Not a burden

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"Are y-you s-sure I won't b-be a b-bur-burden?" "You won't be a burden hinata I want you to stay with me"

Sasuke's POV

"3 Hours THAT'S HOW LONG I HAVE BEEN WAITING!" I'm screaming at sakura who is still at the nurse station next to the waiting room. I'm worried about hinata and I haven't heard anything about her yet.

"sasuke…I we haven't heard anything yet she is still in critical care but I am confident when I tell you that there is a possibility that she may lose the babies, but the doctors will do everything that they can to save them….I'm so sorry" By this point I have tears running down my face

"Sakura…..I …Just please save her please do anything and everything you have to, I can't lose her she is all I have and I love her" Sakura's eyes where wide by the time I finished speaking.

"I will do everything sasuke for her and the babies" I nodded and walked back to the waiting room to wait for information.

Hinata's POV

Groaning I slowly open my eyes and look around seeing that I am in a hospital. Slowly leaning my head to the left I notice lady tsundae watching me with a sad smile.

"I'm glad to see your awake, you have been out for two days and sasuke has been driving all of us crazy" I couldn't help but let out a small smile before remembering my babies jerking my hands up and placing them on my still poofed out pregnant tummy I relaxed but tensed again when I seen the look on tsundae's face.

"Hinata I have some bad news for you, okay?" I nodded

"One of you babies consumed the other trying to save itself from the blows that was inflicted" my eyes widened and tears ran down my face.

"But there is some good news, the surviving baby is alive and well" I nodded and rubbed my tummy before looking back at her.

"Can I see sasuke please?" she nodded and left the room I sighed and leaned my head back closing my eyes, how am I going to tell sasuke we lost one of the babies. I jumped sky high when the door slammed open and I was suddenly engulfed in a hug by a crying sasuke. I slowly wrapped my arms around his back. He pulled back and looked me in the eyes.

"Oh hinata I thought I was going to lose you, I love you so much" I leaned up and kissed him softly he kissed back immediately. Pulling back I looked up at him

"Sasuke I love you too, I got some bad new though" he slowly nodded

"I lost one of the babies we aren't having twins anymore, I-I am so-so sorry, so sorry" Sobbing into my hands I pulled away from sasuke a little bit. Scared of what he would say I rolled over on my side and curled up in a ball the best I could while being pregnant. The bed dipped due to Sasuke's weight as he laid down behind me wrapping his arms around me pulling me back into his chest. I rolled over and cuddled up to him.

"Hinata don't blame yourself, mourn the loss of one but be proud we are still going to have a child to call our own" I sniffed and looked up at him he was smiling with tears running down his face. I smiled back best I could and placed my hand over his that was resting on my tummy.

"When can I come home?" He laughed a little

"I don't know but don't we still have a honeymoon to go on?" I giggled and nodded. Neither of us had noticed the door open and someone walk in until they cleared their throat. Jumping I looked up and looked eyes with Lady Tsundae who was smiling at us.

"Well Mrs. Uchiha you are cleared to go home if you can stand and walk on your own but you are to come back next week for a checkup with me I want to keep a close eye on you and your child for the rest of your pregnancy, okay?" I nodded and slowly sat up; Sasuke stood up and ran around to help me stand up. I smiled and slowly walked over to the bathroom to change so we could leave. Sasuke carried me all the way home telling me all the way there that he would never let anything happen to me again. He apologized over and over again for letting me get kidnapped.

"Sasu" I finally interrupted him, he looked at me

"Sasu don't be sorry it's not your fault I was taken. I love you and I'm just glad I'm still here to be able to say that I love you even though no words could possibly explain it."

"I love you to hinata so much more then you know." I smiled at him

"I can't wait to have this child; I want to be able to hold him or her already" He smiled and layed down on the bed pulling me down with him. I cuddled into his arms and hummed a small tune relaxing. He tightened his arms a little bit.

"Hina-hime?" I looked up at him

"I was thinking, maybe we could rearrange the bedroom across from ours and turn it into a nursery instead of using the one down the hall." I smiled and nodded

"What color will we paint it?" he shrugged

"ummm how about a dull red?"

"I like it" I smiled and leaned up giving him a small kiss before laying my down on his chest ready to take a nap.

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