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When enough magical people gather together, the air becomes so saturated with excess magic that even a regular human would be able to feel the tingle on their skin. The phenomenon swells in power with the emotions of the crowd, and on this fateful day electrical devices all across the globe short-circuited within hundreds of yards of hidden magical communities everywhere, leaving only silence. If one were to take a peek into any one of these magical communities, they would not see the usual street vendors and assorted families shopping or milling around the promenades. Instead, massive crowds swelled in the streets, rivaling those found in stadiums for the Quidditch World Cup.

The excitement for this gathering started about a month ago, when suddenly three meter tall holograms appeared at the center of each magical alley and educational institute. Harry Potter – the boy-who-lived, the winner of the tri-wizard tournament, a man who had barley been seen in public since disappearing after the disaster of the last task – was making a public announcement. While he was most famous in his home country, there wasn't a single magical user on the planet who didn't recognize the name. Those ridicules "Adventures of the Boy-Who-Lived" children's books were still quite popular after all.

The holograms appeared three times a day, stood silently for five minutes, and then spoke a simple message in the native language of the area, "Hello Mages, Wizards, Witches, Warlocks, Shamans, Sorcerers, Sorceresses, Istari, Witch-Doctors, but most importantly, Alterans. The time has come to learn about the roots of our people. Please gather here when the countdown strikes zero so that you might hear the truth." The hologram then disappeared and was replaced with a timer, slowly counting down to zero.

After a few emergency meetings of the International Confederation of Wizards, and the realization that the strongest curse breakers and charm masters were unable to do anything to remove the holograms, there was nothing left to do but wait, and see what the end of the countdown would bring. For a majority of governments the official position was unconcern. They couldn't very well forbid people from attending without alienating the majority of their populations that were curious about the message. The unofficial position held much more anxiety. Whatever Mr. Potter wanted to say could be dangerous, and none of the countries of the International Confederation of Wizards had any idea what to expect.

Finally, after weeks of waiting, the timer neared zero. Children, home from school for the summer holidays gathered with their friends and families in the city streets. Toddlers perched on parent's shoulders. Children held tightly to one another's hands in anticipation while aurors, careful to not show their anxiety, were stationed throughout the crowds, ready to respond to any threats.

Ten…. Eight… Five… Two…. One…the hologram finally counted to zero and disappeared into the ether. In its place the now familiar image of Harry Potter appeared. The crowd went silent.

Meanwhile in the Pegasus galaxy, on a planet deep within Wraith territory, a gathering of a different sort was taking place.

"Why have you summoned us so soon after we have awoken? And why have we awoken so early for that matter?" The questions came out more like a hiss at the Wraith High Queen. They were spoken by none other than the second most powerful Queen in the Pegasus. While she had not yet made the challenge for position of High Queen, it was only a matter of time.

"Patience child." Fleur-Queen responded in a condescending voice. "All will be answered once everyone is gathered. It would not do for me to break our own protocols for a meeting such as this."

The dissenting Wraith, knowing that she too had to follow the proper decorum, sat down with a snarl.

It was only a few hours later that the last Queen entered the room. "My hive was on the other side of our territory when the summons went out." The tardy Queen gave by way of an explanation and sat down when Fleur-Queen gave her a single nod. The High Queen then gave a signal to the two drones and they left, sealing shut the chamber doors behind them.

Fleur-Queen took the time to make a mental connection to each of the members sitting in the chamber before speaking. "Much has changed since we began our sleep. The people of this galaxy have had time to develop weapons capable of destroying the Keeper's Hive. Their planets are being protected by a mysterious foe with access to the technology of the Lantians.

"And perhaps most importantly, I have discovered a new way of feeding, which does not require the consumption of humans."

As she said all of this, she sent them mental images of the results of the Genii attack, the Alteran fleet, and a final image of her placing a hand on a glowing ball and feeding from it as it dimmed slightly.

"No longer do we have to be a society driven by our lust for our next meal. Imagine what we could accomplish without our time spent going from culling to culling."

"Enough! Coward!" her main rival spat out. "We will wipe out these Genii as we have countless others, we will fight and destroy these Alterans just as we did with the Lantians. It is clear to me that you have gotten soft during your sleep sister. Humans are our prey, they always have been and they always will be. No self-respecting Wraith will ever feed from something else." She looked around the room and seeing that there were several nods in agreement she grew bold. "I challenge you for the position of High Queen."

Fleur-Queen took a moment to respond. "The rest of you agree with her?" A majority nodded and she let out a small sigh. "Very well, you had your chance."

As she said these words small metal bands shot out from each of the chairs, binding the legs, arms, and necks of each Wraith Queen. As they struggled, a sharp needle sprang from the back of the chair and jammed into the base of their necks, flooding each with millions of nanites. One by one they stilled and sat up straight, with a nod to the original Fleur-Queen as the brains and bodies of each Queen were overtaken.

While no Wraith would ever know, those 30 seconds marked the beginning of the end of the Wraith species. After the meeting each new Fleur Queen took enough nanites to infect all of their senior commanders. Within five days, every non-drone Wraith was under the control of the multi-galaxy super computer simply known as Fleur.

All sense of time had been lost. He stopped keeping track after several hours and at this point, he could have been traveling through hyperspace for years or even centuries for all he knew. It wasn't long after the ascended fools descended him that he learned he could still at least partially access the higher dimension that the others occupied. Of course, the others completely ignored his existence while he watched, learned, and observed the galaxy when he could.

After finding himself shooting through hyperspace, his momentum powered by the energy of his semi-ascended self, Anubis started to spend an ever increasing amount of time in the presence of the others. He did, however, always keep a small part of himself aware of his semi-physical self as it flew through hyperspace to ensure that he did not miss an opportunity to escape his currently boring situation.

The hologram in Diagon Alley looked over the crowd as the silenced gathering stood in eager anticipation of the upcoming announcement. The image gave a bright smile before beginning to speak.

"It is good to see such a large turnout. I thank you for your time, and I would like to apologize to both the International Confederation of Wizards and each local government, whom I'm sure has had to deal with logistical nightmares in order to ensure that the gatherings we have today remain secure and peaceful. What I have to say to everyone today might be taken as ridicules, unbelievable, and even threatening to some. However, everything I say today is the truth. There will be some that won't believe it, others that won't accept it, but for anyone that wants it, proof will be provided.

"But I am getting ahead of myself. A story should start at the beginning, and so that is where it will. The story is of the Alteran people; it is our story. Millions of years ago, on a planet much like this one in a Galaxy far away…."

As he spoke, holograms depicting his words appeared. The magical people of the world listened for hours as Harry shared with them over 50 million years of their people's history – somewhat abridged, of course. The reactions were mixed. Some thought the entire thing to be a hoax and left after several minutes in anger. Others listened contently, not believing a word of the entertaining story. Some, mainly those in powerful positions, reacted in fear, wondering how this news, true or otherwise, would threaten their comfortable lives. When Harry got to the part explaining why they were seeing fewer and fewer first generation magical students join their schools at 11 years old, there was an angry outcry. How dare he actively break the statute of secrecy by telling families about the magical world early!

By the time the story was complete, only around five to 10 percent of each crowd remained. Many had returned home to discuss as families. Others had left only to appear at their respective ministries demanding answers for what the government was going to do in response to the Boy-Who-Lived possibly being the next dark lord. Emergency sessions were called, and very quickly there were people pointing fingers and placing blame on each other. What these people did not realize was that charms had been activated to encourage anyone who was not open-minded to the idea of joining the newly formed Alterans to find somewhere else to be. Once the exodus from the streets was complete, Harry once again smiled at the small crowds remaining and began to speak.

"More of you stayed than I thought. That is good to see. Once I am finished speaking, a doorway will appear and will remain for the foreseeable future. Only those who are open to the idea of learning more about joining us will be able to see or enter. When entering the doorway, your questions will be answered and your proof will be given. You will then be given the choice to return to your lives or join us and start a new one.

"We do prefer that entire families join us, but none with the proper intentions will be turned away. However unknowingly, the humans of Earth have hosted us for long enough. The time has come for us to return to the stars. In the near future, all magical species and creatures that have evolved as a byproduct of living in close proximity to us and the magical energies that we emit will be given the opportunity to also leave this planet and build a new home for themselves." Without another word, the holograms of Harry disappeared worldwide and were replaced by a slightly glowing archway. For several minutes everyone simply stared at the arch, lost in thought. Slowly, a young woman, a half-blood that recently graduated from Salem, approached the arch. She waved her wand at it for a few moments, checking for any common or detectable dangers, and then took a deep breath before stepping through. There was a flash of light and when her eyes once again adjusted she was in a small sitting room. A blond woman sat in one chair and motioned for her to sit in the other. "Welcome Ashley, you may call me Fleur. What questions can I answer for you today?"

Several months earlier…

Due to the Antarctic Treaty it had taken several weeks after the discovery of the ice structure before the International Coalition was able to complete the paperwork and receive official approval to fully investigate the rest of Harry's gift. The Marauder, however, had been immediately cloaked and flown to Nevada, and was currently being studied by many of the same scientists that had once worked together to understand the crystal. A team of SGC engineers had just finished constructing a crude elevator and declared the cavern structurally stable and ready for exploration. Of course, SG1 was given the privilege of taking the first look.

"You excited Danny-boy?" Jack turned to Daniel who was almost bouncing out of his skin with excitement.

"Jack, this could be the most important discovery on Earth since the Stargate! From the brief look we got when we repelled down, there are several rooms full of Ancient writing. Writing that is most likely millions of years old." He responded.

"Not to mention any technology that Harry has left down there for us." Sam piped in.

Jack just shook his head with a smile and pulled the lever that would take them down into the pit.

Present day…

SG1 had been mostly grounded while Daniel worked on translating what was written on the walls of the cavern below 'Dobby's Palace' and Carter split her time between studying the hyperdrive of the Marauder in Nevada and attempting to figure out what exactly the throne-like chair did in the cavern. It was quite clearly evident that while their understanding of Goa'uld technology had improved dramatically, Ancient technology was still somewhat beyond their capability. They had yet to get the chair to react in any significant way, and they were still unsure if that had to do with a lack of power or if something else was missing.

"Harry, go bother someone else! I don't have time for this!" Hermione finally yelled, fed up with her friend being such a nuisance. Hermione, and much of the rest of Avalon's leadership for that matter, was swamped coordinating the large influx of Earth magicals. Harry, however, was somewhat sidelined from the process, having been told that his current responsibilities were enough. Unfortunately, for Hermione at least, he had nothing to do that day and decided that bothering his oldest friend was a splendid way of alleviating his boredom.

Harry gave her a fake pout before blowing a kiss and walking out of the room. He knew that she had work to do, but on the other hand, he was quite bored and Chaya was back on Proculus visiting her people. Harry, you have an incoming call from Jack O'Neill. Fleur interrupted his pouting.

Put him through. "Hey Jack."

"Harry! Buddy! Giver of Spaceship with ray guns! How you doing pal?"

"I'm still not telling you what the chair does Jack." Harry responded with a laugh, this being an often repeated conversation topic over the last few months.

"Can't blame a guy for trying." Harry could hear the shrug in Jack's voice. "Hey, are you busy?"

"Not even a little, why?"

"Carter thinks that she has figured out how to retrofit a copy of the Marauder's hyperdrive into the Prometheus. Do you want to come along as we test it out?"

"Of course." Harry responded immediately, but then paused to think, "Isn't this the sort of thing you guys tend to do alone at first?"

"Yeah… and I have full faith in Carter, but I thought it would be nice to have you along in case we need another tow."

Harry let out a small laugh, "I'll be right over."

The trip through Hyperspace was going well. The Earth scientists had done an admirable job reproducing the hyperdrive technology of the Marauder and although it was based off of an outdated Goa'uld ship, they were still able to travel faster than they had before, even without the use of Naquadria, which made everyone feel safer.

As this was simply a test flight, they were only planning on making a trip to Abydos before turning around. The entire trip was scheduled to take no more than 12 hours. They were currently 4 hours into the first leg of the trip and Harry was sitting in the mess hall along with SG1.

"…But when Jack sits in the chair we detect several signals traveling from the chair to the platform, but nothing happens… " Carter was currently explaining her frustrations in studying the Antarctic chair to a fairly amused Harry.

"Carter, the Marauder and user manual was the gift. If you can figure out the chair, more power to you, but this is one of those 'need to learn for yourselves' things." He gave her an apologetic shrug. "The Asgard, Nox and Alteran high council all agree on this."

He interrupted her small glare by asking a follow-up question. "But enough about the chair, tell me about what you learned from the Marauder. That was my first ship you know, I found it buried in Egypt when I was 13."

Before Carter could respond the ship gave a strong lurch that knocked all but Teal'c off their seats.

"What the hell was that Carter?" Jack demanded.

"I'm not sure Sir. We should get to the bridge." She responded and quickly left the room.

"Right." Jack and the rest were quick to follow.

When the group arrived at the bridge it was in complete chaos. Colonel Ronson along with the rest of the bridge crew were attempting – and failing – to restrain what looked like Major Gant.

Ronson noticed their entrance and shouted over, "Help to hold her down!"

After O'Neill's nod, Teal'c jumped into the fray, but before he could full assist, Harry raised his hand and Major Gant was forced down onto the floor, an invisible barrier separating her from the rest of the bridge crew.

After nodding in thanks to Harry, Jack turned to Colonel Ronson, "Just what the hell is going on?"

"I have no idea. A black cloudy substance entered through that wall and directly into Major Gant's mouth. Within seconds, she jerked us out of hyperspace and jumped to attack Major DeLouise. We were unable to subdue her until you arrived." Ronson responded.

Harry had a bad feeling about this, and there wasn't a Fleur satellite in range. With the Lily shrunken in his pocket, Fleur was unable to use any of the sensors. He couldn't leave the bridge and expand the ship to gate size because his barrier would fail without him constantly reinforcing it. "Sam," He called out as he removed the Lily from his pocket and tossed it to her. "Get this out into space now." After an affirming nod from O'Neill, she took off at a run.

A moment after she left, a slow chuckle began in the corner of the room. The voice stemming from Grant's body built into a full cackle.

"Harry Potter." The voice boomed, "What a pleasant surprise."

"Anubis, I presume." Harry suddenly had to struggle to keep the barrier up as the pressure against him increased tenfold.

"Indeed. Imagine my luck that I would not only run across this primitive ship in hyperspace, but it would house a full blooded Alteran!" The possessed Major almost leered at him, "A perfect host for one of my status. Don't you agree?"

Harry stumbled back a step and started sweating as the pressure against his barrier increased again. "Don't think so asshole."

Anubis smirked, "We shall see," he responded before opening the Major's mouth. A black cloud came shooting out toward Harry. Seeing that a physical barrier would do no good, Harry dropped it and threw up one that he had been practicing with Chaya, intended to trap Ascended entities. He was already tired from holding the physical barrier and the new barrier flickered. At its current strength, it would be able to hold Chaya for only a few more minutes. The smoke slammed into the barrier and Harry quickly erected walls on all sides, trapping Anubis.

The crew on the bridge breathed a sigh of relief, but it was not to last as Anubis showed the power difference between a 10,000 year old Ascended and one that had the power equal to Oma, whom had been ascended for millions of years. Harry's barrier shattered as he fell to his knees, the black smoke surrounding him for a moment before entering through his mouth.

"Sir" Sam's voice broke through the radio, "Harry's ship is outside and has expanded to full size."

"It might be too late Carter." O'Neill responded, shifting uncomfortably.

"Fleur…" Harry ground through his teeth. "Beam…Crew…Leave me….Destroy ship." He ordered before falling to the ground, jerking as a physical manifestation of the mental battle he was currently fighting.

O'Neill began to protest, "Now wait just a damn…"

"… minute…" He trailed off as he found himself onboard the Lily. "Fleur, send us back."

Fleur's hologram appeared before him, visibly emotional. "No Colonel. Harry is right. If Anubis gets control of his body..." The hologram shuddered. "It can't be risked."

SG1 stood in shock and horror as dozens of drones laid waste to Earth's first starship.

"You MUST do something!" Chaya shouted at the assembled crew. She had been notified of the situation by Fleur the moment the Lily was ejected from the Prometheus.

"We cannot," came the response. Chaya looked over at Oma who was being restrained from interfering buy the others.

"You would let Anubis, a half ascended, kill Harry and break our bond?" she challenged.

There was a pause before the response came, "We cannot interfere."

Chaya came to a sudden realization. "If I were to go save my beloved?"

"You will not win against Anubis's strength."

"I don't care."

"We will not stop you. Nor will we save you."

Chaya gave a firm nod. "Goodbye." She removed her consciousness from the astral plane and flew into the sky toward the orbiting Stargate. With a thought it connected to the gate address Fleur had given her onboard the Lily.

She arrived moments before the drones detonated and surrounded Harry in a protective bubble just as the explosion began. She then focused the rest of her power on pulling Anubis out of her husband.

"Foolish child!" Anubis sent her telepathically as he was ripped from a mental battle that he had almost won. The Alteran had been surprisingly strong, but despite his mental strength, no mortal could truly best an ascended, especially one that possessed hosts for tens of thousands of years. "I will destroy you for your insolence before I return and make your mate suffer for all eternity."

"You will try." Chaya said before transporting an unconscious Harry to a medical bed on the Lily and sending a single mental command to Fleur. "GO!" Chaya watched the Lily enter hyperspace and then attacked Anubis with her full power. Entering into a battle that she knew she couldn't win.

"Uggggh" Harry awoke with a groan seeing Ayiana, Hermione, Remus, Sirius and a holo-Fleur standing over him. "How long was I out?"

Ayiana quickly went into healer mode. "You were unconscious for three days, physically you were simply exhausted, but mentally and magically you were almost beyond repair."

"Chaya?" There was a sad silence as no one wanted to tell him, eventually Fleur spoke up.

"She saved you Harry, she fought Anubis in your place."

The look of fear and concern on Harry's face spoke for him.

"You are correct in your fears my child." Oma spoke as she appeared, tears in her eyes. "Chaya continues to fight bravely, but it is a losing battle. I am continually being stopped from assisting, even as we speak."

"No…." Harry whispered before trailing off. There was another pause as no one knew what do say, eventually Harry broke the silence. "And if I were to join the battle?"

Oma immediately understood where he was going, "You would be allowed to fight for your bonded, but even with the two of you, victory is not guaranteed."

"But neither is defeat." Harry concluded for her.

Oma smiled, shaking her head slightly, "No, neither is defeat."

Hermione was the first to catch on and choked back a sob. "Oh Harry…" She bent down to embrace him.

The rest of the room was quick to follow. "Finish what we started here, take care of and guide our people." Harry told them, his mind preparing itself for what he was about to do.

"You take care pup. And kick some Sirius ass out there." The room groaned at Sirius's pun as Harry gave him a weak kick to the leg from his position on the bed.


He then locked eyes with the nano-Fleur as he fully opened their connection. Data and information flowed into his brain as he fought to maintain consciousness. Several moments later his body disappeared and a white, glowing blob flew out of the room toward the Stargate. Oma quickly shed her physical form and followed.

The lights all over Avalon dimmed for a moment before coming back on; holo-Fleurs all over the city blinked out for a moment before re-appearing; the nano-Fleur standing before the bed collapsed into a small silvery pile and re-assembled a moment later.

"Fleur?" Hermione asked tentatively.

"My connection… to Harry is gone. But he did something… he made me something…" She paused, "I think I was just born."

Elsewhere on the Astral Plane

A battered and bruised Chaya glared at her foe defiantly. The fight would have been long over, but every time she was close to being truly defeated he would stop, let her heal, and gloat.

Without warning they were joined by another. A familiar presence surrounded her, lending some of its power to assist in her healing.

"Hello beautiful."

"Harry I…"

"I know, me too. Ready?"

She gave him a firm nod, and together they turned and attacked.

20 Years later

Ben Turner looked over the crew of volunteers that had agreed to come on this mission with him. Mickey, his best friend, and first generation free Elf. Annar and Idun, two natural born Asguard, and the Asgard android Bjorg, who was excited about the scientific and learning possibilities promised in their adventure. Several nano-Fleurs would of course also be joining them.

And then there was Sarah, his girlfriend of three years, a pureblood from Earth who had run away from her family at 14 to join the Avalon Academy. The situation in the magical communities on Earth was rapidly deteriorating with more and more individuals leaving for Avalon and only the strongest traditionalists refusing, often times to the point of detaining their own children. Already there were undercover Alterans working to ensure that all who wanted to leave Earth had the opportunity.

He nodded to his mother and her husband Jonas as they smiled proudly back at him. "Fleur, if you could dial us up."

The ninth Chevron connected as the twelve extra ZPM's fed the power needed to connect to their destination. As previously agreed, a nano-Fleur was the first to make the trip, a few minutes later another spoke, "It is safe."

Ben made eye contact with each member of the high council. "We will contact as we are able."

They smiled in response as they watched the small group enter the event horizon, continuing the project that was started over 50 million years ago. The Destiny Project.

AN. This ends our journey together. It has been a fun trip. And I do apologize that the last two chapters have taken almost a year to complete. Sometimes it is hard to get yourself to sit down and write. Thank you for all the support, (and the PM's asking if I am dead :P) This was my first creative writing since high school and while at times it felt like a pain in the ass, I'm glad I did it. (It is also nice not to have this last chapter hanging over my head anymore.) I realize that this might feel abrupt to a lot of people, but it was the ending that I have envisioned for more than a year now. If you hate it, that is fine, if you love it, that is ok as well. At this moment I don't have any plans for a sequel, but who knows what might strike my fancy in the future.

For those concerned about the Ori, with how the Galaxy changed due to the Alliance influence, Vala would have been arrested at some point, probably for pretending to be a Goa'uld, and never would have met Daniel, thus she never would have led SG1 to Merlin's cache of party gifts later on. The Ori are still out there, as of yet unaware of the Milky Way, Ida, and Pegasus galaxies.

The SGC never made a base on Icarus because it was deep in Alliance territory, thus they never had the power needed to dial a 9th chevron. Where did they get the address for Destiny anyway? I was unable to find that on the internet, and I don't feel like re-watching the 1st episode just to find out.

Thanks to all for reading.