Well, it took be a while, but I've managed to decipher all the words and get the last chapter of my fic up! Hoo-rah! Damn cats...anywhoo, here it is, the last chapter to FEtish. I hope you guys enjoyed it and look out for my other fics!

Sitting in the swing and rocking back and forth, Alvin tilted his head back, the rain started pouring a good while ago leaving his body soaked to the bone, he knew he would end up sick because of it but for the moment he didn't really care.

"What am I going to do now?"

Looking down at his clock, the teen sighed, "Brit'll be out in a half-hour. I guess I'll have to tell her," he said.

"Alvin!" someone called. Alvin dropped his head and turned to the left. Eleanor was standing at the entrance of the park, soaked to the bone as he was now. The chubby girl ran up to him.

Now only a foot away, he could see that she was crying. Alvin stood up, "Eleanor-,"

The girl kneeled in front of him, slipped her arms around his neck and shut him up with a kiss.

Alvin's eyes widened, was this really happening? Was Eleanor really kissing him right now? He was too afraid to believe it was and ended up breaking the kiss, "Eleanor…what are you-?"

"I've decided…" was all she said. Grabbing Alvin's hand, Eleanor led him into the park, to the large concrete tubes in back. Alvin watched her crawl in and sit down. With a sweet smile she opened her arms, inviting him. He looked around to see if anyone was watching, but it was dark and the rain was still coming down really hard. He figured it was safe and crawled in after her.

Like a virgin he watched Eleanor take her shirt off, "it…it's not so bad," she said, rubbing her arm nervously, "Theo was already my first…so you don't have to worry about...about that," she said. Alvin could only nod to show he understood.

Eleanor fashioned her shirt into a rough pillow and lied down. Gracefully she motioned for Alvin to come to her. He did, lying on top of her and smoothing the bangs from her face, "El...I-,"

Eleanor lifted her fingers and pressed them to his mouth, "Sshhh..." was all she said before leaning up and taking his mouth. Despite her usually meek demeanor, Eleanor was quite the dominator. Her tongue slipped into his mouth, sucking on his own. Alvin felt her hands grabbing the base of his shirt and lifted his arms so she could pull it off.

But Alvin wouldn't let her do all the work, his hand started at the blue and green striped bra, fingering the flower-shaped clasp before unclasping it and pulling it off her wet breast. They were so big, Britany's crash dieting kept hers on the small side and Jeanette had always been svelt, but not Eleanor. He tried to cup one, only to have the sides spilling out, 'Wow...' he tried again with the same effect, something about that drove him wild.

Leaving her mouth, he bent down and took the small nipple into his mouth, Eleanor gasped initially, but Alvin's expert tongue had her arching her back towards him before too long. He then switched over to the other breast with the same reaction.

His pants were so uncomfortable right now, Alvin rose with the intention to adjust himself, but Eleanor took it as a cue that he was ready. She reached into her pocket and pulled out a condom, handing it over to Alvin.

The teen took it and opened it while Eleanor slipped off her pants and underwear in one fell swoop. Alvin slipped the latex protector on and positioned himself at her entrance. It prodded her at first, to get the feel of such abundant folds. It felt soft and tighter than Brittany's. One push and he was in, the sensation was all but what he expected, he could always feel the pulsating of the inner walls, but with the extra weight it was 5 times more prominent. A shiver crept us his spine as her body played with him, teasing at him in way he'd never known.

Alvin bent down and locked Eleanor in a deep kiss, her tongue played with his as the teen began thrusting against her.

Eleanor wasn't a moaner, he found himself liking that. Brit was loud whenever they fucked, making it hard for Alvin to concentrate. He pushed against her again, earning deep breaths and slight whimpers. He sped up, burrowing his head in the crook of her neck while his lean hips crashed against her soft ones over and over again.

When Eleanor came it surprised the teen, 'Already?' he wondered, still only half-way through, her body was arched and her face squinted in that unmistakable manner. Alvin didn't know much about school, but when it came to women, he was a pro. A woman was sensitive to the way a man handled her. In other words, she was accustomed to Theodore, his speed, his movements, his duration. 'What the hell, Theo? Is this how far you can go?' His surprise then turned into an ideal. A devious smile graced his lips, 'Alright Elle, let me show you how it's done.'

Putting all his weight on his left arm, Alvin reached down, slipping a thumb between Eleanor's thick petals and resting on the swollen nub. He stroked it slowly at first, to coax her out of her stupor and prepare her for the next one. Eleanor seemed confused at first, a very good sign to Alvin, "You seem surprised," he murmured, "This can't be the first time anyone's done this." He said, rubbing his thumb around the sides, "To you?"

If there was any confirmation to his suspicions, Eleanor's moan was it. Alvin slowed his pace, his energy switching over to his arm. He teased her at first, drawing languid circles around her most sensitive attribute. Eleanor threw her head back into her shirt, her mouth moaning in ways Alvin knew she had never done before. She writhed beneath him, raising her hips to show she liked what he was doing.

"Oh God, Alvin," she pleaded.

Alvin decided to be a little sadistic; he slowed down even more, "Please, what?" he asked.

"Harder…" she muttered; her face a deep red.

Alvin complied this time and resumed his thrusting at the same time. Eleanor reached up and ran her hand across the broad expanse of his back, her nails slowly digging into him the closer she got to climax.

When he felt himself loosing his grip on reality, he sped up the pace of his fingers, assuring Eleanor came again before he did.

It worked; her walls tightened a second time, sending him over the edge. One last thrust and he orgasmed against the thin lining of the condom.

When their senses returned, Eleanor rose. She looked so beautiful against the rain-blurred backdrop. Alvin only laid there, watching her.

"I hope I helped you answer that nagging question," she said with a smile.

Alvin scooted up behind her and wrapped his arms around her neck, kissing her cheek, "You did," he murmured.

"Now you can be with Brittany without anything to hinder you. Brittany deserves happiness, you give her than happiness. So please treat her right,"

"What?" Alvin asked.

"I found the note you were going to give Brittany," she explained.

Alvin's heart plummeted into his stomach, the sweet memory of their joining cracked and came crashing down around him. For her sister? That's why Eleanor did it? For Britany? Was a person capable of doing something like this with absolutely no strings attached? He thought he was, but everything changed for him, didn't it change for her too?

Eleanor rose and began to dress, "It's almost time to pick up Brit, isn't it?" she asked.

Alvin stared at her for a few seconds before snapping out of it and dressing, "Oh, er, yeah." He slipped his shirt back on, dejection seemed to fill his chest. Eleanor was a great person, she was sweet, caring, cute. She real and down to earth, someone that up until now Alvin never realized he wanted in a girl.

"H-hey El," he said, Eleanor slipped her pants on and turned back to him. "This is never going to happen again, is it?" he asked. Eleanor smiled and shook her head, "No, and don't worry, this never leaves this tube."

"That's not what I mean!" he blurted out. Eleanor's smile disappeared, replaced by a look of shock.

"I...I want to do this again..." he said.

'Oh..." she said, finally getting what he meant, her face fell, "Alvin...I...I don't want this to happen again..."

"Why?" he asked.

"Because you belong with my sister." she said.

"Why do you think that?"

"Alvin...please don't make this complicated," she turned to him, placing a hand on his cheek, Alvin didn't want to look at her, looking at her meant accepting this as a one time deal. He didn't want that, not anymore.

"But why don't you want me? I'm hot, popular, I'm famous-"

"And like I said before you're also cocky and arrogant," she said with a joking smirk, "You're a really great guy, Alvin. But I love Theodore, he's my match, my other side, no one can take that title but him."

"But doesn't it hurt you to know that you slept with his brother?" he asked, getting a bit spiteful.

"It does, it hurts me more than you know. It's going to take a long time for me to live this down, but as much I love him, my sister's come first. Like I said, you make her happy." she said, she leaned back and gave him a light peck on the cheek, then crawled out of the tube and disappeared into the rain.

Alvin only stared at the rain, tears started slowly down his cheeks. 'I meant to use you...but I got used in the end...' He pulled his knees to his chest and lowered his head, weeping into his knees. His heart was broken.

"That's not fair El, I fell in love with you..."