The Good, the Bad, and the Goofy

I closed my eyes and waited for the falling sensation to stop. For some reason this tesser felt different, a feeling of cold fear overcame me, this feeling was not from Mrs. Whatsit tessering me, something else had me. I fought against it but slowly I could feel my journey coming to an end. I fell from the sky into a pile of hay.

"I knew this would come in handy someday! People like you fall from the sky 'round here all the time, and by all the time I mean only a couple of times. But hey you're the first on to land in hay. The others landed in not so fortunate places, and unfortunately we don't have a doctor here on Larry."

Ok this was definitely not Camazozts. I slowly opened my eyes to see a small man in a clown outfit wearing a big red nose carrying a unicycle. Nope not Camazozts.

"Where am I?" I asked looking around. The clown let out a snort.

"Well Larry you silly! Only the funniest planet in the universe. Well I visited the planet Sarcasm once but you have to have a different type of funny bone there, or is it lack of funny bone? Do you know where the funny bone actually is?"

This had to be the weirdest planet ever. The clown stared at me intently waiting for an answer. I would make a deal.

"I will answer your question if you will answer mine?"

"Well alright shoot, but not be cuz' I gotta answer your question," he laughed at his own joke. I took a deep breathe waiting for him to stop laughing. Now that I was alert all I heard was the sounds of laughing and play.

"Is this a good or bad planet?" I asked. This only sent the clown into more convulsions of laughter, the sound was infectious. I began to giggle, then the laughter came uncontrollably.

Through gasps the clown said, " It's neither good or bad, just goofy!"

I laughed with him, but no good happy feeling cam with it, I just couldn't stop.

"Larry is the best planet ever. It's the only place where anything goes as long as it's funny!"

The power of the planet was taking me. Why was the power of laughter so much stronger and hat of fear which IT had over me? Something deep inside of me said not to give in, this was equally dangerous.

The clown extended his hand, " I don't think I've formally introduced myself. Probably because I don't have a name. People on Larry don't bother with things like names, unless it's a funny name. Do you have a funny name?"

"It's Meg."

The clown was serious for a split second before bursting out again with laughter.

"What a weird name!"

I giggled as a warm tingly feeling overwhelmed me. It's all good, everything is just fine. The clown began to show me around Larry. Everything about it was goofy, the buildings, roads, people, and even the animals. I was greeted by many jokes and laughter. Underneath all the festivities was something dark and reckless, it was the fact that people were controlled by nothing but themselves and all the desires of the flesh. If one could stay sane you would realize that the planet was filled with a darkness of it's own.