I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS SHIT! ANOTHER lost fanfic of mine. Jeebus man, I gotta keep better track of these things. The creepy thing is that this story was written 5 years ago, before the movies came out and boosted the Chipmunks back to fame. Am I psychic or what? Anywhoo, I fixed it up as best I could given my limited time. The sad thing is the last chapter was lost to cat pee and I now have to re-write it. I'll have it up before too long....I hope. READ AND REVIEW AND ENJOY!!!!

There weren't many reason's in Alvin's mind to be in a library. For one it was a dull place, nothing more than a storage place for dusty books and cranky old ladies. Another thing was that any information you needed could just be found on the internet, if anything he thought it would be a better place if they took all the books out and turned it into a sweet arcade. 'I don't know how Simon can spend hours in this dump,' he thought with a smirk. A library was nothing more to him than a place to dodge the security guards or sleep off a late night.

But, sadly enough, Alvin had an agenda here.

Slipping to the back where the non-fiction books were, Alvin ran his index finger along the worn leather backs, his eyes shifting across the letters from the A's all the way to the middle of the D's and stopping at a large, canvas book with the faded title of:


He pulled at the large book, disturbing the dust that had become its bed. His nose rebelled against the airborne assault by setting off a defensive line of sneezes. Alvin cringed to stop his body, cursing once again the redundant need for the accursed library. Taking the book, he slipped further into the non-fiction to the chairs in the back. The place was deserted, much to Alvin's relief. If his friends knew he was in the library, they'd never let him live it down. He took a seat hidden behind a wall of books and opened the dictionary, flipping through chunks of pages to the K's, 'Damn, skipped it,' he said, flipping back to the F's.

"Let's see fester, festival, festoon...fetish..." His eyes scanned the definition, confirming that this was the word he thought it was...and confirming this was what he suffered from, 'Fetish n. an object of inordinate devotion; an obsession, usually one of sexual orientation to an object, body part, or person that is usually not associated with the process of arousal,'

He, Alvin Seville, had a fetish.

He first heard the word when Simon described the sudden excitement Theo felt whenever he saw food. Of course Alvin had been too enamored with his new PSP to really pay attention to the description of the word. Maybe he should have. Maybe if he did, he wouldn't be in this situation, maybe if he did, he could have nipped it in the bud and wouldn't be trolling the shelves of the library, desperately searching for a cure.

Alvin covered his eyes, ashamed, " a cure for...my damned fetish..."

"You!" Alvin looked up to see one of the cranky ladies heading straight for him, "You're never in here to read, what are you doing with that dictionary? Oh, I see...I see! You're looking up nasty words aren't you! That's all kids like you do-." the old woman stopped when Alvin stood up suddenly and got within inches of her face, her faded blue eyes stared with fear through her bi-focals. "You'd like that wouldn't you?" he said with in a dark voice, he then slammed the dictionary on the table next to them, making the 60 year old tremble in fear. Without another word, he side-stepped her and exited the library.

'When and why did it come to this?' he wondered to himself. To say he didn't remember when would be a lie, he remembered, all too well he remembered.

Two weeks ago, at his friend Jimmy's pool party. That's when it happened. As the memory surfaced, Alvin suddenly found his world shifting; the cold stone walls of the high school fell, revealing the lush backyard of a rich and very spoiled teen. Alvin's body went from standing to lying on a wicker lawn chair, his sandaled feet propped up on a pillow, and the tiles gave way before him, becoming Jimmy's new pool, the current pride of the Johansen family.

"Alvin, check it!" Alvin looked up at the high dive at his friend Tony with Alvin's girlfriend Brittany in his arms, the Chipette was squealing for him to put her down, "An offer to you, king of the school!" he said, letting the girl from his arms, Brittany quickly recovered, doing a perfect dive before she hit the water.

"The god is appeased," he heard himself yell. Brittany emerged from the water, climbing out of the deep end the way a sex kitten in a music video would. Alvin's eyes drunk her in lustfully, his arms spread out for her to enter. The cheer leading captain slid over the wicker chair with ease, slipping a wet, toned leg on either side of his own. She draped a towel over her shoulders so no one but Alvin could see her remove the string bikini top from her body, "Is there anything else I may offer the basketball god?" she asked, pressing her bare breasts against him. Alvin groaned the way she always made him and began to kiss her neck. Maybe it would have been best if he kissed her mouth first, at least long enough for the two girls behind Brittany to get out of his sight, but no, he went for her neck, leaving the view behind him open to change him forever.

Jana Parker and Nayma White, two girls from Brittany's squad had finished their swim and were now exiting the pool in the same fashion as Brittany. Only with one big difference, and that was size. The two were not heavy girls; if they were they wouldn't have been there but had a good amount of meat on their bones. Alvin didn't know why, but he couldn't take his eyes off of them, especially Jana, the larger of the two. She rose to full height, adjusting the straps from her abundant chest. His eyes bore into the water droplets as they trailed down her stomach and down the side of her round hips.

Something happened at that point, Alvin was…excited. Very excited, instead of concentrating on the girl in his arms, his mind began fantasizing what it would be like to grab those breasts, to ram himself against her voluptuous folds, the more he thought about it the more he liked it and the more he liked it, the harder he got until.

"Alvin!" Brittany's scream snapped him out of his stupor. The teen pulled away to see Brittany staring in utter shock at the white, sticky fluid that had leaked out of his trunks and onto her lap. Party goers all looked to see what was wrong. Alvin pulled Brittany to her to cover his mess, kissing her hard. The basketball team cheered him on for a while before returning to the party.

Brittany had been kind enough to cover for him after the embarrassed teen ducked out of the party, but was sure to give him an earful about finishing before she even got started the day after.

Shit like that didn't happen to guys like him. He was Alvin Seville, the most popular guy in school, the captain of the state champions basketball team, homecoming king, and lead singer of one of the most famous rock trios around. He could have any girl he wanted and thusly landed the hottest girl in school, Brittany. Shit like this didn't happen to guys like him, they happened to skinny losers who were desperate for a girl, to weirdos who also liked being hit and pushed around.

But it did.

And what was worst for Alvin was the unrequited lust he obtained for bigger women was now interfering with his libido, in other words he hadn't had sex with Brittany since that day.

Damn it, damn it all to hell!

Alvin didn't get to dwell on his anger for too long though as a group of his basketball friends. The group, who had been looking for him the entire lunch hour, took the opportunity of his appearance and bombarded him with questions.

"Al-Vin Deisel!" Jimmy, his co-captain was the first to speak, "Where you been dude?"

Alvin feigned a yawn, forgetting his problem for a moment, "Slept if off in the library," he said with a grin. The group laughed before surrounding the teen and walking off to their next class.


'Damn those guys,' Alvin muttered mentally, had he snuck off earlier, he could miss them, not be spotted by his teacher and not be stuck in the class he hated the most. Chemistry.

Alvin smirked as the teacher began to drone on, waiting for his chance to ask to go to the bathroom, "Today we're going to be studying chemical changes of objects when introduced to acids." the teacher started, "I've arranged your lab partner,"

Alvin sat up, praying he'd get a nerd to push the work off on. The teacher grabbed a stack of papers and began to hand them out, "Lawrence Ditty, you're partners with Sharon Gutierrez," he started. Barely at the beginning and Alvin lost a nerd, only 3 more left.


'Damn it! Two more left. Come on, come on, come on!' he pleaded.

"Sylvia Chase, you're with Alvin-,"



'DAMN!' Alvin cursed, there was only one left. He began again to plead for the nerd but when he remembered who it was, he pleaded for it not to happen, 'Forget it! No, no no no!'

"Alvin Seville…"

'Please no, anyone but-,'

"Your partner is Eleanor,"