Ahh, the BBS-ness is going awesomely ^_^ But I have to warn you guys…they screwed up in voice acting again. Poor Aqua got the Aerith treatment. She's not quite as bad, but wow, they dropped the ball on her. Which epically sucks because I always imagined Aqua to be a slightly-less maniacal version of Larxene, as in just as strong of a personality (since not in cruelty). Also, Vanitas isn't so terrific in my eyes. Sora's voice actor is his and while Haley Joel Osment is great with sounding like an innocent do-gooder (ahem, Sora!), I'm not so sure if being evil suits him. Sounds just a tad corny around the edges, ya know?

And I hate Hot Topic. Oh yes. I said it. Why? Because the online store had KH blankets on sale. And guess who has IBS? No, not Irritable Bowel Syndrome! I have Impulsive Buying Syndrome! Like with the Axel plushie, the Akuroku (now too small) jacket, wallscrolls, the PSP for Birth By Sleep, and loads of other stuff, I hit the damn button and I bought the stupid thing. -_-'' That's why I hate them, for carrying KH merchandise. KH is breaking my bank account…

Meh, long ramble and yet I didn't even say what really needs to be said here. This, my friends, is the last chapter to Idiosyncrasies. I know there are hella more issues one could find with KH, but I'll let someone else cover them, xD! So with that said, enjoy the end!

Magically Delicious!

Man-oh-man, am I happy to be back, Axel thought to himself as he moved a shoulder in a circle to ease out the tension. Who knew killing could be so much work? And it was about damn time someone finally offed Vexen! Heh…kinda happy it was me.

He headed to the topmost floor to speak with Saix, who had, supposedly on Xemnas' orders, sent him there to annihilate the traitors. When he reached Seven's office, he knocked once before pushing it open.

Saix was staring intently at a book, looking something up. He only barely glanced at Axel as he continued to read. "I'll take it that the mission was a success? We figured you too had perished with the others."

"Ha, you can't be rid of me that easy," Axel chuckled. "The traitor turned out to be Marluxia. Kinda explains why he had such an unhealthy fascination in Keyblades and especially Roxas."

Saix's hair was cascading over his shoulders and shadowing his face, making it hard to tell if that really was a snort of laughter Axel heard from him. "I see," the man replied with only the barest hint of humor in his voice.

Axel rolled his eyes, then took a closer look at whatever it was that the man was reading. "Wait a sec…is that…the dictionary?" Next to Vexen, Saix' vocabulary was astounding. What did he need a dictionary for?

"Er…yes. Say, you wouldn't happen to know what the word mo…moti…" The Diviner trailed off, struggling to pronounce the word.

"Um, motivation?" Axel suggested.

"Yes, that's it! Motivation! What's that mean?"

Axel had to wonder if he was serious. His ex-best friend actually looked…adorable with confused eyes as he truly wondered what it meant. "Saix. You honestly don't know what motivation means?"

Saix frowned and went back to the book. "Roxas and Xion mentioned working together because it would provide them with more motivation. I asked them what motivation meant but they never told me. I asked Xemnas, but he told me to ask Zexion. I asked Zexion, but he told me to look it up. I'm looking it up but I can't even spell the damn word to know if I have the right definition!"

Oh the humanity. Axel sighed. "Motivation, M-O-T-I-V-A-T-I-O-N, got it memorized?" And with that, he cast a portal and left, missing Saix's cry of glee of finally finding the word.


"I…I think we met our quota for the day," Roxas panted as he leaned on his knees. "Between the two of us, we're supposed to collect about 1000 hearts a day." Boy, there are a lot of evil people in the world! He gave a weak smile to Xion and said, "C'mon, let's go sit on top of the clock tower."

"We don't have any munny today for ice cream," Xion lamented, holding out her empty pockets. "Piss poor again," she sighed.

"Eh, don't worry about it. We'll just enjoy the sunset."

"Tch, yeah, that's interesting," Xion mumbled as she followed behind him. On the tower, she sat down in her usual spot on Roxas' left and stared out at the sun.

Roxas also seemed a bit put-off and searched his pockets desperately to find any amount of munny. He in fact did come up with a bit of change, just enough to buy one ice cream. A dark side of him that wasn't too hard to find really wanted to say screw Xion and let himself have a treat…

"Yo!" A voice called from behind them. It couldn't be…could it? No, not…

"AXEL!" Roxas shouted out, getting up and running to him. He glomped the man's waist in a tight hug. "I thought you were dead! That's what Saix kept saying, everyone at CO was terminated but you're alive! I'm so happy! Can a Nobody be happy? Well, I'm something! Axel, oh Axel…"

Axel shuddered in horror as he saw the hints of Sora showing in Roxas. He had seen the way the Keyblader at the castle had reacted over seeing his friend Riku (which was really just the replica). Even as a Nobody, Roxas had inherited those emotions.

What really made it worse was the hooded person sitting on the ledge, watching them. He couldn't see their face, but he was willing to bet they hadn't blinked at all during the entire exchange. Creeeeepy….

"Roxas, I'm fine. Boy, everyone seems to think I'm just pathetically weak or something! Only one that might be able to beat me is Demyx and Demyx is too stupid to figure that out," he told him. He unwrapped the arms from around his waist and flopped down on the ledge.

A resounding crack rang through the air.

"MY ASS!" Axel screamed, falling backwards on the ledge. "Oh my god, my lack of an ass hurts! Why? Why don't I have any cushion back there?"

"Your huge hips sucked it all up?" Roxas ventured.

Axel was going to say something snappish in reply, but thought about it. "You're actually probably right."

"Here, I have an elixir. It's past its expiration date, but it should do the trick." Roxas handed him the bottle and Axel gratefully downed it. Smacking his lips, he sat back up as though nothing had happened.

"That hit the spot. Now, what's a sunset without ice cream?" He reached behind him and held up two ice cream bars. "Would've gotten another for your creepy friend over there, but I didn't know you'd made a new friend while I was gone."

"Axel, that's Xion," Roxas told him pointedly.

"Wha? Ohhh, right, right! Forgot we had a fourteenth member. Wow, it's been about two months and she still hasn't shown her face?"

"I can see her just fine. Can't you?"

Axel stared at Xion long and hard. The girl stared back. Axel narrowed his eyes at her. She bored into him with darkness. Axel flinched and looked away and thus she won the staring contest. "Look, she looks like an occult leader. Say what you will, but I'm not seeing anything."

"Axel! She has black hair and blue eyes!" Roxas shouted, pointing at her. "You've got to be blind to not see her face!"

"Hey, I don't see a damn thing!" Axel yelled back at him. "Now if you drew your new living-doll girlfriend a face, so be it, but don't expect the rest of us to actually imagine it's there as well."

"My…girlfriend?" Axel hadn't been back for more than half an hour and already Roxas was having an argument with him. It fact, it was their first argument…and about Xion, of all things.

"Axel…can we be friends?" The girl suddenly asked.

"Uh…um…I guess?" Axel wasn't sure how to respond to that.

Suddenly, her hood disappeared and her face showed. It was just as Roxas described it. Well slap his ass and call him Sally! And yet…it didn't make sense. He knew the hood had been up. And yet Roxas seemed completely sure that it wasn't. How had Roxas been seeing her when he couldn't?

"It would seem that others see me the way they want to see me," Xion explained, as though reading his thoughts. "Xigbar calls me 'Poppet' but I know it's really a lie. I'm a puppet to him. Everyone else barely even bothers with me so they all see a hooded doll. But you and Roxas actually took the time to recognize my existence. For that, you're able to see my face."

Axel blinked, then took a bite of his melting ice cream. "I'll try to act like that makes sense," he said.

Xion shrugged, then reached in her pocket and pulled out an ice cream too. Roxas' eyes popped open as he raised an eyebrow. "I thought you were broke?"

Shrugging again, she said, "I've had this one on me for awhile, saving it for a rainy day."

"It's ice cream! You can't just 'save it for a rainy day'! And…you pulled it out your pocket at that!"

"Axel pulled his out his ass. Why don't you ask him how he did that?" Xion suggested.

Roxas stared at Axel. "What?" The man said. "I magically produce ice cream. All Kingdom Hearts characters can do it."

Farther down the ledge, Olette was presenting Hayner and Pence three bars of ice cream as well, just as naturally as she breathed. The boys delightfully took them, never questioning their appearance.

Axel continued. "In this world, revenge-ridden scientists love ice cream, ducks can make it, sea-salt ice cream never melts if it's kept in a box in the middle of a pitch-black area, ice cream can be pulled from pockets and most especially out the ass."

Roxas stared down at his own ice cream, wondering just how many ass-flavored treats from Axel had he eaten? Suddenly, it didn't look appealing anymore. "Um…I think I'm good today," he mumbled, and handed it back.

"Y'sure? Alright, more for me!" Axel went back and forth, licking both of them.

With a queasy stomach, Roxas simply concentrated on the red rays of the sunset.

Anyone read the 358/2 Days manga? I'm not a manga fan considering I like actual paragraphs when I read, but the manga is great for laughs. I sort of copied some parts from there in the beginning of this chapter so homage to that. I think my favorite part of the manga so far is the way the Dusks treated Roxas during his time of being unconscious…oh, and Axel's total apathy toward Vexen! Ahh, it's just the way I always loved to imagine the Organization. ^_^

Anywho, I had loads of fun pointing out the craziness of the game. I'm not sure what my next project is going to be since school is picking up and sucking out my creativity. No, it's not the end of KH for me (I say that because last time I finished a big story was for Death Note and then I just totally swapped fandoms). I just need some time to get the creative juices flowing, xD!

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