"Mn- I do not know about this, Gaara..." Lee mumbled against his lover's lips, trying not to stumble as they walked sideways into the Leaf's bedroom. Their arms were wrapped around each other and their hands were wandering between zippers, buttons, and clasps as they undressed each other. "I know that you won the race home, but I really think that it would be better my way-"

Lee furrowed his thick brows and inhaled deeply as Gaara molded their lips together and corked the Jonin's voice, shedding his dark coat as they walked. The redhead's tongue invaded Lee's mouth and gently prompted him to forget his worries and focus on the important things at hand, such as helping the Kazekage out of his belt.

"A deal's a deal." Gaara murmured, separating his tongue from Lee's and leaving a hot trail of saliva across the other's mouth. "I won, so we do this my way. You'rethe one who's always insisting on a challenge."

"But... I just- I do not want to hurt you... And what about the sand? Would this not make your automatic defense react?" Lee mumbled. He swallowed heavily as Gaara tugged the Jonin's shirt over his head and tossed it aside. Gaara began silently tracing the many scars across Lee's chest and abdomen with lidded eyes, raising goosebumps across Lee's skin. The jonin's breath caught and he shivered as his stomach churned with nerves and excitement.

"You won't hurt me. You have the greatest control of your body of anyone I've known. We'll stop if something goes wrong, but I don't think there's much to worry about. I have more control of the sand without Shukaku, so it's easier to repress now if I want." Gaara paused his exploration of Lee's skin to unbutton his own pants and kick them away. Lee shuddered heavily, following the alluring pale line of his lover's bare legs with wanting eyes. The Kazekage sat on the bed, and crawled until he was in the center of the bed.

Lee felt a familiar nervous churning in his gut as he looked at Gaara's naked body. The redhead was like something unreal to the Jonin, and never failed to take his breath away. Gaara's skin was a pale, sleek expanse that seemed to go on forever across his rippled stomach, strong chest, and across his arms and strong legs. His hair was startlingly crimson like fresh blood, even in the dim light. His eyes glowed like gems, and captured Lee's full attention whenever they caught his own dark pair. The Kazekage moved with a sense of grace that encompassed the full force of his power and personality. Gaara was absolutely beautiful, and Lee could hardly believe that this body was being offered to him. He still couldn't remember if he'd done anything that remotely made him deserving of something so remarkable, but he seriously doubted it.

Lee swallowed heavily as Gaara looked up at him with an expectant gaze, quite clearly growing tired of the Jonin's gawking.

"The lube's in the box under your bed." Gaara said, gesturing to the bed underneath him. Lee blinked and looked down for a few seconds before finally getting to his knees and ducking his arms under the bed frame.

"You moved it. It used to be in your room." Lee commented as he slid the box across the wooden floor. He opened the top and hesitated as he looked down at the stacks of gay books he and Gaara had looked at, before finally delving his hand inside and rummaging around the bottom for the little tube he was looking for. He jolted and shivered when he accidentally grabbed the small vibrator instead, before dropping it and continuing his search.

"I thought we would be doing this soon." Gaara said simply, moving so that he could peer over the edge of the bed at his lover. "Everything's in there."

"R-right." Lee mumbled, feeling self conscious at he glanced between Gaara's piercing green eyes and the box as he continued to rummage. Finally, he wrapped his fingers around the cool plastic tube and pulled it out. He held it up in the dim lamplight and read the wrapper.

"It is scented." the Jonin revealed, wide eyed with surprise. He hadn't expected that. "It is scented like apples."

Gaara snorted in mock amusement and moved further back onto the bed. He gestured for Lee to join him, patting the bed in front of him. Swallowing the lump in his throat for the umpteenth time, Lee closed the box and shoved it under the bed, gripping the lube a tightly in his hand as he stood and crawled onto the blankets.

"Are you sure about this, Gaara?" Lee asked again, plaintively. He'd said before that he definitely wanted to do this both ways, try bottoming and topping, but there was a certain amount of pressure and nerves that came with being the first to top. He wanted Gaara to feel comfortable about this, and he wanted him to feel good, but at the same time Lee wasn't sure that he knew how to accomplish any of that for his lover. This was foreign territory.

"Stop repeating yourself. I'll only give you the same answer as before." the Kazekage ordered shortly, arranging himself on the bed so that he was comfortable. He fluffed one of the pillows before laying his head down and gesturing for Lee to join him. "Take off your pants."

"R-right." Lee mumbled, pausing and setting down the lube so that he could strip. He quickly unzipped his pants and wiggled out of them, tossing them to the floor. He crawled closer, until he was hovering just over Gaara's body. He hesitated, glancing down at the lube in his hands as he tried to focus on what came next.

Gaara looked up at Lee blankly as he waited for the man to do something. The Kazekage didn't trust many people; it wasn't in his nature. He'd spent most of his childhood on the watch for new assassins, suspecting everybody and anybody around him. If he turned his back he knew that someone was going to throw a knife at it. If he got close enough to receive a hug or a pat on the back, he knew without a doubt that someone was going to try killing him. Even if he was just sitting by himself on a rooftop, hurting nobody as he gazed up at the moon, that there was probably someone nearby and watching him for a lowered guard.

Right in this moment however, the Kazekage had lowered his guard. Not only was he bare of his weapons, sand armor, and clothes, but he was willing to share a closeness with Lee he never had with anyone else before. He was trusting Lee in a way that he never had for anyone else before, opening himself up completely.

Lee realized what this meant. He needed to stop stammering and fumbling and just dosomething already. He couldn't disappoint Gaara, not now, not in this moment of Precious Youth. Lee slowly lowered his body on top of Gaara's and pressed his lips against the other's neck. He let out a small noise and a sharp breath as Gaara squirmed under him, spreading his legs wider and lifting his hands to lightly touch Lee's sides. If the Jonin didn't know any better, he could swear that there was already a stutter in the Kazekage's breath.

The matress made small rustling noises as they touched each other and exchanged small kisses. Lee's hands were everywhere, re-memorizing familiar and foreign expanses of Gaara's skin. They didn't say anything more to each other for a while, silently becoming comfortable and aroused with each other's body. Lee's brow furrowed lightly and his breath left him in a short whoosh as one of Gaara's legs worked between his and rubbed lightly at his groin. He slid his fingers down to circle Gaara's nipple and nipped in approval at the base of his neck. The redhead's hands slid down Lee's back until they were gripping his ass and pull their bodies tighter together. Lee groaned softly and moved his hips all too willingly, still getting a feel for their shared connection.

"Did you want me to help you... stretch? Or do that yourself?" Lee finally forced out in a breathless question. He couldn't resist ducking in to kiss Gaara's lips before letting him speak, just letting his tongue flicker out before pulling back again.

"... I'll do it. This first time, at least." Gaara's hands rolled Lee over to the other side of the bed, and the redhead's weight followed until Lee was looking up at him. Gaara sat back on his knees, straddling Lee's hips as he held his hands out for the lube. His hair fell ever so slightly into his eyes, clouding the brilliant jade there. Lee blinked quickly for a few seconds before jerking himself out of his revere and handing his lover the small bottle.

Lee's eyes widened lightly as Gaara popped open the seal and squeezed some of the oily, clear liquid onto his fingers, coating them thoroughly. The Kazekage's face was straightforward and business like as his hand disappeared behind him and his body arched over Lee's minutely. Gaara's eyes were focused on the wall behind the head of the bed, and Lee noted the way the muscles in the other's arm shifted beneath his skin as he moved. Gaara's cheeks were reddened with arousal, though Lee thought there might be some nervousness in there as well. If Gaara's nerves were anything like Lee's he'd probably have to take some time with this part of the process just to loosen up.

Propping himself up on an elbow, Lee ducked his head forward with lidded eyes and pressed a soft kiss on the center of Gaara's chest. The redhead jolted first, glancing down at his lover briefly as he paused in his ministrations. Lee didn't say anything or look up to meet Gaara's eyes for more than a second. He lifted a hand to gently trail up and down the other's thigh, gripping and stroking appreciatively at the flexed muscle there. Lee shivered as Gaara released a long, slow breath that trailed down Lee's naked back. He could feel the Kazekage's body shift and arch again as his fingers resumed their task. Lee squirmed once, but tried to remain still and convey his patience. He wanted Gaara to be thorough so that it wouldn't hurt. He couldn't bare for this to hurt his special person. He placed solemn, just audible kisses across the other's skin as his hands continued to explore and stimulate slowly and sensually.

"Enough." Gaara gasped as he leaned forward just a few minutes later. Lee's mouth was just trailing toward one of the other's tempting nipples, determined to harden and redden it when Gaara had spoken. Lee laid back on his elbow again and retracted his hands from where they'd been gripping the back of the other's thighs.

"You sure? You are alright?" Lee looked up with a cautious, sensual gaze as Gaara finally pulled both his hands in front of his body again and the smell of sugar sweet apples drifted between them. It was a scent usually foreign to Suna, a place so dry and desolate of all but the rarest of fruits. It made Lee swallow as his mouth watered and his eyes darted across Gaara's pale, sleek frame.

"Yes. We're ready." Gaara lowered his body back onto Lee's, making the other gasp and squirm as their naked skin rubbed together hotly and their lengths brushed. The Kazekage rolled them over again so that Lee was laying on top of him, between his spread legs.

"You will tell me to stop right away if it does not feel right, right?" Lee reached over for the extra pillow and gently slid it under Gaara's raised hips to give him some extra support. The redhead shifted and reached up to grip the bed on either side of his head as he nodded and tightened his knees around Lee's hips. His thin, dark lips pursed briefly as he squirmed and looked up into Lee's watchful gaze.

"I already told you I would."

"I know... I know. Um..." Lee hesitated for just a couple seconds. He felt like something more... magical was supposed to happen right about now. He should say something, give a (short) speech about Youthful Tenderness and Feelings that go beyond just the physical. Guessing from the look on Gaara's face however, that probably wouldn't go over well while they were both aroused and ready to feel this already. Despite the way that Gai-sensei's speeches about the Springtime of Youth always seemed to move and inspire Lee no matter the time, he was beginning to recognize that Gaara was not always able to appreciate such words when the mood was not right. So Lee found himself ducking in for another kiss instead, scooting barely forward as their bodies pressed together. His breath sharpened as his erection bumped Gaara's thigh, and he felt Gaara shift and furrow his brow as Lee lined himself into place. Their tongues greeted each other eagerly, brushing and stroking slickly for a moment. Lee pulled back and Gaara followed for an instant, trying to prolong the kiss just a bit more before he slowly settled back against his pillow again and looked up at Lee with a heavy, lidded gaze. His lips were swollen, his face flushed, and his breathing edgy as he gave a small nod that the other should get on with it.

Lee's hand found itself between Gaara's legs, fumbling only slightly as he shuddered. He found the slick, rippled entrance and led himself toward it as his heart thundered in his ears. He had to move forward again and press his face awkwardly against Gaara's before he was situated right and finally pushed forward. It took a small thrust more forceful that he felt comfortable with, but he gasped as he felt flesh part for him and heat wrapped around the head of his length. His hand moved to Gaara's hip, holding him in place as he leaned back enough to see Gaara's face.

A sliver of moonlight showed through the curtains, dim light in the darkness. It highlighted half of Gaara's face, making one of his brilliant eyes shine and the curve of his neck luminescent almost to the point of ethereal. His breaths were short and brief, his lips barely parted, and his eyes lidded. His neck was arched back, his gaze on Lee through a few wisps of red hair. The dark rings around his eyes had never felt more raw, nor the sound of his quiet rasping more alluring. There was no pain there, but he looked... uncomfortable. Perhaps a tad awkward as Lee held still just inside him and allowed their bodies to adjust to each other. Gaara flexed his toes behind Lee's back and his fingers gripped the sheet tighter as his eyes flickered.

"Move. I'm fine. It doesn't hurt."

"... are you sure? You are okay? How do you feel?" Despite Lee's words he felt himself pushing forward slowly by mere millimeters at a time. Gaara was holding his body stiffly still, making Lee feel a bit self conscious. He came to a halt halfway in and shuddered as he felt Gaara's body tighten in a brief ripple around him. Tight, it was so tight. Too tight, actually. He was worried that he was stretching the other too wide, prying him open the wrong way. Lee leaned back further, trying to relieve Gaara of some of his weight so that this would be easier. Gaara's legs tucked tighter against Lee's sides and the edges of his mouth pulled down into a small frown.

"I'm not made of glass; stop acting like I'm going to break, Lee." Gaara's voice was on the cusp of becoming impatient.


Gaara's brow twisted uncomfortably as his breathing hitched. The pale column of his throat bobbed in the moonlight as he swallowed and squirmed. Lee hesitated for just a few seconds longer before forcing himself to take a deep, calming breath. His eyes were rapt with Gaara's awkward expression as he pulled his hips back just a little bit- Gaara's gaze locked onto his and both their eyes widened in the dim light- and then Lee pushed forward again, biting his lip.

Good, it felt so good. The heat wrapped around his lower body and blooming in his chest was like nothing he'd ever felt before. It was beyond anything he hoped to remember, truly amazing. The two men were suddenly both connectedin a new and startling way as their bodies moved to and fro together, like the washing of a powerful, gentle ocean tide. Lee forced himself to move slow, dragging his body away loathsomely from Gaara's, and then pressing irresistibly closer until his hips would meet the Kazekage's and he could go no further. Gaara's expression was more than simply discomforted now. He looked swept away, still aware of himself under the push and pull of the tide, but all too willing to let the current move him. His body was arched and his fingers tense as they twisted the sheet. He let Lee do the work for now, not entirely sure what he was comfortable with yet.

Lee shuddered and ducked his head. The bed didn't creak- not at the slow, cautious pace they were maintaining- but the frame groaned softly and the mattress rustled. The blood rushing in his ears was far too loud, making him wonder briefly if he would ever be able to hear anything but the sound of Gaara's uneven breaths or heartbeat again. He couldn't bring himself to care. Lee shifted, bringing a knee higher on the mattress as he moved his weight.

A sudden, sharp groan escaped Gaara's throat unbidden, startling them both. Lee's heart leaped into his throat and his length pulsed inside Gaara's body in response. He kept moving, keeping that new and minute change of angle in hopes that Gaara would make that noise again. Was that his prostate? The redhead's brow wrinkled and his mouth opened wider as he arched his neck back. His eyes were taking that familiar, desperate edge that Lee was learning to love and recognize. Kami, this just felt so amazing. It was already too much, too soon, so good, the sensual and maddening push and pull of their joined bodies. Gaara's voice was forced out again, beginning to groan softly, compulsively with every press of Lee's hips into his. They both shuddered together and Lee's fingers tightened on Gaara's hip as he felt himself already reaching his end. He wanted to wait, hold back until Gaara had come, but he didn't know if he was even capable of that, not this first time.

Gaara finally allowed himself to move, groaning louder and tugging Lee deeper with his knees. He jolted and wrapped his arms slowly around Lee's back, burying his face in the other's neck as the Jonin continued to thrust, pull, push, move them beneath that heavy tide of heat and sensual touch. Lee groaned softly between clenched teeth and finally felt something snap. He pressed into that tight, gripping heat once more, twice, three times and came. His breath rushed from his body and his eyes clenched shut as he rode out the storm of sensation that gripped his body.

When Lee looked down again his eyes widened as his cheeks flushed as he realized that Gaara was stroking himself, trying to follow Lee into that tender abyss. The Kazekage's gaze was almost incomprehensive as Lee pulled out of the warm, slick place and murmured something softly. He pushed Gaara's hands away and bent down to lick at the swollen, throbbing head there. Gaara groaned deeply and lifted a hand to grip at his red locks in need as Lee stroked his length and pulled the salty head into his mouth. The bed shifted and soft wind blew against the closed window outside, softer than the buzz of afterglow that sounded in Lee's ears. Gaara threw his head back and his breath stopped as he came into Lee's mouth, jerking his hips and curling his toes.

Slowly Lee crawled higher on the bed, suddenly finding himself exhausted. He laid down on his stomach next to Gaara, still panting as he curled his arms under his head in place of a pillow. The Kazekage was lying still beside him, other than the push and pull of his slowing breath. They were silent together for a moment before Lee's conscious nagged at him that it was not Youthful to fall asleep without a word of appreciation after he'd just received mind blowing sex. Especiallynot after he and his special person had just shared their first, real time. Lee dragged his tired eyelids open and rolled onto his side, propping himself up so that he could see Gaara better. His body blocked some of the moonlight now that had lit the other's face earlier, but he could see him fairly well nonetheless.

"Gaara?" Lee asked softly. He scooted closer and slid a hand slowly around the other's waist. The redhead didn't respond more than taking a slightly deeper breath. "Are you okay? Was I too fast? Did it hurt? Does it hurt now? I-"

"Shh, Lee." Gaara's voice was soft despite his chiding. His eyes were closed and relaxed as he lifted a hand to clasp the one Lee had place on his waist. Lee blinked and flushed, but closed his mouth. Well, Gaara didn't soundlike he was in any pain. Tired, sated, and perhaps a bit groggy, but not in pain. Lee sighed, pleased as he relaxed into the mattress and tightened his arm around the other. Gaara's hand was soft in his, and his body was pleasantly warm. There was a small pause before the Kazekage slowly rolled over and allowed Lee to pull him into a full embrace. The Jonin nuzzled Gaara's temple and place an audible kiss there as he traced circles across Gaara's skin with his thumbs. He felt the other relax and sigh against him, making his lips pull up into a dopey smile.

It wasn't a perfect first time by any standards. They had been awkward and unsure quite often, with hints of doubt strewn into the mix. It hadn't lasted very long, either. At the same time however, it had been amazing. Lee had some new found confidence now, happy that Gaara seemed to have enjoyed himself after all, unhurt and satisfied. Lee's body was still tingling gently as he yawned and tucked his chin against his lover's messy mop of soft hair. Gaara shifted and buried his face closer in Lee's shoulder before lying still again. Lee's body seemed to melt together with Gaara's, until they were both asleep. Lee's breath caught into small snores, but Gaara didn't care enough to move him.

The rest of the world and all its troubles could wait. In this moment of peace, neither ninja of Leaf or Sand could be bothered to leave each other's arms.

"Excuse me, Miss?" Yuzuki waved brightly at the Suna resident just across the street. Her partner grunted behind her, shifting his pack higher and looked around them as he adjusted his Leaf headband.

Sumiko had just been on her way home from a late shift at the hospital when the foreign shinobi waved at her. It was well past midnight already, and almost pitch black where the street lights didn't shine. The moon had been lighting her path for most of her walk, but it had disappeared behind the thin clouds some time ago.

"Yes? May I see some identification?" Sumiko strode briskly toward the foreigners side as the woman called her. She was usually politer upon first meeting someone, but standard protocol with foreigners was ID first, small talk later.

"Yes, of course." Yuzuki flipped her long black hair over her shoulder habitually as she reached into her hip pouch and pulled out the identification and a permission slip for temporary guest status in the village. She handed them both over with a smile that was bright to the point of almost being fake. Sumiko raised a brow at the Leaf and glanced over the documentation. It was real. She handed it back with a small nod of accent. These would be the first visitors from Leaf for quite a while, excluding Lee.

"What can I help you with?"

"Oh, my partner and I just got here, and we're looking for the room that the guards at the entrance were talking about. They said we could rest there, but we're having trouble finding the place." The woman spread her hands in a sheepish shrug. Her voice was sugary sweet with apparent innocence, and her eyes were squinted so narrow they were almost completely shut. "My name is Yuzuki Miu, by the way, but you already knew that from reading my ID. What's your name?"

Sumiko was usually amiable to everyone she met unless given reason otherwise, but this woman was oddly annoying to her. The dry, warm desert air brushed past them and continued down the street, pushing along dust and sand in brief curls of wind. Sumiko kept her tone civil yet abrupt as she spoke.

"Where did they tell you to go?" Yuzuki pulled another piece of paper out of her pouch and handed it to Sumiko with an unwavering smile. The medic glanced at the address and had to hold back the urge to roll her eyes. "You're on the wrong side of the street. It's the building just across the way, first floor."

Sumiko handed the paper back without a word and turned to leave. She tore her eyes away from Yuzuki's grin, trying to shake off the feeling that it resembled a sneer more than a smile. She strode quickly away, alert on her feet as she turned her back to the visitors.

"Thank you!" Yuzuki called brightly after her. Sumiko resisted the urge to tell the woman off for speaking so loudly when others nearby were trying to sleep.

"Sand's famous hospitality, right?" Osamu grunted behind his shorter partner. Yuzuki's hand slowly lowered from her wave and the smile on her face disappeared. She raised an unamused brow at her teammate and snorted mockingly. She flipped her hair over her shoulder for the umpteenth time and rolled her eyes.

"What did you expect? Freak'n crazy people live in the the dirt, they have the manners of the insects they eat." She turned sharply toward the building across the street and walked toward the entrance. She didn't bother pulling out the key for the small apartment-like room on the first floor, having already unlocked it not long before. "We've already got a couple things taken care of and I'm freak'n exhausted. You keep watch Ren, I need some rest."

Osamu Ren grunted in reply and followed her into their room. He closed the door and pulled the shades shut on the windows.

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