Hello, my dear readers.

I know that the website has a policy against excessive author's notes, but unfortunately, I felt this one just had to be added.

Sadly, Of Brothers and Battles seems to be following a similar path to Through The Hole. Meaning that eventually, it just becomes too much like a rewrite of Dragon Ball Z with an extra character added, which is not really what I wish for.

Therefore, I think this fanfic must follow a similar path to Through the Hole.

Don't worry, I fully intend to write this fanfic again from scratch, hopefully much better than it initially was. Most likely such a moment won't come soon, but eventually, it will happen.

Until then, feel free to send any suggestions or constructive criticism you may have in mind. But please remember it's unlikely I will use every suggestion I receive when I start working the new, improved version of this fanfic.

In the meantime, this old version stays here, for all those that hopefully enjoy reading it.

And for those who are already rather familiar with me and may be wondering, yes, I did change my username.

Best regards,