Chapter 2


Oboro felt tired. Was the long, and oppressing nightmare over at last? There was no trace of Tenzen's body save for the dried blood on the soil, and the rest of Kagerou's ashes had been swept away by the wind leaving behind her daggers and hairpins. Kouga Gennosuke's katana was still lying somewhere on the temple grounds. By the dawn Ofuku and her followers would have left, leaving only the two heads of the shadow clans at the deserted temple. And they would remain the only ones, if Hattori Kyouhachirou granted the request of Oboro.

Except for the gash in his right arm, Gennosuke seemed to have no other wounds. But the amount of poison he'd inhaled made him extremely weak. He couldn't even stand on his own legs, so in the morning she had to drag him up all the stairs to get him inside the temple. At least he was still able to drink water and eat a little bit which greatly improved the chances of his survival.

"Gennosuke-sama.. Grandmother has taught me a little about herbs, I will now go out to look for some."

Gennosuke only let out a rasped breath as an answer.

"I'll be back shortly!" she tried to sound comforting, but still felt the worry leak into her voice.

Gennosuke felt himself switching uncontrollably between awake and sleeping.

Before he drifted to sleep again, he recalled the earlier day's happenings in his mind. Oboro had deceived Ofuku quite skilfully. Could she have deceived Gennosuke too, at some point? She had used people's general opinion on shadow clans against them, for there was indeed no tradition of burning your last enemies or enemies in general in the fire, and yet they had so readily believed it of them. Somewhere along the long route to Sunpu an uncalled doubt had passed his mind. Was Oboro behind the deaths of the Kouga ninjas? He could clearly sense the hostility from the others from Iga, but was Oboro's gentleness, too, just a facade? Had she knowingly trapped him at the Iga estate? No, it was very unlikely, that Oboro should have done so. After all, it had been mostly Tenzen that had pulled the strings, even behind the back of his own clan.

And Oboro had sealed her own eyes. It had touched him more than he thought possible, it had reached his heart. To want peace, to disable the only means of fighting skill she had by herself.. it made her all the more dear to him, who also never wanted war, never wanted to kill anyone.

He knew that Oboro had never betrayed him. Oboro, that wanted the same things as he did, could have never done so. He had known all the time, but war blurred, scattered your thoughts and roused suspicions on anyone and anything, even against himself.

What if he had took Oboro with him when he left the Iga estate? It would have made her sad, to have to leave the closest persons to her. Besides, she had already been chosen as one of his enemies in the scroll. Could he have ignored it and claimed to Shogun that Oboro was one of the Kouga by marriage? By marriage that was.. he probably could have. But he would have still had to slaughter the rest of Iga clan, and it would have made Oboro suffer. All of the Kouga would have never truly accepted her. He couldn't have made her bear all that sorrow. But now…

"I'm back, Gennosuke-sama, I'm sorry it took so long. I found some plants that will help to stop your bleeding."

"O..boro..dono" he managed to call out weakly. And he had to swallow through his sore throat to continue speaking. He wanted to thank her, to apologise for all the suffering, to discuss so many things with her.. but it seemed that it could wait for a while. His mind felt heavy again and he knew that he wouldn't stay awake for long.

He was asleep by the time Oboro was tending to his wound.

"I'm so happy Gennosuke-dono", she said although she knew he couldn't hear her.

"I'm so happy that you are alive." Oboro brushed a few unruly tendrils of hair away from his eyes.

She sat by him, quietly, all day. She didn't like Gennosuke's condition, but otherwise she felt content, to finally able to be beside the one she most cared for.

The rest of the day was mostly spent in silence, which was interrupted a few times by Gennosuke's rasped coughs. When the night came in, Oboro was starting to feel anxious, and upset. Instead of happily thinking of their upcoming future, possibly together, she was musing on some very dark and disturbing thoughts. The deaths of Iga's and Kouga's warriors alike were replaying on her mind, and she couldn't seem to untangle herself from the web of vocal carnage. The more she tried to put it out of her mind, the sharper and stronger she could feel those moments, all those feelings she had felt at the time. It hurt to remember. Tenzen's viciousness. All the surreal and oppressive blood, and its smell when she couldn't see. Massive bitter hate between two clans. Thousands of cries and sounds of weapons clashing were echoing, spinning and merging together.

It was quieting down when she heard a child's voice in her head: ´Why did they all have to die?´ It had a hollow ring to it, leaving a long silence behind. Her head was empty. She realised, that it had been her own voice. She was the one asking, searching for an answer. ´Why did they have to die?´her whole being cried. She doubted aynone knew the reason, and it left her frustrated and immensely sad. At that time, Gennosuke chose to rouse up again. She turned to look at him and some uncalled tears appeared in her eyes.

The leader of the Kouga noticed this immediately, and concerned, rasped: "Oboro-dono, what is the matter? Are you feeling unwell?"

"No, I… I just, feel tired. And thinking of the past week is a bit haunting.."

"Oboro-dono, I would like to comfort you, if I 'm able to-"

"No, you can't move, your wound! It might reopen", Oboro cut him, distraught. Then her cheeks lightly reddened, for having overreacted.

Gennosuke was feeling a bit sheepish, for he had indeed thought to reach onto her - even though it wouldn't be much of a distance, it would be neglecting her hard work.

"All right. I was hoping to hold your hand, but you would need to move closer."

It was a slow process. Oboro bit by bit inched closer and closer to him, and carefully reached out for his hand. Even more carefully, she closed her hand around his, and held on lightly with a featherlike touch.

"Oboro-dono, I swear to you, I will never let any harm come to you again. I am very sorry for all you have had to bear. Maybe, if I had made some other choices, things might be different now. But at least the war is over. To have peace in our souls too, we should pray for the dead ones. What do you think, Oboro-dono?" Each word felt harder to get out, but Gennosuke forced his vocal cords to work.

"Yes. I will pray for every dead Iga and Kouga ninja alike."

"Then, I will do the same." His voice had turned almost into a whisper.

Will you let me stay by your side? Will you let me marry you after all of this, after I failed to restore the peace before it was too late? He didn't dare voice his thoughts aloud, even though saving his life implied that she would, at least stay with him.

After making sure Gennosuke had fallen asleep, Oboro curled up beside him hoping that his presence would let her dream peacefully.

Peace and silence and peace blah blah, sorry if it was too monotonous but I don't think I can do better. u__u*sigh* I probably wouldn't be writing this if there were more Basilisk fics.

The rest of the story: fluff, fluff and lots of sex, they spend a lot of time gazing into each other's eyes and make their own little sanctuary somewhere and eventually little babies pop up etc. Is it even worth telling? Maybe the sex part, but alas, I'm not very confident in that area and have almost no idea how to go about it. : (

And I really don't understand the suffix dono completely. As I made research over the net, I found new sides to it. They only added questions, and didn't answer the previous ones. :D Undesrtanding Japanese people relationships should be the key. I think when Gennosuke and Oboro change their addressing from sama to dono, it's like turning from a bit distant into something more warm, friendly and possibly even intimate. And when their relatinship allows it and they are alone, they might even drop the suffix (not totally sure as it was 1600s) but not yet. "Sweet Oboro!" "Aaa, Gennosuke! Un" ehhh *sweatdrop* Like, not. "Oboro, I hereby declare my eternal love for you!" THAT at least wouldn't happen. This is fun ^_^''