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Do you love animals? Because if you do, forget the zoo. There's just no place like Africa. All the animals you've ever dreamed of seeing is living right there! Who wouldn't want to be surrounded by nature, surrounded life, sunlight, and clean air? I must tell you, not Marie and Mark Logan! They lived for this part of the world.

"Dear, keep those weeds away from the baby! We don't know if he has allergies," Marie warned her husband.

Mark frowned and pulled the grass away from his one-year-old son. "I swear Marie, Our son will grow up to be a vegan! He can't keep his hands off the plants!"

Marie gave a little scoff. "And what's wrong with that? He can be a natural 'hippie' for all I care!" She set down her notepad and took her son from her husband. "Who's my little Garfield? Who's my adorable son? Who's going to grow up to be a vegan?"

"Ma ma goo gee!" little Garfield cooed. He grabbed strands of his mother's hair and placed it in his mouth.

Mark came over and wrapped his arms around his family. "Isn't he beautiful?" He gently fingered his son's blonde hair. "He's getting such a good look at life so early. How much do you want to bet he'll be an intelligent scientist like us?"

Marie sighed. "Honey…I know we couldn't bear leaving our boy AGAIN while we went on a business trip, but…do you really think it was a good idea to bring our fragile son ALL the way out here?"

Mark rolled his eyes, knowing he and his wife had been over this tons of times. "Honey, it's not like he's ever out of our sight, right? And could you really bear ANOTHER three weeks without him? Because last time we did, all I heard was 'Do you think he's getting enough to eat' and 'What if he gets nightmares'?"

Marie was about to protest her husband's immaturity, but he had taken his son and showed his wife those huge green eyes. "'Pwease Mommy?"" he imitated his son. "'Don't send me away! I'll just make a pooh all over the couch again!'" Garfield squealed with laughter, as if agreeing to what his father was saying.

Marie smiled and tweaked her son's nose. "Well-"


Marie gave a tired smile as a busty, blonde woman in her late 30's came out of the tent , spraying loads of bug spray. "Miriem! There's no reception here!"

Marie quickly took the spray from her sister. "Angus! Do you know badly this effects our environment?"

Angus rolled her eyes. "Yes, yes I know. Air, ozone layer, global warming…" Unlike her sister and brother-in-law, she would rather make things sparkly and beautiful then take care of it. Anything ugly like insects were considered unimportant to her. Ugly=useless, right? They were no fun to look at….

Garfield gave a little frown and blew raspberry at his aunt. Angus smiled and tickled the boy under his chin. "Oh, who's an adorable little tyke-ow!" She pulled her finger back after Garfield had bitten it.

"Garfield, no!" Marie scolded.

"We do not bite family, young man," Mark said, but gave his son a quick high five when his wife wasn't looking.

Marie rubbed her son's head. "Garfield, apologize to your aunt."

Garfield rubbed his nose and said, "Dood."

Angus raised an eyebrow. "Dood?"

Mark gave a soft chuckle. "Sorry Angus, that's his favorite word."

Garfield grabbed his toes and sang, "Doooooood!"

Angus rolled her eyes. "Anyway, I came out here to tell you that your Bunsen's burning!"

Mark quickly handed the boy over to his wife and ran into the tent. Putting his mitts on, he grabbed the tongs and gently lifted his creation from the Bunsen Burner. With much care, he poured it into a serum and held it in his hand.

"Mark?" Marie walked into the tent with a sleeping Garfield. "How is it?"

Mark looked at hid research. "It looks green enough, but I think its still had some side effects."

Marie smiled and placed her son in the little animal crib. "Darling, we've worked three years on this. We have created the ultimate medicine for animals! Never again will they have to be 'put to sleep'. We've done a blessed thing for our furry friends."

Mark smiled and gave his wife a loving kiss. "I think we need to test it."

Marie bit her lip. What was the point of helping animals if they experimented on them? "Dear…"

Mark put a loving hand on his wife's shoulder. "Marie, if this doesn't work, that's it. We're dropping the project. You and I both know experimenting on animals is wrong, so this is it. All or nothing."

Marie sighed. "Honey…we can't do that…all our hard work…but no. Your right. Experimenting on them is wrong, so…here's hoping!"

Mark held his breath and reached for a chinchilla trembling in a cage. "There, there 'ol girl. I won't hurt you." The chinchilla was terribly sick, practically on its way out. If THIS didn't work…

Mark held his breath as he showed his wife the needle full of the green liquid. With a nod from her, he poked the needle in the vein of the small creature.

Mark and Marie held hands as they watched the animal shiver a bit and then freeze. Everything was quiet. Garfield had woken up and was watching through the crib. "Dood," he whispered, disappointed.

Mark gave a defeated sigh and shrugged. "Well, I guess that's-"

"Marl! Look!" Marie pointed to the animal.

Mark looked up to see the chinchilla's eyes flutter, followed by lifting his head. He finally got to his feet and scattered around the table.

"It works…" Marie whispered.

"It works!!" Mark cried, lifting his wife in his arms and twirled her around. "It works! All our hard work paid off! It works!" He set her down and picked up the needle. "Marie…do you have any idea how powerful this is?"

Garfield was jumping in his crib, excited. "Dood! Dood! Dood! Dood!"

Mark smiled and lifted his son up. "Son, there is no animal we can not cure! We've tried on an animal from each animal kingdom, and we are victorious! We've made the world a better place for animals!"

Garfield squealed with happiness…followed by a sneeze.

Marie gave her son a pat. "You O.K, baby?"

Garfield just sneezed again. Mark waved it away. "He just has something tickling his nose, he's fine." He reached over and tickled his son's tummy. "Isn't that right, son?" Garfield giggled.

Marie smiled and laid her son back in his crib. "We'll call Dr. Harmon in the morning." She kissed her the baby his forehead. "Heavy dreams, my dear."

Garfield gave a cute yawn and buried his head in his pillow.

The next morning, Marie got out of bed first like she always did (They had a big tent), and got a bottle heated up for Garfield. She hummed a little tune while she fixed her beautiful son's breakfast.

"Garfield? Breakfast!" Marie called softly as she walked over to her son's crib. "I've got your ba-ba." Garfield didn't stir. Marie smiled and tapped her son on the shoulders. "Garfield? Wake up, you lazy duck," she teased.

Garfield didn't move.

Getting a little concerned, Marie picked her son up and gently shook him. "Garfield? Garfield! GARFIELD!!"

The boy faintly opened his eyes and began to whimper. "Ma…ba…do…" He stopped short as his breathing became ragged.

Marie dropped the milk. "MARK!!!" she screamed.

Mark was by her side in an instant. "Marie? What's wrong!?"

"Garfield!!!" she wailed, tears falling down her face. "He's dying!!!"

"WHAT?!?!" Mark cried, while cradling his son's face. "Are you positive?!"

"Just look at him!!"

Sure enough, the boy was barely breathing. His face was burning and he was giving soft whimpers. "W-We have to call the hospital!!"

Marie shook her head. "There isn't a hospital close enough!!"



Mark began to panic. His son was dying!! He needed to cure him fa-

He paused. Coming up with a risky idea, he handed the baby back to his wife. "Hold on!!" He quickly ran out of the Sleeping Tent and ran across the field to the Working Tent.

Knocking things over while running, Mark quickly grabbed the serum and headed out the tent again. His head was full of thoughts as he ran back to the tent. How could he have been so stupid as to let his fragile son out here where diseases hung in the air! His only son was dying of illness, because he had been careless.

Once he entered the tent, he grabbed his son and lifted the serum.

Marie gave a sharp gasp. "Mark, are you INSANE!?!?! That's for animals only!!!"

"Do you have any other ideas!? Our son is DYING!!" With that, he stuck the needle in his son's vein. The baby gave a little whimper, and then stopped breathing all together.

Marie began to sob. "You moron!! You could've poisoned him for all we-"

"Look!" Mark exclaimed. Marie looked up as Garfield slowly opened his eyes. He looked around and began to cry. He was hungry.

Marie gave a delighted sob and kissed her son. "OH…that serum is magic!"

Mark breathed a sigh of relief. "He's O.K, darling. He's going to be all right."

Little did they know they had just set of a chain of events. No, young Garfield Logan was FAR from fine.

Later that afternoon, Mark was sitting outside with Angus, showing her everything they had discovered. "I'm telling you Angus, not only does it cure animals of all diseases, but it may have the same effect on humans!"

Angus gave a little chuckle. "You tested it on you own son? Wow, that was 'brave'…"

Marks shook his head. "It was an emergency situation! But it worked! Your nephew is-"


Angus flinched at the sound of her sister's voice. "Maybe it has a time limit?"

Mark glared at his sister-in-law. Didn't she even CARE if her nephew made it? "Marie! What's-"

Marie showed up with a bundle in her arms. "Mark! It's Garfield-"

Marks stood up. "What? Is he sick again?"

Marie shook her head so fast, her black hair was flying. "No."

"Then what is it?" Why was his wife taking so long to answer?

Marie unraveled the baby. "Mark….LOOK!!"

Mark looked at his son….and nearly passed out.

Garfield Logan was green.

Not green as in sea-sick in the face, but every inch of him was emerald green! He looked like the male version of the Wicked Witch of the West. It wasn't just his skin, but his hair. His hair was a shiny teal green.

But that wasn't the end of it. His nose had changed too. His nose looked like it belonged on a monkey. And his ears….they were shaped like an elf's!

"How…How could this…" Marks was at a loss of words.

"No! That's not all! Look!" She pulled back her son's lips to reveal sharp fangs. Their son was unrecognizable. The only thing that was their to remind them of their old son, was his green eyes.

"Garfield…" He flashed back to the animal serum as he fingered his son's ears. "What….have I done?!"

Angus chose that moment to look over their shoulders. "What's the pro- OH MY WORD!!!!! HE'S HIDEOUS!!!"

Garfield's bottom lip shook and soon he was balling his eyes out.

Marie tried to comfort her son. "Sshhh…there, there…you're NOT hideous."

"Yes he is."

Marie was surprised to find those words come out of her husband's mouth. "Wha-"

"He's twisted, Marie. And it's all my fault," Mark whispered.

Marie shook her head. "That's not true! You saved him! I'm sure this is just temporary…"

"Temporary!? Sister, the boy's ears are completely transformed! This isn't going to go away!" Angus warned.

Marie stroked her baby's hair. "My poor baby….Just think. He'll never have any real friends. He'll never meet his true love. He'll forever be known as a freak."

Mark rubbed his son's stomach. "Garfield…I'm so sorry. I brought you out here, got you sick, then I turned you into a monster."

"Don't say that! He's not a monster!" Marie cried.

"Of course he is! We need to call a hunter right away!" Angus warned.

"What!?" The parents cried in unison.

Angus shook her head. "Just look at him! You must dispose of the creature!! How can you even look at that face!?"

"He is your NEPHEW!!!" Mark shouted.

"He's no family of mine!!"

At this point, Marie couldn't take it anymore. "NO ONE'S TOUCHING MY BABY!!!" With that, she ran into the jungle with Garfield, all while Mark called her name.

Marie ran, clutching on to a terrified Garfield. She might have lost it, but so much was happening… She thought her husband and hers hard work had paid off, but it changed her son into a freak. Her own sister wanted nothing to do with him now. Maybe she could run, run from this nightmare…

Her heart pounding, she found herself in a clearing in the forest.

Sighing, she sat her son down in he grass. "Oh dear, what am I doing? I'm sorry Garfield…I just couldn't bear your aunt one more second."

Garfield blew raspberry in response.

She gave her son a rub on the head. "Don't worry dear, no matter what you look like, your father and I will always love-"

She was interrupted by Garfield's wails. He started screaming and pointing behind his mother.

"Garfield? What's-" Her blood ran cold as she heard a high hissing noise right behind her. Breathing hard, she turned her head to find a poisonous snake slithering towards her.

"No!" she whispered. She quickly grabbed her son in a death grip. "No please, stay away!"

The snake ignored her cries and slithered closer to the duo.


It was like every 'hiss' was him saying 'I'm going to bite you'.

Marie held her breath as the snake curled itself around her leg, as if teasing her. Oh let him kill me…but God don't let him get my son! she prayed to herself.

She closed her eyes as she felt the snake shoot his head back. She waited for the bite…..but it never came. She opened her eyes to find the snake in the mouth of a mongoose!

"Oh Lord thank you!" she whispered. The mongoose chewed on the snake until it gave a strangled cry. Shaking it a bit like a rag doll, the mongoose finally released the dead snake. It then turned to Marie with big…colorless eyes.

"Marie!" Mark's voice rang out through the jungle. He arrived at the clearing and wrapped his arms around Marie. "Marie, don't you scare me like that again!"

Marie was silent as she pointed towards the mongoose. "He-He saved me from the snake."

"Snake?!" Mark cried. He looked around to find the dead snake on the ground. "Well….where's Garfield?!"

It was at that moment Marie realized her son was nowhere to be seen. It was also at that moment she realized the mongoose was green.

Marie and Mark held each other as the mongoose began to change…change…into their son. Garfield was right where the mongoose had been.

The parent's mouths hung open as their son cried out, "Doooood!"

Marie and Mark Logan at that moment realized that they had to leave. Garfield couldn't stay where there was people. When Mark had stuck that chemical in the boy, it had combined his DNA with animal's DNA. He was now part animal. If anyone ever found out about him, he would be captured and experimented on. They decided they would quit their job and run to Antarctica, a place less populated.

So the next morning, they headed on a boat with Garfield wrapped up in a blanket where no one could see him. Angus decided to take a plane, refusing to be anywhere near the monstrosity.

"Goo ma da?" Garfield cooed.

"Hush darling," Marie whispered.

Mark joined his family his family by the starboard. "Well….what do we do now, darling?"

Marie popped Garfield's bottle in his mouth. "I suppose we'll have to live like Eskimos, but I'll do it if you will."

Mark nodded. "We'll get a job as teachers. We'll hide Garfield from the world. We'll home-school him and then-"

"And then what?" Marie said suddenly. "What life is there for our son? Will he just be shut off from all humanity?"

Mark pondered this and snapped his fingers. "Maybe he can become a super hero! How many kids have wished they had super powers?" he joked.

Marie gave him a blank stare. "That wasn't funny Mark."

Mark gave a little chuckle. "C'mon Mar, you know I'm hilarious!" Weakening at the stern gaze of his wife he whispered. "Maybe…..if we find a woman with a heart open enough…."

Marie pulled the blanket so they could see their son's face. "Mark…don't even go there….what woman in the right mind could ever love a monster?" Even SHE had to admit her son was no longer human.

Garfield sighed, as if he knew what his parents were saying.


All three jumped as the alarm to the ship rang.

"Mark, what's-"

"The ship is sinking!!" someone shouted.

Both of them had to get a tight grip on their son as people began to panic. "Wha- What do you mean the ship is sinking? How!?"

A man ran up to him. "They don't know! They just found a huge hole in the bottom of the ship!!"

"That makes no-"

"MARK!! We have to get out of here!!" Marie cried.

They both made a run through the crowd of people, desperately trying to get to a ship's mini boat. Their hearts pounding, they tried to avoid every person who came in their way. But to no avail. One woman accidentely rammed into Marie too hard, the force of the impact forcing her to release her baby.


The clashing voices of the people seemed to mute and the world was in slow motion as the parents looked back at their forlorn son.

"UH! The Devil is here to claim me!" One man cried, once he caught a glimpse of the poor boy.

Marie and Mark quickly ran back to their son with even more difficulties from the crowd. "Garfield!!" They both called.

Not knowing what to do, Garfield crawled to the edge of the ship. "Dood?" he whispered.

"NO!!" Marie screamed. They watched in horror as a sudden lurch from the ship caused their son to fall into the unforgiving ocean….

"NOOOOO!!!" They both screamed. Knocking over whoever dared to get in there way, they made their way to the end of the ship.

"GARFIELD!!! GARFIELD, WHERE ARE YOU?!?!?!" Marie screamed at the top of her lungs.

"Marie, he's and infant! He couldn't of survived that! He's gone!!" Mark cried.

"NO!! GARFIELD!!!" Marie screamed. She would not accept this!

Mark put a supporting arm on his wife's shoulder. "Honey, we need to leave! In case you've forgotten, this ship is SINKING!!!"Marie pulled away.


Mark realized his wife was half-crazed. "Marie! Snap out of-"

"GARFIELD!!" She continued, her screams mixing with the ship's sirens. "This is all YOUR FAULT MARK! YOU BROUGHT HIM OUT HERE!! YOU TURNED HIM INTO A FREAK!!"

Mark didn't take any offense to those words. He was too busy noticing the end of the ship was bending. "MARIE! We have to-"


Mark cringed as he heard the starboard creak. He quickly grabbed on to his wife. "MARIE!!"


With those final outburst, the starboard gave away and the couple was lost to the sea….

The ship was in the bottom of the ocean now. Some had lived. Some had died. But none noticed the little green fish swim to land, and once he reached that destination, he changed back into a 'human.'

Little Garfield sat on the shore giving soft whimpers. Where was his mommy and daddy? Weren't they coming soon?

"Mama? Dada?" he whispered. "Dood?" He felt his lip to reveal he had lost a fang.

He was all alone. Wet, scared, and alone. A little one-year-old boy, all alone…a lonely freak of this world.

Garfield clutched his little body to keep it warm and was soon balling his eyes out. "MAMA!!!! DADA!!!! WAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!" He was so scared and he wanted his mommy and daddy back.

But little did the infant know he would never see his parents again. He was just a little green baby, wailing in the mist of his loneliness…

"Mommy! Daddy! Please come back!!"

"Beast Boy? Beast Boy, wake up!"

"…Mommy? Is that you?"

"No. It's a certain Titan who's going to fly you out the window if you don't let go of her hand."

Beast Boy groaned and opened his eyes to find Raven, the beautiful half-demoness. She had a murderous look to her eyes as Beast Boy slowly removed his hand. She had short violet hair with dark ametheyst eyes along with a red chakra on her forehead. She wore a black leotard (that always seemed to make Beast Boy's teenage hormones kick in) and a long midnight blue cape.

"Raven?! What are you doing in my room?" Beast Boy frowned.

Raven gave him a shadow of a smile. "I heard you crying. I wanted to know if you need your bottle."

Beast Boy frowned. "I just had a nightmare. That's all."

Raven rolled her eyes. "Let me guess, you dreamt Starfire beat you at 'Space guns 3'?" she said, referring to their alien friend.

Beast Boy (squinted eyes) looked down at her from his bunk bed and held up one finger. "First off, it's 'Galactic Lasers 5'! If you're going to insult me, get your facts straight! (Big drop of sweat down Raven's head) Second off, that could never happen! ….um….and…"

The next number is three, Beast Boy," Raven said.

Beast Boy scoffed. "I knew that! Third off, it was about my parents!"

Raven instantly became concerned. "Really? Was it a distant memory or a flashback?"

(Colorless eyes) Beast Boy gave her a blank stare.

(Puff of air) Raven sighed. Of course he wouldn't know what that means. "Did you just get a glimpse or full pictures?"

Beast Boy gave a broad smile. "Oh! I got the whole thing!"

Raven gave a sad smile. She would die before she admitted this to anyone, but she always felt like she had a bit of a connection with the green boy due to their tragic pasts. It was the one thing they shared in common. "I'm sorry Garfield.," she whispered, using his real name.

Beast Boy shrugged. "Ah, it was thirteen years ago. It's no big deal. I mean, I'm not the only kid who's parents drowned, right?"

"Still…it has to be hard."

Beast Boy shook his head. "Not for me Rae, I'm tougher than that."

Raven raised an eyebrow. "Oh really?" She wasn't buying it. She heard him cry in his sleep.

Beast Boy gave a cocky smile. "Really!"

Raven gave a careless smile, walked over to the wall, and pulled out his night-light.

"No! No, no, no, no! Too dark!"

Raven smiled and placed the light back in. "Oh yes, you're the toughest of the tough."

Beast Boy crossed his arms. "Aw man! How did you find out about that?"

"I have my sources. And by sources I mean Cyborg."

Beast Boy frowned. "Never trust a robot person! Look Rae, could you please not tell anyone else? Especially Aqualad? I already got one rival holding this out against me!"

Raven didn't show any expression. "It can be our little secret."

They both gave a little gasp and blushed at the way that sounded, but Beast Boy decided not to use it against her since she was helping him out. "Thanks Rae, you're the best!"

Raven sighed. "Don't call me Rae." As Beast Boy scratched his head, she gave a little cough. "So…about you dream….want to talk about it?"

(Twinkling eyes) Beast Boy would never pass up an opportunity to spend time with Raven. "Dude, you bet!" He patted the side of his bed.

Raven's face turned red. "Never mind, you're a tough boy. You can handle this."

"What?" Beast Boy whined. He blushed when realization dawned on him. "Jeez Rae, I would never-"

"It's not that," Raven interrupted. She looked around at his filthy room. "Your room is horrendous. I think there's a hot dog in your sneaker. I don't even want to know what's in your bed."

"What?" he scoffed. "There's nothing in my-" He winced as he pulled out a moldy piece of pizza from under his pillow. (Big drop of sweat) "Hehe…how long was that under there?"

Raven closed her eyes. "I rest my case."

Beast Boy sniffed the pizza, shrugged, then popped it in his mouth.

(Alarms ringing) "Beast Boy! Er, I'm leaving!" Raven said as she flew to his door. "See, that's why you can't get a girlfriend." With that, she left.

Beast Boy's heart froze as he flashed back to his mother's words. What woman in her right mind could love a monster? Beast Boy let the pizza fall from his hand and crash to the floor, his mother's words ringing in his ears.

Love a monster……A woman in her right mind……Who could ever love a monster…

Raven sighed as she plopped down on her bed. Beast Boy….why does he have to be so disgusting? she thought to herself.

Raven and Beast Boy really didn't get along. They were complete opposites, with different views of the world. However, the empath knew the changeling still cared about her and she could never hate him. Be incredibly annoyed by him? Yes. Wished she could throw him out the window? More than once, but never hate him.

In fact, she had entered his hazardous room out of concern….but it wasn't his cries that aroused her. It was her dream. She had a nightmare about him lying in her arms, clothes torn, covered in blood, holding on to his last bits of air….she just couldn't imagine such an innocent boy in such a horrible state. She had to see him whole and well again.

That was the one thing Raven secretly loved about Beast Boy. It might be what was stopping her from flat out hating him. He was so innocent. He had been through so much pain, but he remained cheerful to everybody. He just wanted everybody to be happy.

Yes, of course the other Titans knew about Beast Boy's past. But no one really gave it much thought. He didn't care about it, so why should they?

But…Raven kind of wanted to know more. She wanted to know what it was like when he discovered his powers. Hm, maybe it was curiosity screaming inside….or did she just want to get closer to Beast Boy?

Raven sighed and shook her head. "Beast Boy's room fume has my head all mixed up." With that thought in mind, she fell asleep.

Right in the planes of Africa, a small meer-cat was nibbling on some insects. It was so lost in its feeding, it didn't even notice a man cast a shadow over it. Right as the delicate creature raised its head, it was too late to run. The man grabbed the creature by the neck.

"You poor thing." The man sneered. "You'll never see your family again. That's right…squirm hopelessly. There's no hope for you. Enjoy your last bits of energy."

The meer-cat tried to break free, but to no avail. "Are you done?" The animal want limp in his grip. "Good."

Reaching into his sack, the black-haired man pulled out his knife and began skinning the animal alive. Cutting him here and there, making sure his death was slow and painful Blood was getting all over his hands, but that was the way he liked it.

Once the animal looked like something that went through a chipper, the man licked he blood from his hands. "I suppose I should feel sorry for what I just did….but you're an animal. It's not like you have feelings."

He placed the creature in his sack and made his way to his mansion. It was a tall mansion, with animal skins everywhere. But just because he was a hunter, didn't mean he wasn't scientific. A woman had paid over a million dollars a long time ago and now he had the best of the tech.

He entered his mansion and got on the elevator. He sighed as he pushed the button to his trophy room. (Top floor, of course) Once he reached the floor, he took his dead meer-cat and hung him on the wall with the rest of the vermin.

"Congratulations on your capture, Fearo." One of his minions, a huntron to be exact, complimented. There would be times when a jealous hunter would try to steal Fearo's trophies, and well….the huntrons, that is fully trained hunters with advanced technology, would set them straight.

"What's so great about it? I caught a meer-cat." Fearo gestured towards the wall. "I've captured plenty of creatures from lions to elephants, to gazelles to baboons! I've done it all!" Frustrated, Fearo flopped down on his lion skin chair. "I have captured every type of animal from every kingdom! It's child's play now! I NEED a challenge!"

"Please sir, why not simply move to another country and start fresh? You could always travel by your Digi-pod," he said, referring to their drill/ride.

Fearo fingered his black goatee. "And then what? Hunt a polar bear? A raccoon? I need to hunt down an animal that had never been killed before! Something like-"

"-Like a green monster who has the power of all the animals?" Another huntron said.

Fearo raised an eyebrow. "What are you blabbering on about?"

The huntron held up a chip. "We found this creature in Jump City." He plugged the chip into their ginormous computer (A/N: Hey, how come bad guys always have huge computers?), to reveal five teenagers attacking a humongous rock man.

"Where's the-" Fearo started, but gasped as he saw a green boy change into a cheetah to avoid the rock man's attack. "How did he-?"

"He has surprising abilities, sir." the huntron smiled.

Fearo clicked on the boy to get a close up of him. The savage hunter examined his fangs, his ears, and his green skin, greedily. "How old is the boy?"

"Fourteen sir."

"A good age to die. Strange….he seems familiar somehow. How many animals can he change into?"

"All of them sir."

Fearo fingered his knife. "I want him brought here. Bring him here and I shall do the stabbing, and I shall enjoy every minute of it." He looked at the rest of the picture. "Who are the other four?"

"They're his friends, sir."

Fearo smiled. "'Friends?' You mean someone actually cares for that thing?"

"No sir. They probably just keep him for his strength."

"Well now his strength is mine. Come, we'll give him a fair warning. What is the boy's name?"

"We believe he is called 'Beast Boy', sir."

Fearo grinned. "An appropriate name for such a creature. Mmm…I can't wait to find out what his blood tastes like…." Fearo looked up at the picture again. "Beast….you'll soon have a new home." He chuckled wickedly as he gazed at all the dead animals hanging on his wall.

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