Naruto Uchiha Namikaze

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Chapter 2: Naruto Vs. Sasuke


Tsunade chuckled and asked, "Before that, we need to evaluate your skills before you are hired as a mercenary like you wanted, is there anyone you would like to challenge to prove you strength?"

Naruto leant back in his seat and thought about everyone he knew that he wanted to show up, however only one stood out, one of his clan, one who had ruined his life and took everything. Looking at Tsunade with a devious grin that well…aroused her slightly leading her thoughts a stray he asked. "What's Sasuke Uchiha doing lately; I want to see what my cousin is capable of nowadays?" He asked as the three of them chuckled at his plan.


Hokage Tower

Tsunade's Office

"Sasuke huh?" Jiraiya mumbled as he stroked his chin.

Tsunade though seemed worried. "Are you sure? I don't need for one of you to die." She half joked causing him to chuckle.

"Don't worry, he's probably stronger than most shinobi here, and there's a lot to tell him about me, some stuff even you two don't know." He said smirking.

Jiraiya raised an eyebrow at that. "And what don't we know?"

"Sasuke's real parents."

Both Sannin went wide-eyed at that. "His parents were Mikoto Uchiha and Fugaku Uchiha aren't they?" Tsunade questioned.

"Nope they are not his biological parents."

"But you said he was your cousin!" Jiraiya exclaimed.

"And he is…listen I'll explain when I'm fighting Sasuke…I'd rather not have to repeat everything…oh and if you want have everyone from the rookie 12 and their sensei's to show up…especially Hatake." Naruto spat out his name as if he had eaten something poisonous.

Both Sannin flinched at the way Naruto said Kakashi's name and couldn't honestly blame the young man for saying it like that.

"There's also information about Orochimaru you may need." Kagura said while Naruto gave a nod.

"What information?" Tsunade questioned looking at the red head.

"Orochimaru has been building his forces rapidly with each growing day, we fear he may strike at any time, and we also fear he may actually succeed." Naruto told them.

"He is recruiting missing nin from all over, most likely he will give them the cursed seal making them even more formidable and tougher to kill." Kagura said.

"I see, he may become a troublesome person soon then." Jiraiya said with a sigh.

"Don't worry, we'll help Konoha fight Orochimaru." Naruto said with a smile.

"Very well thank you, oh and be at training ground 7 in two hours." Tsunade said with a small smile.

Naruto got up and stretched giving Tsunade an eyeful. "Sure, I want to take a look around anyway." He said as Kagura also got up and waved to them as they left.

Now that the two Sannin were alone Tsunade turned to Jiraiya. "How strong is he?"

Jiraiya sighed, he should have expected this. "He can beat me in my Sage Mode that's a fact, also he has his own secrets, don't forget I only seen him for a maximum of two years, for the other years I have no idea what he did, for all I know he's the strongest shinobi out there. The toads were fascinated by him when he achieved his Sage Mode however; he had mastered it to levels I could only wish for."

It took some doing to absorb the information, knowing Naruto was off the map for a good number of years were eating away at her curiosity. Then there was the fact Naruto could beat Jiraiya in his Sage Mode, even she knew how strong that was, and being able to defeat him in that was a feat in itself.

"Well we're just gonna have to wait until we see the match…what of the Kagura girl?" She asked making Jiraiya chuckle.

"He met her close to Kirigakure, at first she thought he was a hunter-nin out for her head and attacked him. I don't know the full story as I wasn't there but he managed to beat her, she then decided to work with him where they travelled together and eventually feel in love with each, how someone like her fell for a guy like him, I'll never understand. What I do know is that Naruto is legible to the Clan Restoration Act, allowing him to have multiple wives, he has already found some possible wives out there. Honestly I don't know the full story of everything, you would have to ask them about it…but what I can tell you about her is that in the bingo book she is called, Shoujouhi Kijo." (Scarlet Witch) He said making her go wide eyed at the name.

'Holy shit, she was borderline A – S-Rank in the bingo book, never mind a crazed fighter with her scythe. She has killed thousands like it was nothing, to think Naruto fell in love with someone like her…but then again she didn't look crazy, if anything she looked like a woman in love with the way she was all over Naruto…and now with the Clan Restoration Act…there may be a chance…hmm.'

"Anyway on to more serious matters, what of Akatsuki?" Tsunade asked with a rare serious face.

Jiraiya sighed and sat down in front of Tsunade. "There are still many members as far as I'm aware of, Kakuzu of the five hearts, and his partner Hidan, these two are said to be immortals. Kisame Hoshigaki is still a member; however his partner was Itachi, now I don't know who may have replaced him. There is also Deidara and Sasori of the red sands who are partners. Sadly that is all I know for now, they have been in hiding all these years until recently where they have started popping up a lot more frequently. I don't know if this is good or bad…only time will tell."

Tsunade gave a nod at that but sighed sadly. "Is Naruto ready for them?"

Jiraiya chuckled. "Oh yes, and if not, we're here to help him. Which is the true reason you brought him back wasn't it?" Jiraiya questioned.

Tsunade sighed and gave a nod. "I knew we couldn't reinstate him as a leaf shinobi, well not right now anyway, but we can hire him for his services, allowing us to help him with his battles."

Jiraiya shook his head at Tsunade she was always sneaky. "Why not tell him?"

Tsunade snorted. "Yeah right, he would just say that he didn't need help and that it would be safer for us to not get involved, we all know him too much." Jiraiya had to agree with her on that one, Naruto always was the selfless one.

"Hmm…I suppose your right."

Tsunade then pulled out a sake bottle and two saucers. "Now why don't you fill me in on what the blonde gaki has been up to." She said as she poured the sake on to the saucers.

With Naruto and Kagura

Naruto was walking down the main street on his way to the training ground seeing as the didn't have much time left, Kagura was holding his hand while leaning on him making all people around them jealous at what they each have.

Naruto looked at Kagura and smiled at how peaceful she looked. "You know…for someone who has a high amount of blood lust in a battle, you sure are a softy." He said with a chuckle as she slapped him on the chest lightly.

"All thanks to you, I've never felt at such peace before, I was always on the run before, having to kill to survive, I just got use to it, and then I received my scythe, it made me become accustomed to killing…and sometime I enjoyed it." She said a little sad at the end.

Naruto chuckled at her confession. "Sometimes when I use the Kyuubi's chakra, I enjoy killing, although it's when I kill people like bandits, rapists and murderers. You shouldn't feel bad about it, for all you know, someone is alive because of you."

Kagura smiled at Naruto's attempt to cheer up. "Thanks Naru-Koi…what are you going to do about Sasuke?"

Naruto chuckled evilly. "He will know the truth about everything, his and my heritage included, of course everyone will know, but I'd prefer it that way."

Kagura smiled into his arm as they walked closer to the training ground. "You better not lose by underestimating him, or you and my scythe will get very comfortable." She threatened.

Naruto chuckled nervously at that threat. "You know I won't lose, especially him, I will avenge Itachi." He said with a smirk.

Training Ground 7

Everyone had heard that there was a mercenary hired who had challenged Sasuke to a fight, some found it hilarious that some no named mercenary would want to fight the great Sasuke Uchiha, while the smart people were wondering who this mercenary was and why would he want to fight Sasuke of all people.

So here they were, councilmen, Genin, Chūnin, Jonin and even ANBU you name it, everyone was here waiting for the match between the two fighters.

Sasuke was stood in the middle of the field waiting for this no named loser that actually thought could beat him…an Uchiha, what foolishness.

"So anyone know who challenged Sasuke to a fight?" Kiba asked the group.

"Who knows…all I've heard is that Tsunade-Sama had hired some outside help." Chouji replied.

"Whoever it is…can't beat Sasuke-Kun." Sakura said which got some to groan at her in irritation.

"I wouldn't be so sure…I was able to pick up some extremely high chakra levels before, much higher than Sasuke-San." Neji said who was a little shaken by the power he felt earlier.

"Maybe it's Naruto." Kiba suggested.

"Why would it be Naruto? He was banished." Hana, his sister said.

"Well, last week we ran in to Naruto when we went to Takigakure." Sakura said sadly remembering the look he gave her.

Everyone who didn't know looked on in shock. "You met him? What happened?" Yugao asked.

"Well, Kisame was about to get away who was after Taki's Jinchuriki when wood grew out of the ground restraining him, apparently Naruto can use Mokuton jutsu, then Kisame warned him that Akatsuki would be after him soon, he was able to escape after that. Naruto told Kakashi to tell Tsunade-Sama, one week. Maybe this is what he meant." Ino told everyone

"So how strong is he?" Tsume asked.

"We don't know, we didn't see him fight really." TenTen said.

"So, he's most likely facing Sasuke hmm?" Ibiki asked.

"As long as it's a good match, I don't care." Anko said who was stood by Kurenai.

"Sasuke wouldn't lose anyway." Kakashi said as he read Icha-Icha.

Kurenai looked at Kakashi in disgust; ever since she had heard of how he had neglected Naruto she had started to think of him as trash. "Still playing favourites?"

Kakashi shook his head. "Nope, but I taught him everything he knows."

"Oh really? Wasn't he with Orochimaru for 3 years?" Yugao asked who was in her ANBU uniform without her mask.

Kakashi looked at her with a frown behind his mask. "That's beside the point…Sasuke is probably the strongest person here."

"Anyway, when the hell is he getting here?" Tsume growled out.

"Well, I doubt we have to wait long." TenTen said who was fingering a kunai.

Sasuke wasn't listening to any of the other talking; he was thinking about whom he would have the pleasure of fighting and destroying. He was seriously hoping that it was Naruto, so he could humiliate him in front of everyone.

It was at this time that Tsunade and Jiraiya appeared on the training ground looking happier than they had in years which…well confused everyone there as they wondered what could make them so happy.

"Tsunade-Sama, what are we called here for?" Shikamaru asked with a yawn.

Ino sighed and slapped Shikamaru on the back of the head startling him. "Dam it Shikamaru, the least you could is seem interested and not yawn."

They all then heard a male chuckle coming from by Tsunade who was smirking. "It seems you haven't changed…Ino-Chan." The voice said, Ino looked closely and noticed the blonde hair that stuck up all over the place.

"N-Naruto?" She asked slowly hoping it wasn't a dream.

Naruto stepped forward revealing himself completely, no-one could believe how much he'd changed from the midget, orange wearing knucklehead that use to shout about being Hokage. Now this was a calm collective man who looks to have seen a lot of battle. Ino snapping out of her shock, moved so fast the Hiraishin looked jealous and found herself hugging Naruto so tightly that it actually shocked everyone.

"Ermm…what's Naruto doing back here?" Kiba asked confused as hell, along with everyone here.

"We've hired Naruto as a mercenary, or we will after his fight to test his abilities." Tsunade said who was curious about the hug as it made the two blondes closer than just friends.

"Wait a minute." TenTen said. "Naruto is the one meant to fight Sasuke?"

"Yep, it was the best way to show what I'm capable of." Naruto said as he had just untangled himself from Ino who was smiling brightly, something no-one had seen in years. Ino also noticed a red headed woman stood on the other side of Naruto making her along with many others wonder who the hell she is.

"So the dobe returns." Sasuke said with a sneer.

Naruto looked at him with a bored expression. "I could say the same to you…last I checked…you hated this village."

Sasuke smirked. "Things changed, after I killed Itachi, I decided to come back here." When he finished no-one sensed the anger in Naruto's eyes when he mentioned killing Itachi, well besides Jiraiya that is who seemed curious about the reaction and Kagura who winced.

"You know…I can't help but think you have some hidden motive…certain Uchiha's like yourself always were slimy bastards." Naruto said as he glared at the black haired youth.

"I'd watch what you say if I was you." Sasuke growled out as he glared back at the blonde.

"Either way, we should get this match over and done with."

"Hmph, and here I thought this was going to be a challenge." Sasuke said with arrogance at seeing Naruto again.

Naruto chuckled. "There are things about me that would make you piss yourself Sasuke-Chan." He said mockingly which pissed Sasuke off while causing some chuckles to go around.

"Naruto Nii-San!" Looking over to the group he found Konohamaru who was now taller than he was the last saw him, now he stood at the height of about 5 ft. 6 if he had to guess.

"Hey Konohamaru!" Naruto said waving slightly. "Did you finish that jutsu?" Naruto asked with some hope, and was satisfied when Konohamaru gave a nod.

"Yep, it wasn't as hard as I first thought it would be." He said grinning as he held out his right hand, and to everyone's amazement chakra started to gather there as it solidified, eventually forming a Rasengan, before he left it to dissipate.

"Not bad, maybe when this is all over I'll teach some more." Naruto said making Konohamaru giddy at having his 'boss' teach him.

Everyone else was shocked that Naruto had been teaching Konohamaru before he was banished and what was more surprising was that it was the Rasengan of all things, it made it even more amazing when they saw how excited Konohamaru was at being taught by Naruto.

"So why have we all been called here?" Kakashi asked snapping out of his shock.

Naruto looked over at Kakashi with a slight glare confusing some. "I've been asked by Tsunade to help with Akatsuki and Otogakure, also there are some people I wanted to see while I'm here. Besides there are some things you all need to see and hear." Naruto said simply, after giving Ino who was beside him a small smile, Kagura gave him a 'good luck' kiss, which was a little too intimate for some people there, who were curious and angry but was shocked when Naruto returned it and walked to the middle of the training ground with a silly grin where Sasuke stood opposite him.

Tsunade chuckled and stepped forward. "Ok Naruto Uzumaki is here so we can gauge his abilities against Sasuke Uchiha to see where he stands in rank….are you two ready?" Tsunade asked the two of them who were getting n a stance while using Naruto's previous name since his heritage hadn't been revealed yet.



"Well then….hajime!" Tsunade exclaimed starting the match as she jumped back to stand with the others.

Naruto and Sasuke just simply stared at each other, not moving an inch waiting for the other to start off, everyone else was anxious as hell as they knew this match would not end well, especially when it's between two people who have tried to kill each other in the past.

Naruto flipped a kunai out and swung it at Sasuke who repeated the action throwing a kunai at Naruto's. However as both kunai come in contact, Naruto's cut straight through Sasuke's one like a knife would cut through butter.

Sasuke seeing the danger jumped out of the way to avoid from being cut through, looking at where the kunai struck he notices it had cut clean through a tree and split a rock in half that was behind it.

Naruto chuckled at Sasuke's wide-eyed expression as he viewed what a single kunai could do. "It's amazing what one can do with Futon manipulation, is it not?" Naruto asked rhetorically.

"How the hell did you do that?" Sasuke demanded as he stared at Naruto's eyes with his own onyx coloured eyes.

Naruto shakes his head at the Uchiha's stupidity. "Didn't I just tell you? By adding Futon to the kunai I am able to make it so sharp it will cut through anything. That is the greatest advantage of Futon chakra; it can cut through anything given the time to train in it." Naruto explained simply.


"Amazing!" Asuma exclaimed at seeing such manipulation.

"What is it?" Kurenai asked as she looked over at her male comrade.

Asuma chuckled. "Such a mastery over Futon is practically unheard of, the only people who I know who can achieve such a level is myself, and maybe Temari of Suna."

"What's so difficult about that?" Ino asked confused.

"Futon is the most difficult element to master of all of them, given the fact that is the most dangerous and 'wild' it has always been difficult for someone to be able to control that and infuse it into a weapon to such a degree that it can slice through anything it comes in contact with. To be able to use nature manipulation such as that the person must create an invisible extension of chakra that shapes into an edge that functions like the normal blade itself."

"You've seen nothing yet." Kagura said with a smirk catching everyone's attention before they paid attention to the match.

Battle Field

Sasuke snarled at Naruto and shot forward with incredible speed that surprised Naruto greatly. As Sasuke came close he delivered an uppercut to Naruto sending him up, jumping up after him gave Naruto a strong combo to the chest causing Naruto spit out some blood before he swing his foot down on his stomach forcing Naruto down to the ground, as Sasuke came back down he yelled "Shishi Rendan!" as he slammed down on Naruto with his foot causing a massive explosion.


"Looks like Naruto's not getting up anytime soon." TenTen said as she eyed the soon to be crater.

"You think that…" Jiraiya paused as he pointed to the crater. "…will stop Naruto?" Jiraiya asked with a chuckle. "Naruto has been beaten to within an inch of his life before and not passed out, what Sasuke just did was practically tickle him." He explained while some looked saddened as they were reminded of what Naruto had gone through.

"Naruto is much stronger than he once was." Tsunade commented.

"How strong?" Neji asked curious at how much the blonde had grown.

Jiraiya looked at him and noticed they were all looking at him. "Stronger than me, I haven't won a fight with him in over a year now." He said shocking them all completely.

It wasn't a secret that Jiraiya was probably one of the most powerful shinobi to exist in his own right, and he admitting something like that was shocking as they knew of his pride of being strong.

Battle Field

Sasuke jumped back and looked at the dust cloud with a smirk on his face believing he had beaten Naruto. "Ha…this is as far as you have come, how pathetic."

"Oh and why do you say that?" Said a voice that was by his ear, tilting his head slightly he saw Naruto's face by his, he was unable to speak as he felt a stinging pain in his back as he was sent sailing across the training ground before smashing into a tree.

Sasuke looked back to see Naruto's knee bent from the attack he had just received from the blonde, to think such an attack at close range with barely any space could be so powerful for it to send him across the ground.

Sasuke slowly stood up and wiped the blood away that was dribbling down his chin. "Not bad dobe, but your no match for me." He said arrogantly while Naruto chuckled.

Sasuke activated his Sharingan changing his eyes from the onyx to crimson red with three commas in each eye as he glared at Naruto. "So the Sharingan finally comes out, I was wondering how much you still relied on that." Naruto said smirking.

Sasuke snarled as he flew through hand seals much faster this time. "Katon: Gōryūka no Jutsu!" (Fire Release: Great Dragon Fire Technique) out of Sasuke's mouth came a giant dragon made of fire with its mouth open, its teeth bearing down on Naruto as if he was its prey.

Holding his hand up in a sign Naruto called out. "Suiton: Suiryūdan no Jutsu!" (Water Release: Water Dragon Bullet Technique) a giant dragon of water formed out of thin air before it shot forward, yellow eyes gleaming as it met the fire dragon in the middle creating an explosion of chakra that shook the earth as steam rose from the epicentre where a crater was now formed.

Naruto started to focus chakra in his stomach before shouting. "Fūton: Renkūdan!" (Wind Release: Drilling Air Bullet) a giant bullet of air shot out of his mouth that went soaring at Sasuke knocking any steam left away.

Sasuke seeing the attack jumped out of the way allowing the bullet to pass him where it blew many trees away as it made contact with the forest making everyone wide eyed as they viewed the damage. Over a dozen trees had been blown away as well as the ground had been shredded.

Sasuke jumped up high in the air and opened his mouth as he called forth his next jutsu. "Raiton: Gian!" (Lightning Release: False Darkness) a bolt of lightning was summoned from the black haired boy's mouth as it shot along the ground ripping it apart heading for Naruto who stood calmly.

Naruto looked as the lightning came closer, then back up at Sasuke who was stationary. Jumping up himself he held out his hands at Sasuke and said. "Fūton: Kami Oroshi!" (Wind Release: Godly Wind from the Mountain) an almighty whirlwind shot from Naruto's hands and hit Sasuke point blank blowing him in to the forest tumbling before he came to a stop at a tree. Naruto seeing his jutsu work flopped down on the ground again, ready for any counter attack.

'Shit what was that jutsu?' Sasuke thought to himself as he hefted a tree off of him.


"Ouch, that looked like it hurt." Chouji said while munching on his chips.

"To think, that Naruto could perform such jutsu with only one hand seal." Kakashi whispered in shock at his neglected ex-student.

"What about it?" Lee asked who was unfamiliar with most jutsu, given the fact he can't use them.

Instead of Kakashi explaining it was Asuma. "The Suiton: Suiryūdan no Jutsu is normally a jutsu that requires a total of 44 hand seals for it to be used at its full potential while needing a source of water. What Naruto just did hadn't been seen since the Nidaime Hokage, he used the water molecules in the air to form the dragon while only using a single hand seal. If I didn't know any better I would say he has mastered his elements to such a degree that it makes it possible for him to use almost any jutsu." Asuma said with a smile at seeing Naruto grown so much.

"Whoa." Kiba said softly at how strong Naruto could be.

"Just how the hell did he get so strong?" Kakashi asked shocked at how much the blonde had improved.

"Kage Bunshin." Jiraiya said simply.

"Kage Bunshin?" Hinata asked confused.

"Kage Bunshin…has an amazing ability that can be a great advantage to anyone with high chakra levels like Naruto. Once a Kage Bunshin dispels it transfers all knowledge it had received back to the original user."

"So you're saying that if Naruto had one clone dispelled it would increase his training twice as fast?" Kakashi asked getting on to the idea.

"Precisely!" Jiraiya exclaimed.

"How many clones can Naruto-San make?" Shino asked.

"Hmm…about a thousand if he wanted." Jiraiya said in a nonchalant manner making everyone wide-eyed at such a number.

"But if that's the case then…" Anko started.

"…Then Naruto could get life-times worth of training fitted in." Kurenai finished for her friend.

Battle Field

Naruto was about to go after Sasuke when he heard a shout of. "Chidori Eisō!" (One Thousand Birds Sharp Spear) Looking up he saw a spear of lightning heading straight for him, thinking quickly he unsheathed Hyōrinmaru and placed it in front of him and said. "Hien!" (Flying Swallow) Wind all of a sudden flew around the blade enveloping it in a small vortex that extending the length of the blade.

Naruto then held the sword horizontally as he swung it whilst calling out. "Fūton: Jūha Shō!" (Wind Release: Beast Wave Palm) a massive wave of wind blew out from the blade heading straight for the spear of lightning as it cut it in half causing it to disintegrate into nothing.

The wave of wind didn't stop there however as it carried on in to the forest where it started to cut down trees. Sensing danger from the right he dropped down to a crouch as a sword flew over his head cutting off a few stray hairs. Naruto looked up to see Sasuke with his chokuto still in swing.

Seeing the opportunity Naruto swung his legs in an arc hoping to catch Sasuke's feet, however thanks to the Sharingan Sasuke was able to see the movement, giving him time to flip back dodging the sweep by millimetres.

Sasuke held out his sword at Naruto who was standing up fully now. "Kusanagi no Tsurugi: Chidorigatana!" (Kusanagi Sword: One Thousand Birds Katana) Raiton chakra suddenly flew down the blade of Sasuke's sword enveloping it completely causing sparks to fly off of it as he held it up high.

Naruto charged forward at Sasuke with his sword held high as he jumped in to air, Sasuke seeing the attack struck forward with his sword at Naruto's stomach seeing it was vulnerable when Naruto suddenly phased from view shocking Sasuke.

Naruto then appeared on the left side of Sasuke with his sword still held high, as he swung down Sasuke used his speed and his Sharingan's detection to spin around in time and held up his blade horizontally to block his opponent.

As the blades met in their clash Naruto had put enough force in the attack to create a crater underneath Sasuke from the chakra output displayed by the two weapons. Sasuke swung his sword up knocking Naruto away to which he flipped in the air before landing in a crouch.

Sasuke smirked as he eyed Naruto. "Is that all you got?" He asked arrogantly. 'I didn't realise the dobe would be able to control Futon to such a degree, I have to hand it to him…he's good.'

Naruto looked up and smirked. "Not a chance." Whilst thinking. 'He's good with his sword I'll give him that, but with Hyōrinmaru abilities it shouldn't be a problem.'

Naruto stood up straight before falling in to a stance and flying forward, practically gliding along the ground kicking up dust along the way. As he got close to Sasuke he stabbed forward only for Sasuke to side-step the attack allowing the blade to pass his side, Sasuke then grabbed Naruto wrist that held Hyōrinmaru before he swung his foot aiming for his head.

Naruto seeing the foot coming closer knew he wouldn't be able to defend himself so he did the next best thing, twist his wrist slightly he flipped over Sasuke's arm before swing his foot for his face that would no doubt connect.

Sasuke was impressed with how Naruto got out of the attack but didn't expect for the roles to be reversed, seeing no way out he channelled Raiton through his chakra system before calling out. "Chidori Nagashi!" (One Thousand Birds Current) Lightning surrounded Sasuke completely which attacked Naruto causing him to be blown away from the force of the defensive jutsu.

Naruto as he was blown away could feel, the small jolts that travelled through his body messing with his nervous system as his fingers kept twitching, as he hit the ground he started to tumble before he placed the palm of his hands on the ground and flipped himself up in to a crouch while keeping his head down to catch his breath and sort his body out.

Sasuke looked at Naruto as his jutsu receded and smirked. "Give up dobe; you should know by now that you can never beat an Uchiha. You have to be an Uchiha to beat me." To everyone's confusion except the sannin who knew what was going to happen, Naruto started chuckling before it turned in to full blown laughter.

"To beat you I have to be an Uchiha do I…?" Naruto said as he lifted his head up with his eyes closed. "…Then I don't think I'll have a problem." He said as he opened his eyes and to everyone's shock especially Sasuke's, there was a fully matured Sharingan in both of the blonde's eyes.


"Holy shit!" Kiba exclaimed, stunned by the little event.

"How?" Sakura asked as she was unable to say more.

Jiraiya chuckled at how Naruto had shown his bloodline. "Naruto's an Uchiha simple as that."

"But why wasn't anyone ever told?" Hinata asked.

"Only me, Jiraiya and the elders knew who Naruto's father was, we didn't know who the mother was as his father wouldn't tell us, we only knew he had the Sharingan for a few years now."

"Be quiet I think he's going to tell us." Ino said excitedly, even she didn't know of all this.

Battle Field

Sasuke stared wide-eyed as his own Sharingan eyes stared in to the blondes in confusion. "How the hell do you have the Sharingan?" Sasuke asked as he was confused as fuck.

"I'm an Uchiha." Naruto said as he stood up and stabbed Hyōrinmaru in to the ground before leaning on it with his hand. "I found out a couple days after I was banished. I had been on my way to Wave Country when I was attacked by bandits, now usually it would have been easier to kill them but I was starved and had nothing to drink for days. At some point during the fight a bandit was ready to cleave me in two when everything slow down to the point that it was like time stopped, using it to my advantage I killed them using what was left of my strength. Later on I had found a lake where I checked myself in and to my shock I found the Sharingan staring back at me. At first I was happy it meant I had a family, I knew where I was from and that I belonged to a clan. Then I realised they were all dead, I would never meet my parents no-matter how much I wished I could."

"Who were your parents?" Sasuke asked curiously.

"I'm getting there, there's more first." Naruto said as he sighed before resuming again. "Now that I had the Sharingan I was able to learn so much easier, able to understand so much many things, and luckily it helped me with my knowledge. Towards the end of the first year of my banishment I ended up in Kumogakure where I started to train in my Raiton jutsu and luckily enough for me I found a couple fellow Jinchuriki that helped me in my training as well. That's how it went for the next couple years, not stop training all over the elemental countries. For a couple years I even trained at Mt. Myōbokuzan where I learnt much. Then it came down to the end of the fourth year where I met my last sensei. Itachi Uchiha."

"What? Itachi was your sensei? Are you insane he killed our cl…?" Sasuke was stopped from saying anymore as he found a fist planted in his face that sent him skidding back.

Everyone was shocked that Naruto was taught by Itachi but was brought to confusion when he punched Sasuke because he insulted Itachi.

"If it wasn't for Itachi I don't where I'd be right now!" Naruto said angrily before calming himself down. "Anyway, when I first met him I was going to fight him until I noticed he wasn't wearing the Akatsuki cloak, when i asked him what he wanted, he simply told me he wanted to teach me and that I deserved to know the truth about everything." At that the elders started to sweat as Naruto cast a gaze at them, something Tsunade and Jiraiya picked up on which confused them.

"Itachi decide to tell me who my parents were, my father was one of the greatest shinobi ever to exist…Namikaze Minato A.K.A The Yondaime Hokage…to be honest at first I was pissed, the guy who had cursed me to live a life of hell was my father, then I had to understand that he done it because he couldn't ask someone else's family to do it. What he didn't count on was this village stabbing him in the back and fucking his last wish and doing as they please like the scum they are." He said with such distaste that those who treated him bad flinched terribly, especially now they knew who his father was.

Naruto's friends were shocked at the boys heritage as of yet, they couldn't believe that the 'dobe' was an Uchiha and the son of the Yondaime Hokage, it was like irony was taking its toll on everyone today.

"Then came my mother, I truly wish I could meet her, I knew I would love her dearly, when I was a baby she had to give me up for my own protection for the Uchiha clan, my mother was called Uchiha…Mikoto."

Sasuke stumbled back in shock…Naruto was his brother? All this time he had tried to kill his own brother? How fucked up in the head was he?

"When I was told the truth I was pissed, not at Itachi or my parents…but the Sandaime, the man I thought of as a grandfather, and for years he lied to me straight to my face. I had begged, pleaded with the man but all he said was that he found me in the forest after the Kyuubi attack, no sign of parents whatsoever, leading me to believe I had been abandoned by them, it didn't help when I found out I had the Kyuubi sealed in me. I had thought it all made sense, why would any parent want a demon for their child? If the Sandaime was alive when I found out I would have made what Orochimaru did look like child's play." He spoke with such anger that everyone flinched a how betrayed he felt, especially the two Sannin, they were only glad the Sandaime was already dead, because they knew Naruto would have unleashed Kyuubi if he really wanted.

"Does all this mean we're brothers? And what do you mean protect you from the clan?"

"No we're not brothers, we're cousins, my mother only had two sons, me and Itachi…Itachi was my brother." He said getting Sasuke to become confused.


"Oh my god!" Gasped Kurenai who was in shock that Naruto's brother was Itachi.

"I had no idea." Kakashi said as he too was shocked at the revelation.

"I only knew the father, Minato was very secretive." Jiraiya said as he gazed at the ground for not being there for Naruto. "Minato had said he was having a son, but he never mentioned who the mother was, he said something about doing it to protect her, and it all makes sense now."

"To think Naruto has such a legacy…and yet this village had thrown him away." Hiashi, who was stood by Hinata along with Hanabi, said while shaking his head at the foolishness of the elders.

"Yep, you people really fucked up." Kagura said with a sad sigh.

Battle Field

"But…who're my parents?" He asked as he looked down in confusion.

Naruto looked at him in sadness knowing what it must be like just finding out your entire life had been a lie. "Your mother was Uchiha Hitomi, she was my mother's sister, and your father was Uchiha Shinji. Your parents died fighting the Kyuubi, my mother knowing you would be an orphan decided to have you be adopted in to the family."

Sasuke looked up as if realising something. "That was why my fat…I mean Fugaku always looked down on me and paid attention to Itachi, his real son. But what did you mean keep you safe?"

"Yes…and what I meant by keeping me safe from the Uchiha clan was that if people found out my mother had an affair with the Yondaime, it would cause disaster for everyone. My mother was only married to Fugaku out of some political marriage; Itachi was the end result of that. If the Uchiha's found out about me they would have had me killed along with my mother for the betrayal, given the fact I had the Kyuubi, they may have done something worse than kill me. My mother did the next best thing considering she couldn't protect me herself, so she had Itachi do it as a mission, he was my guard for years, where we became like brothers, only I didn't know just how much like brothers we were at the time."

"But Itachi killed all of the clan…I don't understand."

"Yes he did, but he had no choice in the matter." He said as he glanced at the elders, and he had to admit they had balls for just standing there defiantly. "For years the Uchiha clan had been prosecuted for the Kyuubi attack which caused Fugaku to become angered and wanting more power. He had made plans to take over the village by making a revolt against the Sandaime. Itachi had been playing a double agent for the Uchiha and Hokage the entire time. It eventually came down to the point where the Hokage and elders had to order Itachi to wipe out the Uchiha clan. Itachi had agreed, if my mother and you would live, apparently he wanted the three of us to be able to be a family, but that went to shit. On the same night when Itachi had finally gotten to Fugaku he had found the bastard with his sword driven through my mother, killing her because she was against the plan. So Itachi killed him with happiness. At that point you had shown up and you know the rest."

Sasuke stood their processing everything that had been told to him by the do…by his cousin, he smiled a bit at finally having some family left, well that lasted until Naruto's next words.

"And then you killed my brother." Naruto said with hate in his voice aimed at Sasuke who stepped back in shock.


"Oh shit!" Kakashi swore surprising everyone since he never swears.

"What is it Kakashi-Sensei?" Sakura asked.

"Naruto is going to kill Sasuke." Gai surmised.

""What? Why would he do that?" Ino asked confused.

Shikamaru sighed and said. "Troublesome…it's obvious, Naruto and Itachi were brothers, not Sasuke and Itachi, and you all know what happened when Sasuke and Itachi fought."

"Yeah Sasuke killed Itachi…oh!" Kiba said as he realised where he was going.

"Sasuke killed Naruto's only remaining family, something he had always wanted." Kurenai said as she looked down in sadness.

"Yes…we may have to intervene." Neji said as he too understood.

"Good luck with that." Jiraiya said with a scoff.

"What do you mean?" Hinata asked.

"For all I care Sasuke deserves to die, if you expect me to jump in and save him, forget it." He said as he looked away while Tsunade chuckled.

"You're just afraid of Naruto because he can beat you." She said with a snicker as Jiraiya grumbled before she turned back to the match and watched as Naruto's eyes were filled with hate causing her to sigh in sadness.

Throughout the conversation Kagura was truly wondering if Naruto was going to kill Sasuke, that she gave a fuck honestly, she would only intervene if Naruto was about to die, and knowing his strength, that wouldn't happen.

Battle Field

"What?" Sasuke said in shock.

Naruto chuckled darkly as he plucked Hyōrinmaru from the ground. "Don't you remember, you killed Itachi, my brother…because he killed the clan which got what it deserved…now…" He paused as he lifted his sword up as energy chakra started swirling around Naruto as he held his sword vertically to his chest. "…It's my turn to be the avenger!" He exclaimed as the power escalated.

Sasuke's eyes wide in shock realising what Naruto meant, he was going to get revenge for taking his only family away.

"Sōten Ni Zase…Hyōrinmaru!" (Sit Upon the Frozen Heavens…Hyōrinmaru) As soon as the words left his mouth a massive spike of chakra exploded outwards causing ice to spike out from the ground, as well as causing clouds to gather above him from the output of the power. To everyone's surprise Hyōrinmaru extended slightly in length, and gained a crescent-shaped blade attached to its hilt by a long metal chain.

Everyone could feel the power coming from the sword and was startled by its power, TenTen though looked ready to have an orgasm from the display of the sword, and everyone knew she had a fetish for swords.

"Did you know Sasuke that the reason I was banished was because the elders were afraid of the threat of Akatsuki…they would care about their own asses before anyone else in this village. And now they need me back because Akatsuki are after them either way." He said as everyone turned to see the elders looking away in shame, it was then everyone realised how corrupt the council had been. "If it wasn't for people like Tsunade and Jiraiya…I would have never come back and I'd had let the village burn…I have no love here anymore." He said shocking everyone once more, all of the clan heads had realised how much they had fucked up in the village, making an enemy out of the Uchiha's all the time and now the son of the Yondaime.

"You would honestly let this village be destroyed?" Sasuke asked in shock at the blond haired man that held his now transformed blade in a stance.

"Why not, what has this village ever done for me…it has taken everything away from me. Treated me as if I was the Kyuubi, you know how it is, karma's a bitch." He said as he brought Hyōrinmaru in a reverse grip with the blade facing backwards as he focused chakra in the blade.


"He would actually let us be killed?" Hinata asked shocked.

Ino however shook her head. "Naruto-Kun wouldn't let that happen, he said the village, not its people. But could you blame him really?"

"I guess your logic is correct." Shino said impassively. "This village has caused Naruto-San's life to be hell, far worse than any of us could ever understand."

"I'm surprised the pup hasn't snapped yet." Tsume, Kiba's mother said who stood by with the other clan heads.

"He has the 'Will of Fire', it's just a shame this village is so simple minded." Tsunade said smiling at Naruto who looked like a god with his Sharingan active and his sword pouring out power causing his coat and hair to blow in the wind.

Battle Field

Swinging the sword forward in an arc, a wave of ice shot out from the tip that travelled along the ground at high speeds at Sasuke.

Sasuke seeing the attack went wide-eyed at such a thing happening, going through hand-seals he shouted. "Katon: Karyū Endan!" (Fire Release: Fire Dragon Flame Missile) An incredible amount of fire was blown out of Sasuke's mouth very much like a flamethrower that batted against the oncoming ice, unlike in his fight against Haku who used ice, the fire was now more concentrated to such a degree that people on the side line were feeling it. Eventually the fire died down as the ice stopped where it was, but didn't melt much to his shock.

Naruto smirked at the shocked looks of people. "Like it? He's called Hyōrinmaru, this sword is a part of my soul…literally, and inside it is an ice dragon that allows me to work with it in defeating my enemies. And what's even more amazing is it allows me to control Suiton and Hyōton at will from the base of the sword in this form, I have to say I don't know where I would be without him."

Everyone looked at the weapon in awe at the fact there is an ice dragon within it that is a part of Naruto's soul.

Sasuke gulped at hearing that, with him being a Katon and Raiton it will be a difficult match; then again he has the Mangekyō Sharingan which he doubted Naruto had.

Sasuke smirked; this was going to be fun, even if Naruto wanted him dead. Jumping up he put his hand at his mouth and shouted. "Katon: Gōryūka no Jutsu!" (Fire Release: Great Dragon Fire Technique) A gigantic dragon shot out of the raven haired boy's mouth that shot at Naruto who jumped up himself and swung Hyōrinmaru forward where a bright blue ice dragon came out of the tip of the blade before it shot towards the fire dragon.

Both dragons made contact creating a massive explosion of dust, fire and ice/water all over the training ground causing the spectators to put their arms up to cover their eyes while coating their feet with chakra to stay put from the result of the explosion.

As the dust cleared they were able to witness a decent sized crater caused by the output of the attacks that were in the air, now there was ice formed around the crater while slightly scorched, proof of just how dangerous those two attacks were.


"Isn't this getting out of hand?" Sakura said afraid for her teammate and ex-teammate.

"They need this." Shikamaru said with a yawn.

"What's that mean?" TenTen asked.

"This is a way for Naruto to prove himself, to prove he isn't a dead last anymore. And the fact that Naruto is an Uchiha will make Sasuke fight harder, which is what Naruto, wants." Jiraiya explained.

"I don't understand." Sakura said making many wonder if she was really the smartest kunoichi.

"Sasuke was underestimating Naruto the entire time thinking he was just a lowly commoner in his eyes. Now that he has found out his own heritage, along with Naruto's, he will take it more seriously."

"Won't they kill each other?" Lee asked as he observed the destruction of the pair's attacks.

"Naruto wants to kill Sasuke for revenge, for taking his only family away from him, something he had never had before." Tsunade said.

"Should we get ready to intervene?" Shikaku asked who also knew this wasn't going to be pretty.

Tsunade just shook her head however. "No, I don't think Naruto will kill him, I think he wants Sasuke to know he can kill him, a sort of warning." Everyone seemed to understand as they looked back to the Uchiha's.

Battle Field

Naruto and Sasuke both dropped down to the ground softly, upon touching the ground both Uchiha's shot forward with swords in front ready to attack. Both Sharingan's were spinning like crazy analysing each other's speed, strength and trying to predict where they were going to attack…but the both of them were having a hard time following each other at the moment considering they were equal making it all the more difficult.

Both swords clashed again like before only this time the Raiton that flown down Sasuke's katana was cut off as ice travelled over the blade from where Hyōrinmaru had struck, snapping out of his shock Sasuke back-flipped out of the way kicking Naruto in the stomach on the way causing the blonde to stumble back.

Naruto smirked at Sasuke who was channelling Katon chakra on to his sword melting the ice that had formed along it. "As you can see, Hyōrinmaru freezes everything it touches."

Sasuke looked up and sneered. "So that's your element? Hyōton?"

Naruto shook his head. "Nope, I have all of the elements at my disposal, a gift Kyuubi you might say. Along with some of my own."

"Oh really?" Sasuke asked sarcastically not believing the blonde who raised an eyebrow.

"Very well I'll prove it to you then." Sheathing Hyōrinmaru which reverted back to its sealed state he ran though hand seals before stopping. "Mokuton: Daijurin no Jutsu!" (Wood Release: Great Forest Technique)To everyone's shock when Naruto jerked his arm forward it transformed in to a giant tree that travelled along the ground, stabbing it every so often.

Sasuke who barely snapped out of his shock jumped over the giant tree where it crash down where he stood picking up a lot of dust, a show of its strength.

Sasuke looked down as he dropped down once more and landed on the wood that had implanted itself in to the ground. "So you can combine elements to make the sub-elements." He said as more of a statement.

Naruto chuckled as he once again started make more hand seals. "I told you didn't i? But you wouldn't listen." Landing on the last seal he called out. "Shōton: Shuriken Ranbu!" (Crystal Release: Shuriken Wild Dance) holding both hands out crystal started forming around him in the shape of dozens of shurikens before launching at Sasuke who gathered Raiton in his left hand before he swung it in an arc. "Chidori Senbon!" (One Thousand Birds Senbon) lightning in the form of senbon shot out from his hand striking each crystal shuriken with perfect accuracy, they didn't stop there however as they cut through them carrying on to Naruto.

Naruto seeing the danger formed a hand seal and called out. "Tajū Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!" (Multiple Shadow Clone Technique) 60 clones poofed in to existence in front of Naruto intercepting all of the senbon attacks leaving only 4 clones left who stood a good distance away from each other which put Sasuke on edge knowing how unpredictable Naruto was.

All four clones held out their hands where a ball of flames appears while slowly growing in size, before they took up a large area. Simultaneously all four clones shouted out. "Katon: Kaen Heki Gan no Jutsu!" (Fire Release: Flame Burst Sphere) all clones thrust their hands forward which sent the four balls at Sasuke who eyes widened in shock at the jutsu.

As the balls were growing in size the real Naruto went through his own hand seals and shouted out his jutsu as the fireballs were sent forward. "Fūton: Atsugai!" (Wind Release: Pressure Damage)

Naruto blew out a large tornado at the four fireballs which merged them all together further creating a raging inferno that set trees on fire nearby and scorched the ground.

As the flames approached Sasuke, Naruto suddenly heard him shout out. "Amaterasu!" (Illuminating Heaven) To everyone's shock black flames attacked the inferno, fighting against it before it finally overcame the red flames wiping them out, the black flames vanishing later.

Naruto looked at Sasuke and saw his eyes had morphed into appearance of three intersecting ellipses looking like a red six petal flower over a black background. "So you've gained Mangekyō Sharingan hmm?" Naruto asked amused.

Sasuke chuckled darkly. "Of course I did, I gained it when I killed Itachi." He said which made Naruto frown putting everyone on edge knowing that wasn't the right thing to say.

"Is that so? How about I show you mine then?" He asked rhetorically as he shut his eyes before opening them to reveal a three-sided pinwheel with a ring with three circular holes in it. Everyone was shocked at the new appearance completely.

"What is that?" Sasuke asked not understanding how Naruto's eyes had what looked to be two designs.

"This is the Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan; it's what someone attains when they take their siblings eyes as long as the two have gained the Mangekyō Sharingan."

"What but how? Itachi had his eyes." Said Sasuke shocked and confused.

"You're wrong they weren't his eyes…those were our mothers eyes. When I met him he put me through a lot of training, eventually he put me in Tsukuyomi to witness my mother's death causing me to feel anger and loss, awakening the Mangekyō Sharingan. We had found out it was similar to Itachi's in abilities but my design was a ring with three circular holes in it. I trained in them for a long time, making me nearly blind. Itachi knew how to fix that and told me to take his eyes, at first I didn't want to but he almost forced me so I had them implanted in my eyes. Making both of our powers merge creating something neither of us would ever expect, with it I gained such strength it was amazing. Itachi revealed to me that he had our mother's eyes which she had gained the Mangekyō Sharingan from the betrayal of Fugaku; she had begged him to take them for the future. Surprisingly they held the same abilities as his old eyes, must have been in the blood or something. They are what Itachi fought with, and now with both mine and Itachi's eyes, I can have my revenge." He said as his eyes seemed to glow.

"Why would Itachi give you his eyes?" Sasuke asked with a frown.

Naruto looked at Sasuke as if he was an idiot. "He wanted me to carry on the Uchiha clan, to become a real clan, not one full of arrogant assholes like the old one, I will actually restart the clan how it is meant to be, unlike someone…how is your whole 'rebuild my clan' plan going on anyway? Still running from all of the women coming on to you?"

Sasuke sneered at that. "Why would I want weak woman to restart my clan with?" He asked angrily, and then again it wasn't so much a question.

Naruto chuckled at him while shaking his head in disappointment. "What makes someone strong huh? Is it their physical strength? Mental strength? What is strength in you book?"

"What would you know?" Sasuke snarled at him.

Naruto only smirked. "I know that whoever rebuilds my clan with me will be out of love, not power or a tool like you want. I already have women who want to be my wives, whereas the closest thing you will get to any sort of sexual relationship is Orochimaru, or has that already happened." He joked getting a snarl from Sasuke and chuckles from the audience. "Like I said, you just like the other Uchiha's, the ones who got themselves killed."

Sasuke smirked darkly. "Like your mother and Itachi?" He asked rhetorically.

Now that set Naruto off the deep end who's eyes seemed to glow eerily, making Sasuke kind of regret what he said…shame it was too late.


"When I said Naruto will not kill Sasuke just make him know he can…" Tsunade started as she got nods around. "…Forget that, Naruto is going to kill him." She finished getting wide-eyed looks from everyone.

Kagura chuckled darkly. "Oh yeah he's a goner."

"Why?" Sakura asked idiotically.

Ino looked at her as if she was an idiot. "Are you stupid? Sasuke just insulted Naruto's mother and brother…the brother Sasuke killed. Get your head out of Sasuke's ass and actually think about other people." She said shocking many since they knew they were like sisters.

"W-What? Why are you defending Naruto?" Sakura asked shocked.

Ino just smirked and said the one thing that nearly made them pass out, while making Kagura smirk more. "I love him."


"YOU BASTARD! I'LL KILL YOU!" Opening his eyes wide he yelled "Amaterasu!" (Illuminating Heaven) black flames, more than Sasuke used shot out towards Sasuke whose eyes wide in shock as Naruto didn't even look it was bothering him, since for him the attack drains him slightly.

Sasuke seeing the danger knew he had to retaliate; there was just one problem, Sasuke's eyesight deteriorate unlike Naruto's. "Amaterasu!" (Illuminating Heaven) Sasuke's own black flames attacked Naruto's as they started battling for dominance. The spectators couldn't help but feel a little scared as the flames grew larger trying to overpower the other, looking over at Sasuke they noticed his eyes starting to bleed. Looking at Naruto he didn't even have a bead of sweat running down his face, he just held a look of concentration.

Just as the black flames were about to overrun Sasuke a massive blast of chakra exploded from him blowing the flames back along with the ground underneath him shielding everyone's view of him.

When the dust cleared it revealed Sasuke who was surrounded by a large spectral figure. On its left forearm was a bow doubling as a shield. In the right hand was an arrow. "You'll lose now dobe, you should have learnt you could never beat me."

Naruto looked at the ethereal figure that surrounded Sasuke towering over everything in the shape of a knight as the crossbow on its left forearm was aimed at him with an overly large ethereal arrow placed in its loading spot reedy to fire. "You think your Susanoo can defeat me? Though I have to say…I'm impressed…to be able to activate it is not easy whatsoever."

"Shouldn't you use your Susanoo?" Sasuke asked as the ethereal figure around him shimmered.

"What makes you think I even have it?" Naruto asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Well you were trained by Itachi and you have the Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan, it's obvious you would have it, so bring it out!"

Naruto chuckled as he looked at Sasuke in amusement. "I don't need that to defeat you, I have my own way." He said as he flew through hand seals.

"Shōton: Suishōheki Hachi no Jin!" (Crystal Release: Jade Crystal Wall Eighth Formation)

The entire area around Sasuke was suddenly encased in a massive prison of crystal stopping Sasuke from moving whatsoever. However before anything else could be done a crack appeared in the crystal before an oversized ethereal arrow was blown through the crystal and hitting the shocked Naruto in the chest throwing him back, pinning him to a tree making him go limp.


To Be Continued

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