When Chloe meets Wolverine she gets more then she bargained for….

Chloe was headed to Watchtower, when she saw him. Now granted Chloe had seen many handsome men in her life, including Clark and Oliver but this guy was something else. He had rugged good looks, and a devilish smile not to mention other fine attributes of his.

The guy was smoking a cigar, and was meandering through the crowd his eyes were constantly darting from place to place as though looking for possible dangers. When Chloe passed him, his head swiveled around to look at her.

His eyes hardened when he saw her, though Chloe didn't notice this. He looked over at a girl who looked like she was seventeen and who met his eyes briefly. He nodded towards Chloe's retreating figure, "That's her."

The girl nodded, "How can you tell?" she asked bluntly. The man looked at the girl with a raised eyebrow, "I can smell the difference on her." The girl whose name was Kitty Pryde smiled, "How does that work by the way?" she asked innocently.

The man also known as Logan rolled his eyes, "Each person has a different smell, if they're mutants they have a sweet slightly spicy smell. Regular people smell like onions." Kitty couldn't help it, she burst out giggling "Onions?" she managed to spit out.

Logan stared at her, "What?" he asked, though there was a smirk hovering around his mouth. Kitty shot him a grin, "So where did she go, oh great smeller?" she teased. Logan shook his head, "You're going to have to work on your retorts kid." He replied.

Before turning his gaze further down the street, "There." He pointed and Kitty and Logan set off. Meanwhile Chloe had reached Watchtower, which was in the middle of the city and had a green dome over the roof.

She smiled, more out of habit than anything else and went inside. Of course Oliver had posted a variety of security systems that would activate if anyone but Chloe and friends tried to enter the main part.

As soon as she got in the elevator, Chloe thought back to the day when Jimmy had first shown her the place. The two of them had been through so much that year, and then Davis had killed Jimmy. Davis, the man who had turned out to be a real monster with no compassion.

She remembered Jimmy saving her from being killed by Davis, with the last of his strength. Tears threatened to spill over as the memories came hard and fast, by the time the elevator doors opened Chloe was full out crying.

She rushed over to her coffee maker, and proceeded in making black coffee. Not the kind she would normally make, but she needed something strong to force back the tears. That was when she heard the buzzer ring.

Chloe ran to one of her computers and pulled up a live video feed of the front door, her eyebrows went up when she saw the guy who was standing there. He wasn't alone, next to him was a girl who looked to be about seventeen.

She drummed her fingers on the counter and considered her options, she could call them up and ask questions later. Or she could meet them out front and ask questions there, she sighed. Then pressed the door release button.

Hoping she was doing the right thing she went back to her coffee and finished what she had started. Minutes later someone knocked on the double doors, Chloe ran a hand nervously through her hair, and went to open it.

When she opened the door, her eyes landed on the man first the girl second. "Uh, hi I'm Kitty Pryde and this is Logan. Is it ok if we ask you a question?' the girl Kitty asked with a big smile. Chloe smiled back, though she was instantly on the alert.

"Don't listen to Half-Pint, she tends to shoot first, ask questions later." Logan growled, though he had an affectionate tone of voice. Chloe chuckled, though she was still alert "It's fine, I'm used to worse approaches ." She said with a grin.

"Do you want to come in?" she asked, glad that she had chosen to clean it that morning. Kitty smiled, if it was possible even bigger, 'That would be great!" she said. Logan rolled his eyes, and nodded at Kitty's oblivious self.

Chloe snorted and let them in, "Wow, you have a lot of computers!" Kitty whispered in awe, staring at them in awe. Chloe noticed that she wasn't the only one staring, Logan was looking around impressed.

"Would you like some coffee?" she asked Logan, Logan nodded shooting a small smile in her direction. Chloe filled two mugs with coffee, and added generous amounts of milk and sugar to hers. She asked Logan if he would like any but he declined.

She handed Logan his mug, watching out of the corner of her eye to see what he thought of the coffee. He took a sip, then smiled and took a bigger gulp Chloe smiled "So what is this question you wanted to ask me?" she asked.

"Have you heard of mutants?" Logan asked putting his mug on the coffee table. Chloe considered what to tell him, "Yes and no, the more common super powered beings you'll find here have some sort of meteor rock in them. It gives them similar powers to mutants, why?"

Logan looked over at Kitty then at Chloe, "Well, we've heard from someone that you have a group of super beings, who help save the world." Chloe raised her eyebrows, "Well maybe you should double-check your resource." She replied and started to pick up her mug.

"We know your code name is Watchtower, and that you used to have the ability to heal." Logan whispered. Chloe stood frozen in shock, "Who told you that?" she demanded. "His name is Professor Xavier and he'd like to help you." Logan said watching her

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