Disclaimer: Twlight is the property of Stephenie Meyer, not me. The title is from a song by Shania Twain.

A/N: These are more character sketches than anything, but I wanted to see if I could say anything worth saying in a few words. Turns out, I'm not really good with limits. Oh well. Here's the beginning of a collection of inter-related drabbles about my favourite werewolf couple.

Seth is the first to know...as only Seth can...

He liked people. People were always interesting.



And he had grown up with Leah, stuck by her through bruised knees and bruised hearts and losing Dad. His whole life, it was him and Leah.

Except when he was following Jacob around, trying to mimic every move the older boy made.

So when everyone gathered around Seth on his seventeenth birthday and he looked up and saw Jacob and Leah whispering in the corner too close together, he only had one thought:


..and Jasper doesn't count, because it's almost like he cheated...

Being around the werewolves was overwhelming. Their emotions changed too rapidly to give him peace and underneath everything ran the current of anger that was the source of so much of their power.

The bombardment never stopped and so Jasper picked up everything, even the tiny surges of feeling they appeared unaware of, feelings that had not yet travelled from his realm to Edward's. Emotions free from the domain of thought.

For now.

Two hundred years helped him to comprehend: it wouldn't be long now.

The storm would come soon.

...but Leah had sworn it wouldn't happen again...

Half-asleep, her mind was wandering...

She was thinking she needed groceries... and after lunch she should head to the garage... Jake would be on break and they could go for a run and maybe even a swim if she was lucky...

That was when she felt her mouth, twisted upwards into a smile. A big, honking, stupid smile.

Leah ran. By herself. In human form.

For forty miles.

Then she borrowed someone's cellphone and begged Seth to come pick her up and not say a word.

... too bad Jacob never could follow the rules.

Two days after Leah took off and scared him to death, Jacob finally got to yell at her (for missing patrols, obviously).

But she mumbled, "I wanted to just be me again, for a little while," and he felt like a jerk, so he put an arm around her waist, and her head rested on his shoulder and they apologized to one another.

And the moment went on just a little too long.

Jacob wasn't the one to break it. The shock had him paralyzed because that shouldn't have been possible anymore.