Time goes by and love fades. But for my life it is the opposite, Time goes slowly and my damn love won't fade. I fainted yesterday afternoon after being told i would have to dissect a heart in biology. I had to go to the hospital were i waited to discover my course of fate. . .

The doctor came into my room with a clip board and a undescribable face. "Fumiko, are you in the process of building a strong and enjoyable relationship?" I looked at him funny. Oooh he was asking if i have had sex yet. "Well it was sort of an accident, we just went out partying and well yer . . ."

The doctor scribbled down some notes and looked up. "From your blood test yesterday I have discovered that you are . . ."

Kazuma POV

I was walking into the hospital to give the get well soon card from the class to Fumiko. I was walking in the car park when i heard a loud scream. I ran into the room and found fumiko panting loudly. "What's going on here?" I asked I looked at Fumiko with her hand on her stomach. Oh great, this is another prank. I'm not going to faint this time. "i-i-i'm pregnant," she stuttered , holy shit. This won't be good and then i fainted, again.