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To love someone deeply
…Gives you strength.
Being loved by someone deeply
…Gives you courage.

~ Lao Tzu

Betty had been working relentlessly for the past four weeks…since she'd landed at Heathrow actually. And it had been on the fifth day of the fourth week that she had bumped into Daniel Meade, her best friend, her confidant, her piece of home away from home.

It had been on that day, exactly eleven months, and two weeks and three days ago that Daniel had asked her out to dinner. And from then on their rapport had slightly altered and given way to a more intimate and amorous relationship.

They had gone from strength to strength, overcoming insignificant obstacles (packed schedules and whatnot!), and had finally settled at the glittering and pleasantly exciting doors of the beginning of a brand new life together.

"Hey, AB," said Justin, sauntering into the church's side room at Orchardleigh. "How are you feeling?"

Betty merely grinned in response. All of her family and close friends had come to England to wish her off. After all, it was her Wedding day. The day she and Daniel were to marry and entwine their souls together. She could not be happier! She felt everything a blushing Bride ought to; excited, worried, jittery but most of all, in love with the most wonderful man.

Betty was finally ready, Hilda, Christina and Amanda – the bridesmaids, dressed in mauve knee-length dresses with tiny roses intermittently woven through their hair - having helped, when Ignacio walked into the room, reluctant yet happy to part with his little girl. "Mija, you look absolutely beautiful..." The others agreed, nodding their assent and slowly retreated from the room, leaving Ignacio to impart his wisdom upon Betty.

"Mija…this is going to be one of the most joyful days of your life and I wish with all my heart that you and Daniel have everything you desire and be happy for the years to come 'cause believe me, they'll be the most wonderful and challenging years of your lives." Betty chuckled at this, her eyes tearing. "And I want you to know that whatever happens, however blissful or trying married life is, if you love someone enough, like you and Daniel do, you will overcome anything. And, well, if you don't and Daniel breaks your heart, then you know where I am."

"Papi…" Betty admonished gently, smiling nonetheless. "You have nothing to worry about, OK? We love each other and we'll be fine." Betty's heart soared at this, knowing that Daniel would never hurt her intentionally. After all, they had been and were best friends and they both knew each other inside out, even though they still managed to surprise the other with something new and brilliant.

The church bells rang out, signalling the time. Betty and Ignacio strode out the room where the bridesmaids stood waiting before the huge oak doors. Betty hooked her arm with her father's out held one and they both walked, or rather, Betty glided down the aisle behind the bridesmaids.

Betty looked towards Daniel, his baby blues catching her chocolate browns, looking extremely dapper in his Armani suit standing at the altar with Alexis, his Best (Wo)man next to him. Betty softly smiled at him, remembering all the magnificent things he'd done for her back in New York and now here in London…he truly was a gent.

At and outside Mode, he had made sure he never disappointed her and tried to please her at every opportunity, although he had been a jerk at times, especially the first time they'd met. And since they had begun dating, he had made sure to treat her right, taken her to the best places, pampered her, helped her, cheered her up and encouraged her in any way he could when she was down.

And now she was stood right before him, prepared to spend the rest of her life with him.

"We are gathered here today…"

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