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Harry Jumped to his feet, caught Quirrell by the arm, and hung on as tight as he could. Quirrell screamed and tried to throw Harry off – the pain in Harry's head was building- he couldn't see he could only hear Quirrell's terrible shrieks and Voldemort's yells of "KILL HIM! KILL HIM!" and other voices, maybe in Harry's own head, crying, "Harry! Harry!"

He felt Quirrell's arm wrenched from his grasp, knew all was lost and fell into blackness, down...down...down

(Quoted from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, page 295, J.K. Rowling)

Harry opened his eyes and looked around. His scar no longer hurt, in fact, nothing hurt. He hadn't felt this good in as long as he could remember. As his eyes were able to focus he noticed that he was laying in the middle of the quidditch pitch. Once he was able to situp he realized that he was not alone. Standing in front of him was a woman. Harry thought that she looked to be about fifty years old, she had long brown hair that was pulled back, and had a slight welcoming smile that seemed to be very welcoming. Harry noticed this but it was all subconsciously, the only thing about this woman that he was able to focus on was that she was glowing. Well not quite glowing, but she seemed to surrounded by a white aura similar to the depictions of angels that were on the stained glass windows in the church that the Dursley's went to on Christmas and Easter. They never allowed him to come along, usually locked him the the cupboard on their way out, but one year when he was eight they forgot to lock it and he was able to sneak out and follow them. (The church was only 3 blocks away). Once Harry associated this woman with an angel he finally figured out what had happened to him.

"I'm dead aren't I?" he asked the angel.

She smiled sadly at him and shook her head. "No sorry child, you are not dead. However you are not quite alive, at least not in the traditional sense. Your body is currently resting in the hospital wing and this place, well this is where your spirit currently resides. Time has no meaning here, we could spend years here talking and exploring the landscape that you have created and mere seconds will have passed in what you would call the real world."

"What do you mean 'I created'?"

"I have brought you to this place, but it is you, Harry, that created it. This is the place where you feel most at home, this is where your spirit resides. I understand that you enjoy flying to some extent, perhaps you associate this place with the freedom and comfort that you feel when flying. Regardless, this place is your creation, however we are getting off topic as to the reason that I brought you here."

"So who are you and why exactly am I here? The last thing I remember was Quirrell and Voldemort, and pain, screaming, and the...STONE! Oh no! He got the stone! You have to send me back! I've got to tell Professor Dumbledore!"

"Calm down my child, remember I said that time has no meaning here, so we are quite safe to have our conversation without dire consequences." At this Harry felt rather sheepish that he had gotten so excited and had forgotten what she had said no more than a minute ago. "Well, I will answer your questions in order, my name is Oma Desala, and you may think of me as a guide on your journey. In time you may understand more, but that will suffice for now. As to why you are here, well, you are here because your path is at a crossroad. Either path you take will have its own challenges, and there is much that you will accomplish. There is more to say about that topic but first let me calm some of your fears about your little adventure. Quirrell is dead, the spirit that is Voldemort left his body to die when your headmaster arrived. The stone is safe, and your friends are without serious injury. In fact you are the worst off and you simply have a severe case of exhaustion and your body will recover no worst for the wear." Harry sighed in relief at this and nodded for Oma to continue. He wasn't sure that he understood what she was talking about with the whole journey, path, crossroad stuff, but he had a feeling that it was pretty important so he tried to understand as much as possible.

Oma continued. "As I said before, your path is at a crossroad, it seems that the fates are not without a sense of humor, as you seem to have two destinies, and in fact are what might be called the Chosen One from two different prophecies. Now these destinies are not mutually exclusive, however you would not be able to accomplish both without my interference, which is why we are here. The first prophecy is many thousand years old. The second was made a few months before you were born. I will not tell you the contents of either prophecy directly, but I will tell you that simply by existing, the second prophecy put events into motion that would have blocked you from being able to fulfill the first, also, if you accept the offer I am about to give, you will soon know the contents of the second prophecy. Before I get to the offer, do you have any questions about what we have covered so far?"

'Only about a million' Harry thought to himself with a laugh. "Um, let me try and sum up what I do understand and you can tell me if I'm missing anything important?"

"That will be fine."

"OK, so, I'm some sort of Chosen one, but for two different things, and because of some prophecy that happened just before I was born, I'm not going to be able to accomplish both. But you are here to change that so that I can. Is that about right?"

Again Oma smiled a reassuring smile, "Yes Harry, that is quite accurate."

"Ok, well I guess that my only question is whether I get to have an opinion in all this. I mean, isn't it my life after-all? Do I get any say in the matter?"

"Indeed you do my friend, and it is very wise of you to ask especially for one so young. Everyone is given a choice, in everything you do, remember that there is always a choice. I am merely here to give you that option that was taken away from you all those years ago when the second prophecy was made. In reality you don't have to even consider my offer, nor are you forced to fulfill either of the prophecies. Once our time here is done you will have the option to not even remember our conversation and live your life as if I had never interrupted your sleep, if that is what you wish."

Harry nodded at that, he was feeling very respected by Oma, and though she clearly looked at him as a child, she was very kind and he felt that he could trust her. "Ok, so you mentioned that you had an offer?"

"I did. My offer is simple, I will allow you to observe the next 6 years of you life as if you had never met me. You will feel every emotion, experience every injury, learn, hope, dream, grow, and mature. Once you are done with those years you will return to me and we will discuss what happened. It might be disorienting at first, but I believe that you will be able to adjust to it."

Harry thought about it for a minute and then decided, "Ok that sounds interesting. I'm not exactly sure what this is going to accomplish, but I'm willing to give it a try."

Oma smiled and Harry felt a tingling feeling all over his body, just as he was about to ask Oma about it, everything went black, and then he felt himself wake-up in the hospital wing. When Oma said that this would be disorienting, she wasn't kidding! Harry felt that he was trapped in his own body. He could feel his limbs, he could see, hear, smell, but he wasn't in control! He then started to hear a voice. It was... his own voice. It took a few minutes while the voice spoke to the Headmaster, but he finally figured out that he could hear himself thing. It was almost as if he was living inside himself, where he would hear every thought, feel every emotion, but was basically a third party observer. He didn't like it at first, and was starting to regret taking Oma up on her offer, but after a few hours he was able to adjust and decided to make the best of it. Oma hadn't given him a way to end it early, so he would have to spend the next 6 years this way. Harry decided that as he watched, he would try and learn as much as he could, but at the same time, look at his life with a critical eye, so that he would have some ideas on where he made mistakes, and what he could have done differently when he was able to speak with Oma again. He figured that was what this whole exercise was about anyway.

As time went on, Harry decided to group events in his life into several categories. Since he felt like he was watching some sort of strange play of his life, he decided to order events as such. Eventually he came up with the following categories: plot development, character development, technical learning, and fluff. Events were mostly sorted after the fact once Harry was able to tell if an event was important in the long run or not. At first, everything went into either fluff or technical learning. He put the spells, lessons, etc into their own category because he wanted to keep them separate in is mind from everything else. He found that this made it easier to learn and remember the things that he learned quicker. He often found himself knowing the answers to questions in class before the 'Real' Harry could, if he could remember them at all. The fluff category would contain everything that really wasn't that important. Things like games of wizard chess with Ron, what was for dinner last night, etc. Harry found that way to much of his life went into fluff and not nearly enough went into technical learning. Plot development and character development were sorted after the fact. They usually came out of the fluff category. Events that went into character development were times when he met someone new, had a meaningful conversation with someone, (again something that Harry felt happened way to little), or when he observed others interacting. Harry was learning how to watch and gauge people so that he could understand how they tick, and start to predict how they would react in certain situations. He felt that this skill would help him later in life.

The plot development category was filled after the fact as well, when he was able to look back and see how certain events started a chain of reactions that would cause large changes or challenges in his life. He drew the parallel if he was writing the story of his life, these would be the important events that would have to be in the story for it to make sense. He separated these further by year simply for organization sake. In his second year he had:

---The meeting with Dobby in the summer and the following starvation/ bars on his window due to Uncle Vernon's anger.

---The voices in the wall and people getting petrified.

---Finding out that he was a parcel tong, and learning how quickly the school would turn against him.

---Ginny being taken down to the chamber of secrets, meeting a young Tom Riddle, and having to fight and kill a 60 foot basilisk.

---Destroying the Diary.

His third year contained the following:

---Blowing up Aunt Marge and running away to Diagon Alley.

---Hearing about how Sirius Black would be after him.

---The Dementors on the train and hearing his mother killed.

---Finding out that Sirius was his Godfather

---Learning about Wormtail and that Sirius was innocent.

---Saving Sirius and Buckbeak, but letting Wormtail get away. (Buckbeak's 'crime' and trial all ended up in character development for either Draco, Hermione, or Hagrid)

Forth year:

---Death eaters at the world cup.

---The Triwizard Tournament announcement, followed by the arrival of the other schools.

---Harry's name coming out of the Goblet of Fire as a fourth champion.

---Out flying a dragon in the first task.

---The disaster that was the Yule Ball. (However the majority of this event went into character development for many people)

---Saving Ron in the second task with some last minute help from Dobby.

---Barty Crouch getting killed.

---The third task maze, getting portkey'd away and watching Cedric killed by Wormtail. Watching the ritual and seeing Voldemort get a new body. The duel and the following Priori Incantatem in which he was able to see is parents before his escape.

---Moody unmasked as Crouch Jr, and Fudge refusing to believe that Voldemort was back.

Fifth year:

---Saving Dudley from Dementors and the subsequent letter barrage. (Harry put the trail into character development, because nothing ended up coming from the result)

---Learning about the Order of the Phoenix.

---Professor Umbridge becoming the DADA professor, and the slowly taking over the school.

---Harry starting the DA and finding the Room of Requirements.

---The DA getting found out and Dumbledore taking the blame before running away, thus giving Umbridge full control of the school.

---Dreaming about Sirius being tortured at the Department of Mysteries, rushing in and fighting with death eaters, the Order and Dumbledore coming to the rescue, Sirius falling through the veil of death, Fudge and press seeing that Voldemort is indeed back.

---Dumbledore telling Harry the prophecy. (Harry also put this event into character development for Dumbledore.)

Sixth and Seventh years seemed to drag on forever without much happening in terms of plot.

---The only thing that Harry found important to the plot of his life in 6th year was the night that he and Dumbledore went to the cave, and Snape ended up killing Dumbledore. The rest of the year seemed to fall into either character development or technical learning.

---Harry's final year started with the attack at Bill and Flur's wedding, which caused the Golden Trio to flee into what would become the camping trip from hell.

---They were able to get into and out of trouble several times, and destroy several of the Horcruxes. (Harry ended up putting all of his information about the Horcruxes into a special sub category in the technical learning category)

---The final battle intrigued Harry as he learned a few things that shined light on many earlier events and peoples motivations:

------Snape and Dumbledore planned his assassination.

------Harry had a Horcrux in his scar, and was expected to sacrifice himself. He figured this was why he never received any actual training.

As the six years passed, Harry found himself more and more getting annoyed with his other self. Harry became disillusioned by the magical world and felt that his other self was to easily manipulated. He also found himself disagreeing with his other self's sense of justice, Harry's new philosophy was that if you caught a killer and they are able to escape and kill again, then those following deaths are on your hands as much as they are on the killers'. Harry also knew from experience how easily people were able to break out of Azkaban. Harry decided that if you are in a War, you should be in it to win, not to see how many of the opposing combatants you can try and convert. Doing so is simply irresponsible to your side, and causes more death of both the combatants on your own side, as well as innocents. Harry was struggling with how he felt about the magical community. On the one hand it was the first place that he ever belonged, on the other, it was as a whole corrupt, bigoted, and backwards. The majority of magical people were simply sheep and would believe and follow anything that they were told or read without any critical thought, or consideration if it was the opposite of what they were told 3 days before.

When Harry went to sleep the night after Voldemort's final defeat, he again felt the tingling feeling that he had felt 6 years earlier. He knew that his time observing his life was over and it would be time to speak to Oma again. When he opened his eyes he was back on the quidditch pitch, and was standing facing Oma.

"Oma!" He cried and jumped forward to envelop her in a large hug. He hadn't realized, but he had missed her, and in the same way that the other Harry felt that Ms Weasly was his second mother, Harry felt Oma was, even though he had spent so little time with her. Oma seemed shocked for a second and then gently patted him on the back in a reassuring fashion. During this hug, Harry realized that he was still in his 17 year old body instead of the11 year old body that was sleeping in the Hospital wing. He asked Oma about this.

"Harry, remember when I said that this place was of your creation?" Harry nodded. "Well the representation of yourself is as well. You are simply used to seeing yourself in a 17 year old body and so you represent yourself that way. If you so choose you should be able to change this by focusing on how you wish to appear."

Harry decided to try this so he closed his eyes and focused on what he looked like when he was 11 and concentrated on willing his body to take that form. He was able to feel the magic working inside of him and when he opened his eyes again he noticed that he was a lot shorter than a moment before. "Wow." Was all he was able to say in response.

"Now that we have that taken care of, would you like to talk about what you observed the past six years?"

"Sure, before I begin, is it right to assume that you are aware of everything that happened and you are more looking for my thoughts and responces as opposed to a detailed account?" After getting a nod from Oma, he continued.

"Well, I suppose I can start by listing what I see as my greatest personality weaknesses: I tend to charge into situations without thinking or forming a plan in my head based on the information that I have. I hardly ever take the time to do the research about the situation. I jump to conclusions without all the facts. I rely entirely on luck. Academically and in life in general I'm completely dependent on Hermione to tell me what to do. I'm academically lazy, which I can partially blame on Ron and also the punishment I received from the Dursley's when I did better than Dudley. I have almost no control over my emotions, temper in particular. I have blind faith in adults and am easily manipulated. And I hardly ever think about the consequences of my actions until its to late." After noticing the slight frown that Oma was wearing, he quickly continued. "Now I'm not being to hard on myself, and I do realize that I have many strong points as well, but these are the things that I would need to improve on if I'm going to fight this war all over again without so many of my friends dying." Oma nodded for him to continue.

"There were however several things that I observed that the other Harry seemed to let slip by that I think might be very beneficial. I think that I probably have a fairly large magical core as I noticed that my spells tend to be stronger than my peers. Also, I think I might be a metamorphmagus. I think this because of the time that my hair grew back overnight when Aunt Petunia shaved it, coupled with the fact that I don't remember getting a haircut in the past 6 years and my hair always seems to be the same length. Before fifth year I was able to perform the Luminos charm wandlessly to find my wand, but the other Harry never did any experimentation with wandless magic afterwords. Personally I think this is because he learned in school that wandless magic is all but impossible so he believed it. The potentially biggest thing that I noticed was somewhat obscure. I noticed that Barty Crouch Jr basically admitted how he was able to get my name into the Triwizard Tournament using a confundus charm. Even though they knew that I didn't enter myself I had to participate due to it being a magically binding contract. I also believe that a wizards oath is a variation of a magically binding contract. I will have to do some tests, but my theory is that I will be able to confound parchment in order to enter others into magically binding contracts. If this is the case, I will be able to end this war and take care of Voldemort before he even becomes an issue." Harry took a breath and waited for Oma's response.

"I'm not going to respond directly to any of your observations, my goal was simply to give you an opportunity to examine the path that you are currently on, and to allow you to either follow that path or make changes. You now know the contents of the prophecy between you and Tom Riddle, and I will tell you this, the other prophecy, the one made thousands of years ago, has the potential to save many millions of lives should it be fulfilled. I have been forbidden to tell you the contents of this prophecy, but I will tell you that the potential fate of several galaxies could are in your hands should you choose to attempt fulfilling it. Again and always the choice is yours. Our time together has come to an end, but before I send you back I need to know if you would like to remember our discussions as well as the 6 years you spent observing, or if you would like to forget. Remember that if you do choose to forget the older prophecy will not be fulfilled. Take your time and I await your answer."

Harry sat and thought for several minutes considering the pro's and con's. On the one hand, if he choose to forget, he knew that after 6 terrible and painful years he would be able to settle down and live a quiet life. However if he took that option he would be condemning, Cedric, Sirius, Dumbledore, Snape, Fred, Hedwig, Moony, Tonks, and countless other innocent to death because if he retained his memories he would be able to take steps to prevent their deaths. If he decided to remember, he would probably end up leaving the magical community because he wouldn't be able to stand the stupidity and bigotry. He was well aware that he didn't have the patience to try and change the system into something functional. He was somewhat scared of this other prophecy, and Oma seemed to hint that it would have something to do with space, what did she mean by several galaxies? Well, he supposed that he would try and learn as much as possible, and if and when the time came to fulfill that other prophecy he would hopefully be prepaired.

Looking back up at Oma, he asked her if he would ever see her again.

"Perhaps my child, and I certainly hope so. But know this, I will be keeping an eye on you, and if you ever want to talk to me, I will be there listening even if you can't see me."

Harry went up to her, holding back tears, knowing that it would be a long time, if ever, before he would see her again, and he would miss her greatly.

"Oma, I want to remember." And his world went black...