Just wasn't like that anymore... - Prologue


Life wasn't the same.

About three years after their most adventurous of summers, Phineas and Ferb found that pretty much everything had changed.

It had started with minor fights. Their parents would often start to quarrel about unimportant things, but it grew louder and
harsher quickly and was soon impossible to ignore. It wasn't long before yelling and swearing could be heard all around the house every day.

That time, Candace started spending most of her time at Stacy's or Jeremy's place to escape the noise, and for the same purpose, the
stepbrothers often locked themselves in their room and pursued their projects there, albeit not as big in size.

It all worked somehow.

But one month before start of summer vacation, Lawrence got himself kicked out of the house and decided to take his son with him to a
hotel on the other side of Danville.

Now, Phineas was only able to see his best friend in school, but even that worked somehow.

The month passed by and when vacations arrived, Ferb came to visit the Flynns every other day.
Sometimes, his father would come along too, but that mostly resulted in another afternoon of yelling and noise. Divorce was mentioned more than once.


End Prologue

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