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Beautiful Green Eyes

Take my hand and close your eyes, young one.

You come to me because you seek my gifts.

Those who come to me with selfish desires are turned away, and those truly wicked, destroyed where they stand.

But you, young vampire, are pure of heart.

There is nothing more selfless than true love.

With your heart, as white as snow, I grant your wish.

Only for a day may you walk among the mortals.

Use your time wisely.

Now... Awaken...

My eyes drifted open releasing from a dark daze. The sky above me was bright and blue; the ground beneath me was cold and plush. I closed my eyes again and breathed in, taking in the sweet, yet subtle smell of the Earth. My eyes snapped open. Normally I could smell everything around me. The grass, the soil, the trees, the creatures within the trees, but aroma surrounding me was very subtle.

I began to panic. My heart started to pound. The feeling surprised me. My hands flew to my chest, clutching the shirt that lay over it. My breath stopped short. I couldn't remember the last time I felt my heart beat. I looked down at my hand. It was still pale in color, but had an undertone of peach. I hesitantly touched the soft skin with my other hand. A smile began to pull at the corners of my lips. My hands reached to touch my face; my soft, warm face... A silent chuckle rumbled in my chest. The sky suddenly became brighter and I threw my hands out in front of me again. My laugh came out louder, almost hysterical as I looked upon my non-glittered skin.

Something began to vibrate in my pocket causing me to jump. I fumbled clumsily for my phone getting quickly irritated. For a moment, I thought back on my decision; everything was so difficult. As soon as the phone was out of my pocket and to my ear, it clicked over to voice mail. I cursed under my breath and scrolled the call history. It was Bella. I opened my voicemail and returned the phone to my ear.

"Hi," Bella began. The sweet sound of her voice made my heart start pounding again, "I know you're out hunting right now, but I just wanted to say I miss you and I love you. I'll see you tonight. Kay... bye." I felt my lips curl up into a smile again. How did I get so lucky to find such a wonderful woman, a woman who loved me despite everything? My mind suddenly shifted from joy to panic again. How would she react to me now? Would she pull away from me? What if she left me?

I sighed and looked at my phone. "There's only one way to find out..." I said to myself. Awestruck, I froze at the sound of my voice. It still sounded like me, but something was different; my voice was rougher. I smiled at the bittersweet thought of Bella fainting at the sight of me.

I pulled myself off the ground, wobbling slightly. I understood now how Bella could be so clumsy. I looked around myself. Trees surrounded me from every angle. They all blurred together looking the same no matter which way I turned my head. Where had I parked my car? I sighed while shoving my hands into my pockets. I decided to move forward. If I spent my only day as a human lost in the woods I would be irate.

I found my car in a matter of minutes. It was close by off to the north, parked on the edge of the road. I pulled my keys out of my pocket and slid into the car, hitting my knee on the steering wheel.

"Damn it!" I rubbed my knee as the pain slowly faded away. I sighed as I put the key into the ignition and turned it. The car began to purr as I glanced up into my rearview mirror. My eyes stopped there as I took in the sight. My eyes, which used to be a light golden color, were now a bright green with flecks yellow in them. I stared at them for a long moment, my smile returning once again.

The drive to Bella's house was an adventure. I drove the familiar route at my normal speed. As the speedometer needle closed in on seventy, the trees around me started to blur together in a brown and green haze. My heart began pounding again, and I realized this is something I would have to get used to because so many things cause this condition. I clutched the steering wheel tighter. I could normally see what was going on around me at eighty, even one hundred miles per hour, but not seeing every small detail terrified me. The car continued to climb faster and faster in speed. I didn't know how to drive any other way.

Suddenly a car horn blared through the air. I slammed on my brakes at the reaction of seeing the car right in front of me. I just barely missed it as I swerved to the right and stopped. My head slammed again the head rest. My breath was coming out in pants and my hands were shaking.

"You fucking asshole!!!" I faintly heard someone scream at me. I sat there, my eyes wide, and let my breathing return to normal. I eased the gas pedal lightly, not daring to go above thirty-five.

I pulled up to Bella's familiar white house. I cut the engine and rested my head against the steering wheel, happy that my ride was finally over and two tons of steel weren't hurtling toward me anymore. I glanced up to the house. Her truck was in the drive way, but Charlie's cruiser was gone. Perfect.

I threw open the door and jogged up to the house, jumping up the first two steps, missing the third and slamming the same knee I hit in the car earlier into the wooden porch. "Shit..." I cursed as I rubbed my knee again. The concept of pain was quickly becoming my enemy.

As the pain subsided, I pulled myself up and limped slightly to Bella's door. I took a deep breath and knocked three times. My heart pounded in my chest as I waited for her to appear. I placed my hand on my chest, as if to still my heart. The door flew open and I felt my breath stop in my throat.

The beautiful girl before me wore her hair up in a slick pony tail, her bangs sweeping across her forehead. Her skin was pale with a slight hue of apricot. Her cheeks were slightly pink. Her pale skin contrasted much to her dark brown hair and deep chocolate eyes. Her lips were comparable in color to that of a cherry blossom. Her body was slim, curving slightly at her waist and back out at her hips.

Her perfect body was covered with a royal blue, button up, short sleeved shirt. Three buttons were undone at the top revealing the lacey, white tank top she wore beneath it. The tank was cut low enough to reveal the valley between her round, plump breasts. Her legs were covered in a pair of dark blue, tight jeans that flared ever so slightly at her calf. The jeans hugged the curve of hips. On her feet she wore a pair of black, aged Converse shoes.

Everything about her was perfect, beautiful, and god, did it turn me on.

Her smile was wide as she opened the door, until she caught sight of me. It faded slightly as she looked me up and down. Then she finally spoke with her angel like voice, "Can I help you?"

She... she really didn't know who I was. Did I look that different?

"Bella, it's me..." I smiled intently as I took a step forward. She instantly took a step back from me. I froze and I felt my smile fade. I was afraid of this. "Bella it's me... Edward..." She took another step back and looked me up and down again. I smiled a little more, though it wasn't a smile of happiness; it was more reassuring and hesitant.

Her eyes rested on my face as she really looked at me for the first time. She squinted her eyes and took a step forward. I smiled a little wider. Surely she'd recognized that.

"E...Edward?" She stuttered. I nodded as she took another step forward, her hand slightly extended. She hesitated, still not trusting her eyes, but then reached slowly for my face. As her warm fingers brushed my cheek, it seemed as if electricity began to course through my body. I slowly placed my hand on top of hers and leaned my head into her hand, breathing in deeply. Normally my throat would have burst into flames as the smell of her blood assaulted me, but all that I could detected with my muted sense of smell was a slight hint of freesia on her soft skin.

"Edward...?" I smiled and nodded once again. She laid her hand flat against my cheek and took another step forward looking into my eyes, "You… Your eyes are green." She chuckled nervously as she looked deep into my eyes. With that, her eyes rolled back into her head and she fell into my arms.

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