Here's the 5th chapter!

Chloe smiled, watching as Bart and Kitty flirted and Ororo was talking to Zattana. Bruce and Logan were talking with J'onn J'onzz and Hank, next to them Dinah was talking to Oliver. Clark was talking with AC, Piotr and Victor, Chloe kept an eye on the food so she could heat up some more pizza if she needed too.

As far as team meetings went, this one had been pretty laid back so far and Chloe had high hopes that her team would be willing to help out. However thanks to Logan protecting her from the Creed guy, Chloe had no qualms about her team holding out on them.

Except maybe from Oliver, she knew he didn't like working with other guys who liked being the leader. Add to that Oliver had a certain protective streak when it came to Chloe, it kinda drove Chloe nuts but she knew if she brought it up he would start listing all the reasons why.

Not that Chloe needed a reminder, after the Davis Bloome incident all of the JL boys had been keeping a closer eye on Chloe's love life. Bart seemed to think if he kept asking her out eventually she would say yes, Bruce would slyly invite her to gala's with him every now and then.

A.C. invited her to ocean rights activist rallies, both J'onn J'onzz and Victor asked her to help out with regular hacking jobs when they were bored. And last but not least Oliver himself asked her almost frequently if she wanted to have dinner with him.

On the one hand Chloe had never had so many men ask her out before, but on the other hand it did tend to get a little out of hand especially when Bruce and Oliver happened to be in the same room. The two tended to get a little over the top whenever they tried to impress her.

She figured it was the fact that they were both billionaires and could waste the money, not that either of them would. Except for the few gifts they gave her, such as the satiliete Oliver had given her as an early birthday present which he had named Watchtower.

Bruce had given her an outfit similar to his Kevlar bat suit that was rather skin tight and clung to her curves in a way that Chloe wasn't exactly used too, not that she told Bruce that. The outfit had come complete with a black wig and sunglasses that had night vision amongst other things.

She had never really worn the outfit yet, but Bruce and Oliver had been teaching her a thing or two about hand to hand combat. And she figured that if push came to shove she might don the outfit to help the X-men.

Speaking of the X-men she noticed Logan ease his way out of the group he was in, and head over to her. She looked around desperately to see if maybe Oliver had stopped talking to Dinah or Bart with Kitty but no luck.

"I noticed you weren't talking to anyone, is something wrong?" Logan asked as soon as he reached her. Chloe smiled, she was surprised he had noticed or cared enough to see what was bothering her.

"Nothing's wrong, I'm just thinking about what my team will say. If they don't agree, you should know I will help you any way I can even if that means stepping out to the field myself." She whispered, Logan smiled, "I doubt you'll have any problem with that, even if you do though the X-men will fight their own battle."

Chloe smirked, "Except it isn't just your battle? Is it? The fate of the world depends on this battle, and if you go in it alone you may not like what you find." She said staring around the room and eyeing the faces of Kitty, Bobby, and Piotr. "They're so young." She whispered

Logan nodded his face was set but his eyes were proud, "They may be young, but they work well as a team. Which is more then I can say of Magneto's team, they've been through more than any normal teenager and that's saying something."

Chloe grinned, "I'll say, if what I've read about you guys is true then they've had to deal with mutants wanting to take over the world. People doing experiments on mutants, (at this Logan's hands knotted into fists but Chloe didn't notice) and rogue mutants."

Her eyes swept around to look at him and her eyes dropped down to his fists, she bit her lip "I'm sorry sometimes I can say things without thinking, is that how you got the claws?" she asked slowly raising her eyes to meet his.

Logan relaxed his hands and nodded, "It happened a long time ago, I don't have any memory of it except my dreams." His voice was low and haunted. Chloe could have kicked herself for having been so insensitive. "I had a similar experience once, I got caught in someone's crosshairs and when they found out I had the ability to heal they kidnapped me and…" her voice trailed off.

Her eyes became suspiciously bright, "They tested me too, he even kidnapped my mom and used her ability for his army of super powered beings." She looked up at him and smiled, "I'm sorry, I hardly know you and here I am spilling my life story."

Logan was frowning and when she spoke his eyes hardened, "You don't have to be sorry it's not your fault that some creep wanted your power. Anyone who kidnaps someone's mom has something wrong with them." Even though he looked like he wanted to hit someone his voice was kind.

Chloe just stared at him for a moment and then Oliver was there, "Hey sidekick, I think the group wants to confer with you." He whispered in her ear. Chloe smiled up at him, "All right, thanks Olli." She turned to Logan and beamed at him.

"And thanks for listening." She said and before she could stop herself, she wrapped her hand around his arm and gave it a gentle squeeze. She gave him one last smile and then she followed Oliver to a secluded room where the rest of the JL had retired.

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