Name: Antoinette "Ann"

Place of birth: London, England moved to Houston, Texas when she was a child.

Age: "Died" at the age of 17 one year before Jasper went missing.

Looks: long red hair fair skin and striking angelic features.

Jasper Whitlock and Antoinette Depardieu were child hood sweethearts and the best of friends. Antoinette went for a ride one day with her brother Michael. They never returned home. Both the Whitlock family and the Depardieu family went in search of them. Only to find Matthew barely alive, while Antoinette was never to be found. Michael said that someone or something came and attacked both him and Ann. All he could remember was Ann being taken before he was knocked unconscious.

Jasper searched for days on end trying to find his beloved Ann.

He never found her.

Jasper stepped out of his car with a sigh, and once again the sun was nowhere in the sky. All the clouds where dark grey mixed with black as rain continued to fall. Jasper watched as his family put up their umbrella's and walked together happily. Alice was now walking with the new vampire, her true soul mate, Ian Connelly.

Ian was originally born in the highlands of Scotland in 1289 and assisted William Wallace in his revenge against the English suppressors. He looked the part too. Ian was a very tall man, roughly six foot four.

His hair was a beautiful sun kissed chestnut brown, with bits of copper and blond mixed in. All the girls stared at him, much like they did the rest of them.

Alice was happy, and that was all that mattered.

Ann awoke once again to find herself back in her family home, back in 1843. She looked down at herself; she stood in her undergarments just a night dress, corset, and bloomers; all dirty and bloodied.

She stood from the floor and walked around, the heels of her shoes clicking softly as she walked up the stairs to the second floor.

"Mother" she called softly "Father?"She became worried as she ran around the house "Matthew!"

No one answered her cries, why was no one there?

"Awake at last." A voice echoed throughout the house.

Ann turned, and was then filled with a sudden pain. Her scream echoed through the house and outside; echoing over the trees and hills.

It seemed as though it was never going to stop.

(A/N: sorry if that is a little dark. I am watching Ginger snaps and it is giving me a little inspiration.