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Chapter 10: Homecoming.

Ann stood in front of the mirror she was dressed in a beautiful deep blue strapless floor length dress. (Photo in profile) It had black beading just under the bust line giving her an empire waist effect. Her beautiful red hair was pulled back and curled allowing her face to be shown off.

"Ann you look so beautiful," Rosalie came into the room admiring her and Alice's handy work. "Here this if for you, we all have matching ones." Rosalie placed a small but beautiful corsage on Ann's wrist. "Jasper is going to be all over you."

Ann blushed as she and Rosalie went to meet Alice and Bella for their grand entrance. Bella walked down first followed by Alice and then Rosalie; each took pictures with their dates. The men were dressed in very sleek and stylish but almost James Bond-ish style suits.

Ann stood atop of the stairs just beyond everyone's gaze; she couldn't help but look at Jasper. He was so handsome in his suite, his hair was brushed back allowing his handsome face to be seen. Finally she decided to make her appearance. She walked down the stairs and Jasper's head turned. A smile formed on his face as he walked over to great her at the bottom of the stairs. Being the Southern gentleman he was, he bowed to her; just like he always used to.

"Ma'm I must say that you look more beautiful than a Rose in June." Jasper offered her his arm "May I have the honor of escorting you to the dance tonight?"

Ann couldn't help but smile as her cheeks blushed "Why yes Major, you may." She said as she took his arm. Soon all of them were on their way to the dance.

All of the Cullen children as well as Bella and Ann had their pictures taken with their dates. "So," She said to Jasper "This is a Homecoming Dance."

Jasper smiled as he led her around "Yes. But it's nothing like those balls and fancy dinner parties your mother used to host." Ann smiled "It was at one of her balls that I first laid eyes on you. I remember being only lad of 13, and I saw this red haired beauty across the room." Ann blushed as she watched his eyes closed. "You were wearing a sapphire blue ball gown with black lace. Your hair was all pinned back and you had a bit of sapphire colored ribbon as a necklace." His voice was soft and gentle.

"How can you possibly remember that?" She asked in shock.

Jasper's eyes opened and his golden eyes looked into her blue ones. "Because when I looked at you across that crowded room, it was at that exact moment I feel in love with you."

"Jasper," She whispered as he brought her closer to him.

"I then walked over to you. And you had many, many of the other boys wanting to dance with you. But you turned them all down. And then I walked up and made a little bow to you." He said as he gave a small bow at the waist. "And I took your hand," His hand linked with hers "And I kissed it." His eyes never left hers as his lips caressed the soft and warm skin of her hand. "Your eyes looked at me with wonderment." Ann's smile grew as did the blush on her cheeks. "And then I said 'Miss Depardieu, may I have the honor of sharing this dance with you.' And you kept your eyes on me as a Waltz began to play."

At that moment a slow song began to play and every couple there began to slow dance. Ann looked around for a second before Jasper lead her closer to the dance floor. "You didn't say anything; you only smiled as I kept my hand on yours. And then I brought you against me," He whispered as he did so. "And then we began to dance, and you made me the envy of every boy our age that you turned down. But all the while, I felt as though I were dancing with an Angel who fell from heaven. An Angel just for me" Jasper kissed her cheek as they began to dance.

"Even after all these years, you still have a way with words Major." Jasper smiled.

"You know Miss Depardieu I haven't quite been in the Army for some time." He said his full southern accent coming out. "So you can just call me Jasper if that would be to your liking Ma'm."

"Jasper, would suit me just fine." She leaned in and kissed his lips. Jasper's arms went around her holding her closer to him as the kiss grew. He now had his love back in his arms, and he was never letting her go. She was his for eternity and beyond. Someday soon he would turn her, but for now, he was content with how things were. Standing here, holding her in his arms and kissing her to his heart's content.


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