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"I gotta hand it you Garfield, for such an ugly creature, you sure have many loyal comrades," Fearo chided as he made his way closer to the duo.

Growling in an animalistic sort of way, Beast Boy quickly staggered in front of Raven and held his arms out to shield her. He wasn't an idiot when it came to important things….he knew he didn't have much time left. Either Fearo would kill him, or he would die from his wounds, but that wouldn't stop him from making sure the hunter in front of him kept his grubby hands on his Raven!

"Leave us alone, Fearo!" he growled.

Fearo sneered at our heroes. "I hope you're joking. I certainly did not chase you from a whole 'nother continent, use 3000 dollar equipment to do so, and have my home raided and my men arrested by the police force of two continents, just to turn my back and quit as my target stands before me!"

Beast Boy shook his head in pity. "Dude, as flattered as I am, I don't really think I'm worth all this trouble!"

"Seriously, why is this so important to you?" Raven asked, removing herself behind Beast Boy. She certainly wasn't going to stand aside while he got hurt, and it irritated her that he thought she would.

Fearo sneered at her. It was obvious that he didn't find her any better that Beast Boy. If she had been an animal, she would have been captured along side the green changeling. Not only was she a freak of nature, she had too sharp of a tongue and added to that, seemed to have strange feelings for his monster. The very thought made him want vomit.

So quickly that our two heroes were unable to catch, the cruel hunter pulled out his gun and shot Beast Boy in the hip bone, causing him to fall to the floor.

"BEAST BOY!" Raven screeched, before kneeling beside him, trying to gather enough energy to help him. Sweet Azar, why couldn't she keep her emotions under control? Well, it's not like it was everyday that the man she loved was being tortured by a disgustingly cruel man.

"You want to know this is so important? Because I'm Fearo! The greatest, most feared hunter in the world! And no stupid monster is going to get the best of me!" Fearo snarled while quickly reloading his gun.

That did it.

Raven could no longer tolerate this man being alive. She swallowed hard as she felt the painful sensation of her demon instincts kicking in. Fearo. Oh, how she loathed this man. Never had she felt such deep hatred for someone, not even for her father! Fearo had tortured the boy she was in love with for quiet a few days now, and she would not tolerate it a second more. Nobody touched her Beast Boy!

After finding the strength to heal the fresh wound Fearo had given her friend, she stood up to glare at the hunter, her eyes glowing blood red. She took amusement in the small look of fear that etched across the human's face. This must be how Robin feels about Slade, she thought to herself.

Finally, she said to him, "Really? Because the only monster I see here is YOU!"

Well, she wasn't expecting that to affect him much, but apparently she had hit a nerve. His tanned face suddenly became pale white, and his grip on his gun hardened. Shaking as if he had seen a ghost, he pointed his gun at the pale girl. "How….how dare you? You and your little pet are the abominations here! I AM HUMAN!"

Raven let out a wicked hiss. "Really? Because I haven't seen anything that has proved that as of yet." She could feel the darkness in her stirring….growing. She knew that if her dark side were to peek its ugly head, she would do nothing to stop it. Robin would be horrified, but she didn't care. If this man was going to keep trying to hurt her changeling, then she could not allow him to live. Beast Boy was part of her, and she would stop at nothing to keep his heart beating.

Fearo ground his teeth together. "You'd better watch it! I-I'll shoot!"

Raven gave him a sly smirk. "One human with one gun? I think I'll be able to handle that."

"You have no idea who you're dealing with, creature!"

Oh, you'll see a creature soon alright, Raven mused, feeling her dark magic powering by the second. "I could say the same thing about you."

Suddenly, Fearo lost his enraged posture and merely smiled cruelly in her direction. Still pointing the gun at her, he placed one hand comfortably on his hip. "You think you're so tough? You may think you're a hero, but to me, you're nothing but a weak, hideous-" As fast as lightning, Fearo used the hand on his hip to pull out an electric knife and threw it straight at the weakened changeling.

"NO!" Raven screamed in horror as the knife plunged into her friend's shoulder, causing electric currents to run through his body, all while adding another wound to his already torn body. Giving a weak grunt, Beast Boy's eyes rolled up in his head before falling to the ground, a bloody mess.

The next minute was a blur. One minute Raven felt her eyes burn with tears, the next she was on top of Fearo, clawing at his throat. Only when he kicked her in the stomach did she come back into reality.

But that certainly didn't stop her from fighting!

"Azerath, Metrion, Zinthos!" she cried, as she threw pieces of her dark energy at the hunter, still currently being possessed by her demon side.

But Fearo showed no fear as he jumped out of the way of her oncoming attacks. He aimed his gun at her and pulled the trigger. "Die witch!"

But the bullets never hit Raven. As quickly as they came, she pulled up a shield to protect her person. Eyes still flaming red, she charged for him, kicking him straight in the face. She grinned in satisfaction as she heard his neck crack a bit.

As he doubled over in pain, she delivered a harsh blow to his stomach, causing him to shoot back a few feet. Then, grabbing him by the front of his shirt, she tossed him into a set of pipes.

Temper flaring up, Fearo threw his bullet knife to the ground and pulled out his fire gun. Gritting his teeth, the crazed man shot fireball after fireball at the teenage girl, only to see her block every shot that came her way. "No!"

"Azerath, Metrion, Zinthos!" she exclaimed, as she used her magic to grab a rather heavy pipe. She then shoved the metal object into his gut, causing her to be sent flying across the roof.

The evil man tried to get back again, but Raven would have none of that. She sent her flaming fist straight into his back, causing him to collapse on the ground. She released an eerie hiss of delight as she saw the blood begin to pour from his mouth. Grinning a cruel grin, she grabbed his neck with one of her tentacles.

"You're going back to Hell where you belong!" She growled, while tightening her grip. His gagging was like music to her ears. The human half of Raven was long gone. Her demon half had completely taken over. She felt no guilt over the fact that she was actually killing the man before her, something she once sore she would never do. Maybe later she would, but right now, all she could feel was the deep need to avenge the bleeding changeling.


She released a bloody howl as she felt sharp steel pierce her stomach. She bent over, which proved to be a mistake as her captor finally broke free from her grip and sliced her across the cheek, burning it to the bone.

Raven only got a glance at her opponent's electric knife before it was shoved into her shoulder blade, causing to scream in pain. The next thing she knew, she was being kicked in the stomach by the crazed hunter, sending her flying across the roof, just as he had a moment before.

Quickly scrambling to her feet, she managed to block Fearo's oncoming attack. She strained her eyes as the electricity crackled against her shield. She held out her shield for a good few minutes, before the light from the electricity became too much for her to bare. She finally lost her focus and was rewarded with a kick in the jaw, followed by a kick in the gut, sending her skidding across the ground.

Raven slowly raised a hand to summon her magic, only to have it slammed down by Fearo's foot. She struggled to get back up, but stopped once Fearo pointed the knife at her forehead.

The only think worse than the pain she was in, was the smug grin plastered on the evil hunter's face.

"Raven, was it?" Here he chuckled a bit. "I hope I've taught you a valuable lesson in minding your elders."

Raven coughed up a bit of the blood filling in her mouth. "Please…."

Fearo smiled, thinking she was begging him for mercy. About time, he though. But her next words stopped wiped the grin straight off his face.

"Without you're precious weapons, you're nothing!" she hissed, earning herself a kick in the gut. She groaned in pain. She wouldn't be able to last much longer…

Fearo chuckled at her predicament. "You know what, dear? I'm in a good mood, so I'll give you two options: My wall or disintegrated?"

"Leave her alone!"

Both opponents turned their heads to find a very ticked off Beast Boy climbing to his feet, while clutching his bloody, burnt shoulder. He growled as he soaked in the situation that was happening before him. "Leave her alone, Fearo!" he repeated. "It's me you want. She's not a monster, like I am."

Raven shook her head in anger and exhaustion. She had been hoping he had gotten over that and realized that he was no more a monster than Fearo was a saint. It was bad enough hearing the man pointing a knife at her say it, but to hear it come out from his own mouth was just downright painful. "Beast Boy…"

"NO RAVEN!" Beast Boy suddenly snapped, surprising both the hunter and the mage before him. The green boy began shaking his head rapidly. "I'm tired of everyone trying to deny it. Yes, I am a monster." He slowly raised his green eyes to the man threatening his love. Raven was stunned to see the darkness swallowing his emerald pupils. She didn't like it one bit. This look of pure rage….this look of utter hatred….it didn't belong on him. Not her Garfield.

"But guess what Fearo?" he finally said. "You're a bigger one. At least I have a soul. Unlike you, who only seeks pleasure by torturing creatures that can't protect themselves! You're sick! You're freakin' sick!"

This seemed to enrage Fearo, for the next thing poor Beast Boy knew, he was lying on his back with the hunter's hand around his throat.

He gagged as the enraged man squeezed his windpipes. Growling, he shot his foot back and kicked the man in the gut. He gently rubbed his neck before saying, "What's wrong? I've accepted the truth, why can't you?"

He narrowly missed the electric knife chucked at him. "Fool! You are nothing more than a mere animal! You are not fit to label me!" Fearo bellowed.

Still weak from his earlier wounds, Beast Boy stood no chance as Fearo threw punch after punch at the young boy. He wasn't strong enough to transform, and his enemy was a lot bigger than he was. He squeezed his eyes shut in pain, hoping he would fall unconscience soon.


For a short instant, Fearo was distracted by Raven's outcry. That was all Garfield needed. Throwing back his fist, the green changeling scratched the man across the face, leaving a pretty deep scar on his left cheek.

But it wasn't enough to cause anymore damage than that.


Beast Boy was sent flying until he crashed into a nearby pipe, causing white lights to flash on in his head.

Fearo smiled wickedly, as he wiped away the blood that was dripping from his mouth. Breathing heavily, he knelt beside the green boy and grabbed his hair. He silently grabbed his knife and pressed it against his throat. "Finally…I win. Your head will be my trophy, and your heart will be my DINNER!" He quickly pulled back his arm, getting ready to deal the final blow.

"GARFIELD!" Raven cried in horror.

Then, everything stopped.

Fearo slowly lowered his arm and looked down at the green boy in complete wonder. His face paled and his right eye began to twitch. "G-Garfield?"

Beast Boy nodded his head slowly, wondering what had the man so spooked.

Fearo shook his head. "You mean-no…It's not possible. Of course! I knew I saw you somewhere before!"

Beast Boy was about to let a witty retort, but all that came out was,"W-What?"

Fear quickly scrambled to his feet, his eyes as wide as saucers. "Thirteen years ago!

I can't believe I didn't recognize you!"

The green boy shook his head, growing frustrated. "What are you talking about?"

"Agnus Logan!"

Beast Boy blinked in confusion. "Who?"

"Your aunt, I believe she was," Fearo informed him.

Beast Boy scanned his memories, trying to remember someone named Agnus. He searched, and he searched, but he couldn't come up with anything. All he could recall from those early years were his parents and his transformation.

"Well what does she have to do with anything?"

Fearo's face broke out into another cruel smile. He enjoyed the fact that the boy had no idea what the woman had hired him to do. "She's the one who told me about you all those years ago!" He frowned. "But…it can't be! You should've died years ago…."

"….I'm sorry, this animal green skin?" A younger Fearo asked, not truly believing the woman in front of his desk. The only animals he could think of with green skin were reptiles, but why would she be paying him so much to kill something that was all over the country?

"Yes, that's what I said," the middle-aged woman in front of him said, sticking her nose up in the air.

Fearo tried to understand how the woman could remain so calm while she was trying to get him to get rid of something supposedly dangerous. "I'm sorry Miss….Agnus, was it? What exactly is it I'm supposed to be killing?"

The blonde woman breathed a deep sigh. "To be honest, I'm not quiet sure. My sister's infant has become possessed by a demon. He's turned into a little gremlin!"

Fearo mentally shook his head. This lady is off her rocker, he thought to himself. She was obviously a deranged woman seeking help for something that didn't exist. He'd find it funny if she hadn't been coming to HIM for help. Did she think he was some kind of joke?

"Uh huh…Listen ma'am, I'm no one's hired monkey. I don't even know how you found out about me. Plus, I'm a realist. I don't hunt for unicorns and leprecons. I hunt for real, live animals."

Agnus sneered at him. "Are you accusing me of lying? My nephew has become a monster! I need you to take him out! He's an abomination!"

Fearo blinked a few times in surprise. "Doesn't seem a little cruel to try and get your own nephew killed?"

Agnus rolled her eyes. The last thing she needed was lecture. "Spare me, I see the way you treat the animals you hunt," she said, gesturing towards his wall of prizes. "You can't speak of cruelty!"

Fearo rolled his eyes. He didn't want a lecture anymore than she did. "Please, animals hardly count."

Agnus placed her hands on her hips. "Back to the job at hand. My sister and her idiot husband have taken the monster on a ship to Antarctica. They must be stopped. Garfield Logan must not be shown into the real world!"

Now I KNOW she's crazy! Fearo exclaimed to himself. "Whoa, whoa, whoa! Wait! You want me to travel all the way to Antarctica?" Sure, he had hunted there before, but he gone for REAL animals, not for ogres and trolls!

Agnus slowly shook her head and gave him a dark look. "No. Stop them on the ship."

Fearo raised an eyebrow. "How so?"

"I don't care how! I just want it dead! I have to protect the world!" Still glaring, she pulled out a small picture of her nephew she had taken in private. "I mean, just look at it!"

Fearo slowly took the picture from her and stared. In the photo was a small, green infant that actually did resemble a gremlin quiet a bit. But it still wasn't enough to convince the sadistic hunter. He figured she had photo shopped it somehow just to prove she wasn't crazy. Fearo had hunted thousands of animals all over the world. If there was such a species as this, he would've known about it!

However, judging by the woman's golden bracelet, she was quiet rich. He smiled inwardly to himself. Well, if this 'Agnus' wanted to pay him to shoot down her imaginary monster, who was he to turn her down?

"Well…this looks like it will be quiet a challenge," he said in a mocking tone. "What's my reward?"

Agnus sniffed and reached into her purse. "Will this be enough?" she asked, handing him a wad of cash.

Not bad, the man chuckled in his head, as he ran his fingers through the million dollar bills. "Nice, but…I don't feel like searching the entire ship for this creature," he told her truthfully. No way was he going to waste his time searching for a creature that didn't exist! It was a waste of his valuable time! "You don't mind if a few people get hurt along the way, do you?"

Agnus, being the selfish woman she was, simply shook her head. "Not in the slightest. We can sacrifice a few people for the rest of the population." To be perfectly honest, she didn't care so much about the people. All she knew was that her nephew was now a hideous monster, and she couldn't stand the sight of him. He had to go.

Fearo smiled cruelly and shook her hand. "Then I'd say we have a deal."

"As I told that ludicrous aunt of yours, I didn't feel like searching that ship, especially for a creature that obviously didn't exist. So, with a few special torpedoes designed by yours truly, the boat soon followed the Titanic. Waste of a torpedo, if you ask me, but you didn't see the size of that wad of cash your wealthy aunt had. Who would've thought that you actually existed, huh?" Fearo asked, throwing back his head in laughter.

But Beast Boy certainly wasn't laughing. Instead, he watched in complete and utter horror at the man-no, the creature standing before him. His breathing was heavy. His mouth was hanging open. "You…" He couldn't find the words. "It…it was you? The boat….the boat my family was on….it sank because of you?"

Fearo finally stopped laughing. "Well, yes. Why? Did you muse on it often?"

Raven barely managed to sit up at these words. She couldn't believe what she was hearing. Fearo…it was like he was created specifically to make her Beast Boy's life miserable. She wouldn't be surprised if he suddenly confessed he was secretly planning on turning him into a changeling all along and had rigged the chemicals placed in him as an infant. She just couldn't understand it. How could a normal human being be so barbaric?

Beast Boy began to thrash violently, clutching his head in agony. He couldn't take it. He just couldn't take it! Every day of his life he spent blaming himself for the demise of his parents, when it was the man before him that had ended their lives!


The torture he had been put through for the past few days suddenly sprang into his mind, like a sick horror movie.

Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale.

The first time the Huntrons had captured him.

Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale.

The shop owner's prejudice towards him

Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale.

The Huntrons attacking him in the city.

Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale.

Going on a rampage and having the city turn against him.

Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale.

Raven's rejection of him.

Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale.

Seeing Raven beaten by the Huntrons.

Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale.

Being captured and tortured by Fearo.

Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale.


"NOOOOOOOOOOO!" Beast Boy bellowed, as he felt himself begin to change.

But not into the Beast.

No, this was an entirely new form. His eyes became slits, like a cat's. Long, back claw stretched from his fingers and toes. Green fur grew from his head, his upper back, his arms, and his legs. His teeth grew to the size of a lion's, and his ears seemed to grow as well.

Fearo's eyes went wide with surprise, wonder, and yes, even fear. "Wha…?"

Raven struggled to get on her feet. "Beast Boy! Let me help you!"

"NO! MINE!" Beast Boy roared. The empath's eyes widened. Her green friend's voice had dropped at least six octaves.

Fearo quickly overcame his daze and pointed his knife at our hero. "Wretched beast!"

"I SPENT MY ENTIRE LIFE BLAMING MYSELF FOR THEIR DEATHS!" Beast Boy screamed, his breathing heavy.

Fearo spitted in his direction. "I'll kill you, Beast! And your witch is next!"


Thunder crashed as rain began to fall.

Momentarily distracted by the change of weather, Fearo didn't see Beast Boy lunge for him until he felt the green creature's claws dig into his flesh. He hissed in pain, but it fell on deaf ears.

Beast Boy roared in anger as he sharpened his nails on the hunter's chest, causing his hands to literally be soaked in the man's blood.

But he just didn't care.

Quickly pulling himself from his enemy's grip, Fearo threw a punch in the changeling's stomach, causing the young boy to double over in pain. The man then pulled out his electric knife, only to have it thrown aside by the raging Garfield. He was then met by the green hero's fist, causing him to fall to the ground.

Beast Boy didn't hesitate to pounce on the hunter and continue shredding his claws through the human.

Now it was Fearo who was powerless.

He stood no chance against the waves of pain inflicted on his flesh. For once, he was at the mercy of the animal. He was now being tortured, just like he had done to so many animals before. The predator had become the prey.

Fearo struggled to get back on his feet, but Beast Boy quickly held him down by his throat. "Now you're mine! You're MY prey!" He slowly raised his claw, ready to deal the final blow.

Fearo thrashed in his grip, desperate to break free. "I refuse to be bested by you, Beast Boy!" He cried, saying his name for possibly the first time. "You're a monster! AN ANIMAL!"

Strangely, what once hurt him so badly only hours ago, now rolled right off his shoulders. He no longer cared that he was considered a monster. He had his friends, so who cared what the rest of the town thought? He was strange looking on the outside, but he had a heart of gold on the inside. That's all that mattered right? He didn't know what triggered this sudden change in belief, but he didn't care. He just didn't care. After all, he certainly was a better man than the one struggling in his grip.

But not if he ended the human's life.

Growling, he slowly let go of the man's neck before standing up. "You're right…I am."He took a deep breath as he felt himself involuntarily return back into his original form. He glared down at the monster at his feet. "But like I said before, so are you. Except you're worse. I, unlike you, have self-control." The man turned his back on the creature at his feet. "I won't kill you….that'll make me just as bad as you." Snarling, he kicked Fearo's knife away, never stopping to look the hunter in the eye. "I'm taking Raven home now….the police will deal with you."

He turned his gaze on Raven, who gave him a proud smile. They were both wounded, covered in blood, and had quiet a few broken bones. But they were alive. They were going to be okay. They hadn't let Fearo's twisted mind defeat them. Both of them were free. Beast Boy from the wicked monster's grasp, and Raven to express her love to the changeling.

"C'mon Rae, let's go home," Beast Boy smiled.

Raven returned the smile. "Beast Boy…"

"Perhaps…you didn't hear me…"


Beast Boy hissed in pain as he felt the fire melt his back and scorch his bones. His breathing became ragged. The energy he had obtained from his transformation was gone. The world went silent. Blood began to drip from his mouth. Slowly, he crumpled to the ground, no longer feeling pain.

Fearo's eyes began to twitch like crazy. "NO ANIMAL CAN BEST ME! NONE!"


Fearo took in a sharp breath before his face grew completely pale. Taking a ragged breath, his head sunk to the ground as darkness overcame him.

Fearo was finally dead.

Raven shut her eyes, so she wouldn't have to see the results of what she had just done. She had finally taken a life. She didn't feel proud about it, but she didn't regret it either. As soon as she saw Beast Boy go down, her heart took over. And now, Fearo was dead.

But she didn't have time to muse on him. Breathing heavily, she rushed over towards her fallen friend, her eyes shining with tears. "Beast Boy….no, no, not after all this!" Rain mixed with her tears as she gathered the mortally wounded man in her arms. She choked on a sob as she ran her fingers through his blood-matted hair. "Beast Boy…Beast Boy, wake up. Wake up, please!" she begged.

A few agonizing seconds later, her green friend's eyes fluttered open. She bit her lower lip once she realized his eyes had lost all color to them. The eyes that once shone with emerald and light, were now milky and lifeless. His breathing was shallow and a small trail of blood slowly trickled down his mouth, eyes, and nose. When he spoke, it sounded garbled and wet. "Rae…?"

Raven sighed in relief and then grimaced. He was literally torn apart from all the beatings he received that night. She had to get him to a medical bay. She would have healed him herself in a heartbeat, but she was still exhausted over her own scuffle with Fearo. She had to get him home, quick. "Beast Boy….don't ever do that again. Come, we need to get out of this rain." She bent down to sling his arm over her shoulder, but before she could, he spoke.


Raven looked at him in bewilderment. No? "What are you talking about? We need to get you to a hospital! I don't have enough energy to heal you!" she told him in desperation.

Beast Boy weakly shook his head. "No….I don't want this to happen in a hospital, surrounded by doctors. I want…this to happen….right here…with the girl who taught me all about courage. The girl who I woke up every… day for just to try and make her smile. The girl I love."

Raven felt her blood run ice cold at her friend's words. He didn't mean….no, he couldn't give up. He never gave up! She shook her head rapidly. She refused to accept this! "No, no…no Beast Boy, stop talking like that." Here she choked on a sob. "You'll be fine. Fearo's dead. He can't hurt you anymore." She caressed his face while trying to swallow the lump in her throat.

Beast Boy gave her a sad, small smile. "He doesn't have to….I'm done."

"No, no, Beast Boy…."

He gently took her hand. "Raven, this is it…"

"NO!" she screamed, finally letting her tears fall. Something that had been happening far too often these past few days for her liking. "No! Stop! Just stop!" She couldn't handle it. She didn't understand. Why was the universe so intent on taking her love away from her? Hadn't she suffered enough? "Don't let Fearo win! DON'T LEAVE!"

Releasing a shaky breath, the broken hero gently raised his other hand to slowly caress his love's face. He didn't want to see her cry. He didn't want that to be the last thing he saw before he….

"Rae….If you can….tell my story. I know that sounds pretty cliché. But I want you to tell people about the good deeds I did." He chocked a bit as tears began to fall from his own eyes. They were almost invisible due to the rain. "N…Not the regular dudes, but the guys who were born without legs, or messed up faces…or any other things people may judge them on."

No. No, no, no, no… "Beast Boy…." Raven whispered.

"Raven…don't forget me…please…."



"No, NO!" Rapidly, she grabbed his face in between her hands and pressed her lips harshly against his. No…this couldn't happen! Not to him! As she kissed him for the first time, her heart swam with regret. If only she had discovered her feelings sooner…if only she hadn't turned him down last night….if only she had laughed, or at least smiled at the jokes he threw at.

So many 'if onlys'…..

She needed him to live….he couldn't go….she needed him….

Taking a shaking breath, the young girl finally released the boy's lifeless form. Tears poured from eyes rapidly now. His chest was still. His skin was pale. His eyes were closed.

And she knew they would never open again.

Her body shook from the grief, as well as the chill of the rain. She felt like someone had stabbed her. She had failed. She had promised herself that she would not let Fearo take his life, and she failed. He was gone.

He was dead.

"No…" she sobbed. "Beast Boy! Please, don't leave me! I love you! You mean the world to me…" Unable to catch her breath, the mage placed her head on top of the hero's chest. "Please! Mark….Marie….don't take him! Not before we even had a chance to start our lives together….please don't let him leave me…."


The rain fell harder, as if the sky was crying for our fallen duo.

Raven sat up, threw her head back, and screamed,


Two weeks later….


"I almost got it Cy," Robin informed his friend.


"Okay….got it!"

"Well, what does it say?"


"Hold on….give me a sec…."


"Uh huh…..I see it! The tomato is a fruit!"

"Aw man!" Cyborg whined, knowing they weren't going to get any better source than Wikipedia. "Stupid Google…."

Robin gave a small smile and leaned away from the computer. "Hah! Told you! You so owe me five bucks!"

"We weren't betting money!"

"Yes, but it'll help me bask in my glory!"

Starfire giggled before gazing up at the window with wide eyes. She watched as the last bits of water dripped down the window.

"Robin! Look!" she exclaimed.

Robin looked in his girlfriend's direction. "Hey…the rain stopped!"

Cyborg frown was instantly replaced by a huge grin. "'Bout time! It feels like it's been raining for two weeks straight! I was about to start blaming it on a bad guy or something!"

Robin nodded. "I know….they've all been so quiet lately…."

Starfire leaped into the air with joy. "Well, I believe that we should enjoy the day outside now that Earth's sun has finally returned!"

"Agreed," Robin confirmed. He turned his head towards the figure meditating in the corner. "Raven, you want to come?"

Slowly, the mage opened her violet eyes and gave him a dull look. "No….I'll hold the fort."

Robin nodded in understanding. "Okay….catch you later. Call us if you need us!" And with that, the three friends were gone.

Raven grunted. She didn't know what the big deal was. She personally liked the rain. Taking a deep breath, she returned to her meditation cycle, intent on focusing her powers.


She stopped. She could sense someone rapidly coming up behind her. Rolling her eyes, she reached behind her, grabbed the figure, and threw him on the couch.

"Ow, ow, ow! Easy Rae! I'm still sore!"

"No doubt. You nearly died only two weeks ago," Raven said, smirking at the green boy. It still pained her to think about how close she had come to losing him, but that was one subject she tried hard not to dwell on too long.

Beast Boy looked up at her with his toothy grin. "I know! How did you find the energy to heal me?"

Raven blushed. She really didn't know where the energy came from. After seeing her changeling's lifeless form, she had felt a strong burst of energy rushing through her veins. She had no choice but to heal him, her strength was so overwhelming. Her entire body had lit on fire! She had lost control of her emotions….but for once, losing control had benefited her.

"I'm not sure…..I'd call it a miracle."

Beast Boy grinned again and flopped down on the couch. "Well, considering you and I are dating now, I'd say this whole ordeal has been a miracle!"

Raven once again rolled her eyes. "More like a nightmare."

Beast Boy paused, then sat up. "Wait, Fearo, or us dating?"

The mage gave him a wicked smirk before joining him on the couch. She grabbed the back of his neck and pulled him into a loving kiss. Beast Boy quickly responded by wrapping his arms around her waist. This kiss wasn't wild and hot, but soft and passionate. To them, it felt so right, and yet so strange.

Finally, they broke apart. Beast Boy opened his eyes slowly before saying, "So…Fearo, or us dating?"

Raven smirked before leaning back on the couch. "More like for our friends."

Beast Boy laughed. "Yeah, I almost feel bad for them!"

It was true. The past few weeks had to be torture for other Titans. Raven and Beast Boy had barely left each other's side the entire two weeks they had been home. They were always caught kissing, laughing about some personal joke, or simply making goo-goo eyes at one another. One would think Raven would try harder to hide her newfound emotions, but surprisingly, she didn't. Maybe it was just part of the 'new relationship' phase, but one thing was for sure.

It seriously grossed the other Titans out.

Not even Starfire and Robin were this bad. Not to say they weren't happy for them, but there were times when it seriously became too awkward for them to stay in the same room as them.

Raven simply shrugged at Beast Boy's response. "Yeah…..but so far I don't."

Beast wrapped an arm around his girlfriend. "They may have to get used to this!" He gave her a soft kiss on the cheek. "So….where do you want to go for our 13th date?"

"Aw, you've been counting," Raven pretended to coo.

"I made a list! That way I won't overuse ideas!" Beast Boy grinned, clearly proud of himself.

Raven thought about it for a minute. "I was thinking we could have it our spot?"

Beast Boy blinked. "We have a spot?"

"Yeah…the lake…in Africa."

Beast Boy smiled. "Sounds great…but do I get points off for not thinking about if first?" he pouted.

Raven shook her head endearingly. "Ah Garfield." She leaned her forehead on his. "Sometimes you're just too cute for your own good."

The heroic monster smiled and pulled his girlfriend into another kiss. Yes, he was a monster. Yes, it would take some time for the people of Jump City to trust him again. But he had his friends and the girl of his dreams. They were all that truly mattered. He was in love, surrounded by family, and a kind-hearted guy.

Garfield Logan. He was a monster….and highly noble and loved one at that.

"And you said no woman in her right mind could love our son!" Mark smiled, looking down at his son and his new girlfriend with pride.

Marie simply shrugged. "Wow, I was wrong for once in my life. I'm glad you were there to witness it!"

The blond angel rolled his eyes and took another glance at what he knew would one day be his daughter-in-law. "She certainly is different, huh?"

Marie nodded. "Poor dear…..she has it in her head that she's going to go to Hell when she dies…."

Mark chuckled. "As if her father's position would affect her sentence. That girl was always destined to be an angel."

"Yeah…" Marie swallowed the lump in her throat before wiping a few stray tears in her eyes. "She'd better take good care of our son…."

"Uh…we both saw that final battle with Fearo. He's gonna be just fine!"

"I know….I'm just so happy for him. He's finally growing up into a true man," Marie sighed as she grabbed her husband's arm.

"I know," Mark smiled, pulling his wife closer to him. He looked down at his son once more before saying, "Well done my son…..you couldn't have made me more proud….my Garfield."

The End

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