial a number and was listening to the ring. "Hello Yuki's residence how can I help you" ask a voice. "Hey James Guess what I am back" I answer. You could hear from the other side cheering "Master Jaden where are you for I can pick you up in the limo, what limo do me to drive in." ask James. I answer " The limo with my sports I hadn't play them in a long time." looking excited. "I will pick you up in 5 minutes." Then he hang up. When I was done talking Jenny was gleaming with pride and the gang's jaws was almost touching the ground.

Then Jenny broke the silenced by asking "So when James coming with the limo?" "5 minutes" I answer. She nodded. Alexis was the first to break out of shock " Your rich?" Both me and Jenny nod. Before any of them could say anything. "WHOO HOO!!!!!!!"A limo drive over everybody heads.

Everybody except me and Jenny started yelling. Brotherly protection Atticus ran to Alexis to protect her, she was yelling since she was scared. Then I say " Bet you 5 bucks he will mess up." "O you are on." said Jenny and everybody thought we were crazy. Then the limo crash a few feet away from us. Jenny and me start laugh and I say" You owe me 5 bucks." Jenny grumble something and dug a crumbled 5 dollars, and hand it to me. "Hey no love for me?!" yelled a voice. We all turn around from to the limo we saw a guy around 25 year old that was kinda old with brown hair crawling out the limo. Me an Jenny started laughing and Jenny said whiling laughing "Of course we love you James."

We ran over there to James he give both of us a hug and said "You too are going up so fast." pretending to wipe a tear, then start laughing. "Hey Jaden can you explain cause we are confuse!!!!" yell Syrus looking like he was about to faint. Then I yell back "Sure but first let's go to the mansion!"

Then the gang ran up to us and Atticus said "Dude how the limo is all destroyed." The rest agree except me, Jenny, and James and I say "You will go to my house in the limo while me and Jenny go in my motorcycle and listen to whatever James say." Then I turn around to face James and say "

Please don't mess up my friends." Then while James was getting my motorcycle out Chazz scream out "YOU HAVE A MOTORCYCLE SLACKER!!!" I turn to him and nod. The gang look at me surprise they thought I would be piss. A few minutes later, James wheel over the motorcycle and some clothes. I took of my jacket and so did Jenny then we put on the bike jackets and gloves. Finally we put on the helmets we saw James open the door to the gang and the piled in there fast.

After he close the door I said "Follow me ." He nodded and went inside the limo. Jenny start holding me when I turn it on. I went really fast and but James easily caught up with me since he knows my ideas. Every time we stop people start waving at us and someone yell "Hey guess what Domino City the Prince and Princess are back, then everybody started cheering so we start laughing and waving. But bad enough for me James had the limos' windows down they heard everything and I was dead meat.

James's POV

I follow Jaden and Jenny. I thought "Man those two are growing up so much since while they were gone." I was taken out of my thoughts when I heard someone yell "Hey guess what Domino City the King and Queen are back!" I just start laughing then a voice with a cold edge said "The what are back, James."

Then I said "O O O I am not going to be part in this. You all just wait till Jaden answers your questions."By the way who are you?" I ask by the look on their faces it was a bad thing to say. Then the short guy with blue hair was the first one tobreak out of shock and said "What do you mean you don't know who we are."looking sad. It was akward "Um sorry, am I suppose to know you?"I said. Then the boy ith pump-out guns said "We are Jaden's best friends."

I stop the limo when the stoplight turn the red and start laughing."O thats rich real rich."I said wiping a tear away frommy eye. Then the girl wtih blonde hair pop a vein looking really mad "What do you mean that's rich?" I answer back with a tiny bit of fear "Because your not Jaden's best 's best friends are Max, Tea, Joey, Yugi,Tristen,Seto,Mokuba ,Paige,Paris,and his girlfriend Jenny.

When I was done listen Jaden's best friends I saw Jaden's friends from Duel Academy jaws were almost touching the limo's were all quiet till we reach the mansion. When they left the limo and saw the mansion everybody fainted.I sweatdrop and said "This is gonna be an interesting two weeks."

Jaden's POV

I was back home. I thought I would never been happier. Then me and Jenny finally reach our destination home. I type in a password for me and James could enter. I park in the back but left Jenny with James .When I came back I find Everybody except James and Jenny on the floor."Um guys what happen to them?" pointing at them. "O the same reaction everybody gets whenthey see your house." said Jenny giving me a kiss on the cheek.

Then I took water from my bottle and dump it on them to wake them up. Chazz woke up first "What was that for?" Everybody said the same thing when they woke up and found out they were wet. "Hey Master Jaden I will see you later your mother wants me to get something from the store." said James bowing to me and left in a tinier car.

Narrative's POV

Before anybody could say anything from the mansion, the huge doors started opening and there was a turn around to see the stampede, they saw a woman who was Jaden's mom since they saw her on the video chat, a woman around Jaden'mom age with long blonde hair, two men look like twins they had brown hair,but the one wearing a red shirt had brown eyes,the other one had a blue shirt on had green eyes, a boy around 5 had dirty blonde hair but ocean blue eyes, a boy around 14 had the same color hair and eyes as Jaden, girl twins had black hairin pigtails and ponytails look around 7, and a girl around 15 had a light brown hair with hair goes to her shoulders.

Jaden was smiling and yell "HEY YUKI'S I AM BACK!!!!!!!!" Before the gang could say something something to Jaden he was hug-tackled to the ground. First the 5-year old then the twin girls, then the 14-year old,then the 15-year year old, and then all of the adults too.

Jaden started laughing and said "It's great to see you Mom, Dad, Uncle Harry, Aunt Annie,Dani,Michelle,Shelly,Nick,and Jake." Then Jaden look around and pouted "Where is Rebeca,Zack,and Cody?" Jaden's dad who was wearing a red shirt said"They left on vacation, they are coming back tomorrow." "Awesome." "Guys these are my and Jenny's new friends from Duel Academy."stoping to point at them.

"This is Alexis and Atticus Rhodes, Chazz Princeton,Bastion Misawa,Syrus Truesdale, and Hassleberry." and "Guys this is my part of my family" they look at him confuse who have a family this big and say it's a part" "This my mom Jay Yuki and my dad Chris Yuki. My uncle Harryand his wife Annie and their kids Jake(5year old), and Dani (girl). Here is my little brother and sisters Nick Michelle, and Shelly.

"Rebeca is my older sister and Zack is her husband and Cody is their we enter the house Mom said "There is a surprise for you and Jenny in the kitchen." and on that note Jaden and Jenny ran inside with the gang following them took like 5 minutes to get in the kitchen since the house was huge.

Jaden and Jenny were outside the kitchen with the gang panting behind them "How you guys not tired?" ask Atticus sweating. Jenny answered for us "If you been here long enough you get use to it." Jaden smiled and said "Let's go inside!"Jaden went inside first and yell "Why the fuck you guys are here?"

Jenny went inside and said the same thing. The gang went inside and saw Yugi Moto,Seto and Mokoba Kaiba, Tea Gardener,Joey Wheeler,Tristen Joe,and some other kids they don't know. Alexis spoke up and yell "Jaden Yuki you better have a reasonable explation to say to us!!!" Everybody turn to Jaden who just say "O crap."

Chapter 4

Jaden's POV

I was stuck Alexis and the gang had back me up into a corner she puff "Well?" I give up. "Fine I will tell you but first lets go to my Yug would you do me a favor and tell Wing Kurbioh (yours) that thanks for the confindence."I say. Yugi nod.

I lead everyone to an elevator there was two and Atticus ask why there was a elevator in my house. Me and Yugi smiled and said "My room is the biggest room in the whole house and it has awesome view." I divided everybody into two groups me, Jenny,and the gang while Yugi and others use the other one.

We all stay quiet, then finally we got there. We stay outside myroom until others were here too. Then Yugi and Joey was running in front of the pack. Then I turn to my room and open the door and said "Don't touch anything got it.?" they nodded and went inside.

Everybody went inside first then I went last and thought this going intesting two weeks. When I went inside my friends were staring everywhere it was huge it had an balocony a huge bathroom, there was pictures everywhere of Jaden and the others when they were younger on one side of a wall and it was huge.

We sat down in some of the chairs that was around the table. I said "Okay what do you want to know?" that was a bad move the gang started yelling questions like how do you know the king of games and other things. I lost it "EVERYBODY SHUT UP RIGHT NOW!" that made them be quiet. "One at a time Alexis you go first and Yugi you and the others could help too." He and the others nodded. Alexis took a deep breath and said"Ok how do you know Yugi and the others?"

I turn to Yugi and nodded and he knew he would be answering this one "Alexis you see, that one time we were all walking through the city at night,then a gang attack us we thought were dead then Jaden came in and fight all them. I also not talking about dueling and there was like twenty guys and Jaden beat them up." Then Kaiba continue "We were thankful what he did but we were hurt so Jaden took us home and heal us with no we start talking to him and hanging out with him then we became his best friends with Paige and Paris." Then finally Joey said "Paige(the girl with long blue hair) is Jaden's ex but still his best friend that is a girl and Paris is her sister and Jaden's second best friend."

Then all eyes went on me and I said "What?Never mind next person is Syrus." " How are you rich Jaden? We never heard your name in the newspaper or t.v. before." I sigh and said " My family owns Dream Island and we are related to Pegaues and we get a part of the money he gets" But before I could finish someone yell "Hey Mattie get your stinking ass down stairs for practice!" I yell back "No way I am going to be your ass back home." as I run downstairs laughing.

Gang's POV

We saw Jaden run downstairs laughing. Tea said"Well then Yugi you get Jaden and I will Jesse." Atticus ask" What are you two talking about?" "Well you see Jaden's friend Jesse is here which means that those two will fight in the workout room and always get hurt and we patch them up" said Yugi. Chazz woke up and said" What all these pictures for?" Trisiten said" You see Jaden knows Hip hop, karate, twa kwan do,and the state national gutiarest. These are some of the hundred pictues and awads he won over the years." looking really proud.

This was going to be an interesting two weeks the GX gang is going to have.