August 27th

Dear Diary,

Well I called Alexander last night.

He and my family have been worried sick about me.

Once he heard my voice he nearly ran off the phone to tell my parents.

I told him to wait till I'm off though.

I just can't even think about talking to them right now,

they don't understand me.

We talked for only a few minutes,

because I was at a payphone.

But he said he misses me so much,

and he loves me.

Can you believe that diary?

We've known each other a short amount of time,

and he loves me.

I guess it could be all we have been through so far…

which isn't much on his part per say…

or maybe it could be.

Diary Alexander said he would hop in his car and come to me.

That made me cry;

how could I hurt someone that means so much.

I told him I would be home soon;

I just needed time to think.

While I have been gone the past 26 days,

I've been clean.

For one I have no money,

which I think is good for me.

Alexander told me though I could come home and live with him;

I didn't have to go back to my parent's.

Apparently my parent's even agreed.

I'm seriously contemplating living with him.

But I still told him I need time.

So right before we got off the phone he told me to meet him at the abandoned house in our town.

I partly feel like it is a trap,

but I am going to trust him.

I'll let you know how it goes tomorrow diary.